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English Championship 7046 Match Reports/Transfer Gossip Thread

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

The 7046 Interviews:

Season 7’s Climax!


sirmarkhughes - Liverpool

Now it’s the turn of Liverpool gaffer sirmarkhughes, again in an interview before yesterday’s game:

So Dan, welcome to the hotseat. We started with the title contenders but finally made our way down to Liverpool. Is the rumour true that Liverpool can’t win anything other than the Mickey Mouse European cups?

Well Jooles I am not sure if it has anything to do with it but we do take our lads to Disneyland for Pre-season training.

Some season at Anfield though. At one point Boro and Liverpool were down in the bottom 3 spots and now look. What was the problem and how’d you turn it around so well, notching up an incredible 9 straight wins recently?

It was a club record 8 wins in a row in league, most of it could be put down to our lads that were out injured coming back that and the new breakfast diet of Haggis and boiled eggs.

Actually looking at your results, you’ve kept 8 clean sheets in the last 15 games. Only 3 teams, Spurs, Boro and Swansea have conceded less. How important is a strong defence rather than a strong attack in this game?

I try to work from defence forward as my belief is that if you have a strong back line results will follow, bringing in Neuer in the swap deal for Hart has helped as he is an awesome keeper and probably the best in the world IMO.

Strange to ask a defence vs. attack question to the man who sold Messi. Any regrets on that one? Messi doesn’t exactly seem to light up the sky of those who hold him in their hands in EC7046, or is that just because they don’t know how to handle him?

If he had been an inch or two taller I might have kept him, TBH his ego is probably a few inches bigger than he is, no regrets on selling him as Rooney and Silva were a good swap.


Rumour has it that Mickey wears a Dom Latouche watch.

Speaking of shining lights, division 1 is filled these days with managers, such as yourself, who began their careers here in the lower leagues. Indeed – and I could be wrong here - just 4 managers, SOP, Dom, David Jones @ Chelsea, and ExiledScotintheUSA, began their careers in division 1 (with the last 2 having also been relegated). Who do you rate most out of the other 15 who have climbed the league ladder and who outside of division 1 is your top tip for the future?

Too many good managers to mention really, Bristol, Carlisle, Charlton and Huddersfield have all excelled under their managers and rightly so deserve a place in top division, out with the top division you have some top managers I think Raz if he ever works out how to use SM tactics could be destined for Division 1 glory in the future.


While on the subject of top tips, you famously predicted back in late March that Boro are going to march on and take the division 1 title for a second time. A self-serving question I know but do you still think Boro can do it and why on earth did you think so in the first place?! What about Spurs? You taught them a series of footballing lessons recently. Do you not think, unlike SOP, that they have what it takes?

Yes I predicted for you to win the title back then and I stick my that, Ben has a great team but his inability to switch up formations every now and then leaves him like a bit of a sitting duck at times, don’t get me wrong he is a great manager but that to me is his flaw, SOP just keeps plodding away under the same formation he knows he has the team players in there to grind out success but he is like Giggs a freaky genius who is near past his bets.

As we all know from previous seasons the title race often can come right down to the wire. Outside of Spurs and Boro, including Liverpool, who else do you think has a chance of making a late run? And who do you predict to be in the running for the top 4 SMFA spots?

There is only 2 points separating 3rd place to 8th place and anyone of the managers in there who can get a run going from now through the last 7 games has a chance of top 4 so it is very tough to pick, I stated that top 4 was my objective at the start and when I was in bottom 3 and nothing has changed as I would like to be playing CL football again next season and wouldn't like to rely on winning the CL to get a place for next season.

Lastly, your absence on the forum at the beginning of the season (and in a managerial capacity) was notable. We all come and go here, on her majesty’s pleasure or otherwise, but is it wrong to say that the forum (EC7046 and more generally) is dying a slow and steady death? What can be done to get people to get the 7046 MR thread bouncing again, or go all good things really come to an end?

Not sure about that, with the way the SM are changing it to be more like a facebook style in time there will hardly any need for the forum.

Well cheers fella, a most entertaining interview. Hope your lads have fun again at Disneyland next pre-season. Hopefully you’ll remember there’s domestic competitions to try and win too some time. Best of luck for the rest of the season.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

The 7046 Interviews:

Season 7’s Climax!


jharman - Bournemouth

Known to many in EC7046 as the most successful Harman brother so far, next up we have Josh in the hot-seat telling us about his beloved Bournemouth:

Hi Josh. I bet you wish this interview was last season, right?

Ha, yes I would have a lot more to say but i still remember what we did and the silverware is still in our cabinet to prove it. This season has been a different challenge entirely and one that I am very much enjoying.

So what’s changed this season? Just a hangover from the cup/league success of last? Blinded by Europe? Coming to terms with life in division 3? Or something else?

I think we might have become a victim of our own success, people seem to think we should be automatically challenging Walsall and Swansea at the top and I think that's slightly unfair on my lads. This season has been about adjusting to Division 3 and improving the squad. Now we feel that we can challenge next season and believe me, we will.

In fairness, while 13th spot with 7 games left doesn’t look the best, you are only 6 points away from the playoff spots. What chance of a late run and maybe even making it a Harman brothers three-way promotion party?

With 7 games remaining, anything is possible, I will push the team all the way to the end, however if it is not to be this season, then well will move out attention to next season. I personally feel that if Walsall or Watford get promoted, they will find life in Division 2 quite difficult, so who knows I might be passing them by at the end of next season. :P

I suppose another way of looking at it is that Bournemouth are just six points from the relegation spots. You’ve got 4 out of the last 7 games against teams that are below you. Any danger of getting sucked in and ending up back where you started?

Now I can assure you that we are only looking above us and have never contemplated being back in Division 4. Were actually not playing bad and i think we will finish the season quite strongly.


Outside of division 3, do you ever take a look at what’s going on elsewhere? Any other managers that you respect and get inspiration from?

I have a tremendous amount of respect for what David Crawford has achieved at Exeter. My plan when I arrived here was always to take Bournemouth to the very top and he has done that so I like to keep my eye on his teams progress.

And finally, back to division 3, it’s a tight race for the top spot. Who is your money on and how do you think they will fair next season?

Well whenever me and my brothers discuss 7046, I always have a smile on my face as I am the only one of us that has actually won anything so I would love for that to remain as it is. I'm backing Swansea all the way and think with Zak's squad he can be a real force in Division 2.

So there you go, upbeat and positive about the future at Dean Court, and given past form who can blame him? Thanks Josh and best of luck for the rest of this season and beyond. Next up in the interview series, MUTD…

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread



Is Latouche ready to walk away?

With all rumors around Latouche's supposed plan to walk away from his beloved Fulham it seems to have affected everyone at the club. Latouche has looked like a man that has battled like a trojan and simply has nothing left to give and his Fulham have looked very nervous at the canter of games. Sky sports news has gained an exclusive rare interview with the man discussing all things Fulham and his own future.

How will you have accessed the season currently?

Its been a very tough season on the pitch with all the speculation going on that I simply couldnt control that has affected the players which is completely my fault. However Im a firm in my belief that we have been dreadfully unlucky at times this season as we have dropped points we shouldnt drop. Also the quality of managers that have made their teams hard to beat must also be noticed as its been very tough on the road in particular. In summary I do think we have been good but not good enough but that can all change

How do you assess your options in the first team? Have you got one strong enough to cope with the rigours of the premier league and have you got any postions you want desperate cover for?

I must admit we are lacking players on the ''World class'' front but when you have to work on a budget like ours then you cannot have the world class maybe some fans expect but I do believe in Carrick and Pedro we have that world class fans like to see ' date=' but what we lack in supposed world class we more than make up in great flair and a defensive steel that we must possess in my opinion. I think the one position I wanted to buy at the start of the season we got in Davide Santon and Ive added Rosicky to the creative ranks.[/quote']

Speaking of Transfers you have done very little but you were widely praised for Bringing in 2 of the best talented full backs on the planet in Luke Shaw and Davide Santon for a disinterested Bojan , How do you feel about your transfers?

