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English Championship 7046 Match Reports/Transfer Gossip Thread


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Re: English Championship 7027 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Unlike City Forest shall get no sympathy of us.

Mr.Clifford was shocked to have seen a recent blast of his dealing's in the market

Forest manager:

the Tottenham manager spent so much time in the media talking about how he wanted to help the weaker teams succeed and wanted to even the playing field, but then he went and bullied us out of acquiring both Kanoute and Pazzini, two forwards who hardly improved his offense at all!

Mr.Clifford has slammed his iron fist on the matter and has had this to say.....


FACT 1:Firstly on the matter of Kanoute and Pazzini not helping improve my offence at all, When i first arrived here Crouch and Pav both (90) were my only CF's, Kanoute is a (92) better then my orginal CF's Kanoute walks right into my starting XI and is one of the first names on the team sheet so how then does this not improve my attacking options ? Pazzini (90) is just as good as crouch and pav hes younger to so has more potential and also walks into my staring XI depending on my formation once again how is this not a improvement ? Id like it if the Forest manager didnt talk about my team as he clearly knows very little about it.
FACT 2: I never bullied anyone out of any deal, Forest who ? there a SMALL club with a SMALL manager they had their glory days, Why would Kanoute and Pazzini even what to join the slums of DIV2 ? Spurs and my self are much more appealing to any player,I doubt Kanoute and Pazzini would have even agreed to join on personal terms, Forest is a small club and should just leave players linked to spurs alone
FACT 3: I do help small teams out with loans ect... But why is a small team like forest even going for the players i am ? Iv helped a small team by saving them the embarrassement of rejection by two world class players.

And finally

Forest manager:

Will Manchester City and/or Tottenham have a response? Will they look to fix relations or damage them even further by repudiating and countering Al-Hendy's allegations?


Theres your answer ! Thats my response and thats our relations damaged even further id love to play out a grudge match with them soon but they being in DIV2 i do not have the chance. Maybe we might meet in the english cup/shield but it wont be much of a game.

There you have it people were going back to the days of brian clough and don revie, Two managers who share a massive rivalry is this the start of one ? keep undated


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Re: English Championship 7027 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


“What happened?” was the question new Boro manager Jooles asked of his players in the postmortem following his team’s shock 2-1 defeat at the hands of Swansea. “We mean no disrespect to Swansea” said Jooles, “They’re a decent team and all. And even though their manager is vying for the ‘quietest manager on the EC7027 forum award’, they’ve a fairly decent squad”.

But with a host of new signings at his disposal surely Jooles expected more in the season opener? “Not so” replied the manager, “This is Boro, we’re used to slow crappy starts. In some years we don’t get going until November. The lads like a good bonfire see, raises the spirits”


Casillas, Samuel and Olic look on at a pre-season training bonfire

Raises the spirits? Some have highlighted that is exactly the job that Carbonero was brought to the club to do. Did the new Boro sports reporter, mascot, and team fluffer fail in her duties for game against Swansea? Sections of the Teesside press have already turned on Casillas’ girlfriend, suggesting that rather than help she actually distracted the team from the job at hand. Having conceded 2 of the 3 shots faced Casillas, the league’s record signing, reluctantly admitted so much. “It was just like the Switzerland game” he stated, “Those jugs. I just couldn’t take my eyes off those jugs”


Casillas shows where his mind was at during the game

Casillas it seems was not the only one with his eyes off the ball. Walter Samuel too, at fault for both goals, seemed in particular to have his mind on other things. “We let in two?” he asked, “I thought we won 1-0! No yellow card though, first time ever I didn’t get one in the opening game. Besides,” he continued, “when someone mentioned Carbonero and the job at hand I thought we were all going to get, well, get lucky, get a you know what. Takes your mind places it shouldn’t go in 90 minutes, if you know what I mean?”


Samuel back in the day when Maradona was his chief fluffer - or as Samuel liked to call him, 'the hand of god'

So Casillas and Carbonero, asset or liability? The jury’s out on that one at present. Not for the Boro manager Jooles though, “You’ve got to look at these things in a wider context” he responded, “A nervous first game, the lads are new to each other, and still settling. I mean, Christ, new signings Arne Friedrich and Roberto Soldado had only just stepped off the plane. Friedrich was still reeking of the duty-frees he smuggled in. Besides, you’ve got to look at the stats, 10 shots to 3 on target, the goals will come. Let’s just say, I wouldn’t want to face us on a good day.” But when will that good day be? Let’s hope we don’t have to wait until November for the fireworks to begin.

In a post-match interview Friedrich expressed his delight at signing at the club and shrugged off accusations that Carbonero was to blame for the opening defeat. “Carbonero?” the German star stated, “Overrated in my opinion. Could have been our lass that distracted them, she’s not too shabby either, she can fluff with the best of them!”


Arne Friedrich arrives on Teesside with his girlfriend, Linn Rödenbeck

Soldado too spoke of his happiness at being transferred to Middlesbrough. “I had to get away from Spain” he was quoted as saying, “those goal celebrations, I just couldn’t take any more of the goal celebrations. I don’t think the fans are like that here on Teesside. Besides, we’ll not likely get that many goals, so hopefully I’ll get to keep my clothes on a bit more often…”


Soldado and the degrading celebrations he was forced to endure at Getafe

In other breaking news, Middlesbrough FC are sad to announce the departure of the Egyptian ball of lard Mido. “The decision was mutual,” a Boro spokesman announced, “We would no longer pay his food bill and so he said fine, he’d head back to Egypt as the kebabs were cheaper there anyway”


Mido leaving Teesside

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Re: English Championship 7027 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Sunderland 2-1 Spurs

Tottenham continued their "curse" against clubs from the north firstly a 2-0 lose to newcastle and tonight's friendly defeat by sunderland, Forlan scored on his home debut but it was not enough for the spurs manager Mr.Clifford who never muttered a single word in the after match report and stormed out of the room, the season has just started and already tottenham are facing a rocky patch worrying times. For a club who expect


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Re: English Championship 7027 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Tensions with Manchester City Ease As Rivalry Develops Between Tottenham and Forest Managers

Having unleashed a whirlwind of controversy upon the English football world in his last press conference, Al-Hendy decided, together with the board at Nottingham Forest, to call a new press conference to address the responses received from Manchester City and Tottenham, and to update the ever eager British media on the transfer activities of what is slowly becoming one of the most unpredictable and exciting clubs in the country.

