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English Championship 7046 Match Reports/Transfer Gossip Thread


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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Thompson slams "has been" Collins


Thompson laughs off Collins jibes

Tranmere manager Steve Thompson demanded a press conference today after former Professionals star and Merseyside legend Lewis Collins earlier this week launched an astonishing attack on the recently appointed gaffer calling Thompson's loyalty into question and slamming Thompson's use of the 3-5-2 formation.

when questioning Thompson's loyalty Collins said.

Like many of my fellow Trannies, I was shocked at Thompson’s appointment after his total disloyalty to Southend. I mean what happens if a big club comes calling ? Will he dump us like he dumped them?, i suspect he will. One thing you can say about us lot in the North West, we might be thick and poor but we respect loyalty. I’m not to sure about Thompson, he comes across all oily like, know what I mean?

And on the use of the 3-5-2 formation Collins fumed.

I’ve been a season holder at the Mere for over 40 years now and I must say I wouldn't give you a plate of cold Scouse for the way we have been playing since she turned up. And after listening to Reverend Hugh reminding us about the evils of the cursed 3-5-2 this afternoon, I have grave concerns about how the team are performing. We like our football played with style and passion and don’t pay best part of £1.50 a week out of our dole money to watch a load of boring East German robots knocking square balls across the middle. Its dull and one dimensional and as Reverend Hugh's wonderful Shorpe team has proved is easily defeated by the will of God and all his attacking guile and inventiveness. Thompson needs to show us he has not fallen under the spell this evil Papist cult and make a team in the divine image of our Lord..I demand 4-4-2...

Collins did not hold back when slamming Thompson and it's clear to see that Scunny boss Hugh Latimer has had a massive influence on what Collins believes.

When talking to the press at a packed Prenton Park media lounge an irate Thompson responded.

" Who the hell does Lewis Collins thing he is? He is nothing more than a washed up old has been and he should acting very badly. He should be thankful that i am here to steer this great club to greater things. My loyalty is solely with Tranmere.

As for him criticizing my use of the 3-5-2 well that has no foundations at all. The results speak for themselves we are currently in the play off zone whilst his little bum chum Hugh Latimer sits in 9th. If Hugh's system was so successful he would be where my team is now.

Collins has made a right fool of himself with his comments and if he continues to spill his poison i will have no choice but to ensure he is locked out of Prenton Park whilst i remain manager here"

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread




An unhappy God

-userserve-ak.last.fm-serve-_-48008075-Chad+Valley+2634_56022733417_503988417_137.jpg.pagespeed.ce.DQZSXvn_On.jpgChad Valley Writes....A cheek turning Hugh Latimer tonight warned the wrath of God awaits Tranmere boss Steve Thompson after a blistering attack by the permataned Rovers man on C16 hero Lewis Collins. Earlier today the mouthy club hopper had dismissed criticism of his tenure by Lewis as ''foolish'' before going onto cast sinful and slanderous claims about of his relationship with Latimer. Speaking to a hushed congregation of massed rows of members of the Shorpe United supporters, Latimer once more choose to respond from the pulpit of Shorpe St Marys church, where he boomed….

Brothers and Sisters, did the good Lord not teach us that when struck by an enemy to not strike him back but to turn and offer him the other cheek. And that my friends is what we must do today. Mr Thompsons evil words once more tell us of his sinful and lusty nature, as does his continued worship of the cult of 3-5-2. But worry not my children, for Thompsons judgement day is nigh. Soon those sinners, who like he have embraced the devil and writhe naked and covered in oils at the foot of the East German alter will be called to account by the Almighty. I like you pray for those who have chosen this course to an eternity in the burning pit of midtable disappointment. Unlike us few who have embraced the beautiful game and are reviled by the grunts and groans of the labouring 5 man midfield, the Lord demands the Thompsons of the league repent. Thompson has been warned on many an occasion but still he mocks the wrath of God, he and many others should be fearful of the Lords revenge on those who disobey his word and would do well to consider the good book and recall the parable of Dibdab..

Many years ago in the land of Canaan, Dibdab the handsome of the Girgaes was wandering lost, when he entered a deep forest which marked the land of the Zemarites . Fighting through the thick brush and surrounded by the howls of the forest beasties he chanced upon a tree house high up in a mighty oak. After climbing the tree and knocking on the door he was greeted by an ancient Zemarite man with a bent back and long grey beard. ''I am Jobbie of the Zemerites , what brings you to my door, handsome stranger?''."I’m lost," said Dibdab. "Can you put me up for the night?" "Certainly," the Zemarite said, " the good lord has taught us to be welcoming hosts, but be warned stranger the Good Lord has also taught us of the dangers of Sin and to cower before his almighty wrath. Come to my house as a friend on but one condition. If you so much as lay a finger on my daughter Chlamydia, the Lord will inflict upon you his fearful revenge not once, not twice but trice''. "OK," said Dibdab, and entered the house of Jobbie.

Chlamydia came down the stairs. She was young and slim of thigh, curved of buttock, fulsome of breast, and her beautiful flaxen hair shone as bright as all the heavens stars.. Serving a meal of cumin, lentils and Fig broth she was obviously attracted to the young man, and as that sat and ate she couldn’t keep her eyes off him as he spoke to her father. Remembering the old man’s warning Dibdab keep his word and ignored her advances and after eating went up to bed alone. During the night he could bear it no longer and snuck into her room for a night of passion and repeated sowing of his warm and ample seed. Dibdab was careful to keep everything quiet so the old man wouldn’t hear and, near dawn, he crept back to his room, exhausted but happy.

Later he woke to feel a pressure on his chest. Opening his eyes he saw a large rock on his chest with a note on it that read: " Gods revenge 1.... Large rock on chest." ''Well, that’s pretty rubbish'' thought Dibdab. ''If that’s the best the Lord can do then I don’t have much to worry about'', as laughing to himself he picked the boulder up, walked over to the window and cast it out into the dawn air. As he did so, he noticed another note on it that read: "Gods revenge 2: Rock tied to left testicle." In a panic Rabhab glanced down and saw the rope that was already getting close to taut. Figuring that a few broken bones was better than castration by force of gravity, he jumped out of the window after the boulder. It was only then as Rabhab plummeted towards the forest below he saw a large sign on the ground that read "Gods revenge 3.... Right testicle tied to bed post.".... amen

Malcom 13:1:2

With the fate of Thompson and his testicles very much still in the balance, theres no such concerns at Glanford park where the Church of England owned Scunds continued their fine run of form this week with a thrilling 5-4 victory over second placed Chesterfield. In a excellent advert for division 4 football it was once more Latimers famous Tripod formation that disarmed their more powerfully staffed opponents. A pair of braces for Luke De Jong and Mounir El Hamdaoui and a single for Guiseppe Mascara clinched the win as the Scunds closed the gap on 6th placed Southend to just one point. Its all change this weekend as Latimer looks to rest his increasingly jaded first 11 in favour of a more youthful line-up as the Scunds travel to basement dwellers Hartlepool United.