Well starting with the biggest transfer which was Bojans departure but he wasnt good enough to step up for Fulham and he didnt fulfil his own talent so to get Luke Shaw who is one of Englands biggest talents and is going to be a real star in the future and Santon who is a fantastic talent himself and again is a future star with amazing potential. We also did a deal to get Isla and Maicon in as they are very decent players and they were signed for a RB who was never going to start for us and a CB who was out of favor in our team so it was a bit a depth added which was key. Bard Finne is a player that has hit it off in Norway so im hoping he can realize his great potential here and Bowery is a quick player with a great eye for a goal and again showed good potential at Villa. And lastly I felt we needed a old Creative head in Tomas Rosicky who is genuine quality when he is fit and he can plug a creative gap if needed in the team and he also came in for next to nothing.

Right to the question we all want to know ' date=' Do you think Fulham can challenge at the very top and are you staying to build on your legacy at Fulham.

Firstly I don't actually know if we can compete at the very top but fans can all rest assured everyone connected to Fulham will always give our best to succeed at this great club. And for your second question its been a very hard period for me personally with trying to juggle the work outside of the football and of course managing this great club. When I said I may walk I meant it as in my mind I can see all the success we have achieved but again I began to doubt my OWN abilty to change Fulham into the team nobody likes to play into a championship winning team. Having seen the support from the fans who chant ''Mr Fulham'' to fellow managers has been overwhelming and I can confirm I have signed a new 2 season deal with my beloved team and I look forward to taking Fulham into the next stage in our chapter together :)

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Thompson - "It feels like a defeat"


Perplexed - Steve Thompson could not believe his side didn't come away with 3 points against Plymouth

Barnsley manager Steve Thompson was left perplexed after seeing his Barnsley side extend their win-less run in the league to 6 matches after a 1-1 draw away at fellow play off side Plymouth Argyle. The Tykes enjoyed near total domination against the Pilgrims but an own goal in the 88th minute from Ferreira Mariano rescued an unlikely point for Harry Osborne's side and leave Thompson to contemplate a third straight draw.

Thompson named the same starting XI that drew with Hull City in midweek and his side enjoyed the lions share of the possession and with the clock ticking just past the half hour mark Barnsley thought they had taken the lead thanks to a neat finish from striker Asamoah Gyan but the referee's assistant cut short the celebrations with his offside flag.

Barnsley were livid at that decision by the assistant and 5 minutes later their anger grew deeper when the ref awarded Plymouth a penalty for a dubious looking handball by defender Ferreira Mariano who also received a yellow card. Dutchman Dirk Kuyt was tasked with tucking away the penalty but Tykes keeper Eduardo came to his sides rescue and parried the spot kick to safety.

Thompson's men continued to dictate the game in the second half but their dominance was only rewarded on 78 minutes when they took the lead thanks to a close range finish from South African midfielder Steven PIENAAR 0-1. The Hearty traveling contingent who made the long trip from Yorkshire were all set to party but with 2 minutes of the game remaining disaster struck when Plymouth drew level undeservedly courtesy of an own goal from Ferreira MARIANO who's routine back pass caught keeper Eduardo unawares and rolled agonizingly into the net 1-1. FULL TIME.

Barnsley boss Steve Thompson couldn't hide his disappointment when speaking to the press after the game.

"I can't believe i am stood talking about 1 point and not 3 It feels like a defeat. We were the dominant force for the majority of the game and one moment of sloppiness has cost us. This is a tough place to come but we have barely given them a sniff at our goal and on a better day we could have had a hat-full so this result is certainly tough to take.

I enjoyed the performance we look like we are finding our feet again and that is pleasing going into the final stretch. We are in a position that nobody expected us to be in at the beginning of the season and the aim is to finish as high as possible and if that is the play offs fantastic"

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread



With the Lazio game taking priority Liverpool boss has dropped Rooney, Gomez, Alonso, Bonucci, De Rossi, Marcelo & Thiago Silva for the game against Charlton.

Yes we do want to win the match but I feel the players coming in deserve their chance in the first team with youngsters such as Marquinos, Moses, Rojas, Konoplyanka & Papadopoulous who have great futures ahead at this club all in the starting line-up, lets see how they perform before any criticism is aimed at me for fielding a weakened team.


Moses will lead the line against Charlton

Liverpool as a club should have won the SMFA Champions cup by now so the resting of players is to make sure we do not slip up in the second leg against Lazio where we wasnt to have as strong a side as possible out there.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

The 7046 Interviews:

Season 7’s Climax!


MUTD - Sunderland

Loved by most, loathed by some, and I think I have that the right way around, next up we have MUTD from Sunderland in the hot seat in an interview that was done just prior to the Bury game:

147 games at Preston Raz and not one piece of silverware in the trophy cabinet. No regrets in leaving Deepdale for Sunderland?

Honestly I don't have any regrets for leaving Deepdale. I've built a decent team there and was time for a change as I didn't felt quite well there. 147 games but most of games were with a rubbish team as it took me a lot to change the things around.

63 games at Sunderland and not one piece of silverware in the trophy cabinet. Err, a bit of a theme here maybe? In fairness you were runner-up in the English Cup last season but with Sunderland stuttering in the league it would not be surprising if the Sunderland fans are very disappointed, they have after all experienced silverware in the past under previous boss David Jones. How would you respond to your critics?

All we need is stability and we're going to have it from last season. We're still in the race for play-offs spot and like our main man says: 'Believe'. The fans must have some patience, we're still building the team and it will be done until next season, most probably. Once the team is done and we will have financial stability and some stable players we'll be in the race for every single trophy. I must be happy with the team to win trophies.

As the forum awards have shown in the past fellow managers have given you much recognition for your ability in the transfer market. Some would say even that you are one of the best there is at spotting talent. Others would say though that you are relentless and that is why you always get your man. Could you tell us a bit about your transfer strategy and why you are so successful?

My transfer strategy isn't a big secret. All you have to do is to push and feel the other manager, to see what he wants exactly and try and give him the right price. I usually overpay for guys who are yet unknown or not really good at that time but in few months they became one of the hottest property on SM. My transfers are mainly based on trying and trying and trying and so on until I get what I want. Nothing special…but you probably need a bit of flair as well to do that.


It’s no small secret that you hold the German league in very high regard. Which other leagues do you regularly keep an eye out for talent?

There is no doubt, Eredivisie. One of the best leagues to pick up young future stars and it is a joy to watch it as well. A true show on the pitch with many goals and it is easy to eye the talent even if you watch the game just for a few minutes. The South-American football is also a great one to find talents.

The flip side of the coin from transfer success is that you are universally acknowledged as one of the worst tactical managers in the game. What’s the point of having all those great players if you can’t use them many ask? Just why are you so bad at tactics and can we expect a change any time soon?

Well, I'm not that bad at tactics. I honestly never bothered a lot with it as I firstly want to complete my team and do my team exactly how I want, in a few words...I want Sunderland to be simply perfect in my eyes. Of course, next season you will see a major difference because the side will 99% be done and will pay more attention to tactics. So far only paid attention to transfers.

On the forum side of things, it would seem that you are often a polarising and at times controversial figure, having been asked by the mods to sit out on the sidelines previously. Are you just hopelessly misunderstood, do people just disagree with your opinions, or is it something else? What’s all that about?

Nah, it is just me. A guy looking for some fun around. My mistake but I really don't care about it and I will never do. I am Di Canio of this forum!

And to wrap up, bringing it back to the promotion race, is this season all but over for Sunderland, as you yourself have said on the 7046 thread, or is there hope yet? And seeing as Sunderland are all but assured not to win the league, who is your money on to take top spot in division 2?

This is football. To be honest, if I win the next game vs. Bury I still have my chances but that's gonna be really,really hard. Everything is possible in football. Gonna be hard but we will fight for it. My bet for the top spot in Div 2? Sunderland, of course. Joking...Coventry for me. They're in a great form and have a good manager there. They will get the 1st place in last round. Gonna be interesting though.

Well thanks Raz, you really still have your work cut out this season in an ultra-competitive 2nd division. Best of luck in the remaining 6 (or maybe 8?) games. I know division 1 would certainly be interesting with you in it, though you seem to really really like division 2 having spent so much time in it so who knows hey?!

