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English Championship 7046 Match Reports/Transfer Gossip Thread


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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

After finding three managers in the bedroom wardrope and another two in the fridge, Barnsley Manager Gaz has decided to sell Shinji Kagawa to the manager offering the best P/E deal, the deal will be concluded tonight and I would ask that who ever took the last Jaffa cake from the biscuit tin please return it......you know who you are!


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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

Sizzling Spanish Sensation looks set to join City


Breaking news which was leaked late last night, that City and West Ham have come to terms agreeing a deal seeing Mata join City, whilst Shaqiri and Griezmann heading over to West Ham. Mata looks set to join his new City team mates some time tomorrow.

Vik P had this to say:
Quite sad losing two players with massive potentials, but Mata has always been on the radar since arriving. I believe he can easily reach his peak at City, and cannot wait to see him flourish. Him and Torres should link well - so interesting times for City fans. Furthermore, I am looking to win the league this season. We have the squad to make it happen.
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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Latouche on the young trio being fast tracked to heaven's cottage

Dominic Latouche has sealed a record breaking deal which will see 2 key players swap the glamous lifestyle of london to the dreary and depressing dump you call preston.

Im delighted we have arranged a deal that will see munain + kleber + musachio which are the finest young talent to grace english football and will give us great competion all over the pitch. Im delighted to add to the fantastic amount of talent we have got as we have had to break up some of our team lately to strengthen our resources a bit which we have done well and look strong going into the future. Im sorry to lose such a great legend and professonal like Milos krasic but he wanted to go to preston because of the world class up coming manager is building quite a good team there certainly didnt want to leave for the scenary as he even admitted to me preston is so bad he will travel and not live there. Tasci is good young player but he will go straight to hell as he didnt agree with my vision of attacking anti 3-5-2 so he had to go as I dont want sinners at this club!


The boris Johnson looklike will depart to the holy ground of the devil.

Iker Munian had some interesting things to say on his upcoming arrival from preston

I had two offer's on the table one from fulham and the one I turned may suprise you which was tottenham.The reason I turned down tottenham was that I lived in preston for 1 year now and I think 90% are backward morons and I simply didnt want to work for a preston lad who plays anti defensive football and has the reputation of destroying talent. I belive in the vision here at fulham they have banned anti football and the coach wants players to be attacking and creative and I love the fact its a young team who are super talented lead up by one of the most experienced and best finishers in world football nicklas anelka who I look forward to playing along side. I was convinced by the direction fulham are heading and I look forward to pleasing the crowd with my attacking skill and flair.


The wonderkid Iker munian will join the latouche revolution!

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

Everton Gotze Talent


The Everton judging panel cast their votes...

The votes are in an its a resounding three yes's for Everton new signing one Mario Gotze. The teenage German sensation amazed the club at his recent audition prompting them to do their upmost to sign him for the price of Tim Cahill and Steven Pineear two of the clubs most senior players. The manager had this to say..

Im over the moon with this signing, i think everybody in world football knows how big a talent this kid is and what he could bring to the team. We never really expected to get him with all of the other teams intersted in him but after one quick negotiation with the Barnsley manager and player it was all done and dusted. Had some anxious moments with a number of clubs trying to swoop in at the 24th hour and hijack the deal with Chelsea being one of the biggest.


The new teenage sensation on his arrival at Everton..

The club have now seen a tremendous turn around in fortunes since O'Neill took over at the club bringing in players such as Gotze, Ramires, Ronaldinho, Giovinco and Jones.

Im very pleased with the buisness that has been conducted in my short space of time at the club. Weve got a rid of a lot of senior players and putting faith in our new guys to step up to the mark and do the buisness.

With the season about to get underway and Evertons first game of the season at home to Fulham who are themselves a team improving one thing is for sure, Everton Gotze talent.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread



174469_100002649820018_3893432_q.jpgBoris Tadec Writes...Holier than thou heavyweight Hugh Latimer today waded into the growing storm that is surrounding controversial, acne ridden Spurs manager Ben Newman after news that directors at Shorpe have overwhelming voted to break off diplomatic relations with last seasons Divison 1 champions. The vote carried out at a late night behind closed doors meeting at Glanford park, follows pimple faced Newmans defiant pledge of allegiance to the devils formation after the North Londoners woeful defeat last night to Bury. Speaking after the game the antagonistic Newmann drew gasps of disapproval from the faith based football community by declaring..