:)Many Thanks to my good friend Adam EFC for excellent work on the shirt :)

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Tranmere looking to bounce back against league leaders


Rumours are rife that Ayila Yussuf is on his way to Tranmere

Tranmere Rovers make the long trip south tomorrow when they travel to Victoria Road to take on division 4 league leaders Dagenham & Redbridge. Steve Thompson's men will be hoping to cause a third straight defeat on their host and return to winning way themselves after a narrow midweek home defeat to big spending Yeovil.

That defeat to Yeovil was Thompson's first in the league as Rovers boss and their cause has not been helped in recent times with injuries and suspensions playing havoc with Thompson's paper thin squad.

One player who will defiantly miss out on the trip to the South is midfielder Luca Cigarini. The Italian who has featured in 15 of Rovers 16 league games was dismissed against Yeovil for a disgraceful challenge and serves a one match suspension but rumours are circulating that Thompson could welcome yet another new face to his squad in the shape of Nigerian international Ayila Yussuf.

Yussuf is no stranger to Thompson having spent a short stint on loan at Thompson's old club Southend at the back end of last season and if the necessary paper work is completed on time Yussuf could be thrown straight in to make his début tomorrow.

Earlier today Rovers boss Steve Thompson caught up with the press to give his views on the trip to Dagenham.

"It's sure to be a major test of our credentials but it's games like this that you should relish as a player. Our performance in midweek was still at a decent level despite defeat and i think if we could have kept 11 men on the field we would have won that game.

Our away form is one of the best in the division so we can go into the game with no fear despite it being against the current league leaders.

I have a lot of respect for what warren livesey is doing down at Dagenham he has had a fantastic start to the season despite losing his last two and they have really set the benchmark for everybody else to follow.

The squad is looking in decent shape we are still with Arnold (Mvumba) and the Chesterfield game looks a realistic target for him. We will also miss Luca (Cigarini) due to his red card last time out and that could prove to be his last game as i have an offer on the table and Luca wants to go but the fans needn't worry i have a replacement in mind and he could be here tomorrow all being well.

The players are really looking forward to the game as am i and i hope for both a positive performance and result that will reward our travelling fans who have been superb all season"

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


"I Have Played My Last Game As a Forest Player" - Samuel Eto'o

After weeks of speculation, Nottingham Forest striker has finally put in a transfer request and publicly revealed his desire to leave the club. When questioned recently on how he felt about his progress this season, he said:

I've always been an honest' date=' straightforward player, and honestly, I feel as if my time at Forest is up. In my time with Forest, we've overachieved, first securing promotion from Division 2 and following that up with a 3rd place finish in Division 1 in our first season up. We even finished as runners up in the English Shield while still in Division 2.

This season, things just haven't gone right at the club, and I'll openly admit that I'm largely to blame. My production is down, and I haven't been willing my team to success the way I did last season and the season before.

I think its time for a change of scenery for me. I've still got a good few seasons left in the game before I run out gas, and think I could be a great addition to whichever club decides to sign me.

Lastly, I want to thank BigGameMo for all he's done for me. Although we never won any silverware, we were always amongst the most successful clubs in England, and though he's slipped a bit in the managerial rankings this season, I have no doubt he'll be back in the top 5 in no time.[/quote']

When asked for his comments, BigGameMo had this to say:

Well' date=' its sad to hear that Eto'o wants to go, but I support his decision. We spent big on him, and sold our most prolific striker, Balotelli, to acquire him, but he's given us two good seasons (1 full season and two half seasons) and so he deserves to play where he thinks he can be happy and effective. If that place is no longer Nottingham Forest, then so be it.

The only real problem is that we are currently having massive problems negotiating a move for him. The first club to make their interest known in him were Manchester United, who we've dealt with before, and though some progress was made, we just couldn't agree to a deal and Man U decided to pull out of negotiations. Carlisle came knocking next, but just didn't have enough to offer us.

We then decided to be proactive, and attempted to open negotiations with Liverpool, Newcastle United, and Sunderland. We were declined from the get go with each club.

So now we're stuck with a player who wants to leave, and who we're willing to let leave, but who unfortunately has no suitors willing to touch his asking price. Manchester City made a recent inquiry, but were also not able to agree a deal with us, and previous discussions of a deal with Chelsea did not bear fruit so they have not been reapproached on the possibility of buying Eto'o.

We can only wait and see, but if no one is willing to meet his asking price, he may just have to stay at the club, whether he likes it or not.


And so it appears that Eto'o future lies in the hands of whatever club is willing to negotiate to sign him. Will he stay or will he go? We should see in the coming days...

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


The Prodigal Frog Returns


Benzema has had a disrupted start to the season

Benzema first arrived on Tyneside mid way through last season but was instantly beset with a shin injury which meant he was laid off for 2 weeks. This obviously tempered his impact and only 2 goals were scored in 10 starts. This year was meant to be a fresh start and hopefully one where he could make a big mark but once again he picked up a nasty injury, a groin strain this time putting him out of action for just over 3 weeks. All in all he's actually made more appearances for his home nation than actual league games which is astonishing.

We managed to get a word with the Frenchman and his manager :-


Sky Sports Reporter : So Karim do you think you can breathe life into Newcastle's ailing season ?

"Well so far I've not been able to get a good run together and build some form so with the rest of the season to go I hope I can increase my tally to around 15-20 goals whilst also getting this team back near the top where they so clearly should be. It is also nice that I have fellow French team member Nasri alongside me it helps having a native speaker in the attack up top"

Sky Sports Reporter : Could this recovery herald a change in fortune for the club ?

"Yes I would like to say that but just as he is returning I have been landed an even bigger blow in captain Chiellini's 7 week injury so it seemingly never lets up. Of course with my main hit man up top available for selection the goals should start flowing but it's still a new experience for Karim and he'll need a good season to settle fully in"

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Thompson fumes at "schoolboy" defending


A dejected Thompson yesterday

Tranmere Rovers slipped to their second consecutive defeat yesterday when a rampant Dagenham & Redbridge showed exactly why they are top of the table putting Rovers to the sword 6-3.

Despite taking the lead through Grant HOLT early in the first half Thompson's men were always on the back foot against a Daggers who were looking to return to winning ways themselves and two goals before half time through Rodríguez VICENTE and Jermaine JENAS ensure that the home fans were happy at the break.

Thompson could not have been happy with his sides capitulation and things got worse within 2 minutes of the restart when Philipp DEGEN capitalized on a mix up in the Tranmere midfield to run through and hammer home 3-1.

