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Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis

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Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis Hi guys! I am back in this game so I decided to help you out a bit with future rating changes in the Russian Premier League: Zenit: Lodygin 87-87/88 Smolni

I know there are other threads out there that review player ratings for the Russian and Ukrainian leagues however I thought one more wouldnt hurt. I watch a lot of Russian football and have done for

Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis Hi NDF' date=' Shirokov is a very good player but last season Zenit signalled the end of his career with them by sending him out on loan to FK Krasnador &amp

Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis

It's just how SM work nowadays. I have riser in Brazil. Turkey and Portugal seems to have random risers too

As well as Angelo Henriquez, I'm not keen on this slapdash approach to player changes.

I like structure in my life!

Edit: Changing one (or a select few) player(s) from an entire league is ludicrous (I've not bothered to look if any more have been reviewed from the Ukraine league)

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