'' 3-5-2 won me games last season and I’ll be sticking to it, I’m hoping Lucifer will weave his evil ways and deliver me some more silverware starting with victory in the charity shield final tomorrow night..'' Ben Newmann

The outrageous embracing of the dark arts has sent shock waves throughout the league and at a stroke threatens to further ostracise the North London giants from the growing band of anti 3-5-2 footballing clerics. Earlier this week the highly respected Fulham boss and born again believer in the beautiful game Dom Latouche, was universally praised by fans and pundits alike as he ravaged Newman by accusing the dermatological challenged Spurs man of betrayal and being the head of the serpent which threatens to destroy EC7046. Speaking from a G.A.S.H fund raising event this morning in Hull an angry Latimer added to the besieged Newmanns woes by delivering a stirring assault on the besieged Spurs man blasting...

I, like many within the faith based football community are both saddened and offended by gargoyle Newmanns public proclamation of his allegiance to the dark one. Not only has he condemned his own mortal soul to an eternity of torment he appears to be happy to drag the once proud name of Tottenham Hotspur through the mud. Clearly the seeping pox-marks and oozing pusticles that Newman carries upon his sinful face signify the mark of the beast and confirm his guilt. But make no mistake we have further proof that he is a secret hieratic and blasphemer. I have seen written testimonies of the many ungodly and impure practices that are carried out at White Hart lane. These heinous acts include the attendance of public houses and discotheques after training, the exposure of naked flesh during showering , the wearing of unnecessary bodily adornments such as ear piercings, deodorants, tattoos and hair gel, the keeping of beasts of the field such as cats and dogs as familiars and the lustful encouragement of fornication of the naked female form. Only last season we here at Shorpe were tasked by the Lord of saving the soul of young Fernando Tobio who come to us on a season long loan possessed by a demon so powerful it took over 20 hours of relentless flagellation to exorcise the beast from within until we could declare him purged of its evil. And as told in the scriptures it comes as no surprise that finally Lucifer has revealed himself in human form with his foul call to arms to his fellow disbelievers to promote the use of 3-5-2.


Spurs boss Newmann and an angry Hugh Latimer

Still worry not brothers as we the chosen people have right on our side and I call upon all present and the thousands beyond these walls to follow the example of our good brother Dominic and vow to smite this 4 headed serpent of sin from within our midst. Be prayerful my friends that our army is strong and grows daily, recently we have seen brothers Sean and Jooles swell our ranks and take heart my friends that many more will answer the call and join us, and never doubt with the Lord at our head we will be victorious. ….Now let us pray…dear Lord we your unworthy servants beseech you in your magnificence to look kindly down from above at our goodly brother Jooles and your band of followers at Middlesboro, and Lord we pray you grant them your generous gift of victory against the evil ones in tonight charity shield semi- final against Spurs…Amen.

On the pitch Shorpe enjoyed a productive evening last night with a pre-season thrashing of division 4 rivals Wycombe Wanderers at Glanford Park. Sporting this seasons new attacking formation the Scuns cantered to an easy victory after a hat-rick from new signing Sebastian Fernadez saw off their disappointing visitors. In the last of their pre-season games the unchanged Scuns travel to the DW stadium to face division 1 Wigan before their opening day clash at title favourites Tranmere.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

Sheffield United gearing up for Division 1 Grand Entrance


After last season's shaky finish in which promotion was sealed by late winner from Russian Yuri Zhirkov, Sheffield United are quite confident they can replicate previously good performances shown in first seasons in the top flight from promoted teams such as Middlesbrough and Nottingham Forest in the past. Here, we caught up the gaffer on his way after having introduced new signing Assou Ekotto around.

So, how confident are you ahead of your first Division 1 game this Saturday against Leeds United?

I think we stand a good chance even though we lost and drew against them 2 seasons ago, but now we have a much stronger squad with far more depth and quality. We will be looking to hit the ground running hopefully and I would still be happy with a draw, the home fans will hopefully show their support and motivate the players into giving a good performance and maybe even grabbing a victory.

Are you happy with your signings so far, will you be signing anymore players to add to your squad?

After recently bringing in Podolski, Diarra and Assou Ekotto we are more than happy with our team for now and will most likely only add a youth or two if we see good players available in the market. Although we have lost 3 of our best youths, our first team is considerably stronger and we have the likes of Leno, Leckie, Pogba, Souza, Rekik, El Sharaawi and other much improved youth team to make up for that loss. But yes, I am happy with our 3 new additions.

