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English Championship 7046 Match Reports/Transfer Gossip Thread


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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

Millwall's Formation Analysis


Millwall have lost the last 4 matches in a row for the first time this season.

I decided to look at my formation used and my opponents' formation to see if I can take note of where I'm going wrong.

I lost the 4 matches and only scored ONE goal with 11 conceded in total.

Formations were

4-2-3-1 beat my 4-4-2 , losing 1-0

3-4-1-2 beat my 4-5-1 (Defensive) - losing 3-1

4-4-2 beat my 4-4-2 (10 men tho) - losing 4-0

3-4-1-2 beat my 4-5-1, losing 3-0

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

The end is near


Tottenham did the deed tonight and over came a 10 man wolves 2-1 at the lane to all but secure their Premier league status. 2 goals in 3 minutes stunned wolves. The Goals came form unlikely people left back Ekotto and Huddlestone, after wolves had taken the lead. But it was Bale the welsh wizard who stole the show with a Man of the match performance setting up both goals.

Match report....

The first half was a 0-0 bore. Wolves who look to cement european qualification and spurs who look to secure top flight status both sat back in fear of making the first mistake. Wolves slipped up first. with center back D. zokora getting a straight red for a horror tackle on Gerrard who was lucky not to have his leg broken.

In the second half the game came to life after stern talks from both bosses. It was wolves who first took the lead spurs were a little to casual due to wolves only having 10 men, Simao took his goal well with a few step overs to beat hutton before cooly slotting the ball under the advancing Lloris. 0-1 BC Cliffs looked less then happy but thats when Bale stepped up to the plate after being handed the captain's arm band he led by example with stunning runs down the left flank. He caused wolves all sorts of problems. For spurs first goal bale took the ball and carried it 50 yards and with and ekotto on the over lapp bale's perfectly weighted through ball sent Ekotto one on one with the keeper and there was only one out come... 1-1.

less then 3 minutes had pass before bale was at it again this time breath taking skill and pure pace had him beating 3 wolves players before a inch-perfect cross had Huddlestone's head all over it a huge leap with a powerful bullet header on the end of a perfect cross saw spurs score 2-1.


Goal scorer Huddlestone and man of the match bale celebrate the match winner

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

Sow strike wins it for Wycombe.

Wycombe have moved up to 8th in the Div 4 ladder after a close win last night. They beat 2nd placed Bury, and look to steal a spot in the promotion playoff. This will bring music to the ears of Oldham Atletic who drew today, bring the gap from 2nd to 3rd to only 3 points.

Wycombe hosted Bury, as both teams needed the 3 points for different reasons. The match started with a possession domination from Bury. Alejandro Zamaro was amongst the play early as he seemed the danger man.


Alejandro Zamora wins a 50/50 ball.

However the second half finished in Wycombe's favour. The turn of luck started with a yellow card to striker Christian Jonathans. The morale of Bury was running low as N'Diaye took adavantage of this and placed a slick pass into Sow, who finished home in fashionable style. The half ended in 1-0 with the 31st minute goal proving the only difference.


Samba Sow finishes the goal off with perfection.

The secod half was much the same as it was stalemate. Occasional chances for both sides, but noone could convert. Hoger and Lell, both picked up yellow cards as the match finished 1-0


Wonderful game from the Boys. So pleased with thier efforts. I have changed this team around for the better. We want promotion and we are close to getting it. Lets see what the next match bring us.
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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


The relegation battle in Div-3 couldn't get any tighter.

Millwall & Rochdale climbed out of the relegation zone after Turn 35 results. This meant that Swindon & Colchester both fell into the relegation zone - respectively. With only 3 matches still to play, Notts County are still in with an outside chance to stay up.

Amazingly, The other 4 relegation candidates are locked on 29 points.

DIV-3 Table (bottom)

(Teams in Red - in relegation zone)

16th...MILLWALL.............29 points




20th...NOTTS COUNTY....23

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

Fulham vs west Brom = Fulham's italian job!