When questioned about Manchester City's response, Al-Hendy had this to say:

We here at Nottingham Forest have received a formal apology from Manchester City, and Michael Johnson has completed his loan transfer over to Nottingham, so the issue is water under the bridge now. We thank El Nino for allowing us to have Johnson for this season, and believe he will be hugely successful here and critical part of our success. HOWEVER, and I stress this very strongly, I would like a response from Manchester City on the other three players we've put bids in for: Nedum Onouha, Santon, and Weiss. Again, we'll accept rejections on all three even though we believe, in at least the case of Weiss, that would unreasonable, but we would like a response ASAP on if we can take any of these three players on loan for the rest of the season. If Onouha is being sold for cash, I can respect that, but Weiss is too young of a talent to just sell away and currently not valuable enough to bring in a big amount of cash, so I see no reason not to send him over to us for development and either incorporate him into the team or sell him off for a much bigger amount of money next season. Again, Manchester City, PLEASE reply to us ASAP on this matter.

Of course, next up was Tottenham, but Al-Hendy's words for Tottenham weren't as kind as they were for Manchester City:

So rather than take the correct path like Manchester City did and apologize for their actions, Tottenham decided to retaliate with their own harsh words. Very well. Let's just break it down here and be very honest. Mr. Clifford continues to claim that Kanoute and Pazzini have improved his offense, but my question is: Where? In two games, Spurs have scored only one goal, and that goal came from Diego Forlan, one of the best strikers in the world and a signing which I have already commended Clifford for making. But both Pazzini and Kanoute have done little in their respective debuts, both of which ended in losses. Furthermore, Clifford himself stated that, and I quote, "Pazzini is as good as Crouch"...then why get rid of Crouch in the first place!?! You can clearly understand my frustration when a manager places a bid for a player who is no better than the players he already has for the sake of frustrating the other teams in need of quality strikers.

But enough feuding about these two strikers, I do not wish to unsettle them or have my criticism of Tottenham misinterpreted as criticism of them, because I value both of them highly and would not have bid for them in the first place if that was not the case. I just want it to be very clear that I believe that Tottenham made the wrong move in going for these two, and I think the fact that their defense has let in 4 games in 2 games and prevented the strikers from getting good scoring opportunities speaks to that.

Finally, I just want to address the small club tag Clifford keeps on trying to attach to us. Yes its true, our stadium isn't as big as Tottenham and we currently just aren't as big a club as them. But make no mistake; we are on our way up. Our 4-0 victory over QPR is indicative of that. We've already attracted world class talent in the form of Abidal, Balotelli, Simplicio, Seedorf, Fernando Meira, Raul, and Helton, and be assured, more is on the way. The fact that so many players have agreed and continue to agree to come and play for us is proof that they believe in our goal to reach the EPL and be amongst the best when we get there. But hey, there's no reason for Tottenham to wait a whole season to see our strength...we've gone ahead and challenged them to a friendly on the 26th of this month, and we'll see if we're really as small as they think we are.

Curious about Al-Hendy's claim that "more (transfers) are on the way," the media asked Al-Hendy to elaborate on his recent dealings, which he did.

As of now, we're trying to cool down on big name signings and trying to add future talents/depth players to the squad. Two players who I was very keen on were Scott Sinclair and Vladamir Weiss, but we got the money for Sinclair a little later than Chelsea wanted, and they sent him to Supersport United; a shame really, because he'll never develop his game there...as for Weiss, we're still in the hunt for him, but ManCity have thus far been unwilling to let him go for reasons not known to us. Hopefully things will change for the better soon. Aside from those two names, we're currently not in the position to reveal the names of the other players we're trying to add to the squad, but once their transfers are confirmed we'll pass the news along to you.

And that concluded another very juicy press conference from Al-Hendy. It seems like another dramatic rivalry has developed in English football: Tottenham v. Nottingham. How will this play out in the coming seasons? Will we see anymore transfer wars between the two sides? We'll keep you updated here at ESPN.


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Re: English Championship 7027 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Ipswich Town 2-0 Preston North End


Preston where no match for Ipswich with the Blues winning by 2 and getting 3 points.Preston played a team with alot of unexperienced youngsters but Matt James caught the eye of Ipswich on paper.Town put out a team of a average age of 20 with the oldest player on the team being Jamie O'hara and only the age of 23.

The game kicked off with Jamie O'hara almost scoring in the first minute but he only hit the side netting.The next chance was some excellent passing and was left to Serigo Canales who finishes with ease to give Ipswich the lead.

Treacy came the closest for Preston but Mame Diouf ended the game in first game with a brilliant diving header.


Chance's came from Preston but not very much with Ipswich gaining most of the possession to gain the 2-0 victory.The win takes Ipswich to 3rd and with

Sheffield United next it looks to be a hard game with United losing but danger man Jack Wilshere who scored 3 will be on lock down.Unfortunately Neymar got injured and will miss the next game but Jaspal Thaliwal announced that Connor Wickham will start to replace Neymar.

Sky Sports Interview with Sergio Canales


Sky Sports Interviewer

How does it feel to be playing in England?

Sergio Canales

It feels great and to score on my debut is amazing i hope the rest of the season will be this great.

Sky Sports Interviewer

Do you think you can keep this up for the rest of the season?

Sergio Canales

Well i hope so,Ipswich is a great club and we will be pushing for the promotion.