Rovers tried in vain to force their way back into the game and created a number of opportunities but home keeper Beto was proving a tough nut to crack making a number of fine saves. The away sides inability to convert their chances was to be their downfall and a two minute double salvo from the home side ended any hopes of a Rovers comeback. firstly through Angelos CHARISTEAS on 75 minutes then a minute later a second of the game from Rodríguez VICENTE.

The away supporters were beginning to make an early dash for the exits and they were to miss a couple of consolation goals firstly on 82 minutes through captain Adel TAARABT then two minutes later Nacer CHADLI headed home to make it 5-3.

Dagenham despite conceding three goals had been much more impressive than their previous two outings and they were to have the final say on proceedings bagging their 6th of the game with a minute to go courtesy of a second of the game from Angelos CHARISTEAS. FINAL SCORE 6-3.

After locking his players in the dressing for a full hour after the final whistle a furious Thompson came out to face the press.

"That was one of the worst defensive displays from any side i have seen in a very long time. To score three goals away from home and still lose is very disappointing and i have let the players know that in no uncertain terms just know.

They have let me the fans and themselves down and that perfomance can not be replicated again.

The defending was schoolboy at best and they were punished by a very good side who i think will be promoted.

We have Chesterfield next and that is not going to be any easier they are one of the best sides away from home but we have Arnold (Mvuemba) back for that and that is a massive plus point for us"

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread



427677-rod_taylor_small.jpgRod Taylor Writes....Honest Hugh Latimer delivered a youthful Scunds team a well deserved pat on the back after the so-called Scundsters picked up a point at Hartlepool. With the more established names showing the early signs of wear and tear after successive hard fight victories over title leaders Dagenham and Chesterfield, the holy man decided to take the huge gamble and rest the entire first team ( save keeper Baumann) for the long trip to the barren North East. With the Scunds big names enjoying a well deserved break spent in prayer and silent reflection in a Lincolnshire retreat, it was a very different looking United team that took to the Victoria Park pitch. And after a confrontational opening 20 minutes in which both Keith Watson and Yasin Oztekin picked up yellow cards, Latimers gamble looked to have backfired as Hartlepools Mo Banguri stooped low to head home the opening goal of the game. Happily for the several travelling Scunds fans the disadvantage was short lived, and 15 minutes later a lovely ball from stand-in skipper Ali Kucik allowed Oztekin the time to finish past Arlaukis to bring the game back to level terms. With the game drifting towards the half time break, tempers flared once more as first Shorpes Granit Xhaka and then Hartlepools Marvin Compper picked up cautions and were duely added to referee Fabara's naughty boy book.

Come the second half, and with a few running fueds clearly far from being settled it came as no surprise to see the man in black once more in action when within two minutes Scunds defender Rod Erramuspe become the visitors 4th booking of the game after clearly attempting to provoke his hosts with blatant time wasting. Happily the Argies needless aggravation was the last indiscretion of the match as the young Scunds set about deciding the outcome of the game. Keeper Arlaukis pulled a stunning save from a Watson effort on 52 minutes before minutes later showing great awareness to smother the ball at the feet of the lively Sebastian Hernandez. Despite the agile keepers best intentions he was powerless to stem the rising Shorpe tide for much longer and just two minutes after the hour mark it was Racing club target Hernandez that broke the deadlock with a delightful chip after another well crafted ball from Kucik. Minutes after the restart and with the Scunds clearly in the ascendancy, it was only Hernandez’s youthful exuberance that prevented the visitors further extending their lead as he blasted wide from barely 15 yards out. And as so often is the case, the Scunds were to rue the young Uruguayans miss when as they cruised to a well deserved victory, disaster struck at the other end with a wicked deflection from a Ilari Ruuth shot inextricably rolling past the wrong-footed Baumann to drag Hartlepool level with a little over ten minutes left on the clock. Despite the cruel twist of fate it was an unbeat Latimer who declared….

I’m absolutely chuffed with the lads tonight, it was a big ask for a team full of youngsters to come to this dreadful place, and to be fair I think we can feel ourselves very unlucky we did not pick up all three points. Their keeper had a great game and whilst I’m not complaining I feel we missed out on a nailed on penalty when Fernando Tobio was clearly fouled just after our second goal. If we had got the decision and scored, I’m certain we would have gone on to win the game. Nevertheless I’m delighted with a point…


Icy balls of retribution

The draw sees the Scunds move upto 8th spot and in-turn close the gap on the play-off places to just one point, next up for what promises to be a rejuvenated first team a trip to the inbred capital of Christendom… Swindon. Elsewhere in the division there was scenes of clear divine intervention in Essex as blaspheming big mouth Steve Thompson got his comeuppance as he watched leaders Dagenham and Redbridge destroy his hapless Tranmere 6-3 at Victoria road. With the away dug-out battered by ferocious biblical thunderstorms, cannon ball sized hailstones and swarms of locusts throughout the game many Tranmere fans are clearly worried as to what the almighty has in-store for the Berkenhead blasphemer next, including a frightened Ron Tuffet of the Wiral who said after the game

...Thompsons heresy has clearly wound-up the big man, his sins will cost us dear and he needs to watch his mouth in future. Anyone who saw the size of those bloody great hailstones tonight would know it was not schoolboy defending that cost us the game, it was punishment from above for Thompson worshiping of the false idol of 3-5-2. What’s next I ask you ?,floods and hurricanes at Prenton Park?, I hope not we have only just finished paying for the new stand.


:)Many Thanks to my good friend Adam EFC for excellent work on the shirt :)

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


"The fans want us to have the game of our life's for a Win,win,win


As Mondays F.A Cup 4th round approaches ever closer the watford fans are gearing up to support their team like they never have before. Mr. Clifford has already pin pointed the game as extra special for him and the fans have followed suit. Watford are two games from Wembley and Mr. Clifford admits any feelings for Spurs have jumped right out the window and Reaching the F.A Cup Quarter finals means more to him then his Spurs Europa League win.

Mr. Clifford is by far the more experienced manger. Hes managed 101 games in England and had won 1 Major Trophy. While Spurs manager Newman has no top level experience, yet alone any Major cup competition. On paper Tottenham would destroy Watford but Mr. Clifford wants his players to take heart and stand up to the challenge.


A Soccer Monday Special for the 4th round of the F.A Cup

Ben Newman Interview with Sky Sports

Sky Sports: How has your time at Spurs been so far ?

It's been a brilliant experience and one I am grateful to have. We are unbeaten in the league since I joined though that may just be coincidence. I don't think I did anything to deserve the job but it was an offer that I couldn't turn down. I am however enjoying every minute at Spurs because of the magnitude and people here. I have made some great new friends and have had a squad passed down to me from two brilliant previous managers. God knows where they are now :P only joking Ben and Joe.

Sky Sports:How are you finding the pressure of managing one of the best teams in England ?