Is your squad capable of doing better in the domestic cups this season compared to the last 3 disappointing cup runs?

Certainly, we have a shield bye and also an easy tie against Leyton Orient first as well as good back-up players and also our back-up players in Sapunaru, Vorsah, Pieters, Suarez, Aliyev, Anichebe, Rybka who will be vital to our cup progress and hopefully get us to a decent stage.

What do your think of your first 5 games, how many points are you aiming for?

They are certainly all winnable and at least 10 points that would be fantastic and I couldn't ask for more, we ideally want to get off to a strong start in case we slip up in form towards the mid-season stages or the last stretch of the season.

Who are your main rivals in the league now?

Manchester City, Tottenham, Everton and Fulham are certainly all games I would very much like to win and it shouldn't be too hard with Tottenham since I can already guess their formation :D

OK, that's all and good luck for the rest of the season.


Sadly for Podolski, he will have to wait for his first team debut as he plays on the bench behind regular frontman Marco Borriello.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Latouche determined to shack up 3 points at goodison park

Latouche has been talking to the media again about his upcoming game against one of 7046's devil worshipper's sean o'neil's Everton side.

I would like to take the time and say I admired shack for the work he did at bristol but his values in how to play football are just as bad as his player judgement. His overuse of the devil's formation at Bristol city has not gone unnoticed by Bristol city and my conquest to rid 7046 of the devil's formation will start on saturday and shack will fall at my wrath. The beanpole bug's bunny lookalike shack is in cohesion with the ultimate sinners Ben Newman and steve thompson but shack can be saved and by beating him hopefully he will see the light and join us in our quest for salvation.


Shack enjoying night out with devil's freind Steve thompson celebrating as there leader win's the premier league

He spoke briefly about the teams

Im giving a debut to my young CB Mustaccio as he joins us offically on a 4 yr deal and is ready to thwart everton. I will NOT play the boris johnson lookalike milos krasic as he has been turned and is not ready to play. Im very wary about everton as they have a lot of talent and added to it by signing mario gotze which is a great signing which is not often I can say about shack. They have a great midfield but I think we can use our attacking trio Anelka ' date=' pedro and gervinho to exploit there weak and spineless defence to full effect![/quote']
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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Wigan Fans Confident Ahead of New Season

Wigan fans are full of confidence heading into the new season after a marked improvement in the clubs fortunes in recent weeks a great end to last season saw the club narrowly miss out on a top 10 finish, and while not starting pre season in the best way with a 1-0 defeat to Yeovil and a 4-0 defeat at the hands of Rochdale they have bounced back in recent games with a 2-0 win over Cardiff and last weekend a 3-2 win over Liverpool a second successive win over the merseyside club.

Wigan ended their pre season campaign with a 2-1 victory over Shorpe United at the DW Stadium with a little help from an undisciplined Shorpe side with Damián Suarez on the receiving end of a 52nd minute red card.

That red was just enough to give Wigan a little extra breathing space and in the 72nd minute Pablo Aimar took full advantage of it beating two defenders to slot home the winner for Wigan to record a 3rd pre season win.

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Guest drseanfitz

Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


West Ham United new manager, and all round super guy, Sir Sean, today unveiled his new backroom staff, including PR manager Katy P.


Surrounded by the amassed paparazzi Katy answered questions that were thrown at her:

Paps: Are there anymore transfers due in at Upton Park?

Katy P: Well the Messiah has been in extensive talks tonight with Lord Lenny to try and bring in Ander Herrera, but the old so and so is a stubborn one and won't sell him. But the arrivals so far are enough to get any West Ham fan excited. Griezmann, fetfatzidis, hulk, Cardoza, Sam, Shaqiri, and Brochi are all very good signings. And we are particularly delighted to have secured young David Mellor, although it will was a challenge getting him into a West Ham shirt given his preference for a Chelsea kit;)

Paps: Is it true that Sir Sean is joining with Hugh Latimer in his crusade against 3-5-2, a formation normally used by Sir Sean as often as he uses toilet paper?

Katy P: Sean believes it is time for a change. He ran EC106 in it's hey day, but with many saying that this league is now just a few rungs from hitting the heights that it's older cousin did, he knows that a new approach is needed, and he see's Hugh's campaign as the perfect place to get a foothold into the murky depths of EC7046.

Paps: So can we expect to see Sean make a play for control of EC7046 once he's settled in?

Katy P: Everyone knows who run's 7046, and I can't see Sean making a move against Big Daddy J in all honesty. However if he stays around this time, the balance of power will naturally radiate his way.