Fulham were pitted against a struggling West brom side who are battling relegation but fulham have had there own objectives to try secure a european spot for next season heres is the best moments of the match.

12 Minute - BOOKED Francesco TOTTI for blocking an opponents run

23 Minute GOAL!! - Simone PERROTTA finds himself in yards of space and he makes no mistake from 15 yards!

27' BOOKED - Rodríguez PEDRO gets a yellow card after shouting abusive language

34' GOAL!! - A cross from the left is headed home by Francesco TOTTI!

35' SENT OFF - The ref gives a second yellow to Rodríguez PEDRO after a rash challenge!!!

41' GOAL!! - A mix up in the defence allows Cristian CHIVU to poke home!

43' GOAL!! - The ball comes crashing back off the bar and falls to Francesco TOTTI who taps in the easiest of chances!

44' An opportunist effort is cracked from distance by Alberto AQUILANI just wide

45' What an exciting end to the half and that is half time with the score at FULHAM 4 - WEST BROM 0


55' GOAL!! - Simone PERROTTA converts a fantastic cross with a well placed header! Fulham 5 - 0 West Brom

69' Miloš KRASIC gains control of the ball and hits a lovely thirty yard ball up the pitch

83' A delicate chip from Miloš KRASIC crashes back off the bar

84' BOOKED - A yellow card is given to Marco MOTTA after dangerous play

86' César DELGADO shows some excellent footwork in front of goal, but fails to score the goal

90' FULL TIME with the score at FULHAM 5 -0 WESTBROM

So fulham have beaten West brom at a canter with fulham's italian stars once again stealing the show that is is from us we will see you next week!


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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Chelsea Boss Finnaly Speaks To Media

Chelsea Manager Aaron Duffy hasnt had the easiest first season at the helm , Chelsea currently sit outside of the champions leauge places in 5th , four points behind in form Newcastle Unied. The Champions leauge is seen as a must by all Chelsea supporters causing my pressure being placed on Duffy and his staff.Duffy is said to be less than impressed with the attitude of some of his players in recent weeks after Nicolas Anelka told Duffy he wasnt happy about his lack of playing time this saw Anelka instantly being placed as availible and ready to be shipped out, it seems that no negative attitude is going to be tolarated however good the player as Chelsea push on and try to reach the now somewhat unlikey hope of champions leauge football next season.Duffy when questioned on his decision to Transfer list Anelka said.

Theres not alot to say really the lads come to me saying he wants more game time and that hes not happy with his role in the squad and i've decided that i can only give him as much playing time as he's currently getting so i feel its in the bes intrest of both parties if we part i can't handle negativity this late in the season


With Newcastle doing chelsea a massive favour by loseing to liverpool in last nights fixture chelsea had just to win to close the gap on the Top Four and them Importent champions Leauge spots , Chelsea boss Aaron Duffy couldnt of wished for a easier fixture at the bridge against Relagated Blackpool although Duffy did seem somewhat nevours towards the start of the game and was unavailible for comment. Althought the bookies had already lowerd odds on a chelsea victory right down fans where worried about a shock result that would destroy all hope of reaching the champions leauge and be stuck playing Europa Leauge football next season.However Chelsea came out 3-0 winners with a Top preformance. Centre Midfeilider Micheal Essien Oppened the scoreing with a early penalty , the game then went into somewhat of a stalemate untill Brazilian International Centre half Lucio scored in the 64th minute with a powerful stike from outside the box which was of somewhat of a supprise to the chelsea supporters but a very nice one at that. The Game then got a Dampner for chelsea , Central Midfeilder Gareth Barry was Sent off for a horry tackle which seemed to discust manager Aaron Duffy but sadly for chelsea he wont be back untill the last game of the season which could be a big problem for the club. Jefferson Farfan secured the win late on for chelsea with 89th minute strike which secured a 3-0 victory and pushes the blues in the right direction. Earlier Duffy had this to say'

I'm very happy with todays result we proved that we do have the fire power up front and with newcastle lossing tonight we have got a small chance of reaching the top four we just need a bit of luck to go are way, i havent had the chance to look at the Gareth's tackle on the replays and i dont think i'm going to need to he knows he deserved the red so does every chelsea supporter hes going to have to have a major reality check because i have told him he will not be part of my team if hes going to tackle like that theres no place for it in football , but overall im happy with the preformance and i assure the chelsea supporters we are trying are hardest to get back to old ways all i ask in return is time.