The pressure is well and truly on at the moment and with the fans expecting me to bring trophies to the lane; I am sweating under my collar. We now have a five point lead at the top over our next league opponents Chelsea, so really at this moment in time; top spot is ours to throw away. As you know we are also in the last sixteen of the cup which is a great achievement for any team. Fingers crossed we can make it to the next round though I do know the threat posed by former Spurs boss Ben and his side tomorrow night. Definitely a team to watch out for this season!

Sky Sports: What are your thoughts on Watford ?

Like I said, there a team that shouldn't be under estimated. This has definitely shown with their cup run, plus they have started to mount together a promotion challenge against the big guns of Man City, Blackburn, Coventry and Sheffield United. I can see Ben leading them to the premier league at the first opportunity, whether it is automatically or through the gut wrenching play offs.

Sky Sports:What are you expecting form the game ?

A draw at the least to be honest. I will be playing a few first teamers but most of the team put out will be second stringers. I really can't risk playing the likes of Ibrahimovic, Bale, Maicon, and Lucio because of the huge game against Chelsea on Wednesday night. However I do expect Watford to approach the game with high hopes and confidence, meaning this could turn out to be a difficult fixture depending on our performance.

Sky Sports: Finally what do you think you can achieve with Spurs ?

I can only achieve whatever I think I can achieve. I have high expectations for the lads not to muck our league form up now though I won't be putting too much pressure on them up to the point they break down. The premiership is a whole new experience for me so a top 4 finish would be in my opinion a great start to life at this level. You can't forget about the domestic cup's either, I still have my eye on capturing one of them within the next two/three seasons so that another competition I need to watch the opposition in carefully.


Could one of these side's life the famous Trophy ?

Mr. Clifford turned down the chance of a interview with Sky Sports News insisting that while this is the biggest game of his Watford managerial career, He wanted to keep things normal and on a level him self and his players were use to. He did however as usual talk to WFC.Com and WFC t.v

Mr. Clifford

A lot has been made of my time at Tottenham, They were my first team i ever manager in England and i suppose it like your first love, Its something special to you and you'll never forget but 9 times out of 10 it never lasts. While i have a place in my heart for Tottenham, Watford is my home and my club now and i feel just as strongly for Watford as i did with Spurs when i managed them.

Fans have stopped me in the street and begged me to give it everything we have come Monday, Its special for everyone for different reasons Mine is no secret, For players like Scholes and Schwarzer its the last ever chance they have of adding 1 more medal to their outstanding C.V's for fans it could mean a dream result a good day out in the next round and the possible joy of winning Watford's first ever Major Cup.

All our planning and weeks of work have gone into Mondays game, We wound never turn up to a football match thinking we could never win. We feel we have as good a chance as winning as Spurs might do. I can promise the fans a game were My Self and The players give 210% we know youll be giving everything in the stands lets pull together for our Cup Final.

Mr. Clifford on Newman

He deserves everything good that happens to him, His one of the best young managers to come up through the ranks. To land him self one of the top jobs in england says it all and shows what people see in him. He is a credit to the game, his fans, and friends.He is truly one of the nice guys in football.... But i promise to be gunning for his head come Monday.

*Watford Vs Tottenham 4th Round F.A Cup 19:45 has been selected for live television broadcasting by BSkyB on Sky Sports 1 In HD and 3D Channel 401*


Believe in Watford :P

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Rovers keep on building


Tranmere's new number 1 Nicolas Douchez

Tranmere Rovers continued their squad rebuilding programme today by adding two further players to their Roster. Since manager Steve Thompson took the reigns at Prenton Park just over 3 weeks the fans have seen major changes to their side with a number of high profile departures but Thompson has moved quickly to plug the gaps with some much needed quality and players like Steve Davis,Adel Taarabt and Grant Holt have all arrived through the Prenton Park arrivals lounge.

Thompson's latest recruits come in the shape of 31 year old French goalkeeper Nicolas Douchez and 20 year old Northern Irish right back Conor Mclaughlin.

Douchez arrives at Prenton Park from French giants Paris St-Germain in a swap deal which sees Brazilian stopper Marinato Guilherme head in the other direction.

Highly rated Mclaughlin signs on from non league Oxford United. The deal sees Carmo Samuel and Simon Eastwood head to the Kassam Stadium after being deemed surplus to requirements by Thompson. Mclaughlin is no stranger to Tranmere fans having spent last season with the club but he failed to make a single first team appearance under then manager Ben Newman.

Tranmere boss Steve Thompson was clearly delighted with his latest recruits when announcing the news on the clubs official website.

"I am absolutely delighted to be able to welcome Nicolas and Conor to Tranmere. These signings show our intent for the future and i can't wait to get working with them out on the training field.

Nicolas was a no brainier for me. He is a top class experienced keeper and is just what we need at the present time. He has played at the top level and i still think there is more to come from him.

Conor is a very special talent and most Tranmere fans will know him from his time here last season. He is not ready for the first team just yet but he has enormous potential and his future is very bright indeed.

I have still not finished with regards to player recruitment but i am just waiting for the right player to become available then we will see what we can do. The squad is looking in fantastic shape and i feel we have a real good chance of challenging for the play off's"

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

Brazilian Stars Join In Time For Chelsea Clash


Lucio (Left) and Maicon (Right) hope to lift more trophies in their time at Spurs

Between Saturday and Sunday the deal involving both Lucio and Maicon of Manchester City was completed after months of preperation. Lucio was the first one in, swapping place with Spurs duo Azevedo Silvio and Eduardo Salvio plus an additional £3.5M fee. The move should see the Brazilian CB take the captains armband from ex Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard for the remainder of the season.

The second part of the deal saw Lucio's Brazilian and former Inter Milan team mate Maicon join on a three year deal. However Tottenham did lose highly rated defensive midfielder Mats Hummels in the process. Mats and team mate Lass Diarra heading to Manchester to meet there new manager Rob Walshe and the rest of the team ahead of a tough away fixture to Dan Malone's Huddersfield tonight.

The two are expected to be fit for Wednesday night's collision with second place Chelsea, whom Tottenham have a 5 point lead over as it stands. A win at Stamford Bridge would see the yids gain a massive nine point lead over their local rivals, however a loss could see that gap cut to just two points, putting pressure on Newman and his squad. Can the two deliver or will nerves kick in as they try to man handle former world player of the year, Cristiano Ronaldo?

Ben Newman

I'm delighted to welcome both Lucio and Maicon to the club. After months of contacting each other through calls and emails it is finally nice to meet the pair in the flesh. I believe both bring experience and class to the game as the public have seen in the past. You only have to look at the two players records to see why we are delighted to sign them. Obviously we lost some good talents along the way though Lucio and Maicon will bolster are defence and hopefully will help us win our first ever league trophy.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


New trio set for action


Hummels unveiled to the media

Newly signed Manchester City players Azevedo Silvio, Mats Hummels and Lass Diarra are all set to feature for their club against Huddersfield Town on Wednesday night. Hummels is set to slot in alongside Thiago Silva as he replaces Lucio of whom departed to Tottenham Hotspur. It is not know who City will announce as their new captain, but it has been widely rumoured that young English goalkeeper Joe Hart will take the armband for the season's remainder as he has become a strong character in the City camp.