Paps: Finally, within days of Sean's arrival the mysterious Banksy appeared in 7046, are we supposed to believe that this is just a coincidence?

Katy P: Yes.

So there you have it - Sean is not Banksy, and David Mellor is getting over his Chelsea shirt fetish.

That is all people. Good night.


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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

O'Neill vows to end Latouche's revolution before it begins.

In an astonishing unprovoked attack Fulham boss Dom Latouche lambasted the recently appointed Everton boss labeling him a 'devil worshipper'. We recently managed to catch up with the Everton boss to get his view on these events.

*Laughs* im really not supried by his recent outburst. The man talks about devil worship of the trusted 3-5-2 formation but thats clearly because the man cannot use it himself. Many a time dom has promised to deliver while at Fulham to consistently fail. I recall a time last season where he vowed to finish 14 points head of my Bristol City, without embarassing him too much Bristol will now be playing european football and Fulham well... they wont.

This whole revolution talk is clearly a huge distraction to hide dom's fast appoching short commings this season, but i vow to end this funny buisness before it even begins.


The statement issued by the new Everton boss to Latouche.

My wrath will be swift and vengeful and he will regret the day he crossed me.

Despite this we managed to get O'Neills opinion on his rivals newly formed 'youth team' and how they will perform.

Id be a fool if i didnt realise the new talent dom has at his disposal. But can he actually acheive success with them? Its an obvious no. You cant win anything with kids.


Doms recent star signing warms up before his debut on saturday.

The guy already has plans to flee away for a week on holiday the day of the game, an obvious attempt the dodge the vengance my team will bring upon him and his 'young talent'. Im sure he will eventually come good in his promises though.. in 5 or 6 years ;)

Will Latouches revolution claim its first victim on the weekend in its quest to vanquish the devils formation or will shacks newly formed blue army issue the words dom is dreading to hear.... YOU SHALL NOT PASS

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Latouche is determined to put the shackles on everton!

Latouche has continued his war of words against the devil worshipper sheep loving welshman Sean oneil as he refutes and talks about what he calls words from a man who is out of his depth .

This is much more worse than I thought he talks about the 3-5-2 being a trusted formation and I cannot use it myself? That is because I do not want to use it and I will not use it as long as im managing fulham! I thought I could save shack but his words today means there is no hope of saving him so I must destroy him and his shameful ways. He has little good within him as he shown at bristol city ' date=' He left them under a cloud and left them with little depth and little quality if im honest just to chase his own selfish goals just like the devil would do.



Photo taken of the two managers with shack on the left and latouche on the right

Then he discuss sean's other claim's like cannot win anything with kids

The jumped moron dosent know what he is on about ' date=' Ive got young stars all over the pitch with carrick and anelka and danny marshalling the team using there experience and im sorry but my team is certainly more than a match for his team and we will win in the best way possible and overcome his boring tactics to wind us up. I was chatting to a fellow manager today as well and he agrees with me about the state he left bristol city as he brought a ton of rubbish and granted they did had a 1 season wonder but has left the manager there an impossible task to improve the side and he has the balls to question my side? My team will get stronger and we are improving the side everyday so I will get this right and we will slay this virus that is occuring in 7046 with the help of my fellow managers Dave izod at shorpe , sean fitzpatrick at west ham and of course Jooles dawson at middlesbourgh![/quote']
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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

On the eve of the kick off to the new season,Dagenham manager Warren Livesey gave a press conference this afternoon explaining his plans for the upcoming season.

"Myself and the club are really looking forward to the challenge of Division 3 this season.Having taken a look at the squad over the last few days i decided to bring in some players having stated earlier that i wasn't going to.We had some unhappy players at the club and the strength wasn't really up to much.I did a deal sending Martin Abena to Zenit with ourselves getting young f/w Evgeni Starikov and i also brought in am/f Pablo Hernandez from Argentinos juniors.I can also reveal that we have today agreed a deal with Panaitolinos to sell Angelos Charisteas who himself had become unhappy at the club.The fee agreed is 2.7 million pounds which will enable me to go out and buy 2 other players i have had discussions with.On the war of words at the moment in the set up,i have to say i agree with mr o'neill and just play your own game and don't worry about those in fear of you.Dagenham will start the season against Swansea tomorrow and we will field the same side that drew 1-1 at Everton on Wednesday."

