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Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis


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Gutted for Rostov.


Do you think Bastos can get a +1?



He just had a +2 a couple of months ago so I wouldn't expect another raise imminently.


Longer term should easily get a +1 in his next review or even another +2, especially if Rostov make it to the group stages of the CL and have another good season.

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What do you think od Promes, can he rise to 90 or has to move to other league?


Has to move.  One of the best players in the RPL but Spartak struggle to even get in the Europa league these days.




Interesting.  Big prospect for someone, no doubt about it.

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8 hours ago, antondrobnjak said:

Starters V. Berezutski and Sergei Ignashevich dropped WHY????

CSKA won the title and they're always starters in the club and NT.

Someone explain me please.

Also why Golovin centre DM position expired? Why Alan Dzagoev didn't achieve it? He's playing as DM 1 season and half at least...

 Never keep any old players.. Just saying..

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