Barry In His Villa Days

With the Late Push for Champions Leauge football next season Manager Aaron Duffy has set about bringing in some fresh faces for the end of the season and the seasons to come, one player already confirmed to be in talks with chelsea is ex Manchester United Captin Rio Ferdinand the 32 year old English Centre half is said to be making his mind up bettween a move to The bridge or across town to Rivals Tottenham who have recent had the addition of Ex Arsenal And City Forward Emmanuel Adebayor. Ferdinand who is currently at Milan is said to be desprate for a return to english football and keen to be back playing requally in the Premier Leauge.In other news Chelsea have also placed a bid on a high rated Player who will stay unnamed untill it is confimed his transfer is decided Duffy is said to be very happy with the bid and feels that both players will offer the club alot if they both come through but it is not confirmed yet.Speaking last night Duffy said

I Can Confirm we have had are bid for Rio Accepted but we now just have to wait and see what he wants hopefully he will join us as Ricardo is keen to join Milan but if the deal doesnt materialise then we will have to look at other options, i have also had the chance to made a few more cheeky bids but im not promising the fans anything yet but all i can say is where trying are hardest to bring in fresh faces.


Destinantion London For Rio

Chelsea have a short time to do a lot of work if there going to be playing in the higher tier of european Football next year but playing Europa Leauge may not be so much as a disaster as many supporters beilive as chelsea are currently in the semi finals of the champions leauge so could easliy win the europa leauge but champions leauge football could be a bonus for a club of chelsea stature.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Iv lost all respect for chelsea manager now its a personal rivalry

A shocking twist in the tail has lead to a bidding war between Tottenham and Chelsea. After reports in the media had led to a leak of one of chelsea's top potential targets. Tottenham and swayed in looking to nab play-x under the nose of chelsea. Something BC Cliffs is little less the sorry for.

strong words have been exchanged and now it seems to be heading to a stop however this saga will never die down, nor go unspoken again.

BC Cliffs....

Its a shame the boy has had to resort to this. I cant understand why there was so much hate aimed at myself, I sure had this been the other way around the boy would have been rubbing his hands in glee ! I was disappointed to see him come armed with the fact were 14th in the table, That has no baring on this situation what so ever the boy is merely clutching at straws. If you want my honest opinion i think the possibility of chelsea finishing 5th is getting to the boy,

Next season im sure ill be competing for top 4 maybe even the title and im sure player-X well be here helping me achieve that.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


"He Can't Steal The Appeal Of Chelsea"

In a Bitter response to Tottenham boss Bc Cliffs somewhat childlike statement made earlier today on the ongoing transfer saga involving A Unnamed Player which is ripping through English Football , It had come to light earlier today That Chelsea Boss Aaron Duffy had a bid in on a World-Class Player but with the bid yet to be accpeted the unknown source that has released the information has appolgised to Duffy With Duffys Quick Accpetance that mistakes can be made and that the past is the past.


In a Drunken state information is passed to the enemy

But Tottenham Manager Bc Cliffs Has Recently got involved in affairs by jumping in the bidding war which chelsea was set to win. We can today annonce that before the information had come through to Bc Cliffs about The Blues bid he had no intrest in the player who will remain unnamed by Duffy , but as soon as the Information Reached Cliffs he instantly made a bid in a desprate bid to get back at the chelsea boss who had beat him to the signing of rio ferdinand.

It Seems Duffy And Cliffs have been in touch and have had a major disagrement about the ongoing situation. This has lead to the once competivley friendly managers having a large agument and now neither is willing to back down this saga is set to be on lasting for years to come but with the future of Player X yet to be decided this hole saga could be pushed further into a bitter rivalary than it already is.


