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Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis


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Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis 2010

A bit harsh there mate he has scored 8 goals in 11 games for Anzhi in the league and he is still settling in .

maybe but he is playing in a league that is ranked 7th in the League coefficient. Also Anzhi arent playing well at all. They all thought Eto would fire them into the Champions League but it hasnt been easy for him.

No matter what way you look at it he will drop and he will keep dropping on every review until he is on par with the best strikers in the Russian League. He will sure lose 2/3 points on the 1st review in Jan/Feb. If his team form doesnt improve and qualify for Europe then he will continue to fall in rating.

It might be harsh but it is reality. SM wont keep a player with that type of rating in a mid table russian club. Especially with NO European football. Even the best teams in that position struggle to hit 90rtd. All you need to do is look at Zenit and CSKA to see that example. Doumbia rules the Russian League and he is a 89rtd. Myself and a few others where completely gob smacked when he didnt get 90.

As sad as it sounds I cant help feel that Eto will continue to fall in ratings regardless of how many goals he scores until he gets to a rating that reflects the russian league.

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Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis 2010

Hi there I'm looking for a opinion on Aleksandr Bukharov(89) I see he's accumulated over 1000 minutes this season but he's third choice is he likely to drop? Any help appreciated :)

Considering Zenit's League form and they are still in the champions league then I think he will be safe

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Re: Artem milevsky

why dropped from 90 to 89?

he played 1738 minutes' date=' 24 presences, 6 scores, 10 assists...

he's still young 26 years old, plays for dinamo kiev and he's a current national player

i can't explain his drop....[/quote']

SM move in strange ways with the Russian and Ukraine ratings. He only has 3 league goals this season and only netted 7 league goals last season. I can only assume his lack of goals added to his decline

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Riferimento: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis 2010

ah ok thanks mate.

how about morais welliton?

will he always stay on his 90?

and what can you say about these players that Euginka94 kindly suggested me yesterday?

ozdoev and kanunnikov seem decent as well as Yusuov. 1st and 3rd are lookong for decent rises, snap them mate asap.
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Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis 2010

What you think about this players' date=' have they chance to rise:

BOCCHETTI, Salvatore 89

DZAGOEV, Alan 89


COSTA, Douglas 88


Dzagoev should have risen last time,but with SM u never knowYarmolenko and D Costa also deserve 89/Bochetti really doubt

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