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

The 7046 Interviews:

Season 7’s Climax!


TheDuffman - Brighton

And now we move back to division 4 and a chat with the one and only Aaron, otherwise known as TheDuffman, 7046’s creator:

Hi Duffman. I’ve joked here before about you being ‘The Great Creator’ but seriously, what does EC7046 mean to you and how does it feel to see the set-up you worked so hard to get going turn into arguably the best forum-filled set-up SM has to offer?

It's weird, when I created 7046 id Literally only been on SM for a few months and was still getting to grips with the game and the forum i had maybe spoke to 2 or 3 people on the forum so It was amazing getting that much interest we never really advertised the Thread just exploded on its own, So to have the gameworld explode like it did was crazy at the time there was only really two big set ups in the shape of 5579 and 106 so I never expected it to fill up like it did I think a lot of people we're surprised with the level of anticipation as many had tried to replicate 106 and I feel we as a setup have been the only real ones to come close, 7777 has been the only other set up I've been in nearly as competitive and enjoyable as 7046. In general I'm just happy my initial investment what was buying the setup it has been very worthwhile looking back now, it’s great to see the gameworld in even better shape now than it was back then which I don't think anyone would have expected but you can put that down to the commitment and hard work by lots of different contributors.

For all those managers who weren’t here in the early days can you describe to them just what it was like in EC7046 (originally EC7027!) in the beginning and how – if at all – it differed from many of the new start-ups since trying to walk in its footsteps?

Upon launch there was a lot of anticipation and i guess in some senses the setup had it easier than those starting out now just generally down to forum filled set ups being much rarer, However there was lots of confusion at the start the whole 7027 incident where there we're two EC 7027 and people getting lost on which set up was the correct one it was a difficult start. I think the reason it got through the start is we had some good forumers in from the start yourself, Dudeskin, SOP, Dom, etc. and the thread and M/R thread was always active and unlike set ups today we're in most cases people become inpatient after the first round of transfers and just give up which is a real shame I think the quality and patience of managers a few years ago was much better although the lads in 7046 and 7777 seem to be of an equal quality to them early days. My best memory from them early days is nearly swapping Malouda with Spurs for Bale what a signing that would have been... just a shame it never got agreed.

Of course way back then you were with Chelsea, not Brighton. Any regrets leaving Stamford Bridge and what were the reasons for jumping ship given that you’d worked so hard to build such a tremendous squad?

None at all the game had become stale and repetitive for me, as many know I'm not a tactical genius on this game and I take my pleasure from building my squads and with Chelsea like many of the squads I had I'd just sign in and buy the good youths what we're added that day then sign out it was boring. It sounds odd but with this game being the big teams especially after a few season can be a lot less fun than being in charge of a smaller team, if I had the choice again I would have started at Leeds as that's my club in real life and they'd have been much more challenging to build. At the end of the day my break away from the game and 7046 in general was much needed I never planned on returning but there was just that draw to return and I'm back to enjoying the game and set up again which is the most important thing. Brighton's a big challenge and I'm looking forward to it.


Just staying on your time at Chelsea for a moment, I think it is fair to say that you never fully translated the superb work in the transfer market into success in the game. Sure, there was SMFA success but domestically Chelsea always seemed to just fall short, most famously back in season 3 when you lost the title to Spurs by just 3 points and not forgetting too your get out of jail free card in season robbing Norwich, having been in the bottom 3 practically all season long. What’s with all that?

I just never found the tactics I refused to use 352 I'm not a fan of the formation in real life or in game and I like the traditional 4 at the back formations but could never find the success with them. It's a shame as that squad deserved so many more honors than that single SMFA title. That season with the escape from relegation was amazing I took my eye off the ball in the first half of the season and it was a massive scrap it was such a cruel ending for Norwich and Rob we deserved to go down.

Strange perhaps that of all the teams to return with it was Brighton, your brother’s old team with whom he did such a great job. What brought you back to 7046 and how does it feel dealing with his sloppy seconds?

It was odd really I just wanted back in, id returned in 7777 with the seagulls also so it was odd getting the opportunity to pick up one of my local teams in two bid set ups. So it was Brighton which normally I’d avoid as they we're in a terrible state but this time around I'm up for challenges and with them being rock bottom in the most competitive set up on SM it's going to be a hard one. After the success the club experienced in the first few seasons following ash's departure they seem to have been on a tumble with players like Lallana being sold for nothing it's a shame and hopefully I can return Brighton back to them early days and the success they had. On coming back to 7046 I missed it tbh I enjoyed the banter and just the vibe of the set up it’s a nice competitive atmosphere and there's a lot of good people and managers in here!

Speaking of sloppy seconds, of course Brighton used to also be Longnose’s old team, universally acknowledged as possibly the most entertaining match reports writer 7046 has ever seen, whilst simultaneously being seen by most as almost certainly the worst manager ever to grace the sacred halls of 7046. Just how much of a loss is it to have Longnose now eking out a living outside of our ranks and how lucky are we than we don’t have to see his lack of managerial awareness within the league?

I only really spoke to Longnose on occasion but he was always friendly towards me, his reports did always give me a good laugh and the Latimer stuff was incredible funny at the time. I think he's a big loss for the setup and wish him all the best in the future wherever he is!

I joke again of course. Longnose – to me at least – is sorely missed, as you were to many when you left too. So to end, turning things back to your current spell at Brighton, many fans could be forgiven for wondering how sorely you would be missed on the back of the Seagulls’ performances alone. Déjà vu perhaps in that your work in the transfer market has been remarkable, but less so the performances on the pitch? You’ve taken a shoddy Brighton (Izod’s sloppy seconds after all to be fair) all the way from bottom spot in 7046 to, err, 3rd bottom spot. You’re rebuilding I’m sure but please, finish by telling us what the future holds for the long suffering fans at Brighton?

Personally I feel I've had a very good start to life at Brighton, as you've said there's been more success in the transfer market than on the pitch but i'm sure that will come in time! To be honest I'm just glad that we're not sitting bottom anymore and as I said when I joined the only real way is up. Some good talent has been added in the shape of Finnbogasonn, Movsisyan, Bridcutt etc and then some real talents for the future like Adam Campbell, Will Grigg and Andre Hoffmann. The Plan now is to keep on building look towards younger players from lesser known leagues thus meaning less competition in acquiring them. The short term aim is to replace big earners like Martens and Verdu with cheaper players.

Well thanks Aaron, appreciate you taking the time to answer some questions. A great insight there not only into the early beginnings of 7046 but also the joys and challenges of managing a smaller club. Best of luck next season in dragging up Brighton back to their former glory and who knows, maybe we’ll see you back in action in the top flight one day. :)

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Top of the table Swindon were surprisingly beaten 3-1 at home by Leyton Orient.Routledge gave Orient the lead but Jesus levelled for Swindon.Musa put Orient back in front before half time then scored his second and the decisive goal for Orient in the second half.

Dagenham stay second with a 2-1 win at home to Aldershot.Clark gave the away side the lead but a goal from Baird made things all square.Diarra got the winner for the daggers.

Chesterfield remain in third place with a 3-1 home win against Cardiff.Ekici,Rodallega and Torbinsky scored for the spireites with Ninis getting the consolation for City.

Rotherham move up to fourth having won 3-1 at home to Colchester.Maicon,Borini and Andre were on target for the yorkshire side with Magalhaes scoring for Colchester.

Oldham dropped to fifth after being held 3-3 away at Brentford.Gomez and Hoolahan put the bees 2-0 in front early in the game but Athletic fought back to take the lead with goals from Traore,Danilo and Denis.Hoolahan got his second of the game to equalise and send both teams home with a point each.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Accrington Stanley move up to sixth with a 1-0 win at home to Gillingham.Pogba got the winner four minutes after the break.

Southend won 2-1 at home to Brighton.Palacio put Albion in front but United were level within two minutes when Bulut scored.Inan got the winner for Southend in the second half.

Shorpe were beaten 2-0 at home by Wycombe.Cole and Westermann were the men on target for Wanderers.

