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English Championship 7046 Match Reports/Transfer Gossip Thread


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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Next up Craig~Barnsley

Hey there Craig, welcome to Radio7046 FM, I am Dan and I will be your interviewer for today.

Thanks for having me on the top radio station at 7046FM

After 361 games as Millwall manager it must be sad to leave them but Barnsley offer a new hope for you, How are you settling in to your new side?

It was sad to leave Millwall but I think it was best for the club as I couldn't get them back to where they belong. I 'm finding it difficult to settle without being at Millwall, but I haven't lost the passion for 7046, who knows maybe one day I will return to Millwall

I see you have been busy in the transfer market, some nice signings you have picked up, who is your favourite signing so far, and are there any more going to be following then in?

I was glad to get the three players, PANDEV, JONATHAN and SCHAFER and hope they can help in their respective areas of the pitch. Also, I'm happy to get NAUGHTON and FABINHO on loan coz we need cover when out top players get injured etc. Another loan will come in and maybe buy another which maybe p/x, the squad is good so i don't want to over tweak it.

It looks a tough league where do you see Millwall finishing this season?

It will be difficult for them again with little finance, but After the decent start by the new manager, A play-off may not be too far away for them, I wish them well.

Who would you say are the three most dangerous teams you will have to face this season?

Tough question, I think biggest threat will be from Man City, Birmingham need watched, Newly promoted Norwich could be a surprise team after last season's form.

Thanks for the interview Craig but before you go We are going into the tenth season now Do you think this will be the one where you finally win something?

I hope so, I've waited long enough, running out of fingers to count with. I hope to build on the 6th place finish for Barnsley last season, maybe we can go one step further, however this Division is a step up, I experienced 7 tough seasons in Div-3 with Millwall so I hope my experience will help.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Up Next ~Josh Harman~Bournemouth

Hey there Josh, welcome to Radio7046 FM, I am Dan and I will be your interviewer for today.

Always a pleasure.

Well what can I say, that was a disappointing season have you made any moves to strengthen for the new season?

We have to put it behind us now, i have spoken long and hard about where it went wrong and perhaps what we could of done different but its pointless now. I decided that i wanted to freshen the whole squad up, so there has been plenty of movement in and out and were delighted with what we have got so far. We think were in a really strong position going into the new season.

Sounds good, Sometimes dropping a division is not always that bad as it can boost confidence in the manager and the players, Do you think this will be the case with Bournemouth?

I know what you mean, once i got my head around the fact that we were relegated, i started to relish the challenge of starting from scrach at the bottom and with the squad we have assembled, i have little doubt we will rise again.

Bookmakers have installed you as one of the favourites for the title this season, that aside where do you see yourself finishing?

It is no surpirse, we have a strong team and some great lads coming through the youth system, so there is always going to be pressure on us to perform and do well in this league, its my job to make sure the players ignore whats being said in the meida because make no mistake, it will not be a walk in the park.

If you were to pick out three dangers for the title this season who would they be, barring yourself of course?

Wolves have a strong squad, as do Wycombe but i think Accrington will be a real force this season, there squad continues to get better with experience and i know my brother is aiming for promotion this season. However, if im being honest, nobody worries me too much, i have a real confidence in my lads.

Thanks for the interview Josh but before you go How do you think your brother will get on in his first season in the Premiership?

There has been alot said in the media lately but for all the talk and all these awards flying around, chances are he will only be one league above me next season. I will keep my eye on Walsall, as i will be up there one day and i want to create me a little not-to-do list.

Thanks Dan, superb work.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Next up is : Noisy~Bury

What can I say, great job avoiding the drop with Bury, I thought you were a gonner, it must have been a great feeling to finally get over the safety line?

Indeed I myself at one stage thought this is it we are a sinking ship and we are on the way down but the wins against Everton and Utd really saved us, The feeling was actually relief more then anything but I must say it was all too close for my liking.