Lassana Diarra looks set to take the place of fellow Frenchman Yoann Gourcuff in City's midfield as the latter is reportedly on the verge of an exit, despite only arriving at Eastlands just ten weeks ago. Diarra is set to get a heated reception from City fans as he is a former Chelsea, Arsenal, Portsmouth, Manchester United and Tottenham player, and his arrival has sparked nerves amongst City's loyal fanbase.

Azevedo Silvio made a name for himself in his homeland of Portugal where he starred for Europa League finalists Sporting de Braga. Silvio then travelled to London where he began his English adventure, but he is now looking forward to cementing the right back position at the Arab owned club. Silvio faces stern competition from Brazillian wing back Jonathan, but with Silvio cup tied in the English Shield, it automatically makes Silvio irst choice until next season, or until City get eliminated from the competition

Argentine winger Eduardo Salvio looks most likely to feature on the bench as French duo Franck Ribery, and Jeremy Menez have made the wings their own. Salvio is hopeful on breaking through, but his manager Robert Walshe admitted the young player will have to bide his time for a starting spot, but he will however feature in City's shield ambitions.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread



harrythedogcropped.jpg?t=1311893351Harry the dog Writes....Following Uniteds 4-2 crucifixion of Swindon at Glanford park last night a triumphant Hugh Latimer added to the growing talk of a Shorpe play-off charge by declaring that his team were more than capable of a top 6 finish. Speaking after tonight’s evensong service at Shorpe cathedral, the normally reserved Latimer chirped..

I don’t think there is any question we are in with a shout for a top six finish. As we hit the half way mark, we are unbeaten in 5 league games and sit in 7th place, we’ve beaten the top two and look in good shape. Clearly the Lord is with us and with his continued support, and of course if the lads continue with plenty of hard work in both training and prayer, we could even challenge for a top two finish.


7046 Grim Reaper Hugh is glad that Thompson has repented

There was plenty of evidence on display at Glanford Park last night to back up the holymans optimistic claims as an impressive United dominated a lacklustre Swindon. With the Scunds back to full strength the hosts opened the scoring after just 13 minutes with a sublime right footer from the on form Julio Nava. Matty Mills pulled one back for the unmanaged Robins but come the half hour mark two goals within two minutes from Edurado and De Jong saw the Scunds canter in at half time 2 goals to the good and very much in control of the game. Starting the second half brightly the free running Tripods cut swaths through their visitors but lacked the killer finish to make a further breakthrough. In fact despite struggling for any meaningful periods of possession the home congregation was silenced as David Somma picked up his 6th goal of the season to inexplicably drag Swindon back into the game. Happily for the home crowd the Scunds dominance was confirmed fifteen minutes from time as the impressive De Jong picked up his second of the game and 11th of the season with a lovely long range curling effort that whistled past keeper Kelvin Davis. Next up for the Scunds another home game as they entertain 2cnd placed Brentford on Wednesday night. Elsewhere in the division, repenting sinner Steve Thompson finally saw the light as he dumped his dreadful 3-5-2 formation in favour of a much more godly 4-4-2 diamond and was rewarded by the Almighty with a fine 2-1 win over a fast fading Chesterfield. The victory was hailed by Latimer as a miracle and praised the one time blaspheming Tranmere boss by declaring..

Halleluiah… Long before the season started the Lord spoke to me and told me of his pain and displeasure at the growth of 3-5-2 within the league. He told me that it was an affront to his teachings on how the beautiful game was to be played and how i was to lead the way back to enlightenment and gather the lost souls of those who have strayed from his divine path. He told me that the Scunds were to act as the Grim reapers of 7046 and punish those that refuse to repent. Naturally I'm delighted that Steve is not one of those and has turned his back on sin and ditched the evil East German cult that had placed his soul and that of his club in such dire jeopardy. Whilst God punishes the sinful he also looks after those that repent, and I am sure that if Steve continues on his new found path to redemption a successful second half of the season awaits for him and his team.


:)Many Thanks to my good friend Adam EFC for excellent work on the shirt :)

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Thompson delighted with Elmander coup


Swedish striker Johan Elmander is Tranmere's latest signing

Tranmere Rovers have today announced their latest signing in the shape of Swedish striker Johan Elmander. The 30 year old international joins Tranmere from Turkish giants Galatasaray SK in a swap deal that sees Nacer Chadli head in the other direction and the capture is certainly one that will please the Rovers fans who have been starved of a natural goalscorer for some time.

Elmander is no stranger to English shores having spent time at Both Bolton Wanderers and Watford. It was at Vicarage Road were he came to prominence making 26 appearances over two seasons scoring 11 goals and assisting 8 and Tranmere supporters will be hoping that their new capture can rediscover that kind of form as they look to regain their spot in the play off's.

The news was broken on the clubs official website and manager Steve Thompson was clearly delighted with his newest recruit.

"It's fantastic news that we have been able to sway Johan to join us here. Since before i came to the club it was clear to see that the striking department needed some quality adding to it and i think with the capture of Johan we have done that.

He is a big unit but is surprisingly quick for his size he has two good feet and can score all sorts of goals. He also brings versatility to the side as he can operate as a wide player which is very much welcome when you consider the size of the squad.

I am really looking forward to working with him and i am sure he will be a major success here"

Elmander himself was delighted to be back in England he said after signing.

"I am very proud to be back in England and with a great club like Tranmere. I know the manager has been after me for some time and that was one of the major pulls in coming here.

The manager has told me his plans for the future and i am really looking forward to being a part of what is sure to be an exciting part of the clubs history.

I am fit and ready to go and the first game can't come quick enough"

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread



dalek_normal.JPG...Dalek Thay Writes....Shorpe United was in a state of shock this evening with news of the dramatic excommunication of Algerian center forward Mourad Meghni and his departure to Rome based club Lazio. After 2 seasons at Glanford Park its rumoured the 27 year old was cast into the spiritual wasteland after the latest in a series of training ground bust-ups with puritanical Scunds first team coach John Bunyan . Whilst the clubs Church of England owners have remained tight lipped about his sudden exile to Italy an unnamed squad member at the club tonight told the Scriptures of the tense atmosphere between the two men.