Shrewsbury won 4-1 at home to Burton.De Las Cuevas,Kruse and Schuster had the shrews 3-0 ahead before Diouf pulled one back for Albion.Schuster got his second and Shrewsbury's fourth in the fifty sixth minute.

Bristol Rovers were 3-1 winners at home to Stockport County.Obasi,Benitez and Rinaudo netted for Rovers with Neves on target for County.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

The 7046 Interviews:

Season 7’s Climax!


KangerooJack09 – Bristol City

And now we sit down and chat with Bristol City’s KangerooJack who’s having a tremendous season sitting 3rd in division 1:

What a season for division 1 Jack? 6 games to go and just 9 points separate 1st place Spurs from 9th place Huddersfield. Can really any one of those teams still win it and why do you think things are getting so close in 7046’s top flight?

Yer it really has been a great season to date and long may it continue. One of the reasons for 7046's success is the level of competition and like every season this season has proven to be no different. Yes I believe anyone of those teams can do it. All it takes is a little run to be put together and bang, you’re in the mix. Anyone can beat anyone in this division which just adds to the excitement.

Why do I think things are getting so close in 7046? Hmm that's a tough one to put my finger on exactly but the fact that there are so many good tactical managers in the division could be one of the key reasons. Who would have thought at the start of this season that teams like Carlisle, Charlton, Bristol City etc. would be battling for a top 4 finish, I certainly wouldn't have.

I guess you are owed an apology. These interviews went out first to the teams that I thought would be in the top 3 spots and I plumped for the Man Utd’s and Liverpool’s over the Bristol City’s and Carlisle’s. Do you take it as an insult that you and other smaller clubs have perhaps been somewhat underrated this season or is it something that perhaps works to your advantage?

Do I take it as an insult, no not at all. I see it as an advantage for us smaller sides. The fact that we are not expected to be anywhere near the top 4 positions, I believe plays into our hands. Nothing is expected of us, I would go as far as saying some teams just see us smaller sides as teams there to fill the numbers. This therefore plays into our hands as there is no pressure put on us and we can just go along at our own pace and slowly season upon season become more of a force.

73 goals so far is a phenomenal amount of goals in the top flight, only bettered by Stoke, Swindon and Oldham elsewhere in 7046. It’s no secret that you favour the attacking game so would you say that’s what accounts for the success of your strike force given that at 92-rated and lower they are not exactly known as being the best in the world?

Not necessarily. As you have said I do prefer to see my teams play an attacking style of football, but at the end of the day it's a team game and all I ask of my players is that each and every one of them gives there all for this team. I may not have a team of world beaters but the close bond they all have drives us on.


And with over 60% of your goals coming from just 4 players, each featuring in the top 25 division 1 goalscorers this season, aren’t you worried that all of your eggs are just in one basket?

No not at all. It is widely known that Balázs (Dzsudzsak), K-J (Klaas-Jan Huntelaar) André (Ayew) and our inspirational captain Yohan (Cabaye) are the focal point of our teams attack but the fact is all four of them are quality players and this season is not just a one off. Although these four may take all the headlines, without the likes of Moussa (Sissoko), Javi (Garcia), Jorge (Rolando) and Darijo (Srna) my attacking style of football just wouldn't work. I am very blessed to have such a bunch of determined lads at my disposal and long may it continue.

Still, it has to be said that you are doing an incredible job at Bristol City, riding on the back of Shack’s success there but also taking it a step or two further. I’m sure I’m not alone in looking at the fixture list and viewing the Bristol City game with trepidation. What is it that makes Bristol City such a difficult opponent?

I simply put it down to the togetherness of the squad. Without the belief the lads have in one another I don't think that we would be anywhere near where we are in the table. Every now and again there will be a player in the squad who will start kicking up a fuss and as soon as that happens they are shown the exit door. I am a firm believer in that no player is bigger than the club, and that is one of the reasons one of our star players left earlier in the season. At the time many people questioned me for my decision but I think that Javi (Garcia) and Carl (Jenkinson) have proven to me that I was right in my decision. They have both immediately brought into my project here and in there short time at the club shown me that they are up for the challenge of making themselves regular first team players for many years to come.

And that brings us to Saturday’s top of the table clash, 2nd place Boro vs. 3rd place Bristol City, surely the game of the day. What are your thoughts going into that one and does defeat for Bristol signal the end of their title hopes?

For me the game is like no other whether we are playing a team who are bottom of the league or a team who are top of the league. Regardless of our opponents we will prepare for the game like any other. We will not be giving Boro any special treatment. They have proven so far this season that they are a team that shouldn't be taken lightly but I, along with the lads believe that we can beat anyone in this division and we hope to prove that tonight.

Does defeat tonight signal the end of our title hopes? I don't think so. It is commonly known that it's not over until the fat lady sings, and we will keep battling away until it is mathematically not possible. Regardless of tonight's result I am very proud of how my players have played this season and I promise our fans that we will not take our foot off of the pedal until that final whistle at the end of the season.

Come on you Robins!!!!

Well man thanks, no shortage of confidence there, which is great to see, unless I am playing you today, which I am! Here’s to a great game and an exciting end to a tight and truly great season.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread



?type=article Cliff Lazerenko Writes...Relegation haunted Sheffield United finally filled the vacant Bramall lane hotseat tonight with the sudden appointment of managerial unknown Ernest Borgnine. With just 5 games of the season left, worried Blades fans saw the Yorkshire club slipping down to 19th spot after this evenings 3-3 draw with Forest. Yet despite the clubs seemingly dire relegation situation, all talk tonight was just who is the real Ernest Borgnine after the new man held an impromptu press conference after tonight’s game, attired in what by all appearances appeared to be a large brown paper bag placed over his head. Bemused reporters looked on as a muffled, but nevertheless confident Borgnine declared...


Ernest Borgnine

'' Yes whilst the situation at the moment appears bleak I think we have seen enough from the lads tonight to say that with 15 points left on the board we have a great chance of avoiding the drop. Next weeks game at home against a very good Bristol titty is a massive one. That said I think we are good for at least a point if not more, and lets not forget its still very tight at the bottom half of the table, two wins could well see us back in a mid-table slot. Before that of course we face some Frog mob in the Europa cup quarter finals and whilst division one survival remains our priority, a good performance could see us with one foot in the semis, and that itself would act a great confidence booster and a springboard to push on until the end of the campaign. ''

Whilst Borgnines stirring words may offer some slim hope to United fans, talk amongst the Blades faithful tonight centered on the paper bag and speculation as to the new mans real identity. Speaking from the Shovel and Mick public house just yards from Bramall lane, fans Phill Applewick and Alex Drippingworth were undecided as unemployed factory nighchman Applewick mused..

'' Appen I think Borgnine is someone else in disguise, and due to a press black out, can't at this stage reveal his true identity, my money's on Paul Mariner or maybe even Graham Rix?''. Not so claimed 34 year old Alex who instead told us '' .. '' neigh Lad, its no one famous, I reckon myself Borgnine is horrifically scarred or perhaps burnt, maybe in a car crash or a shark attack..still whoever he , or come to think of it she is lets hope he can pull something from out of the bag and keep the lads up, as God knows life's miserable enough up here as it is, let alone without a division one club to cheer us up''

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread




Liverpool took on Charlton today with a somewhat depleted squad, the reason for a weakened side was for the fact that Liverpool have prioritised the SMFA Champions Cup and with the Quarter Final 2nd leg against Lazio just 3 days away Liverpool boss SMH started with just three of his best starting XI, goalkeeper Neuer and wingers Ribery & Robben, so that meant debut first team starting slots for Kiwi Messi Marco Rojas and also for Victor Moses.

SMH shuffled from his usual 5-3-2 to a 4-3-3 to nullify the threat of Ledesma in Charlton's 5-4-1 formation, It seemed to work as Victor Moses and Correa Marquinhos both scored in a 2-0 home win for the Anfield side how much of that was helped by Pandev's sending off for Charlton we will never know, youngsters Jordan Veretout, Andy Najar & Crstian Cuevas also made their debuts from the subs bench for the last half hour of the game.

I would just like to give massive credit to Charlton, what a season for the fans and for the team, one of the stories of the season.