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Re: English Championship 7027 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

Chelsea Manager Hits Back


Early this morning Chelsea boss Aaron Duffy has hit out at fellow division one managers Duffy had become annoyed at other managers trying to unsettle his players for example the ' un wanted' transfer offer from nottingham forest which was put in place to effect yossi benayoun's game it seems duffy has also hit back at Arsenal Manager comments , Dominic Latouche had said late yesterday

chelsea do lack serious depth to sustain a title but that could change but the worst problem chelsea have is the manager Aaron Duffy who i feel is not in the same league as me (the special one) because he is tactally inept and i dont think he can manage the HUGE egos at chelsea, so i feel chelsea are not gunna win the title because of the inept aaron duffy

Aaron Duffy seemed humoured by the comment there was even a minute or two we're Duffy was just simply laughing at the comment Duffy seemed to not take the comment very serouisly this will possible irritate other managers , Duffy was Clear and bold with his response.

I've checked out the comments made by the arsenal manager and im sorry to say but he's slightly wrong with a few key points especially the squad depth issue i currently have 19 first team players plus Daniel Sturridge who i would rather trained with the youth team due to him being of a younger age compared to the squad also im bringing in two more additions in the next 48 hours so it would take my numbers to 22 with room to bring in 3 more players if i wished personally i think 22 is a decent number as if injurys do occur i have a back up for that position and then a strong exciting youth team ready to step in at any oppatunity to become a part of the side aiming to retain the division one trophy .


John Terry lifiting Prem Title

Next Duffy was asked about the Comments on his players having a big ego's and how he is dealing with these Ego's as the arsenal manager has pointed out.

All Clubs what do well have players with big ego's it comes with being a player at this club , I've spoken to every lad indervidualy including the youth team and the loanie's and all my squad which remains is in a good set of mind facing the season they all know the job at hand and have total respect for me my coaching staff and the fans and players they work with , i have a devoted bunch of lads who have more freedoms than say Arsenal players this is how i manage there ego's i let them enjoy themselves and have time with family friends so when they get to the tranning ground there ready to concentrate on football and not any other factors to worry on for example irritating comments from over thinking managers


Team Spirit high at chelsea

Duffy was very carm but the message he has sent away from the confrence is that Chelsea fear no one , hes happy to respond to managers that are unaware of the system he uses with his players and seemed very confident Duffy is definatly one that isint going to be effected by other clubs attempts to harm his squads spirit.

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Re: English Championship 7027 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


El Nino Busy Again And Claim His Side Is Not

Complete After Lost To Arsenal

El Nino completed another 2 signing to strength up his side by

Brings in new Left Back,Gerson Magrao from Dynamo for

300k plus Santa Cruz.El Nino has looking for Micah Richard

Replacement after the young left young back leave the club this morning for 12 Million.

Manchester City camps also has received another new member,

Ryazantsev.The winger has arrived for a fee to believed around

7 Million .The winger arrived Rubin and will make his debut against

West Ham.

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Re: English Championship 7027 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

Brighton start season with a win


Brighton & Hove Albion 3 - 2 Accrington Stanley

The media predicted the game to be a certain win for Brighton & Hove Albion but it was anything but. The Albion were pushed all the way by a well managed and organised Accrington team but the result still finished in Albions favour. The game started with chances for either side but in the 27th minute an inch perfect cross from the wing was met by the towering Idan sade, who headered it home. However the Accrington lead didnt last long as in the 32nd minute only 5 minutes after Sades goal a brilliant long range shot from one of the Accrington midfielder's was blocked by the keeper only for Jimmy Ryan to finish the follow up. With the game 1-1 at half time both teams went back to the changing rooms believeing they had a chance of taking the points.


The Withdean

The second half started quickly with Brighton taking a early control over the half. Then in the 50th minute Brighton were able to show there early dominance of the match with a foraging run and strike from Di Santo put the home side 2-1 up but again the lead was not to last with Jimmy Ryan scoring his second of the game with a crashing header in the 70th minute. With the game looking as if it was going to be a 2-2 draw Brighton fans started to pour from the stadium in hope of beating the trafic but they were to be left disaponted as a late 89th minute goal from Di santo secured 3 point for the Albion and left a very young English manager very happy.


4 first teamers leave


Duffy always said there would be losses from the first team but no one really thought that the clubs supposed big stars would be on there way out to. However yesterday evening it was comfirmed that star right back Inigo Calderon , Last seasons top scorer Glenn Murray , 21 year old right winger Elliot Bennett and Legendary utility man Gary Hart have all left the club with players such as Sparrow , Mcnulty and others all set to leave aswell.


Its always sad for the fans to see there favourite players leave the club but to make progression we must make changes and i want to build my squad from scratch not have poyet's left overs. The new players that are coming in are good enough to supass what these players have achieved and the fans should be looking forward to a new era in the clubs history


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Re: English Championship 7027 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Game Turned down

Mr.Clifford today has sensationally turned down a friendly made by rival manager Mohamed Al-Hendy (BigGameMo), A new derby/grudge has started up between the managers,Forest seemed pretty keen to have this friendly match.


I believe they (forest) have to gain promotion for the right to challenge my club, They my get their chance at us in the English Shield/OR Cup but until that day. I have much more IMPORTANT teams to face in friendly's,Team's either in DIV1 or teams i think will win DIV2 (Thus the M'Boro friendly)

This may been seen as another swipe at the Forest manager, only Mr.Clifford can say that but for now he is quiet happy to let things boil over, So it has been confirmed a new English derby has started and although Location may have nothing to do with it these two very different managers have.


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Re: English Championship 7027 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Newcastle Bring in Experiance

Newcastle United Football club are pleased to annouce the signings of Edwin Van Der Sar, Muniz Liedson and David Pizarro from Manchester Utd, Sporting and Roma respectively. Players already brought in like Marchena and Ignashevich bring experiance to the defence but Dudeskin felt the midfield was lacking an enforcer and leader to help the side in tough situations in the season ahead, that was solved with Pizarro's arrival.


The Newcastle skip for next season

Early on in pre-season Dudeskin had spotted the Manchester Utd chief was looking to offload Van der sar as he was recruiting a younger keeper with a longer future, as he enquired early on a deal was struck and it was just a matter of tying up loose ends before the deal was finalised


Clearly fashion isn't a term often used in Holland

Finally for the Newcastle boss was arresting the urgent issue of cover for the lone centre forward in Cardozo. Newcastle arn't competing in europe this season so the domestic Cup and Shield are the only realistic source of silver-ware for the city, now with Liedson brought in there may be hope of finally bringing a trophy to a club that has been baron for such a long time.