Meghni and Scunds coach John Bunyan

Mourad was a good lad a bit of a joker on the quiet but his days were numbered ever since the appointment of Bunyan, Johns an old mate of Hugh Latimers and is a proper hard case and was brought into instil a bit of moral fortitude to the squad. At first things were ok, Mourad toed the line by ditching many of the trappings of worldly goods and wealth. He ditched the designer labels, flogged his Ferrari and one of his houses and like us all started to concentrate on the basics of faith based football. The problems really started during one of Bunyan’s tactical team talks. We had let in a few weak goals the game before and Bunyan was blaming it on a lax approach to defending set pieces. He went on to remind us that you only get one chance to clear the ball and unlike Roman Catholic based clubs you can’t nip into the old thunder box after the match for a quick 10 minute confession and 200 bloody Mary‘s. It was then that Mourad made the crack that perhaps its something we could start doing at the club. With this Bunyan went bloody berserk and using some very unholy language called Mourad everything from a papal spy to the anti-christ before turning on the squad. First he had us back out on the training pitch doing gruelling cross country runs, weights and circuit training before sitting us down to a 4 hour sermon on how Pope Bendict machine gunned British school children as he flew around in a Messerscmits during the war. Our minds were aching as he told us our the corrupt Bishops of Romes plan to steal good Anglican souls, and he destroyed once and for all the myth of veneration of saints. Ok it was tough but fair and at he end of the session we all felt spiritually fulfilled and refreshed, all of us except Mourad of course. The next day he turns up for training rabbiting away in Latin wearing a flowing dress cassock with half a football stuck on his head and swinging a bowl of smouldering cat-turd around the changing room. Bunyan went mental and if it wasn’t for our kit man brother Phil, I reckon he would have hit him, as it was Mourad was bundled out and carted off to Hugh Latimers private office in the club chapel. It certainly come to no surprise to us to hear he had been sent packing to Rome. Best thing all round really because if he hadn’t I honestly believe Bunyan would have had him slung on a bonfire after training and purged of his heretical ways this of course was bound to have affected team morale.


:)Many Thanks to my good friend Adam EFC for excellent work on the shirt :)

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Thompson - We must be ruthless


Adel Taarabt will be looking to add to his 12 league goals

Tranmere Rovers hit the road again tonight when they travel to the North East to face division 4's bottom club Hartlepool United. Thompson's men are within touching distance of reclaiming a place back in the play off positions and a win tonight will certainly pile the pressure on the teams that currently hold a place within the top six.

Rovers are likely to hand a debut to new signing Johan Elmander. The Swedish striker signed for Tranmere late on Thursday and with Thompson being short of fire power up front the big man could be thrown straight into the deep end.

Tonight's game will mark a new ere for Hartlepool as new manager James Parker Thompson takes charge of his first game but the new manager is severely handicapped in the transfer market and it could be a number of weeks and months before he can stamp his own mark on what is a young inexperienced squad.

The media yesterday caught up with Tranmere gaffer Steve Thompson to gauge his thoughts on the upcoming game.

"After our fine midweek win the boys are buzzing and they are really looking forward to the trip to Hartlepool. I know that we will be labeled as favorites for the game but we must not let that get to our heads. Hartlepool have just appointed a new manager and he's very much welcome after the farce that went on before him.

I wish James also the best but we must be ruthless tonight and we cannot feel sorry for our opponents no matter what troubles they are in. We are right back in with a shout of the play off's and every point is crucial at the moment.

The lads are looking good i have a fully fit squad to choose from and it will be the strongest possible line up that takes the field tonight"

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

wigan_badge.png v liverpool_badge.jpg

Wigan Athletic v Liverpool

Wigan face the difficult task of facing Liverpool this evening in what is a vital game for both side with Wigan just 3pts clear of the relegation zone while Liverpool are level on points with 18th place Stoke City.

Wigan's hopes were dealt a major blow during midweek with a heavy 6-2 defeat at the hands of relegation favorites West Brom a match which saw them lose both Marouane Chamakh and Daniel Carrico to injury and Javi Martinez suspended for this game.


Wigan will be without Chamakh,Carrico and Martinez when they kick off against Liverpool this evening

Wigan will have to rely on Eyong Enoh and Henrik Mkhitaryan to fill in for the suspended Martinez and the injured Carrico the pair so far this season have 90 minutes league playing time under their belts both have at least been regulars in the cup and shield and have both been sacrificed from Monday's shield squad to play here.


Eyong Enoh and Henrik Mkhitaryan both have a huge opportunity to shine

Up front recent signing Barcellos Taison replaces the injured Marouane Chamakh the 23y/o Brazilian has been in fine form since joining the club in late June netting 4 goals and 2 assists in 10 appearances for the club he starts alongside Marko Marin with Mauricio Pinilla on the bench

Wigan Boss Philip Gibbon

Many will have discounted any chance of Wigan coming away from tonight's game with anything however we have already beaten Chelsea,Tottenham and Man Utd this season and there is no reason why we cant add Liverpool to that list.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Nicolás Lodeiro came off the bench to score the winner for Barnsley against Sheffield Wednesday in the South Yorkshire derby. Barnsley who dominated in attack, watched by guest of honour Dickie Bird, secured the points with the last shot of the game.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread



Moe_Howard_64x64.pngMo Howard Writes....The power of prayer proved to be the deciding factor at Glanford Park last night as Shorpe United moved into the top six after a thrilling 3-2 victory over play-off rivals Brentford. In a super advert for division 4 football things could not have started any better for the Scunds when with just a minute on the clock a shocking laspe by butterfingered Brentford stopper Micheal Agazzi saw the ball dropped into the path of an advancing Almedia Ze Eduardo , who joyfully smashed the ball home much to the embarrassment of the usually reliable Italian. In a half largely dominated by the fast flowing faith based football of the hosts, the third placed Bees continually found themselves on the back foot. And it came as little surprise that the C of E club doubled their lead on 20 minute mark as once more the nippy Eduardo capitalised on a forced lapse of concentration by Brentford defender Victor Vaseline before rounding the abandoned Agazzi.


God gets stuck in at Glanford Park last night

Come the half time break the meagre 6000 strong home crowd could well have been forgiven for expecting a second half massacre of the innocents. Instead they found their visitors reinvigorated by the half time cuppa and within minutes of the restart, Brentford forged a way back into the game. Raul Bobadilla continued his fine run of form by picking up his 12th goal of the season by toe poking the ball home at the second attempt after Baumans point blank save denied his first effort. Suddenly the visitors had the momentum and with the Scunds defence parting like the red sea, a by-line cross from Terranova fell inviting to the slippery Vasaline who after penetrating the United box with ease and had acres of space to direct his header into the Scunds net for a well deserved equaliser.