Rio The Catalyst ?

Duffy Had this to say about Bc Cliffs

I'm Angry and Annoyed i have been accused of being parinord and to have little common sense this doesent bother me what bothers me is that i simply cant do a private transfer with out it being openly disscused me and the source who leeked the information have sorted it out as it was his mistake but im just angry that a manager has come along and hijackt my bid due to spite left by me signing a player who he wanted. Bc Cliffs was after a Centre half well thats what we we're lead to beilieve when he placed the bid for rio now hes hijacking my bid for a Attacking Player even after his new signing of that Ex arsenal man.

Duffy seemed in a happy mood as he left the confrence as he has come to terms with the reality of how things will have to be , will the chelsea appeal be to much for player x or will tottenhams late hijacking prove to have stole the show. whatever happens Duffy has already made it clear Chelsea will have a new signing and they will finish Above Tottenham for many season to come.

Duffy Quote On Chelsea Website:

Firstly i have to appolgise to all chelsea supporters out there i know that we should really have resolved this issue by now and i promise the fans i will not let any player become more important that one player. if we manage to sign this player it would be brilliant for the clubbut with tottenhams late interferience i beilive that secondary options are needed so we are already looking into this unlike Bc Cliffs is , we currently sit 5th with the outsie chance of Champions Leauge , tottenham sit 14th i know which club id go to if i was chooseing


Will Chelsea Triumph in the end ?

Duffy has also promised fans that the tottenham game is now seen as one of most importance and that any chance of beating them will be fully attempted.He has also promised fans never again will he allow a situation this far out of hand and is looking forward to tuesday nights champions leauge semi final against inter milan which happily for Duffy Tottenham cant boast playing in.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Chelsea 3 Internazionale 0

Chelsea Boss Aaron Duffy Seemed one of the happiest men in the world after last nights SMFA Champions Cup Semi Final First Leg win Against last years Winners Inter Milan. Chelsea Seemed on top form at the bridge last night a especially chelsea central midfeilder Michael Essien who got all three Goals in the fixture , the goals coming in the 17th,38th,47th which led to Michael Essien being handed a much deserved Man of the match award.The Fixture was always going to be intense to watch and as soon as kick-off happend the fans and veiwers where not to be disapointed , it was a end to end encounter at its worst with both sides pushing forward and quite a few shots by both sides but in the end with the dominance of possesion by chelsea who had a full 61% over Inter's 39% and also with chelsea getting more shots on target than inter the games final result seemed to be heading in the right direction.


Essien now Chelsea's Hero

Chelsea Boss Aaron Duffy Seemed as happy as the media's seen him in recent times when he attend his press confence after yesterdays Victory Duffy in recent times has been under much pressure by both the chelsea board and fans to pick up preformances with chelsea sitting 5th in division four and and out of both cups The SMFA champions Cup is the last chance chelsea have at silverware and Duffy is fully commited to winning The Cup.

We haven't played as well as we could this year and i put that down to it being a squad which has had little time to get to know each other but now finnaly we're getting are edge back and we're looking like a team who can compete in Europe and in our own domestic leauge.Last nights game totaly proves we have a talented side and i hope we can just hold out at the san siro and then where be in the final which would be a great achievement and a much deserved gift to the fans who have stuck by us this season


Duffy Admits Fans Deserve more

Inter Milan Made a Shock Move last night not to play England International And Ex Chelsea Ledgend Frank Lampard against his former club it is understanded in italy that Lampard didn't want to play aganinst his former club as he doesnt want the Stamford Bridge Fans to start hating him as he one day wishes to return , although Rafa Bentiez after last nights poor result may force Lampard to take Greg Halford Spot in the team for next weeks crunch game at the san siro.