April has been a good month for us Scousers as we have played thirteen games in all competitions and won eleven and drew two of them, we posted our club record eight wins in a row during the month as well so very much a month for us to be cheerful about.

In the league we are on an unbeaten run of eleven games just one short of the club record twelve games set by Stuart(Studge) back in October 2010, we would love to go on to equal or better that record but that will be tough with Relegation threatened Milton Keynes Dons up next then title chasing Middlesbrough after that.

Do I think we could win the title? No I think that is between Ben and Jooles, I would love to throw a spanner in the works by beating Boro though.To think last month we were struggling in the relegation zone is a testament to how close this league really is, whether you are a 'Small' club or 'Big' club it matters not a jot, any team who can put together a string of good results has a chance of a decent finish, just look at some of the positions of some of the so called 'Smaller' clubs in the division and that is proof that this is the league of dreams, anything can happen.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

The 7046 Interviews:

Season 7’s Climax!


Jooles - Middlesbrough

Interviewer turns Interviewee (courtesy of sirmarkhughes). Next up in the hot-seat is Boro boss Jooles D, currently sitting in 1st place in Division 1:

What a season you’re having there Jooles not so long ago you were occupying a slot in the relegation zone whilst being mocked by other Division 1 managers, have you changed anything or what do you attribute the turnaround to?

Well really I was just down there to keep you company Dan. You seemed to be finally getting the hang of things so I thought it was time to start climbing the league. In the case of some managers like Dom though, you don’t really have to climb, just sit put and watch them drop right past you.

Honestly, we always have a slow start. I see SM as a squad game and while others may have stronger first teams, over the course of the season with injuries, cup runs and such, the season takes its toll. People mock the mediocrity and age of many of my lads but they’re there to make up the numbers when it matters most.

The league is tight with just ten points separating the top ten places with just five games to go, it does look like yourselves and Tottenham have stolen a march and put a bit of daylight between yourselves and the chasing pack, how much does your match up with Spurs in the next game really mean to deciding where the title will end up at the end of the season?

It wouldn’t be the first season the leaders have lost their nerve with the finishing line in sight. We won the league back in season 4 merely by staying the course stronger than others and it was the same in season 6. You’re right, just one slip up and the chasing pack is back in the game. That said, a win against Spurs would put us in a very strong position, even with the Liverpool game to come.

Five of your top six rated stars have a combined age of 165, If you don't win the title this season does it mean the end of the road for most of them as it would be your third straight season with no Silverware barring a Charity Shield runners up medal back in season 5?

Ha-ha 165? Is that right? Scarily you could be right. Xavi and Casillas are still good for a number of seasons yet but the likes of Samuel, Abidal and Milito are dangerously close to the end of the road. It could be a new look – and slightly weakened – Boro down the line but don’t worry, we’ll still be no stranger to silverware.

Your Argentinian trio of Aguero, Milito and Belluschi have produced just under half of your goals and assists this season, how much has the on field chemistry between the trio been a factor in your tilt at the title?

Milito has been magic this season - getting the goals when it really matters. Aguero, I confess, I never really know how to get the best out of him. Belluschi is all but done ever since Dom stuck his dirty little fingers where they don’t belong. Really though it’s been the Xavi-Milito combination that has made us tick. That and spreading the goals and assists elsewhere. We’re no one-man team like some others.


With the gameworld being in its 7th season it gets harder to set new club records, back in February you set a new highest scoring league game with a massive 6-3 win over Manchester City, that was some game with 9 players receiving a goal or assist that must have been a great joy to be a part of?

For some reason I always fear playing Man City, probably due to the Messi factor. Luckily Predator is a shadow of the manager he was at Plymouth and I’m probably wrong to worry so. Really our strength has been in keeping it tight at the back and edging wins. 6-3 was just a pleasant anomaly.

I walked passed Middlesbrough passport office the other day and yes there wasn't much going on, another season with no European Glory, the question is will Boro fans ever get a chance to take a holiday to a European final or will Boro just keep fighting on the domestic front hoping that others are sidetracked chasing Euro dreams?

The truth is money is tight for many folks on Teesside and so as a service to the fans I like to space out our European adventures to every other year. It’s never been the priority to be honest, with more prestige for me coming from winning trophies against 19/79 other human managers. Then again we came really close back in season 3 when we disappointingly lost to Sunderland in the semis. Competing on 3 fronts (The English Cup and Shield finals and SMFA Cup semis) really cost us there.

All joking aside Boro are always at the business end when the season comes to a finale, with you managing the transition of coming up from the lower leagues what team/manager do you think has a chance of becoming the 'new Boro' by making a name for them selves in the big league?

Not always, but often. As many others have said, there is an abundance of talented managers throughout 7046 and as the cream rises it gets more and more competitive in the top flight (as many can testify this season). So with that, really many of the potential ‘new Boro’s’ have already arrived, the tactically astute managers – the likes of Bristol City, Carlisle, Charlton and Huddersfield.

Whether they can top out though ever is another matter. I can’t help feeling the traditionally strong teams, Liverpool, Spurs, Man Utd (if their day is not done), will dominate the future and maybe even Chelsea, Arsenal and Man City if their managers can get their act together. Not wishing to blow my own trumpet but what Boro did was pretty remarkable when you consider where they started. I’m not sure if that will be repeated, though not for lack of class in managers, in division 1 and beyond, but more simply because there are less resources available than there were back then.

Your run in looks a bit tougher than Tottenham's with Liverpool who knocked you out the shield and beat you in the league back in February, a resurgent Arsenal who won their first game in a month last time out, tough to beat Exeter and lastly Champions league chasing Charlton to come after your Big match with Spurs, How many points do you think will be needed from these 4 games to ensure you get your hands on that title?

I wish I could have faced Arsenal when they were a gimmie a month or so ago! So yeah, no easy games there. Looking back though, Spurs included, Boro took 10 out of 15 points from those fixtures earlier this season whereas Spurs only managed a measly 4 points. Liverpool, I should note, only picked up 5 points (3, as you point out, coming against Boro), but that was a whole different Liverpool back then. How many points are needed? Impossible to say without knowing the result of the Spurs game really. As many as we can get I suppose!

And lastly before I let you get back to your training session, you had a brief stint as the gameworld's number 1 manager, how does it feel to be overtaken by Fulham's Boy Wonder, is this just a temporary thing or is Dom a manager to fear?

A temporary aberration for sure, as Dom’s form this season has amply demonstrated. Dom did his leapfrog only on the back of the 20 points given for the 2 Mickey Mousers he picked up. Well that and through his consistency across the seasons. I have to say that I’m really pleased Boy Wonder is choosing to stick around. It would have been a shame if he didn’t have a chance to try and gain back his soon-to-be-lost 2nd place ranking…

Good luck with your run in Jooles I said back in March you were my favourites for the title and nothing has changed, you have control of your own destiny a situation which most managers would love to be in, take it away.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

The 7046 Interviews:

Season 7’s Climax!


Burrow27 - Gillingham

And now from the top of the league back down to the basement with an interview with the one and only James Burrow:

Hi James. Weclome to the EC7046 interview chair. So Gillingham FC hey? Like a challenge do you?

Hi Jooles. Gillingham is a brand new chapter in my career, starting from quite literally the bottom rung of the ladder! A lot of the players I signed are personal favourites of mine, but didn’t really fit the style of teams previous to Gillingham. Now I’ve embarked on my first Division Four job, I can build my own team from the ground up.

Not to understate the matter, at present Gillingham’s net worth is just 66.7M, some 37.1M behind the next lowest valued team in your division, Shorpe at 103.8M. (Millwall are down there too at 82.8M). Clearly a long-term project for you. Are you planning to stick around long-term and if so just how far can you take this burgeoning Gillingham squad?

When I first joined the club, Gillingham were in a right mess! They were tens of millions in debt, and had players like Cheyrou, Kolarov and Chico Flores who were on way too much money for a Division Four club. The aim for this season wasn’t to finish above a certain position, but to cut costs, securing Gillingham’s future. Now we are very much in the black, which will allow us to spend a bit more on quantity, not necessarily quality. We started off very well, but fatigue has set in over the past few weeks, hence the poor run of form. We brought in quality players like Nugent, Emnes and Abdi for dirt cheap, and they have repaid the club with stellar performances and some quality goals.

