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English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread


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unfortunately Mo Wigan is not that tough!


good luck and let the best ... well, just let Wigan win :)



Managed to get the win, though was lucky that Wigan played mostly their reserves. And Walsall's youth keeper managed to keep a clean sheet!


Are we putting all posts on this site, now, including match reports?


If so, I'd like to say that my chaps at Northampton are playing quite well and have advanced to the next round of the cup. 


Thank you


Would be nice to get the forum back up and running; more conducive to longer posts and extending banter.

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Jumped from Bristol Rovers.  My strategy of buying under valued older experienced guys and on-selling at a profit got shot down half way through.


I could have dug in - the squad is decent IMO, and there is a few (handful) million in the bank -but I just didn't have the heart for it anymore.


Took the plunge to Barnsley.  Lower squad value, lower wages, and a debt.....  upside - bigger stadium, bigger crowds.


I haven't got a promotion yet, but with both Dagenham & Redbridge and Bristol Rovers they're in a better spot than when I joined (Rovers were stone motherless last with an awful squad and no money).


I'm the lower division Tony Pulis or Sam Allardyce!

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Selling 36yo Cesar allowed me to buy some Fanni,Boka,Quaresma and Abbiati so in the longterm its a loss on wages but short term I have gained 3 88s and a 87.


the more i look at my squads and try and plan for the next few months, the more i realise that small clubs need a few cheap old players but too many will lead to big financial problems. It will take 4/5 months for concerns to kick in so it will be very interesting to see how 7046 develops, it is one of the few gameworlds where managers who get it wrong now won't want to leave and those who get it right might possibly be picking up bargains from those desperate for money.

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Very interested in Miki mate :)


We managed a good win yesterday, only 8 wins, and a draw or two, away from safety for another season now I think :)


Draw yesterday, so just 8 wins I think from safety now. Might seem pessimistic, but with the finances so so vital in this new recreation it seems staying in Div 1 is vital.

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I don't seem to get many hits these days on transfer stuff on the newsfeed, so trying here instead. Here are a few of the guys I'm looking to sell in the next couple weeks:


Leandro Rodriguez - Everton 3rd Choice Striker - 3.5 mil

Edimilson Fernandes - FC Sion Deep-lying playmaker & utility man -  5 mil

Fran Tudor - Hadjuk Split attacking right-winger - 5 mil

Mauro Zarate - West Ham AM & Winger - 6.5 mil


In addition, I'd like to explore player exchange options for Iniesta. The wage boost given to him makes him too much for Forest to handle, but there are a number of bigger teams who I think would be able to accomodate his wages just fine.


Please PM or bid in game. PMing/replying here is fine, but it'll take longer for me to get back to you and for us to work out a deal.

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A 1-0 defeat to Northampton didn't do us any favours but the more recent 3-2 win over Chelsea puts us straight back in the reckonning.


Willing to trade most of our players for right deals if any interest contact me in game.



Looks like Jooles has finally found his place-------------->>>>>>>>>>>En route to D3. mWAHAHAHAHA

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MILLWALL away at WEST HAM in cup tonight


Tough match for us against a team 2 divisions above us. Resting players and injuries means we play differently to our league matches.


Saving players so NMF on Wednesday


I still expect us to give it a good go but Cup matches are not on my radar (unless am in the quarters)

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