The Portuguese will battle for the famous no. 9 shirt

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Re: English Championship 7027 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Al-Hendy Closes The Book on the Spurs - Forest Rivalry...For Now

This morning, Al-Hendy released the following statement:

I'm done playing Mr. Clifford's games and giving him media attention he does not deserve. Tottenham clearly stated they wanted to play a grudge match against us, but upon receiving our challenge, cowardly ran away from it and hid behind the excuse of us not being in Div1, even though that has nothing to do with a friendly match and they've already accepted a match with Middlesboro. Ultimately, I cannot blame the Tottenham management; their organization is in disarray and a loss against us would just send them into complete chaos.

There are much better clubs in the EPL, like Dudeskin's Newcastle United, who have the managers that can bring them success for many seasons to come, but still show respect to all the sides that face them. Mr. Clifford on the other hand has shown he isn't a manager of the highest caliber, but still has the ego of the best out there. Just not worth my time.

And it seems with that the Spurs v. Forest feud comes to an end, at least temporarily. It seems like relations between the two sides continue to get worse, but hopefully this is the last we hear of the feud for now.


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Re: English Championship 7027 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread



"Forest Boss Can't Demand Loan Signings"


First Tottenham, then Manchester City ... now Accrington Stanley. Accrington Stanley ... who are they? Yes that's right the team best known for an advert in the 90's but nethertheless there manager has as bold a view as the Spurs & City boss towards the Nottingham Forest boss and his demands for loan signing. He's critised the Manchester City boss & Tottenham boss for not loaning him fringe players. The Man. City boss gave in loaning him Michael Johnson & Vladimar Weiss whilst the Spurs boss hasn't given the Forest boss any loans. But the Accrington manager is not happy with the way the Forest boss is demanding loans. Radford said the following:
Who does he think he is, he can't demand a loan deal for a player. What if he's in the plans of the fellow team, what if they want to loan him somewhere else. In the end the Man. City boss has had to give in and it's a real shame, but i can't believe his attitude. It's brought up a real fued and to be honest, if he'd have just got on with things then in the future he might have been able to get a loan from Tottenham but now that wont happen will it. We've brought in three players, by just enquiring for players and we've got a loan more then them so they really should be using a different strategy for signing a player on loan.

Lee Tomlin Linked With Accrington


Former Rushden & Diamonds striker Lee Tomlin has been linked with Accrington Stanley. Accrington perhaps need a third choice striker, as a young striker Tomlin has been linked with Accrington. Accrington are looking to seal the signing for just £10,000 before Wednesday's game with Tomlin happy to join Accrington having been recentley made a free agent. Tomlin would be the 11th addition to the youth squad and somebody Radford would like to add to his squad but nothing has been agreed.

john-hartson-215712276.jpg Hartson says ... not bad for a promosing third striker, let's try and secure the signing before he ends up elsewhere

Radford Confirms All-English Ambition - For Now


After a lot of speculation Accrington boss A.Radford has completely confirmed that they will be made up of an English playing squad. It was rumored after four Scots were released from the club, and with all the arrivals so far being English. But what wasn't expected is that Radford has only said that it will only be for now, rather then completely long term, he's open to possible bringing in non-english players but only if no English players that he would like to sign are availible to bring into Accrington.

Parkinson, Wells & Clarke All Released


Following the announcement that Radford will be building up an all English squad, Accrington Stanley have released three players from the club, with two of which being English with Northen Irish Lee Clarke also being released. 28 year old Clarke was the obvious choice to be released, being non-English and it could well free up some wage funds to sign Lee Tomlin. Third choice English goalkeeper Louis Wells was also released, Accrington really couldn't afford the wages for a third choice keeper so he was released by the club. Also being released was 31 year old winger Andy Parkinson, who's not really at the quality of first team action for Accrington Stanley.

Ian_Rush.jpg Rush says ... Accrington Stanley, Who are they?

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread



Spurs look to kick things of at White Heart Lane tonight with their first game in the europa league under Mr.Clifford 5 hours away,Spurs have put in two poor show's in the last two games and Mr.Clifford believes tonight's game vs Panathinaikos could be the kick start they so badly need.

We want a good start to the europa league were in Group B on paper the hardest group out of the 8,We have been working hard in training on the formation and shape of the team, hard work i hope will pay of, I really want to win this competition it's really possible,I strongly believe we will see a all english final this year. A final that we hope are in.

Tottenham so badly need a first win under their belt,Tonight's game is more important then first though.

Spurs Starting XI

GK Gomez

RB Corluka

CB Bocchetii

CB King ©

LB Ekotto

DM Gago

DM Melo

RM Lennon

AM Forlan

LM Modric

CF Kanoute


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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Newcastle Make Further Signings

The Newcastle manager has been fairly busy in recent days completely transforming his squad in the hope it will be enough to avoid relagation and then maybe push upward to a european spot. A clear position in the squad that was lacking is the wide areas, which are very crucial to all teams, that was addressed today with the joint signings of Eljero Elia and Ludovic Obraniak from Hamburger and Lille respectively.


Elia arriving at Newcastle airport


Obraniak at the press conference

Another quality that is paramount for good teams is depth of squad,the defence in particular has looked very thin with only one player for each position. Baring in mind the funds can't last forever Dudeskin decided to bring in Arturo Vidal a player who is capable of filling in all positions in the defence and also in midfield aswell, he arrived from Leverkusen today.