Not sure if you are aware but at the beginning of the season, Gillingham were worth some 101.3M. How do you account for the dramatic drop in value? Was this your doing or the previous manager’s? Do you have to go backwards to go forwards and what exactly is your strategy?

Value isn’t everything. Had drastic cut-backs not been made, Gillingham would not have existed. When I joined the club the first thing I did was work out our projected profit/loss, and it was close to £50-60m in debt. Selling the entire squad wouldn’t have got us out of that debt, and then we wouldn’t have been able to field a team. Football isn’t just kicking a ball around, its managing the finances and behind the scenes stuff. Next season we hope to make the play-offs, however there’s still the close-season to come where anything can happen. We could get offers for our players, and we might have our hands tied as regards keeping or selling them.

To most James you are known as Mr. EC106, and a well-deserved accolade I may add. What you guys achieved there back in the day was remarkable, a bouncing match reporting thread likely never to be emulated. Can you tell us a bit about what EC106 means to you and how it feels there now seeing as 106 is seemingly a shadow of its former self?

EC106 is one of my proudest achievements! It started when me and another forumer called chelsea1992 started posting transfer rumours about my club, Preston, and his club, Coventry. We then moved on to match reporting and then the bug bit, and I couldn’t stop! The most important part of a setup is the people within, and that was what made EC106 the best setup at one time. Personalities such as OneCapWonder, Dave Belkevitz, drseanfitz, Dave Izod and countless others helped it reach the heights, and kept me hooked on the game. But as they left to move onto greater things, so the quality of the setup degraded. Sure, some people left in the setup are great guys to talk with, but a bit of the humour has been lost, with some people taking it a bit too seriously. I’ll stick by it for as long as I’m on the game, but it no longer hooks my attention as much as it did.


A sign of things to come?

And what of EC7046? It’s great to see you here, plugging away with little Gillingham. Arguably EC7046 has taken over 106’s mantle as the premier forum setup, known for its ultra-competitiveness and lively (and at rare times even entertaining) banter. What do you make of 7046 and what do you see for 7046’s future? Are we merely destined to follow in 106’s footsteps, seeing interest waning as the external market is plucked dry or can a vibrant internal market really be generated with the right people involved?

Gillingham and EC7046 are a close second-favourite to EC106 as my favourite setup. Unfortunately I haven’t had much chance to socialise with the other managers, what with commitments outside of SM and the fact that not many of my transfers came from internal clubs. I think EC7046 has a great future ahead of it, not least due to Craig’s efforts with the blog. What’s more, EC7046 has more personalities acting like ‘pillars’ to the setup. If you think of EC106 like a table, with the four managers above as legs, once one left, it was a bit wobbly, then when two left it fell over. EC7046 is a table with 40-or-so ‘legs. It will take quite a lot to destabilise this setup. I can see myself staying as Gills manager for as long as I am in management.

Lastly, back to the game itself, who are your tips to take the coveted division title this season, most especially in division 4, and is there anyone we should watch out for next season?

To be honest I haven’t really being paying much attention to the other teams in my first season. Swindon looked certain to finish first but two defeats in a row might unnerve some of the players, and the fans. I wouldn’t rule out Shrewsbury making a late surge for the play-offs or even automatic promotion. They have a similar ethos to mine, a small, but quality squad. It says a lot about the setup that the title race in all four setups is still going down to the wire.

Well thanks James, really liking that table analogy by the way. I see what you’re saying. 106 was a table whereas 7046 is, err, more like an upside down hedgehog? If one priick disappears the hedgehog still stands, err, right? Well all the best for the coming seasons, sounds like some challenge you have on your hands and fair play for taking it on. See you in division 1 in 4 seasons maybe?

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread



carlos_the_jackal_thumb_small.jpg Carlos the Jackal Writes...There was little room for sentiment in Sheffield tonight as new United boss Ernest Borgnine shocked Blades fans by publicly announcing the imminent departure of a trio of the relegation haunted clubs senior players. News broke following a meeting at Bramall Lane this afternoon, between Borgnine and frontman Miroslav Klose (34), Keeper Morgan De Sanctis (36) and defender Ricardo Carvalho (34) as the aging trio were issued end of season marching orders regardless of the outcome of clubs relegation battle. Speaking to a hushed press room Borgnine, who once more chose to conceal his identity from the waiting hacks by arriving at the conference dressed in a vintage deep sea diving suit, paid tribute to the players as he declared...


Blades boss Ernest Borgnine

'' Its never pleasant to see players coming to the end of their time at a club , and its even less so when they are of the highest quality such as Miro, Morgan and Dickie, but all good things must come to an end. Upon joining the club, it was made clear to me that one of my long term objectives here at United was build for the future. The club owners are eager to avoid being labelled the new Boro, by becoming known for hanging onto ageing, big name players at the cost of stifling new talent. Its with this in mind that we made the hard decision to allow the lads to leave and make room for what we hope will be younger additions to the squad. I think its a testimony to the characters and professionalism of all three players concerned, that they have not only accepted my decision with grace but have committed themselves 100% to the successful outcome of our Europa cup campaign and of course our relegation battle.


In other squad news, Borgnine went on to add that United have recently turned down a very reasonable offer for Glen Johnson from an unnamed division one side. Fans will no doubt be hoping this is a sign that regardless of next seasons status Sheffield United remain on a sound financial footing and are under no pressure to balance the books by conducting a fire-sale of playing staff .

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread




Liverpool have announced the signing of Ryo Miyaichi for £6.9 million from Peterborough, I am a big fan of the Japanese kid, at just 20 years old he has the prospect of becoming a top rated player as long as he can avoid injuries, the deal was easy to put together as Peterborough new boss had him on the transfer market for £6.5 million pounds, I messaged him with a take it or leave it chairman's max offer of 400k above the listed price as I noticed that Fulham had a offer in at the asking price, this was quickly agreed a was a pleasure to do business so easily.

I am not the greatest at doing internal deals as some people will have noticed but this season after the Miyaichi deal & Eremeko delals go through that will take our internal dealings to eleven.

Internal Deals this season

(IN)Ryo Miyaichi in cash deal £6.9 million.(PETERBOROUGH)

(IN)Yevhen Konoplyanka in swap deal for Clint Dempsey.(WEST HAM)

(IN)Xabi Alonso in a swap deal for Fernando & Van der Weil.(ASTON VILLA)

(IN)Mark Ohara for cash 50k. (TRANMERE)

(IN)Yuri Mamute in cash deal £1.2 million. (NORTHAMPTON)

(IN)Marco Rojas in swap deal for Bruno Mendes(NORTHAMPTON)

(IN)Daniel Schwaab & Wellington Silva in swap deal for Pandev.(CHARLTON)

(IN)Camilo Zunga & £1.6million in swap deal for Aqualani.(HUDDERSFIELD)

(OUT)Thomas Hubocan cash deal £10 million.(EVERTON)

(OUT)Cristian Villagra cash deal for £8 million.(BRENTFORD)

(OUT)Roman Eremenko cash deal for £4 million. (MILLWALL)

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Hornets stung by Pienaar


Hatrick hero - Steven Pienaar bagged a hatrick as Barnsley thumped Watford 4-0 at Oakwell.

Promotion chasing Barnsley made a welcome return to winning ways on Saturday with a thumping 4-0 home win over 3rd place Watford. The result is a welcome return to winning ways for Steve Thompson and his men who had failed to win in their previous 7 matches and with 2nd place Walsall also falling to defeat it means that the Tykes are just 7 points of the automatic spots with 15 points still up for grabs.

Thompson made one change from the side that drew with Plymouth the last time out with Want away Ghanian striker Asamoah Gyan dropped to the bench with Argentine Maxi Lopez coming back into the fold after a 3 game Absence.

12,637 were inside Oakwell for this promotion clash and the majority could barely believe what they were seeing in the opening exchanges as Barnsley went 2-0 up inside 3 minutes with Steven PIENAAR making it 1-0 inside a minute flicking on inside the 6 yard box from a wonderful Arnautovic cross then on 3 minutes it was 2-0 PIENAAR again the scorer leaving the keeper off balance with a lucky but neat flick with Arnautovic once again the architect.