With the game back on level terms, a clearly up-beat Brentford continued to dominate proceedings as Oliver Bauuman in the United goal was called upon to thwart first Diego Rodriquez and then Pascal Bosschaart. As the game entered its final minutes it was a worried Hugh Latimer on the Shorpe who had good reason to be the more nervous of the two managers. After watching yet another Brentford effort whistle over the United bar, it came as little surprise when in an act of desperation the be-robed holy man leapt from the dug-out and threw himself to his knees on the edge of the technical area before clearly offering a plea to the good Lord above. Amazingly the clouds above Glanford Park began to clear and with just a minute left on the clock the tiring Eduardo suddenly took on a new lease of life and somehow summoned the energy to chase down a long up field clearance by Toprak. Unsettled by the piston legged Brazilians sudden turn of speed the shocked Brentford defenders found themselves trailing in his wake as he entered penalty area before chipping ball over the advancing keeper and into the net to complete a fine hat-trick and an amazing 89th minute victory for the Scunds. After the game a relieved Latimer was quick to not only praise the hat-trick hero but thank the Lord by declaring…

Whilst it was a super performance from Almedia, i think there’s little doubt the Lord almighty was our 12th man out there tonight. After starting the game well, we were pegged back by a very good Brentford team and I have to admit towards the end we were floundering under the unrelenting tedium of their 3-5-2 formation. It was then that the hand of God intervened and granted Almedia the speed he needed to get clear of the Brentford defence.


:)Many Thanks to my good friend Adam EFC for excellent work on the shirt :)

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

wigan_badge.png3 v 0 liverpool_badge.jpg

A weakened Wigan side stunned Liverpool with a clinical 3-0 defeat of the Merseyside team a defeat that sends them into the relegation zone a brace from Marko Marin and a 5th in 11 games for Barcellos Taison was enough to secure a vital win for Wigan which moves them up to 15th in Division 1 and 6pts clear of now 18th placed Liverpool.

The win did come with a minor cost for Wigan Paulo Assuncao gets added to the injury list with Bruised ribs he is however only expected to be out for around a week,some good news for Wigan though Javi Martinez return from suspension and will be available for Wednesday's game against Arsenal.

Lenny59 Domestic Plastering Services Shield 4th Round

middlesbrough_badge.jpg v wigan_badge.png

Wigan's youngsters go into Monday evening's shield match full of confidence of overcoming the impossible as they take on underachieving Middlesbrough at the Riverside on the back of the first teams hugely impressive league win over Liverpool and will be looking to claim the scalp of another north east team after dispatching Sunderland in the 3rd round.

All first team regulars are set to be rested for Monday's match with Wigan set to send out a starting eleven with an average rating of just 81 with the league a much greater priority for the club a decision that was made at the start of the season for the youngsters to play in the club and shield and they have held there with wins over West Brom and Sunderland.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Rovers keep up the pressure


Arnold Mvuemba got on the score-sheet at the weekend

Tranmere Rovers continued their push for the play off's with a routine 2-0 victory over bottom club Hartlepool at the weekend. The latest win lifts Steve Thompson's men to 7th in division 4 but more importantly they have now drawn level on points with both 6th place Shorpe and 5th place Wycombe Wanderers.

Tranmere handed a début to new signing Johan Elmander who replaced the now departed Nacer Chadli. That meant a return to the wing for loan man Gabriel Obertan whilst Elmander slotted upfront alongside Grant Holt.

Both teams started the game brightly with Tranmere forcing the force shot of the game on 10 minutes but Hartlepool keeper Giedrius Arlauskis pulled of a spectacular save to deny Holt from six yards. Hartlepool were playing some decent stuff under their new manager and with 18 minutes on the clock Rovers keeper Nicolas Douchez has to be alert to punch a fine 35 yard effort over the bar.

Despite their lowly position in the league the home side were playing with confidence and with 23 minutes gone they once again came close but a combination of two defenders and Douchez ensured that Rovers kept the scores level.

Tranmere started to fine their feet in the game and new signing Elmander came extremely close to a début goal but his header on 34 minutes could only find the roof of the net. Just before half time the away side were once again guilty of poor finishing when winger Steven Davis was afforded too much room inside the box but with the goal at his mercy the Northern Irish international miscued his header wide of the goal. HALF TIME.

After an entertaining first half both sets of fans would have been hoping for more of the same but the 2nd half started a lot more cautiously for both teams.

The first real effort of the half produced the first goal of the game and it went the way of the away side on 67 minutes. The goal came from an unlikely source in the shape of French midfielder Arnold MVUEMBA who showed blistering pace to run clear of the Hartlepool defence before expertly chipping the onrushing Arlauskis for his first goal in Tranmere colours 0-1.

That goal had clearly stunned the home side and things got a whole lot worse just over 10 minutes later when Tranmere ended hopes of a Hartlepool fightback when they grabbed a second goal. Nigerian defender Ayilia YUSSUF was the hero finishing cleverly from close range after a fine passing move 0-2.

Hartlepool looked a beaten team whilst Thompson's men continued to keep possession and they saw out the game untroubled to record another important victory. FULL TIME 0-2.

After the final whistle Steve Thompson spoke to the press about his sides result.

"It's another vital three points for us as we continue to push for a place in the play off's. It was by no means vintage Tranmere but we did what we had to do to get a result.

I have to hand it to Hartlepool they gave us a real game tonight despite what they are currently going through but they have a lot of work to do and i don't envy their new manager who has walked into a right mess.

Getting back to us and i hear that win puts us level with 5th and 6th and that's fantastic news. We have Shorpe next which is massive and also my old club Southend and in-between that Swindon so that's three mouthwatering ties which could in some way define our season"

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread



&maxW=48&maxH=48&action=cropBill Maynard Writes...First division Fulhams Monday morning training session was thrown into chaos today after an impromptu demonstration by a Shorpe based Christian group against Cottagers boss Dominic LaTouche’s continued use of the controversial 3-5-2 formation. The struggling West London clubs training ground was blockaded by the 200 strong group and players and coaches, including manager LaTouche were prevented from entering as police struggled to restore order with the jostling crowd. Fulhams already drab season has taken a turn for the worse of late and fans and pundits alike cannot of failed to have noticed the poor performances have coincided with the Swindon born gaffers shift to the 5 man midfield. LaTouches switch has brought fierce condemnation from faith based football fans as in the past he has been one of the leagues most vocal critics of the formation. After a 2 hour stand off with the authorities the group finally agreed to clear the road to the ground but continued their protest as the Fulham players entered the ground with calls of ''hope you break your legs today sinners '' and a loud, but perfectly in tune chorus of boos and screams of '' Dirty Judas'' reserved for the arrival of a worried looking LaTouche. Protest organiser and veteran faith based football fan Herbert Cumquat 87, was unrepentant as he spoke afterwards blasting....