That facial hair won't go down well in Newcastle

Dudeskin on the new players :

"Firstly before anyone starts yes I know you shouldn't buy a player purely on the back of a good World Cup showing but this is different, this guy is a real talent and I beleive he'll be a great success up here. Likewise with Obraniak he's a little older but also wiser and will do an ample job for me on the opposite wing. Vidal is a different all together, admitedly he won't get as many games as the other two but will also back-up up the first teamers very well, secondly he'll be first choice for all cup games"

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread



Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Paul Close: I'm glad this player has come to Cardiff, especially that we were against huge oppostion in the signing but the idea of playing time was more important then big wages.
Zoran Tosic: I'm happay to be here in Cardiff as it will give me the chance to show off my talent, which I couldn't show at Old traffold.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread



Tottenham 3-1 Panathinaikos

Tottenham tonight got the win they so badly wanted, A 3-1 win at home now places spurs at the top of group B, after Fenerbahçe Sk and FC Schalke 04 drawed their opening game. Mr.Clifford hope this win can be used as spring board for tottenham to use in the PL and Europa league alike.

Really pleased my first win in front of the home fans, not to mention two of the new guys scoring on their first competitive debut. We kept Possession well knocking the ball around nicely and putting the other team under pressure when we lost it, this was pleasing as we have been working on our shape and formation alot, and its also the type of flowing football i try to install into any team of mine.Kanoute worked well as the lone CF and Giovinco the young lad did his first team chances no harm tonight. Modric alike was a real thread we caused massive problems for the other team down both flanks.

Reporter: Will you push on now using this result to get read for the trip to manchester city ?

Of course i believe if we are to do well in the PL then City will be on of our biggest rivals for the finishing place we want, I want this result to burst through the team encouraging and inspiring them to do well for them selves and the club.

Reporter: Do you believe you can go all the way ?

Its still early days but i like your enthusiasm :P (the reporters laugh) however never say never i think deep down we will see a all english final in the Europa league, I personally fancy Fulham i am close friends with their manager and we speak on the BlackBerry time and time again, I wouldnt mind a Fulham V Tottenham Final
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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

Match Preview

480pxnewcastleunitedlog.png Vs b212433astonvillalogo.gif

Newcastle United

In their last fixture Newcastle achieved an impressive 2-0 win away to Tottenham Hotspur. The side that went out that day is very different to the one that should play tonight with many new faces coming in and even more exiting the club. The manager still proclaims he only wants to avoid relegation but we feel he beleives a top ten finish is well within the range of this quality squad. One of the new players brought in, Obraniak, is unable to play due to fitness, but due to the depth of squad they have Palacio ready to fill in who can do a good job out wide also.

Player to watch - Miralem Pjanic

This guy was brought in early on but was unable to take part in the Spurs away win as he wasn't 100%, but now in the first home game he's ready to slot into that hole behind the front two linking up and hopefully providing some deft touches to unlock the Villa defence.

Aston Villa

Villa opened the season with a 2-2 home draw with Everton. It wasn't the result they wanted against a rival for europe but it did include a goal from new star signing Luis Fabiano. One downside of the match was only getting 36% possession and a measely 2 shots on target in a home game, clearly the tactics will have to change if Villa are to achieve their first 3 points of the season.

Player to watch - Goran Pandev

This guy was recruited after the first game so didn't get a chance to play but is a very talented guy who comes from Italy in the hope of forging a lasting career in the midlands. If he is able to quickly form a partnership with Fabiano then there could be goals galore but if the possession stats don't improve then it could end in tears.



Newcastle 8-15

Aston Villa 2-1

Draw Evens

First Goalscorer


Cardozo 5-1

Adriano 7-1

Pjanic 9-1

Elia 12-1

Palacio 12-1

Aston Villa

Fabiano 8-1

Pandev 10-1

A. Young 13-1

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Manchester City Signed 3 New Faces


New Xabi Alonso with a mix of Macherano


Salvio Join Man City


Out From Pique’s Shadow

Manchester City has won with Liverpool for Valencia’s winger,

Ever Banega for 5 Million plus S.Ireland.El Nino apologize to Liverpool

Manager and said his side really needs a good winger.

Ever Banega has been linked with Man City after El Nino visit

Spain to watch friendly match between Valencia and Juventus.

“Ever Banega is a great addition to my team and I really hope

He can put himself in this squad.He will be on the bench for our match against Tottenham and I think he will play for us in second half if we lead in the first half.”

El Nino also has bring in Argentina young gun,Eduardo Salvio for a fee around 8 Million.The young striker had a frustating season with Atletico Madrid.Only started 10 match and 7 subs at Spain.However,El Nino still trust in Salvio and he will be on the starting line up against

Tottenham today.

“I have been with him more than 3 years and I really know him.

I feel lucky to get him before anyone else.This signing will really give a fight to our striker to be on the starting line up.I will give him a chance to play for today match and Villa will not coming.This may be a great

News for them.”

Martin Caceras has also joins the El Nino revolution for 8.5 million

From Barcelona.Caceras has shown the way out from the Catalan after

The arriving of Adriano from Sevilla.Caceras will be El Nino first choice in Cup competition.


El Nino Comment For Today’s Match:

“Another hard game for us after 1-0 lose to Arsenal.I will try my best

And hope my player will play as good as they can to get our first 3 point in the league.Hart and Villa will not played in this game and their

Places will be replaced by Given and our new signing,Salvio

Short News

1)Manchester City close in Robben switches.

2)El Nino ready send a proposal to Cristiano Ronaldo to lure him back to EPL.

3)Intermilan midfielder,Stankovic almost signed for Man City after having a medical check up at the club yesterday.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

6 More in at Withdean


Over the last few days 6 new signings have been comfirmed at the withdean and now the Argus are ready to give the overview of the new players on the south coast. The 6 players are set to really improve the squad and make the permanant signings up to 18 along with the 3 loans from premier league clubs. The signings are a mixture of first team and reserve/youth players

Jair Iglesias
- The 22 year old Colombian left back will become first choice in the Brighton squad and with him already improving and impressing the Brighton faithful he could be a big player on the south coast. With a good reputation back in Colombia Iglesias comes to Brighton as a well respected and rated Left back.

- £950,000


Jair Inglesias

Remi Johansen
- When Brighton signed this unknown Norwegian centre midfielder many fans were a bit unshure on if he was any good but after an open training session opinions were changed. The 19 year old impresed Duffy while he was on a scouting mission in Norway and although he is only expected to be a bit part player for the up and coming season the young star has a very promesing future.