That blistering opening clearly had the Hornets rattled but they did manage to regain some composure forcing Tykes keeper Eduardo into a number of smart saves to ensure that the home side went into the break with a well earned 2-0 lead. HALF TIME.

Watford started the second period the brighter and missed a golden chance to reduced the deficit on 55 minutes when Seb Larsson headed over the crossbar when unmarked and that miss proved costly as just 4 minutes later Barnsley killed the game off making it 3-0 courtesy of a wonderful 25 yard strike from on loan Frenchman Loric PERRIN. The home fans were now in joyous mood and their side put the icing on the cake on 65 minutes making the score 4-0 thanks to a Steven PIENAAR volley from 12 yards securing the match ball with a superb hatrick.

That proved to be the last meaningful action of the game as Barnsley held out for a deserved victory and send Watford back to the capital with their tail firmly between their legs. FULL TIME 4-0.

A delighted Steve Thompson gave his reaction after the game.

"It was a fantastic performance and i have to say it has been coming. We needed the win to keep our promotion hopes very much alive and to do it against 3rd place Watford made it all the sweeter. Despite the scoreline it was still a tight game but come of the clinical attacking play returned today and i have to give special praise to Steven (Pienaar) for his hatrick and Marko (Arnautovic) for his assist both were unplayable today.

The lads are buzzing in the dressing room right now and it's nice to have that feeling back. This recent slump has been tough for everybody but class is permanent and tonight our class returned what we must do now is maintain our performance levels we have 5 massive fixtures left and i am not giving up hope just yet of making it into the top two"

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Stockport won 3-0 against table toppers Swindon Town.Cortez,Elkeson and Muntari scored the goals on a comfortable night for County.

Second placed Dagenham were blitzed 3-0 away at Wycombe.Toivonen scored two for Wanderers with Sinclair also on target.

Chesterfield stay third with a 2-0 away at Brighton.Ait-Fana and Torbinsky scored the goals for the spireites either side of half time.

Oldham are up to fourth with a 5-3 win at home to Shorpe.Denis had a superb game scoring four times for Oldham with Seleznyov also scoring a penalty.Kluge netted two for United with Kesimal also adding to the scoreline.

Brentford are up to fifth after winning 2-0 away at Cardiff.Brentford had the game wrapped up before half time when Pareso and Junuzovic scored.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Rotherham slipped down to sixth after losing 2-0 at Leyton Orient.Florenzi and Musa got the decisive goals for Orient.

Colchester drew 2-2 at home with Accrington.Kelvin got both goals for Stanley with Nosa and Tatos scoring for United.

Aldershot were hammered 4-1 at home by Shrewsbury.Kruse gave the shrews the lead but Traore equalised for Aldershot.Goals from Tore,Choupo-Moting and Vydra soon put Town out of sight to claim the points.

Gillingham were 2-1 winners at home to Southend.The gills took a two goal lead with strikes from Nugent and Emnes.Prodl got one back for United.

Burton beat Bristol Rovers 2-0.Nounkeo and Meier were the men on target for the brewers.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread




41598_114494211932941_1767_q.jpgBertie Smalls Writes... There were chaotic scenes in Sheffields Arndale shopping center today after an alleged sighting of camera shy Sheffield United manager Ernest Borgnine led to security staff being called to disperse a large inquisitive crowd. The drama happened shortly after 11:30 this morning when a masked individual entered Akims convenience outlet and after purchasing a newspaper, a bottle of Oasis and an item of chocolate confectionery ( later confirmed to be a Twix bar) attempted to pay the £2.40p bill. Unfortunately the cashier recognised the masked Borgnines name on his debit card and upon completing the sale asked how he was finding life at Bramell lane. Single Mum of 3, Michelle Chunderforth witnessed the transaction and told reporter of the chaos that ensued..


A nervous Borgnine shelters behind an umbrella, a Twix, new United signing Caldeira Rommulo

'' yep I was right behind him in the queue, I saw it all and it was Borgnine all right. When Mrs Akim asked him how he was, he murmured something like ..''everything is fine, thank you'' and quickly grabbed his card and his Twix before turning around and making for the door. Although he had glasses on he looked me straight in the eye and i'm telling you there is something weird about him, maybe my boyfriend Simon is right about him and is malformed or something?. Anyway he put his head down and started to put an umbrella up, but as he rushed out of the shop there was a couple of kids trying to get someone to buy em some ciggies and they heard Mrs Akim and started after him with their camera phones trying to get a picture.

They chased him past Peacocks and towards the exits. Before you knew it there was a whole herd of people in pursuit. I saw one old lady waving her stick around and shouting to others in the crowd to take his legs away and pull his mask off. Luckily he managed to keep ahead of the mob and bolted through the doors and run off towards the multistory car park. By now tsome security guards turned up and they managed to hold the doors shut keeping the crowd inside until slowly it dispersed ''.....eyewitness Michelle Chunderforth

Later that day a club spokesman strenuously refused to confirm reports of Borgnines brush with the mob and instead broke the news of the arrival at the club of 25 year Brazilian midfielder Caldeira Rommulo in a £3million cash deal from Italians Fiorentina.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

Champions League Quarter final 2nd leg


There were five English clubs in the last 16 of the Champions League but Fulham, Spurs & Huddersfield failed at the first knock-out stage leaving just two English clubs left participating in the quarter finals, them being the mighty Manchester United and Liverpool.

Liverpool were paired with Lazio who conquered Barcelona 7-1 on aggreagate in the last 16 round, Liverpool duly won the home leg 2-0 and go into the 2nd leg away as favourites, boss SMH is hoping to make it three years in a row of European success after winning the Europa league for the last two seasons.

Manchester United were paired with Fiorentina who conquered Huddersfield on away goals in the first knock-out round, Manchester United beat them 1-0 in the away leg so do go into the 2nd leg as favourites at home, Manchester United will be looking to get their hands on this trophy again as they did win this back in season 1 but recent efforts have saw them lose in the final twice.


Liverpool go into the 2nd leg with a 2 goal lead from the home tie, missing for the tie will be injured trio Frank Ribery ,Didier Drogba & Correa Marquinos and the suspended Leonardo Bonnuci.Confidence is quite high amongst the fans after they have witnessed Liverpool go unbeaten through thirteen games consecutively in all competitions.


How much will Frank be missed?

We must guard against complacency as we must remember this Lazio team demolished Barcelona over two legs in the last round, we are buzzing at the club at the minute though and we know we have what it takes, an early away goal would be nice to settle the nerves, Drogba and Ribery will be missed but I feel we have enough cover with De Jong taking Franks spot and Zarate and Moses sharing the spot of Drogs, lets just hope we have our name in the hat for the semi-final draw tomorrow and hopefully Manchester United will be in there as well.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

Not an MR but here's an updated manager list, as of April 29, 2013:

Divison One

Arsenal - said7fabregas

Bristol City - KangarooJack09

Carlisle United - Alucard

Charlton Athletic - hog0101

Chelsea - Mr Jones

Everton - shack

Exeter City - crawfski

Fulham - Dom Latouche

Huddersfield Town - Pitung Drughi

Leeds United - The Inferno

Liverpool - sirmarkhughes

Manchester City - ᴩᴙᴇᴆᴀᴛᴏʀ

Middlesbrough - Jooles

Milton Keynes Dons - will

Manchester United - sonofpluto

Nottingham Forest - BigGameMo

Sheffield United - Ernest Borgnine

Tottenham - Newman

West Bromwich Albion - ExiledScotInTheUSA

West Ham - taylor8

Divison Two

Aston Villa - Hancock

Blackpool - Dracolis

Blackburn Rovers - Gonzodan


Burnley - HazrBoi

Bury - Lenny59

Coventry City - Paleka12

Newcastle United - Moodymark

Norwich City - MiYkEl Santos (NON-FORUMER?)

Notts County - Darlo1883

Portsmouth - Jack-THFC

Preston North End - RieceM96

Queens Park Rangers - scrooll

Rochdale - Villa

Southampton - RickJames

Stoke City - Reggu Nder

Sunderland - MUTD

Wigan Athletic - Shreyas Jayasankar (NON FORUMER?)