Lampard Loves Chelsea Fans Too Much

Chelsea Boss Aaron Duffy Also Announced that he has had a bid accepted for A.C Milan Winger Souza Robinho The 26 year old former manchester City Flop is now considering giving the English Football another chance under the managment of Duffy at chelsea. The Bid was accepted some time in the night with the chelsea boss only finding out over breakfast this morning that the deal is on the verge of being completed. Duffy will be happy he finnaly got in one of his three targets after the saga with the Nasri bid lead to Duffy missing out on the french international. But the signing of robinho has cost Duffy two senior players Jefferson Farfan and Andre Herrera both looking to go the other way but the fans will be happy with the new signing who should provide more potential for a already strong side at the bridge.


Brazil Star Robinho Set to sign for chelsea

Im Very happy to confim we have had are bid for robinho Accepted theres no more i can do to make the deal go throught its just down to the agents and chairman now to sort it out now he would be a brilliant signing for us and would add alot to the team and i promise the chelsea fans we have plans to sign more new faces after the end of season break

Things seem to be getting better at chelsea and with manager Aaron Duffy now back in touch with the media it seems there is a new posative attitide coming from Duffy and his squad.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

Burton appoint new man at the helm

They all thought he didn't know what he was doing, leaving Manchester City(albeit in another setup, i mean parallel world :P ) to take over the reigns at worlds smallest club Burton Albion. But new man Will Trafford had this to say:

I think i made a good decision, i want a challenge you see, and i have never even attempted anything this drastic

When asked who he wanted to sign Will simply replied

We'll take the cheapest and most talented players we can get. But then again i have been eyeing up that Messi fella for a while.

With Burton currently slap bang bottom of the table Will was not optimistic for the future of his players.

We should sell the lot of the useless *beeeeeeppppp*. Anyone who stays will be able to count themselves lucky. Though young Charlie Sheringham is guaranteed to stay as me and his old man go way back.


These startling revelations make for intesresting times ahead at Burton Albion, interesting times indeed.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Rodrigo Alex was reportedly walking, minding his own business and day-dreaming of beating Middlesbrough tomorrow night when a tomato came flying from a third-storey building and onto Alex's head. After 'Boro had flown over to Sheffield for the big match, Casillas had reportedly broke apart from the other player's apartment to "run an errand for his manager" when he was spotted stalking Alex then passing on the tradition of tomato throwing in Spain onto Alex's bald head. Alex was rushed to hospital minutes later with Casillas nowhere to be seen, probably ran off. Sheffield's manager was outraged by the behaviour of the supposedly "best" goalie in the world:

How dare the Spaniard do this to my star player, he will get his come-uppance this Saturday. You will all see.

With the help of his cheap translator Casillas had this to say:

I do not know what this 3lton is talking about. Me no know nothing about Alex being hit by tomato. I was just sending my countryman Morata some tips on how to break into the first team.

After eventually recovering consciousness Alex was dazed but angry:

This Casillas player better not value his face condition on Saturday when I take some free-kicks aimed at his face, Sara Cabonero wouldn't want to look at it after I'm done.
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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

Manager Shehan: "There will changes at Wycombe!"

Manager Shehan De Kariyak has announced in a press conference today that there will be changes at Wycombe FC in the coming weeks. This has made fans extremely happy, especially after thier push for promotion was made stronger after a win in midweek. Fans are delighted with the teams progress.

Andrew (Wycombe fan):

This manager is unbelievable. Hes bringing in quality players and building this team into something special. He isnt scared to dig deep into the transfer market, which is something I love. We now have quality players all over the pitch, and he is still managing to bring in exceptional loans.

Ryan (Wycombe fan):

After the announcement of the Wycombe coach, I thought it was going to be another failure. Another manager who does it for himself. But I hate to say I was wrong. This manager is everything you expect, even more. The club is heading in the right direction and ill be a fan of them for as long as Shehan manages.

Wycombe have certainly made progress with Shehan. The currently sit 7th on the table, only a point away from playoffs. Shehan has announced more changes.