- £550,000


Remi Johansen

Alaa Ali
- A 23 year old attacking midfielder who has impresed in his home country of Eygypt is ready to make an impact at English football and comes highly recomended by many. Ali is expected to start tonight and give Brighton & Hove Albion fans a taste of what he could do.

- £1,800,000


Alla Ali

Ariel Sevillano
- At 25 years old Ariel is at the right age to make a real impact on the first team at Brighton. His move from Pasto was big for the player and the club and now he will be hoping he can make an impact on the field.

- £830,000

Nectalí Vizcaino
- When a young English manager who likes young talent and wants to build a young team decides to buy a 33 year old ageing centre back fans start to wonder how good is this guy? but from what Duffy has said he will be a very important player for Brighton this season and the fans cant wait.

- £1,100,000

Nicolas Pallios
- The 22 year old left back will be an understudy to Iglesias and is expected to play a vital part in the squads rotation team this season.

- £470,000 + Cook

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

Exeter City V Gillingham


St James Park

Exeter will play thier first home game of the season tonight as they play travelling team Gillingham. They are hoping to continue on the last win and try and make it 6 points out of six. Gillingham also will be looking to get a win. They are looking for thier first win as they drew last match 2-2. Gillingham will be managed by Mark Stimson as they have yet no found a manager.

Last match for Exeter it was all about Nardiello, Russell and Shepard as they were the players who played the best. It was Nardiello who scored, Russell set one upa and so did Shelpard, But news coming today that none of them will play apart in the game today. This is because Exeter have two new players up front looking to get the goals. The first is Palacia. He was brought from Real Madrid, a sentence which straight away shows his talent. He attracted interest off Leyton Orient, but Exeter won the battle to sign him.


The other player is Gueye. He is on loan from Wolverhampton Wanderers. With pace, agilty and shot power, he could turn out to be a good signing.

Gillingham shouldnt be looked over though, as they have signed a few themselves. They have signed Rigters and Roberteson, two good forwards and Powell, a experienced centre back.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread



Tottenham can today confirm they have signed young english midfielder Jack robinson for 3M on a 5-Year Contract.

Very excited about the signing as you know iv been busy in Italy signing some of their U-21s,But to sign a english player that has been tipped for future stardom amazing. I knew nothing about him being a free agent until i got a call from my assistant manager on the old blower. Telling me Jack was a free agent, and of course my chairman was the next person to be told,So naturally we put the bid in and just sat it out, i got a few calls after the bid was made telling me the likes of Derby,QPR ect had done the same. But im glad Jack has opted to sign for us.

Jack will get the odd F.A cup and Carling cup game and maybe a Europa league game, thats if he decides to stay but i would fully expect him to join a DIV2/3 club on loan for game time.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

Division 2 Turn 2 Match Previews

Bristol City - Swansea City

Both teams got off to a perfect start winning their first match. With their more experienced players I expect Bristol city to beat a very young Swansea city team.

Prediction: 3-1

Middlesbrough - Leeds United

Middlesbrough are among the favorites to get promoted this season while leeds aim to just avoid relegation. Middlesbrough will totally outclass their opponents today and should win easily.


Norwich City - Preston North End

Two middle table teams go head to head at Carrow Road toady. I don’t expect it to be a great game for the neutrals with a lot of quality lacking from both team. The game could go either way but with home advantage I expect Norwich to scrap it by a goal


Ipswich Town - Sheffield United

Two of the best young team about.Unlike the game at carrow road this should be a great game with alot of goals. The front three of CANALES , NEYMAR and DIOUF for Ipswich should be too much for the young and inexperienced defenders of Sheffield united.


Portsmouth - Nottingham Forest

Nottingham Forest manager is far too cocky and bighead. I expect and big performance out of a very poor Portsmouth team to bring him back to earth with the biggest shock of the night.



QPR favorites for the championship where shocked losing their first game 4-0 to put them bottom of the league. I expect a big performance for a star studded QPR team to get them back on track tonight.


Doncaster Rovers - Barnsley

Two teams that need will need a lot of time to develop. Both teams relegation candidates. I would love to say this will be a game filled with great football but it won’t it will be a terrible game and the less said the better.


Watford - Hull City

The Watford manager has turned up once for the last 10 days since he got the job. Hes the worst manager in the league by a mile and theirs a good chance he get sacked if he doesn’t turn up tonight.Hull have added to their squad brilliantly and have a great chance of promintion this season.


Reading - Derby County

Reading have went for the more experienced and better player approach unlike derby that went for the younger player approach. It will take derby a few years to be good enough to compete in this division.


Leicester City - Burnley

Burnley stunned the world by announcing they signed bojan. With very high exceptions this season I can’t see burnley slipping up in this game.


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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

The Dufferman Division 4 , Turn 2 Preview

Turn 1 has come and gone and now the teams in division 4 look to there second game to make an impact on the league. A few managers have come a few have gone but its still fact that Division 4 is a tough division. Brighton scraped a 3-2 win against minnows Accrington in the last turn and there were also wins for Exeter , Southend , Chesterfield and Northampton Town . Then there is the likes of Accrington , Yeovil , Oldham , Burton and Aldershot who will all be looking to bounce back from opening day blues and get some points on the board. Everyone will be looking for wins tonight but who will achieve the feat?

Leyton Orient - Chesterfield

When Leyton Orient travelled to Stockport on saturday evening they were predicted to get a draw and thats exaclly what they got with the game finishing 2-2. However things have changed at the Orient with previous manager Y Fowsdinho only lasting the opening game expierenced manager Ed Moses has taken charge and has made changes bringing in 6 players the most noteable of which being former Barcelona player Sanchez and Brazilian import Rincon who has come from Inter Milan. Unlike Orient , Chesterfield won there opening game with a 3-2 Victory over Oldham however the money seems to have run out and no new signings have been made. Many people are now suggesting that the team is not strong enough to make any real impact on the top of the league but will expierneced manager Jack Preece change all this?