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

The 'Devil Child' Prevails


Heartbroken: Fitzpatrick, Latouche and Latimer look on as their leader fails to pick up the charity shield

Who is the devil child? Why do so many wish bad luck upon the devil child? Though more importantly, why do so many call the devil child a sinner? Well after near enough a whole season of using the hated 3-5-2 formation, it looks as if a few 'angels' have finally had enough and have decided to form a little club in order to kill the demonic soul within Spurs boss Ben Newman.

Ironically, one of these 'angels' had the first chance to take a stab at the demon child himself, as Jooles faced off with Newman in the charity shield on Thursday night. The two managers had a great season last time around so taking a guess at who would come out on top in this encounter was difficult. The only question among the tabloids was the question that so many wanted to know in the football world. Would Newman being using the formation that has put him in the lime light over the last few days?

All eyes were on Wembley for this historic encounter, with a worldwide audience watching. Many would perhaps have been disappointed then when the match headed in to extra time on the back of a boring 0-0 scoreline. However with Tottenham over powering 'Boro at the time, many of the same neutrals would expect the Londoners to go on and win the game. Was this going to be the case?

Yes............though it took penalties to give Tottenham the win, with Steven Gerrard stepping up to put away the winning spot kick. Who was it that said the good guy always wins?

Devil's Child - 1

The 3-5-2 Book Club - 0
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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

Man City Geared up to Fight

Man City look ready to fight in Div 1, and will welcome Wigan at Manchester. City go into the game as favourites, However, Gary Lineker thinks it'll be a tough match.

'Man City maybe favourites, but Wigan are definitely no pushovers. With the likes of Marin and Chamakh upfront the City defence will have to be at there very best' - Gary Lineker

Due to the excitement of the fans, Vik P earlier released the starting line-up for tomorrow's game. Torres and Robinho will start upfront behind the deadly trio of Mata, Ozil and Ribery - Hummels and Silva will occupy the CB roles. Furthermore, Vik P has also stated his interest in progressing in the cup and shield.


The Deadly Trio.

Additionally, Torres has hit out on all critics saying he trusts Vik P, and cannot wait to pay him through goals. He went on to say -
'All I care about is goals to help my team. Every game I play, I will look to score and do my very best whatever the case'.
So, City seem raring to go, Torres seems confident.. In all honesty, tomorrow is going to be big.


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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Thompson promises Latimer hellish night


Tranmere boss Steve Thompson can't wait for Shorpe match

Ahead of his sides game with Shorpe tomorrow Tranmere boss Steve Thompson has come out all guns blazing in an attempt to restore his dignity this coming after Shorpe boss and self proclaimed lord of the G.A.S.H Hugh Latimer orchestrated a press release in the weekly religious rag THE CHURCH TIMES slamming Thompson's approach to management also calling on some of Thompson's former players to stick the boot in and slam their former boss.

Latimer has been a long time foe of Thompson with the feud going back to last season when the Scuns boss verbally attacked Thompson through the press over the 27 year old use of the much revered 3-5-2 formation but it was Thompson who was to have the last laugh doing the double over the Lincolnshire based outfit on their way to a 5th placed finished.

In a press conference held at Prenton Park this morning Thompson hit back at Latimer and promised the supposed man of the cloth a hellish welcome when the two sides lock horns in Merseyside tomorrow.

"I have seen what has been written about me this week and all it has done is make me and the boys even more determined to kick the start the season in style.

It's well known that me and Mr Latimer don't get on and that is why he has decided to use his influence through the press and tarnish my good name. For a supposed Worshipper he commits a hell of a lot of sins and tomorrow i am going to make sure he suffers for his lies and deceit.

Hugh thinks he will go to Heaven for all work he is doing for the G.A.S.H but tomorrow night he is going to get a little taste of hell i can guarantee him that. The supporters of this football club will turn up in their numbers tomorrow and for one game only our ground safety officer has allowed the use of flares within the terraced area's to ensure a hell like atmosphere.

I have also enlisted the help of local band Satan's seed who will perform a musical set which should get the stadium rocking such hits as HIGHWAY TO HELL and GOOD DAY IN HELL will sound out just before kick off.

Mr Latimer has chosen the wrong guy to mess with and tomorrow he will realise what a huge mistake he has made in trying to tarnish my good name and character"

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


I posted this on the discussion thread earlier but as the thread is a bit rampant at the minute a few might not have saw it and I do know we have a few intellectually challenged managers in this set-up so I thought just to help them out I would add a few pictures to help them get it.