Manager Shehan Kariyak:

"I have announced a new captain ahead of our match against Brighton. I have given the captains armband to..............Goalkeeper Florian Fromlowitz. The vice-captaincy will given the Floro Flores. I am very happy to announce the duo into Wycombe's leadership group. They put thier heads down each match and give thier best. Its an honour to have them lead the rest of the team.

Another announcement. Wycombe boring old kit will also be changed. The away kit has been changed to a red colour. This is temporary."


Fromlowitz will lead the team tonight against Brighton

Wycombe have agreed some high profile loans if they are to make playoff's.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


The OFFICIAL EC7046 BLOG has added new features.




The thread links include:

THE EC7046 Discussion thread

THE EC7046 League Records thread

THE EC7046 M/R & Transfer Gossip thread

THE EC7046 Members' club thread

THE EC7046 Preview & Predictions thread

THE EC7046 Youth Cup thread

CLUB CONNECTIONS - at the foot of the blog includes

CLUBS so far...





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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Middlesbrough have finally issued an official response to the scandalous allegations emanating from the Sheff United camp ahead of the big clash today. A Boro spokesman was quoted as saying, “Clearly they must be very nervous, having to resort to such underhand tactics to try and sullen the good name of the world’s number one goalkeeper, Iker Casillas. I mean, there must be tremendous pressure on them to perform for this big game given the possibility of finishing in the bottom half of the table. It’s something we can’t even imagine.”


Can anyone in their right mind seriously believe that Casillas could do something like this?

But what of the actual allegations aimed at Casillas? What did Boro have to say about those? The Boro spokesman continued, “Well first off you’ve got to worry about the mental state of Rodrigo Alex. Aside from the possibility that he spent some time with Dennis Wise during this time at Chelsea and the effect that might have had on him, there he is “daydreaming of beating Middlesbrough tomorrow night.” I mean come on, let’s face it, daydreaming is as close a he’s going to get to that. The guy’s delusional, he should be committed! And as for United manager 3lton’s comment, “How dare the Spaniard do this to my star player,” well say no more. If a washed up old has-been who couldn’t even get his game at Chelsea is your star player then things must be pretty desperate. They’ll be taking loans from Fulham next! Just don’t play them in Europe, that would be my advice.”


Sheff Utd. nut-job Alex pretends to clean

up after the imaginary tomato incident

So are Boro not taking Alex’s threat seriously? Yesterday Alex had stated, “when I take some free-kicks aimed at his face, Sara Cabonero wouldn't want to look at it after I'm done.” Boro’s spokesman responded, “First off, how’s Alex going to threaten Casillas’ face from the edge of his own penalty box? ‘Cos let’s face it, that’s about as far he’s going to make it up the field. And as for Carbonero not wanting to look at his face, believe me honey, it’s not his face that she pays attention too.”


The tomatoes in question, or what Casillas’ nuts look like after Carbonero’s had her way?

So is there no connection at all to Casillas and the tomato throwing incident? “That,” the Spokesman declared, “Is hard to say. We have it on good authority that Casillas was otherwise engaged at that time, with more than one eye witness confirming that he and Walter Samuel were happily spooning in their room. It is well known that they now bunk together. Besides, if Casillas were throwing tomatoes clearly it was meant more as a metaphor than a missile. The only question really would be over whether he was implying that United’s season was rotten, or just Alex’s ‘star’ performances. And lastly, we have been asking Casillas to work on his target practice. We’ll say no more but let’s just say don’t be surprised if he embarrasses United tomorrow, which let’s face it isn’t that hard to do.”


Could this be Sheffield United’s sponsorship next season’s?

And with that the spokesman declared the press conference over, refusing to speculate on whether United will be able to remain in division 2 next season, or will continue to drop down the leagues as many believe they inevitably will.


Let’s just say things escalated after the first tomato was thrown


Chief suspect in the alleged tomato throwing incident

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


MILLWALL vs SWINDON match preview has been added to the blog

"This match is one of the biggest in the Div-3 relegation battle.

