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English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread

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Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread

Right been in charge of Wycombe Wanderers for 51 games now but to say the least not been the best start to a team I have had. Anyways down to the news im listening to offers on Westermann and Wijnaldum not asking a lost but need a good deal with replacement and cash to clear the dept at this cup so get the offers in.

In over news Smalling has left with De Jong (Ajax) and cash coming in to the club still got a lot to do but hope in the next few seasons to be pushing up the league for promotion.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread

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Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread

Tranmere Rovers (Ben-SCFC) have swapped Brandão EVANDRO and Júnior AFONSO for Maxime BARTHELME of CFR 1907 Cluj.

Nice deal for Barthelme, Evandro got a +2 to 77, Afonso should rise but even when he does its still a good deal for 83 rated Barthelme.

Maxime has started 26 games for Lorient and come on 3 times out of 33 games for them who are 7th in the french league.

Certain he will rise by at least 2, probably more.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread

Tottenham 5-2 Exeter

We remain top of the table after hammering Exeter 5-2 on Saturday night, courtesy of goals from Van Persie, Kiyotake, Khedira (x2) and Scholes. The game was really tight up until the second half when the away side just seemed to drift away. A very good result for the boys :)

Good game David, unlucky buddy!

Some of our younger players have also had rating increases over the past few weeks too -

Jordan Rhodes +2 (84)

Oguzhan Ozyakup +2 (84)

Adam Henley +2 (80)

Rohan Ince +1 (76)

I think Jordan Rhodes will be off elsewhere IRL if Blackburn are to go down too.

Edit: Just checked to see how my players are fairing in the player tables and, well, we're doing alright on all the good tables anyway (meaning all of them bar the yellow and red card sections) :P





Ibrahimovic thrown in there for good measure too :P You'd think I was a bragger or something. Bale is coming for Di Maria! ;)

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Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread

Thx. Next up in the climax series' date=' [b']Paleka12[/b] :)

Will keep banging them up as the responses come in and will do my best to get more interviews out to others if I get a chance...

Brilliant idea, keep 'em coming :)

Looks like there will be no rise for Emre Colak. Not too bothered though as I still think that he is part of the future of Turkish football. I've also decided that there wont be any more changes at County until we can guarantee safety.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread

Like Dom you mean? :P

Well erm ye if you say so! :D

Northampton Town Clear Out!

The following players can leave the club' date=' [b']attention towards so called 'smaller club' managers in the set up[/b], if one of these catches your eyes, you have a very good chance of sealing a deal for them, i want to help in making the GW that extra bit enjoyable for some teams as they will have a player to look forward to see growing,

DELLE, Joris



DIAGNE, Fallou






EYSSERIC, Valentin

POLTER, Sebastian



BEISTER, Maximilian

And several Japanese/Russian GUARANTEED risers also available for just over CV. Small clubs WILL be given preference, so get them bids in.

Diagne, Carroll, Laxalt and Caballero all already gone. Got a few external bids in for a couple of others including japanese risers, will be accepting then in the upcoming week if no internal offers come in.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread

I am waiting on reading Dom's interview!
Oh sorry' date=' to begin I figured I'd start by doing the top teams. If time allows I'll certainly work my way down to the mid-table and relegation threatened teams like Fulham...;)
Swansea City are the shield champions after a massive 4-0 win over Manchester United! Unlucky Si.

Cisse with a hatrick and Mertens grabbing a goal, Europe here we come!

Quality Zak, a great achievement. Hard to tell if Swansea are a team on the up or Man Utd a team in decline. Both I'd say :D #UNITEDINDECLINE

And the next interview is now up with bigtunna and his high-flying Walsall :)

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Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread

Done a little write up on my recent signing and also added a little bit of news regarding transfers at Doncaster Rovers come the end of the season will also add it here incase no one checks


Here is the link for the write up on my signing - http://forum.soccermanager.com/showpost.php?p=2544855&postcount=1803

and here is the bit regarding transfer news;

In other news with relegation a certainty i will be doing what i did at Burton Albion in EC7777 and doing a complete squad overhaul were pretty much everyone will be up for sale (with the exception of a couple) i will be only looking for full cash offers though so most likely most will end up sold externally to give me the full cash injection to rebuild for the new season and create my own squad.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread

Some very interesting transfer news to report at Chesterfield

Diego LAXALT has completed his move to Chesterfield from Northampton Town for 1,200,000

Chesterfield have bagged themselves an absolute bargain in Northampton's clear out with young Uruguayan midfielder Laxalt. Very pleased with the deal and rarely does our club have the luxury or opportunity to purchase such a sought after player.

Sir Abdul was a pleasure to do business with and he was more than generous accepting a lower offer than what he valued the player at.

In real life, he was a hidden gem in the U20s South American Championship who earned himself a move to Inter Milan.

His dynamic running and pace may suggest he's considered a wide talent but one thing is for sure, he is the future of Chesterfield's midfield along with Sergio Oliveria

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Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread

Interview with Bury's Lenny59 just up :)

I've began with the teams challenging for the league titles but will work my way through the leagues if time permits.

If you've gotten an interview already could you please get it back to me? If you fancy an interview let me know. No promises but I'll see what I can do...

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Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread

Sean Oneill steered Everton to victory against Leeds United.

Everton beat Leeds United 3 - 2 in their Division 1 fixture.

Young had an impressive game and was voted Man of the Match.

Ronaldinho and Bent were amongst the goalscorers.

A cracking away win for my boys on the back of our victory at home to united. All done without a certain Mr Suarez aswell which makes it all the sweeter. Not too sweet i hope though or he'll eat me aha ;)

Move up into the top 4 only 8 points off top of the table Spurs. Still all to play for :)

What would Lennon + one of my 89 rated players get me in this gameworld looking fo a cheeky new signing if possible.

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