Players to Watch:

Victor Sanchez (84)

Simon Ford (81)

Predicted result: Orient Win

Oldham Athletic - Rotherham United

Oldham Athletic will partake in there first home game of the new season facing a team that drew there opening game in Rotherham. Oldham lost there opening game of the season to Chesterfield 1-0 but the club managed by Sean Cox will look to bounce back. The visitors Rotherham still have made no changes but manager Jake Benson is still at the club and looks like he wants to have succses with tatics and not big name players.

Players to Watch:

Jason Scotland (85)

Josh Walker (79)

Predicted Result: Oldham Win

Dagenham & Redbridge - Burton Albion

Dagenham have no manager but two new signings so its all up to the coaches to make the selections and the decisions on who plays . Dagenham posses one of the weakest squads in the division which could make the game very easy for any opposition they face. The additions of Thomas and Clarke have improved the squad but is it enough? Burton are in the same boat as Dagenham with no contracted manager but two new signings in Oliver Lancaster and Offiong but the games will be down to leadership on the pitch from the likes of Darren Moore and co.

Players to Watch:

Darren Moore (80)

Wayne Thomas (78)

Predicted result - Draw

Northampton Town - Yeovil Town

The changes keep coming at Northampton with 17 already comfirmed ins and a squad of 31 ready to take the league by storm. The opening game saw victory for Music Mans men and some of the quality on show has impressed many critics watching the division. Yeovil are still unmanaged however but the directors thought that fresh faces would enourage a take over and so Mcshefrey and Andy Holt were brought in for small fees and will take part this evening. Yeovil lost there opening game but will be looking to bounce back tonight.

Players to Watch:

Mcsheffery (81)

Jay Spearing (82)

Predicted Result: Northampton win


Shrewsbury Town - Accrington Stanley


English influenced Accrington is looking short on depth and quality but with a manger of the stature of SJ no Accrington fans are really that worried. The ambitions of the board are no high and SJ has no pressure for now to achieve anything anytime soon. Ryan Shooten , Jemaine Beckford and Jake Livermore have all been brought in on loan and players Francis Jeffers and Iriekpen have been brought in to bolster the clubs image. The all English player basis at Accrington is set to give young English talent a chance to shine in the lower leagues and hopefully one day higher up. SJ is now roumered to be on holiday for several weeks and has left his expert team of football coaches in charge. Stanley narrowly lost there first game 3-2 to Brighton which was seen as a great result by many due to the difference bettween the two teams. Shrewsbury on the other hand are not so home grown with manager Patricia Antwi signing players from afar a field as Ghana and Nigeria. Shrewsbury managed to drae there opening game and the signings that have been made have added stength to the squad. Will African Muscle come out on top or will home grown talent make an impact?

Players To Watch:

Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu (80)

Ryan Shooten (82)

Predicted Result - Shrewsbury win

Other Games Tonight

Exeter City - Gillingham

Bury - Tranmere Rovers

Southend United - Hartlepool United

Wycombe Wanderers - Stockport County

Brighton & Hove Albion V Stockport

Bolded Teams = Win , Both Bolded = Draw * = Star Game

Last weeks Predictions - Correct = 6 Wrong = 4

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Interview with Exeter manager Tom


SkySports: You have been in the job for Exeter for only 3 days. This is your first match tonight, how do you think you will do?

Tom: Well, ive been with the boys in training, and if they play like they do in training we will win the league (laughs). But seriously, i think we have what it takes to win tonight.

ESPN: You have left out Nardiello for this game after his two goals for you last match, is this an indication that he is leaving?

Tom: Nothing is for sure yet but we have reiceved a few bids from places, i personally would like to keep him, but if the right offer comes ill be letting him go.

BBC: How have you new signings been settling in?

Tom: Well, its always hard to come in especally if you cant speak English. Palancia is a great player and im glad to have him from Real. Gueye is from Wolves and is also a great player and Alex Sandro is another good player.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread





Luis Fabiano was the only scorer at VIlla Park last night as Villa opened their Europa League campaign with a 1-0 victory over Portuguese side Sporting CP. A game in which VIlla dominated,

Sporting showed some very good play but Villa were too much for them and Fabiano's strike after 16 minutes was all that was needed for Villa to come out on top in their second home fixture of the new season.

Early exchanges were fairly equal, with new Sporting signing Steven Gerrard troubling the Villa defence early on, but they held strong and kept out the English internationals advances. Villa rested a few big names wanting to concentrate on his league form, and youth talent Marc Albrighton impressed Tidy on the wing with some dangerous runs and impressive crossing. And it was

Albrighton that set up the only goal in the game, when he beat Sporting left-back Fabiano Evaldo to drive the ball across the goal where Brazilian forward Luis Fabiano had all the time and space to thunder the ball into the back of the net to send the Holte End wild after just 16 minutes to give his team the early advantage.

And since the early Villa goal, Sporting never seemed to get back into the game and Villa were in possession on numurous occasions and created many credible chances, 18 to be precise, and they certainly showed they mean business this season with some beautiful passing moves between the players. As the game progressed Fabiano could have easily secured his first hattrick on English soil but unfortunately his shooting was occasionally erratic and this let the Brazilian down on an otherwise perfect performance.

Although Sporting showed some signs of good play, they rarely challenged Sebastien Frey in the Villa goal and never really showed any power up front. It did appear howeer that the Portuguese were occasionally light on their feet and seemed to spend more time on the floor clutching an ankle that hasn't been clipped than actually playing the game, which caused 3 names to placed into the referee's book for supposed "fouls".

After 1 game Villa see themselves 2nd in the group, with PSV gaining a 2-0 victory over other group contenders Spartak Moskva. After the game manager Kieran Tidy seemed pleased with his sides performance but he still thinks there is room for improvement.

Tidy said,
"I am pleased with the result that we got tonight, not only because it was a win for us, but the whole team performance was what we were looking for. Possession in our last game was low for us, but this time we stepped up the pace and managed to get 57%, a great figure for any team in any game. We changed our formation for this game and of course with the extra power up front we had more shots? 18 shots and 10 on target, again not bad I would rather if all were on target, but players are only human, they are bound to make mistakes.

AV.co.uk: WIll you be making any changes for your next Division 1 fixture against Newcastle United?