The match will be played at THE NEW DEN giving Millwall home advantage. Both teams however, have struggled with results of late with the home side Losing 4 matches in a row lately and Swindon are currently on a 4 match losing run".

full match preview in blog - here


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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread



Millwall came from behind to win and keep their relegation fight alive.

It was a hard fought match which neither team could afford to lose.

SWINDON opened the scoring when MUIR scored on 39 mins. This stunned Millwall and it was a bad time - just before the break - to lose a goal.

(HT 0-1)

After the interval, Swindon kept the pressure on and had most of the possession 48%/52%. Millwall found the break-through when CRUZ equalised after 62 mins. This gave the home side more belief and 7 mins later SALIHAMIDZIC put Millwall in front when he scored on 69 mins.

He was moved from RB to RM for this match to make way for VAN DER WIEL who returned from suspension.

MILLWALL made it safe when Man of the Match ERNESTO FARIAS scored on 87 mins.

NEW signing LUIZ ALVARO had a great debut at CB with an assist and rat 8.

Van Der Wiel played well also with rat 9 and both players should play an important role in the final match of the season away at Crystal Palace.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


What was expected to be a Sheffield United loss turned to be a 2-0 win for the Blades leaving the title race for Division 2 wide open. While the win may not have contributed to Sheffield United's own promotion hopes, as they already had no chance of promotion before the match, it has dented Jooles' chances and may lead to BigGameMo clinching it next Wednesday if Jooles' loses and BigGameMo gets at least a draw.

The match had started out quite lack-lustre with few chances with both teams cancelling each other out and Alex getting an early yellow card, Casillas was probably responsible for that in some way or another. Then, three minutes after the second half commenced, a beauty of a cross was drilled in my Balzaretti to meet the towering Wesley, and of course he headed in to give Sheffield United the lead and put Jooles' team on the back-foot.

The game then continued as it had started, somewhat cautious but 'Boro pressing for an equaliser, United kept their possession more to limit the opposition's chances much to the frustration of Jooles. However the strike-force of 'Boro, El-Hamdaoui and Kuyt were having a terrible match. Middlesbrough's haste in getting an equaliser was blown into view when Jooles brought on a fresh pair of legs. They made no difference. Emmanuel Eboue then missed a sitter that nearly caused his substitution and a few laughs from the United bench. At last, United got a good chance to finish the game. Riviere, on loan from Fulham, dribbled the ball up-field then played it to Wesley who, from 20 yards, then drilled in a low drive to the corner of a bewildered Casillas' net. Two keeper's couldn't have saved that let alone the shot-stopper that is Casillas, cough-cough. United had delivered the final nail to the coffin on 'Boro and jubilant cheers followed the final whistle.

Fulham manager Dom Latouche spotted staying behind at Bramall Lane after match:


This win, I'm sure pleases BigGameMo and Dom Latouche, of course but who can blame them :D

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread











A big thanks to Jooles, Dominic, Predator & Swansea Jack for helpin put this together. Good luck to all clubs in final division matches, Cup and Shield final contenders, playoffs and Division 2's fight for champion. Its been a great 1st season for the EC 7046..great teams and great managers...Lets keep this set up full and one of the best in Season 2.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread



Im skinny!!!-Susan Boyle after running 10 yards

I lost my virginity to a horse-Simon cowell

I pull birds well!!-Mike Ashley

Im defenitley out for the season- Cristiano Ronaldo after breaking a nail

Yeovil sign 2 players brap brap

Yea those other headlines aint nuffin to yeovil signing 2 new players!!

Mazan al Faraj and Riccardo Bonneto have both signed 3 year deals with yeovil as next season there gunna win div 4, yes div 4. In a short statement by Faraj he must of warmthed yeovil fans hearts.

This team is turd im only here for the money 25p and a bag of jelly babys was to much to turn down. The fans are idiots but the manager is a reet bird.

More to come...

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread



Millwall have strengthened their squad for tomorrow's crunch away match at Crystal Palace.

MARIO SUAREZ - 23 yr old CM/DM - joined MILLWALL on loan.