..today has been an example of the growing feeling of anger amongst faith based football supporters at the continued use of East German method of playing the beautiful game. We make no apology for any inconvenience to Fulham football club or the serpent LaTouche. He is but one of a growing band of hell-bound sinners who continue to carry out the devils work here in EC7046, but he and his fellow demons should be warned, for the good Lord has told us of the dangers of their blasphemy and the dangers for the soul of the game caused by the evil abomination they so clearly worship. The 3-5-2 is of course evil wherever it is found but the Lord has told us it is particularly sinful when practiced in the first division by clubs who have the resources to build a team around a much more imaginative formation. Those who ignore the word of the Lord will in time pay for their heresy and we call upon those who have transgressed the scriptures to turn away from Satan and grovel for forgiveness at the feet of the Almighty. We will continue to expose the wrong-doers and have protests planned around the league. Our aim is to see all teams adopting a more Godly approach to the game and we call upon Spurs Wigan, Bristol City, West Brom, Manchester United and of course Fulham to lead by example and change their ways or risk the wrath of the Almighty...


Protesters make themselves heard and organiser Herbert Cumquat

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

Jorge Ribeiro Joins Wigan


29 year old Jorge Ribeiro has joined Wigan from Benfica for a fee of £2,300,000 + Ronny Rodelin the left sided player who has spent nearly his entire playing career in his native Portugal makes only his 2nd foray abroad having spent the 2005-2006 season with Spanish side Málaga CF.

Ribeiro who signed 4 year deal with Wigan worth £18,150 per week is expected to be backup for left back Domenico Criscito and left midfielder Diego Capel

Vukcevic Joins Charlton on Loan


Boris Vukcevic has joined Division 3 league leaders Charlton on loan for the remainder of the season Vukcevic has so far this season failed to make a league appearance for Wigan however he has been a regular in the cup and shield making a total of 1 cup appearance and 3 shield appearances as well as scoring 1 and making 4 assists in the shield.

Grégory Sertic available for Loan


Wigan's 21y/o attacking winger Gregory Sertic (84) is available for loan the Frenchman is yet to make a league appearance for the club since joining last season but has this season made a total of 4 appearances in the cup and shield, Sertic who is currently on a deal worth £15,150 per week is available for division 3 and 4 sides for the remainder of the season.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread



An amazing match which saw MILLWALL come away with all three points.

Top of the table Charlton were red hot favourites to win this match but a 5-star showing from ROBBIE KEANE - who scored ALL 5 of Millwall's goals - changed all that.

KEANE opened the scoring on the 7th minute to give the away side an early lead. Charlton quickly equalised when ADRIAN scored after 10 mins.

MILLWALL regained the lead when KEANE hit a spectacular long range shot into the top corner on 19 mins.

A defensive error - KEANE rounds the 'keeper to finish with ease to put MILLWALL 3-1 up. Charlton respond when PARK scores on 38 minutes to pull it back to 3-2.

A fine ball laid into the path of Robbie KEANE - He hammers home emphatically (39mins) to restore Millwall's 2 goal lead. HALF-TIME 2-4.

Ten minutes into the second half - KEANE rounds the 'keeper and finishes from an acute angle to put Millwall 5-2 up.

MILLWALL won this match after an amazing display from ROBBIE KEANE.



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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


"I Will Be Nottingham Forest's Savior" - Andres Iniesta

On August 1st, Nottingham Forest shocked the world by signing ex-Arsenal playmaker Andres Iniesta on a player exchange deal, with Ricardo Kaka and Alessandro Nesta going the other way. Speaking about the move for the first time, Andres Iniesta had this to say:

With my move to Nottingham Forest' date=' I've opened a new and very special chapter in my life. Many people have questioned what reasons I could possibly have to leave Arsenal, the 3rd best team in the league right now, for Forest, who are current the worst, but to those people, I say that there was never a doubt in my head that this was the best move for me.

Everyone knows about Forest's rich history as a club in English football. Despite their small club status, they've finished runners up in the English Shield, and last season qualified for the SMFA Cup against all odds. This season things have gone awfully at the club, but working with BigGameMo I'm sure we'll get things back in order.[/quote']

Asked about his goals for the season, Iniesta had this to say:

Well' date=' the first thing we need to do is to start winning some games. I've talked with BigGameMo about the tactics at the club, and we've decided to ditch the 4-3-3W and 4-2-3-1 in hopes of finding a consistent tactic that will work for us. Obviously, we all still dream of sneaking into Europe, but our first and biggest priority will be to get out of the relegation zone.

However, in addition to that, I think we still have a great shot at competing in the SMFA Cup. I'm very excited to face off against Xavi, my best friend and international teammate, and with Eto'o back before our big game vs Middlesborough, I think we'll have a great chance at winning against them. I've only read about the great Nottingham Forest - Middlesborough rivalry, and I'm hoping I can write my own history in that rivalry. They've beaten Forest twice already this season, so hopefully we'll even the score when the SMFA Cup fixture comes up."


With only 3 league wins, 5 draws, and 12 losses, the only way to go for Nottingham Forest is up. The question is, how up can new signing Andres Iniesta take them? Only time will tell.


Forest's savior?

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Walshe - City going strong


Joe Hart - Highly rated by his manager

Following Manchester City's 2-2 draw with Elton's Sheffield United, manager Rob Walshe went on record to state his opinion on how his youthful squad are progressing in Division two of English football.

Obviously we've been expected to go back up, dominate the league and hold no prisoners, which of course, is no easy task, but a task never is easy in all honesty. Since coming in my main plan for the club was to have a steady end to season, of the last one, and then push on for a Top 6 finish in my first full season. We're now 1st in my debut season, and we've developed, and transitioned an aging squad, into a young and ambitious one. The way in which we have achieved that is phenomenal.

Walshe then went on to comment on the clubs most recent additions;

Obviously we have lost a lot of top players, the most recent being Lucio and Maicon, but to get the likes of Mats Hummels, Eduardo Salvio, and the other two lads, Lass and Silvy, shows just how far we have come. I know Mats well, I enquired several weeks ago and pushed through a very good deal for both clubs. I certainly see Mats Hummels and Thiago Silva being one of the world's best centre halve partnerships over the next few seasons.

He then gave his reasoning behind Joe Hart being selected the clubs new captain, along with his opinions on Fernando Torres' link up with the midfield;

Obviously, for me, it was very easy to select Joe as our captain. He shows passion for the club, and an intense drive for success. On the pitch he has always led by example, and shows his determination and ambitions with his performances. I'm a big fan of Joe's, and he's also one of the few homegrown players we have, so it was a no brainer in all honesty.

In terms of our outfield players, Fernando Torres' link up play with Mesut and the other midfielders has impressed me. They're all relative newcomers to the club, but our two wide man, Ricky (Franck Ribery) and Merc (Jeremy Menez) has been vital to everything we've done this season. They've worked tirelessly on the flanks, and are always rotating the wings, which has confused the opposition on a fair share of occasions. Wils (Jack Wilshere), Lass (Diarra) and Mesut (Ozil) are looking like a formidable midfield, but Nando's link up play with them is something special. They all read each others play very well and grow in stature and confidence with every performance. I have very big hopes for the squad in general and I'm a firm believer in planning for the long haul.


Walshe - A man with a long term plan

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