"There will be 3 new players in place for our next game, I can assure that to the Aston Villa fans, I am 1000% confident that there will be 3 new faces in the team and they will all be of the best quality we can get. There may also be some rotation and maybe another formation change, but we need to think that other during training and we'll need to see what works best, there is still time to gel for us but I'm sure we will find our perfect formation as soon as we possibly can."

AV.co.uk: Are you confident Villa can go far in this tournament this year?


"Never say never, Is all I can say right now. Fans love a good cup run and I will do my best to bring it to them this year. Obviously we have all the English competitions too, they are yet to come but at the moment my sole focus is the league, the cup is also very important but the league is taking priority at the moment.



Astonvilla.co.uk can today confirm that Kieran Tidy has finally completed the signing of 3 massive names to bolster his squad for the new season. Neither of the 3 faces featured in Saturday's 2-2

draw with Everton, and the players will miss Villa's opening Europa League fixture against Sporting CP, but Tidy is confident these players will be ready in time for Wednesday's trip to St James' Park to face Newcastle United.

Although, with new signings comes departures at the club, but Tidy has assured fans that the players that have been sold have been replaced by better quality players.

The first player to enter the club is Dutch international defender Joris Mathijsen. The defender signed a big money deal on Monday and is likely to start in the centre of defence with Carlos Cuellar against Newcaslte and if he shows the form he produced during the World Cup, Tidy could have some serious thinking to do when he has a full set of centre-backs to choose from, just who he will pick to keep the goals out. And with Mathijsen teaming up with Andre Ooijer which helped the Dutch only conceed two goals at this year's prestigious tournament, many will want to see the experienced Dutchman at the back.


Next to enter Villa park is French centre-midfielder Benoit Cheyrou. The 29-year old was a big name at Marsielle featuring 101 times in his 3 years at the club, and he hopes to continue this regular game-time at Villa, providing he gets off the best start he believes he can. Cheyrou's older brother (Bruno Cheyrou) featured in the English Premier League between 2002-2004 when he played for Liverpool, but Benoit believes he can improve the image on his family name in this league. Known for his great vision and easy distribution, he will be key in the centre for VIlla this season, linking up with captain Stiliyan Petrov and experienced English midfielder Steven Sidwell.



Lastly, Tidy has brought Goran Pandev into Villa Park as his final signing for the forseeable future. The 27-year old winger has been a force in Serie A over the last few seasons and Tidy thought Pandev was the right man to fire his team up the table with a pleasing scoring record. He has also been a key player for his national team featuring just over 50 times scoring an important 23 goals. Tidy has said Pandev will be used mainly at his second position, on the wing, but he is more than happy to play there as long as it means minutes on the field for the Macedonian. A wicked cross and a deadly shot, Pandev will be heavily involved in Tidy's plans this season.



On the eve of the new arrivals, there have been a number of departures at Villa Park, with Moustapha Salifou, Barry Bannan, Stewart Downing, Curtis Davies, Isaiah Osbourne, Nigel Reo-Coker, Wilfred Bouma, Habib Beye, Brad Friedel, Andy Marshall, Nicky Shorey, Emile Heskey & Marlon Harewood all being sold as part of deals for the new Villa stars.




Turn 2 is upon us and it sees Kieran Tidy's Aston Villa side face a difficult trip up north to the forbidden land of Newcastle to face dudeskin8's tough Newcastle United. Turn 1 saw newly-promoted Newcastle secure a dream start whereas Aston Villa were lucky to hold on to an average result for manager Tidy. Both managers are looking for victory tonight and it will be very competitve from the start and it isn't easy to predict this match's outcome just yet.


Last Time Out

Turn 1 saw Villa face European rivals Everton, in one of the more one sided draws that Division 1 has seen in it's time. Villa adopting a new tactic and new faces found it difficult to get into the game at times and only had 2 shots on target, resulting in 2 goals for the Villians. Tidy has promised 3 new faces in his line-up tonight and he hopes these faces will bring him glory. 1 win and 1 draw in his opening two competitive matches is so far so good for the young English manager and he is hoping he can make it 2 victories tonight.

One To Watch


The striker has got 2 in 2 for his new club and will want to continue this great form with another goal tonight, he is a deadly finisher and has great pace to beat his man. The Newcastle defence is strong and not easy to beat, but Fabiano and his fellow wingers will be looking to exploit any slip-ups and create the chances to give his side their first 3 points of the season.

Likely Line-Up

GK - S.Frey

RB - A.Iraola

CB - C.Cuellar

CB - J.Mathijsen

LB - J.Riise

CM - S.Petrov

CM - B.Cheyrou

RAM - A.Young

CAM - J.Milner

LAM - G.Pandev

ST - L.Fabiano


Last Time Out

A difficult away trip to White Hart Lane was always a daunting fixture for the Toon on their return to the top league, but manager dudeskin8 seemed to make easy work of Spurs and saw his side cruise to a 2-0 victory, but Spurs powerful attack occasionally showed where the Newcastle defence lacked, with stars like Fabiano and Pandev will be looking to make work of tonight. New striker Oscar Cardozo got himself on the score-sheet along with Frenchman Fabrice Pancrate, both will be looking to get on the score-sheet tonight, but a tougher VIlla defence will prove a tough nut to crack for dudeskin8 and his team.

One To Watch

Edwin Van Der Sar

The Dutch veteran did not feature in Newcastle's opening game as he was still to pass his medical, but the shot-stopper is one of the best in the league and despite his advancing years is still considered as one of the best around. Although the Aston Villa attack proves strong, VDS is still a brilliant reflex keeper and Villa shooting will have to be top notch if they are to get past the 6 ft 5in stopper.

Likely Line-Up (based on last fixture)

GK - E.Van Der Sar

RB - C.Fritz

CB - C.Marchena

CB - S.Ignashevich

LB - M.Schafer

DM - D.Pizarro

RM - E.Elia

LM - F.Pancrate

AM - M.Pjanic

ST - O.Cardozo

ST - L.Adriano

(only my guess)

Match Prediction: Aston Villa 1-0 Newcastle United

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