This is a massive boost and should bolster our midfield which will hopefully help us stay in Div-3 - VAN DER WIEL, ALVARO, SUAREZ all play for MILLWALL.











10. J CRUZ


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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


The Prize

Tensions mount as the division 2 title race comes to a head today. It’s been a two-horse race ever since frontrunners Middlesbrough and Nottingham Forest pulled away from the pack in the early weeks of the season. Though Forest sat out alone in front for some time Boro managed to hold their nerve and not only surpassed Forest at the top of the table but build up a comfortable cushion between first and second.

Just as the title looked as if it was heading to Teesside though Boro faltered, losing first to Barnsley, then Hull, and then last week, in the shock of the season, to Sheff United. Now with just one game to go remarkably the title race has yet to be decided. Boro have it all in their own hands and just need win away at 17th place Preston, while Forest need to beat 3rd place Ipswich, and hope Boro draw or lose, or a draw will be good enough if Boro get beat.


The possible permutations are so complicated a maths boffin had to be specially flown in to help out

So it would seem that fate rests in Boro’s hands. At first glance they appear to have a relatively easy task. Preston have struggled away at the foot of the table all season and are one of the league’s weakest clubs. Indeed, with just four players rated 84 or higher (the highest are at 87), an average team rating of just 80, and with players rated 72, 77, and 78 in the first team you’d think that it’s a done deal for Boro. The fact that Preston manager Katia Khizhnichenkova hasn’t signed in for two weeks also seems to suggest that Preston’s fight against relegation won’t play too much of a factor. And with a strong chance that Preston’s 4-4-1-1 formation will consequently remain unchanged suggests that it could well be a cakewalk for Boro (if only manager Jooles knew the best formation to counter a 4-4-1!).

Luckily for Forest though that’s only half the picture. Middlesbrough come into this game in bad shape, with Monday’s historic cup win against West Ham being a bruising encounter and really taking its toll on the Boro squad. They’ll be without the services of Emanuel Eboue following his red card in the cup, and if reports are to be believed Xavi, Ronaldinho, and Samuel will begin the game on the bench due to fitness concerns.


Ronaldinho is heartbroken at the news

that he’ll likely start on the bench.


West Ham were sure blowing bubbles at

the end of the 90 on Monday night!

You’d think that the recent arrival of former Shaktahr left-back Roland Rat would help matters, but it’s only made it worse, with him arriving poorly out of shape, being traded for a fully fit Echiéjilé Elderson. Have Boro pushed themselves just one step too far? Is the possibility of a Charity Shield spot and a place in the SMFA Shield worth risking losing the title? Or will this be an easy win for Boro, perhaps with Forest also falling at high-flying Ipswich? Everything is still to play for here, in the most exciting climax to a EC7046 division 2 season ever!


New Boro left-back Roland Rat and a ‘foxy’ lady friend of his


Will Boro celebrate today like this? Here real-life Boro manager Tony Mowbray celebrates promotion

at Stamford Bridge in May 1988 having just taken Chelsea’s spot in division 1 in the playoff final.

Bizarrely, what is a time-traveling Steve Gerrard doing there in the crowd?! Check him out on the left!

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread



A brilliant response from my players who produced the performance of the season - when it mattered.

Millwall took the lead when FARIAS scored on 9 minutes. This helped to settle the nerves for the Millwall supporters who travelled away from home. The match was even in possession with 50%/50% but it was Millwall who were clinical in front of goal. H-T 0-1

After the break, Millwall came out fired up and determined which payed off when CRUZ scored on 46 minutes. He then added a third goal - and his 2nd - on 64 minutes.

Man of the Match - CRUZ (Millwall)

Millwall had a great escape which saw them go up one place to finish in 16th place due to Colchester & Rochdale both losing - respectively.

MILLWALL stay in Div-3 for season 2

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


End of season review!!!

Blah blah blah, it all went down hill after I bought the best player on the planet so the rest of the team couldn't cope. I didn't change the formation or or tactics so all the blame lays on the players who couldn't be bothered playing anymore.

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