There has been a lot of noise in this thread of late about formations whether it be 3-5-2 or anti 3-5-2 , I pick a formation like I pick a girl ,whatever suits the situation or whatever I am attracted to at that time .

Sometimes I will go for a blonde(4-4-2)


sometimes a brunette (4-3-3)


sometimes a dark haired beauty in the shape of a 4-2-3-1


but a wise person once told me to try not to discriminate when it comes to women and formations so sometimes i go down the dirty road and bang out a ginger (3-5-2).


Just a little philosophy from a rowdy Scotsman that is all.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Division 4 Awards

Okay, let’s see how many of these I can squeeze in before the season begins (not many the way things are looking, with both the kids and the missus playing up, but the rest will follow soon…). First up, division 4 and as usual I’ll chuck in the forum awards as we go along through the divisions. Voting was down considerably on last year’s record showing, with 21 of the 80 managers voting (down from season 2’s balmy 45). That shows in the number of votes for the winners. To be fair we’ve had such a huge influx of new (and old) blood of late that explains a lot of it. I also thought that interest may have been waning somewhat, but seeing how bouncing the M/R thread has been I was clearly wrong there! Okay, on with the division 4 awards, as before just scroll down for each one…

Club/Manager of the Season

Winner: Dagenham/Wozlives (3 votes)

Runner-up: Yeovil/MisterMalcolm (2 votes)

3rd place: Chesterfield /O’Donnell (1 vote)

Previous Winners: Season 1: Oldham/Cathal Crumlish; Season 2: Brighton/Ashh


Finishing 9 points clear of their nearest rivals, Dagenham rocked division 4 this season

and Wozlives achieved what many of their previous manager could not: promotion!

Player of the Season

Winners: Durán Nolito – Dagenham, Tino Costa – Dagenham,

& Micheal Ballack – Chesterfield (1 vote)

Previous Winners: Season 1 Jason Scotland – Oldham;

Season 2: Danny Welbeck – Accrington Stanley


Ballack celebrates the joint-award in usual fashion by eating a ref’s head

Young Player of the Season

Winner: Herique Walter – Rotherham, Toni Kroos – Wycombe,

& Adel Taarabt - Tranmere (1 vote)

Previous Winners: Season 1: Wilfred Zaha – Shrewsbury;

Season 2: Danny Welbeck – Accrington Stanley


Kroos (right) celebrates taking Welbeck’s crown

Most Under-Achieving Club/Manager

Winner: , Fred Keenor/Southampton, (2 votes)

Runners-up: Longnose/Shorpe, Swanseajack/Accrington Stanley, & Gary Khaw/Southampton (1 vote)

Previous Winners: Season 1: Tranmere/Villa888; Season 2: Swindon/Tom MFC


Southampton’s young fans are just happy

to have won something this year…

Most Over-Achieving Club/Manager

Winner: Dagenham/wozlives (2 votes)

Runners-up: O’Donnell/Chesterfield, Longnose/Shorpe, & Steve025/Tranmere, (1 vote)

Previous Winners: Season 1: Bury/Lenny59; Season 2: Exeter City/Crawfski


The Dagenham boys are deservedly delighted

Best Transfer Deal

Winners: Bobby Zamora to Accrington Stanley & Manu Del Moral to Wycombe (1 vote)

Previous Winners: Season 1: Matt Jarvis - Dagenham & Wilfred Zaha – Shrewsbury; Season 2: Ibrahim Afellay to Aldershot


Zamora coolly walks up to pick up his best transfer deal trophy

Most Successful Club/Manager in the Transfer Market

Winners: Shehan/Wycombe & MisterMalcom/Yeovil (1 vote)

Previous Winners: Season 1: Brighton/Ashh, Dagenham/R0b Walshe, & Hartlepool/Fernando, Season 2: Brighton – Ashh


Wycombe and Yeovil run away with this award with 1 vote apiece…


Forum Awards – Part 1

Best Forum Contributor

Winner: Steve025 (11 votes)

Runner-up: Jooles (4 votes)

Joint 3rd Place: Craig, Dom, Dudeskin, and Sirmarkhuges (1 vote)

Previous Winners: Season 1: Jooles; Season 2: Jooles


Steve025 celebrates by taking this coveted award by spontaneously launching into an impromptu version of Bonnie Tyler’s “I need a hero,” with his adoring fans quite certain of who their hero is. Well done Steve, a most deserved award!


***Credit, as always, goes to Garymack for the title graphics***

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