Wolvehampton Wanderers - SJain

Yeovil Town - mistermalcolm

Division Three

AFC Bournemouth - jharman

Barnsley - steve025

Birmingham City – Veigas

Crystal Palace - dazinho

Derby County - Nikidinho

Doncaster Rovers - I Mccoll I 93 I

Hartlepool United - Ryan987

Hull City - loredan

Ipswich Town - steauaseka

Leicester City - Gozzy

Millwall - Craig

Northampton Town - A2R

Peterborough United – Roger the Cat (NON-FORUMER?)

Plymouth Argle - Ozzy

Reading - Martin Paul

Sheffield Wednesday - .TheKaito

Swansea City - Zakkoo

Tranmere Rovers - Ben-SCFC

Walsall - bigtunna

Watford – johnjharman

Division Four

Accrington Stanley - harmanw84

Aldershot Town - racky

Brenford - Johan

Brighton Hove Albion TheDuffman

Bristol Rovers - David Merchant (NON-FORUMER)

Burton Albion - ashtini

Cardiff City - closey

Chesterfield - GLORY_DAYS

Colchester United - Mark Kom

Dagenham & Redbridge - wozlives

Gillingham - x Burrow x

Leyton Orient - Geoffrey

Oldham Athletic - Totti417

Rotherham United - Machine

Shorpe United - Claret N Blue (NON-FORUMER?)

Shewsbury Town - Jes Steve (NON-FORUMER)

Southend United - eziekel

Stockport County – seth.lark

Swindon Town - Paul Gibson (NON-FORUMER)

Wycombe Wanderers - Mr - Hammer

PM me please if there are any changes or mistakes :)

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


The 7046

Game of

the Season!

You can cut the tension with a knife up on Teesside as top-of-the-table Middlesbrough start to wrap up their preparations just one day ahead of the big clash with 2nd place Spurs on Wednesday night. “Of course you won’t see this on TSM blog feature,” Boro manager Jooles quipped, blind to the fact that this was a Wednesday game, “oh no, that’ll be something like Swindon vs. Rotherham, ‘to represent the lower leagues.’ Please don’t tell me this isn’t the biggest match of the 7046 season!”

Boro go into this game though a bag of nerves, despite having beaten Spurs once already. A win would leave then in an unenviable position, some 5 points ahead of their nearest rival, Spurs, with just 4 games to play. But look a little closer at Boro’s season and it is their home form that has been their downfall, picking up just 6 wins and 4 draws from 16 games, the worst form out of all of the top 9 teams. “It’s a tough crowd,” Jooles declared, “since the league win back in season 4 they expect it year after year. We ain’t no Man Utd you know! Then again, neither are they anymore.”


Spurs will be without the services of Bale for the big encounter

Boro, of course, go into this game without the services of midfield maestro Xavi, his injury a huge blow heading into the last few games of the season. “We see it as a blessing in disguise though.” said Jooles. “He’s just 1 card away from a 1 game suspension and at least this way he is guaranteed for to Liverpool game, patched up a little perhaps.” “And what about the Liverpool game?” one reporter asked. “Well,” replied Jooles, “We’ll probably just go into that looking to kick the bejesus out of as many of their players as we can put the boot through. 45 minutes of dishing it out and those fancy-dans won’t but up for the fight come the second half for fear of missing out on an SMFA Cup final spot.”


The type of dirty tackle expected at Anfield this coming Saturday

And what of the sly dig that came out of the Sheff Utd camp the other day, “We’re not Boro!!”? “Clearly the Sheff Utd ‘youth not success’ policy has echoes of the approach pioneered by Machine way back in division 4,” said Jooles, “who is, well, still back in division 4. No, it’s not for me. I wish the bloke well though, this Earnest fella. I mean the lad clearly has problems, if it even is a lad. I had mates who used to date girls like that, you know, with bags on their heads. It’s not right if you ask me, just not right. There was a pedo up our street too who had to go out to Tesco’s with a bag on his head to buy his twix or finger of fudge or whatever it was he was into. Just saying. Makes you wonder doesn’t it?”


Is this the real Ernest Borgnine?

The news conference was then terminated prematurely when Boro boss Jooles broke into uncontrolled fits of laughter and had to be escorted from the room when asked whether Fulham were likely to finish above Boro this season. “Not even an SMFA spot” was believed to be heard, but this could not be confirmed with the loud guffaws echoing around the room. All to play for with just 5 games to go. And lastly, breaking news has it that Boro could be on the verge of a bombshell of a signing, someone who could just tip the title in Boro’s favour who may well be unveiled for the Spurs game. Watch this space for details…


Dom Latouche in his younger days at Highbury

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

Harman Delighted With Latest Additions.


Wayne Harman this morning unveiled his two latest additions to the club in the shape of ROMEU, Oriol and CABALLERO, Mauro for a combined fee of just over 11.5 million pounds. Accrington are currently unbeaten in 14 league games and have picked up all three points on 9 of those occasions and Harman has been delighted with his teams form,


CABALLERO, says he is thankful to be given his chance to show wot he can do in England.

After a tricky start we have now settled and have started playing some good stuff. Nice to see the new players coming into the team are making an immediate impact. When i took the job here at Accrington i didn't really have much to work with so we sat down and decided in order to move the club forward we were going to build a very young team that are only going to get better and better, and that is the case, the players are getting better and better week in, week out. We have now got to the stage where i'm very happy with the squad we have here, and competition for places is good. This is a young team and so far everything is going to plan and we should be able to continue pushing the club forward all the time.


Romeu during his first interview as a Stanley player.

With the arrival of CABALLERO, Mauro some papers are reporting that Wilfried Bony is not happy at the Crown ground and wants a move to a bigger club. Stanley's leading scorer last season is struggling to find his form this season and has netted just 11 times in 32 games for the club. Last season he was Stanleys main man but this season Mateus Kelvin is quickly turning himself into a fans favourite since his move from Birmingham as the striker has set the world alight with his performances since the move, netting 21 times in just 22 games.


Could Bony be on his way out?

Harman refused to comment on the future of Bony saying,

I'm not interested in speculation, i'm interested in our next game and that is tomorrow night at home to Leyton Orient, my job is to make sure my players are ready and know there jobs and i'm sure that come tomorrow night they will be ready to go.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread



duke_of_clarence_normal.jpegThe Duke of Clarence Writes...After a season warming the Sheffield United bench, bushy eyed Russian keeper Vald ( big gob) Gabulov's patience finally wore thin as he handed a formal transfer request to manager Ernie Borgnine. The 29 year old Gabulov has grown increasing unhappy at Bramell lane after first playing second fiddle to Tim Weise and more recently, ageing Italian Morgan De Sanctis. Whilst personally unavailable for comment, Gabolvs agent Yuri Yankabollockov issued a short statement declaring...

''Its with great sadness that Vlad feels that after a season of trying to cement his place in the team, the on going lack of faith placed in his ability by the former manager has left his position at the club untenable. He would like add that his decision to leave has little to do with the present manager who whilst being somewhat strange had tried his best to convince him to stay until the end of the season. Vlad thanks the people of Sheffield for their support and would like to add that the city will forever hold a place in his heart as its greyness and long abandoned industries always reminded him of his home town of Volograd albeit slightly more polluted''.....Yuri Yankabollockov



With the imminent departure of Gabulov , Borgnine suddenly finds himself in somewhat of a keeper crisis and before the season is out may well have to rethink the very public decision to release veteran De Sanctis. In other transfer news, rumours abound that Borgnine is contemplating an end of season move for want away Accrington Stanley man Wilfred Bony. Whilst remaining tight lipped Borgnine is likely to face stiff competition from a host of clubs including Swansea, Burnley and Wallsall in securing the services of the 24 year old hitman.

Meanwhile United tonight secured their place in the Europa cup semi final after a comfortable 2-1 win over St Etienne. Goals from Simaon Kjaer and Mathieu Valbuena saw the tie finish 5-2 on aggregate to set up a semi final date with title challenging Bristol City.

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