You must have been thinking to yourself what you have let yourself in for when after your first three games you had shipped in 15 goals, I know that wasn't really your side and I see you have made a few changes, do you think you and your squad are in better shape to deal with the pressures of Premiership life for the coming season?

No, Infact losing our top GK Sirigu we are really playing with fire in the hope that Leno can succeed him and put in the displays Sirigu did.

We could always be improving Bury and that is something I will look to do but we have the lowest budget in the league.

I hear ya, So what is your prediction on Bury's finishing position this season?

Anything above 17th will be an achievement in itself but with the talent of the teams coming up we will always find ourselves scraping for our life due to the small size of the club.

You have no doubt saw what opposition you will be facing this season, from the teams you have already played and the three who come up what three teams do you see yourself finishing above?

This is a real tough one but I can see Stoke down in the mix again with me and depending on how Dom manages his flops but I hope to finish above Fulham so whether they go down or not is for another discussion but finishing above Dom would be sweet.

The last team for me is out of Derby and Swansea and I think both will find this League tough to handle, For me this is the hardest League Division in SM.

Thanks for taking the time to sit down and have a chat but before you go I just have to ask was that 8-1 defeat to Liverpool up there with the worst result you have had in a forum set-up?

That one hurt more then you could imagine and yes I have never been whooped that bad before especially at home and we hope it NEVER happens again.

We wish to forget about that result but sadly it goes down on our history page.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Next up: Hancock~Chelsea

Hey there Hancock, welcome to Radio7046 FM, I am Dan and I will be your interviewer for today.

In your fifteen games as boss you started off so well and most would have said you were nailed on for a top four finish but you seemed to self-implode on the run-in with just two wins from the last eight games, Did the pressure get to the squad as the team has been under-performing for years?

Yeah, the first few games after I took over we had good results but after that everything just went downhill. I don't really think it was because of pressure, the results just didn't go our way. I didn't get my tactics right in a few games and in some we were just unlucky. That'll change next season though ;)

In your short tenure you have switched up the team quite a lot, are you just trying to get your squad to your liking or is this a process that will happen on a regular occurrence?

I'm just trying to get it to my liking and I've more or less done that now. I do like to do deals, everyone knows that but now I've got a squad I'm pretty happy with. There will still be changes but some players in my squad will not be leaving no matter what the offer.

Seems a fair point, so Hancock if you were to predict where you will finish in the upcoming season where would that be?

I'd like to say as champions but I think 4th is more realistic

You played against nearly all the teams in the division who would you say are the three most dangerous sides to play?

The 3 most dangerous sides in my opinion are - Sunderland, Middlesbrough & Liverpool

Thanks for the interview Hancock but before you go what did you make of Raz and Dom blowing their opportunity to win the league, did you feel their pain or find it amusing?

Definitely amusing!

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Next up: Ruts~Norwich

Hey there ruts66, welcome to Radio7046 FM, I am Dan and I will be your interviewer for today.

Hi Dan, thank you for having me on your show - it's good to be here on the eve of the new season.

Great season for you there with Norwich, did you have to buy a new trophy cabinet for all your end of season awards?

Ha, yes - it took Delia a while to find the Brasso but the players lounge now looks a little cheerier. It's been a bit of a barren spell at Carrow Road for a couple of seasons so it's good to see the feel-good factor return at the club - especially for the fans who've faithfully stuck by us through the leaner times. The city is buzzing again as we look forward to renewing old acquaintances in the third tier.

You won the league at a canter was that good management or the lack of any good competition?

There's certainly no lack of quality in Division 4 but with the experienced squad I inherited it was really a case of re-focussing on solid tactics and careful rotation to maintain momentum. We had some very good senior pros coming to the end of their time at Norwich and I have to give great credit to them for getting us over the line in good time to start the necessary rebuild ahead of our rivals.

Haha yeah I jest, So where do you think you will finish up at the end of the season?

I honestly don't know - it will be interesting to see how my new players cope with the step up in class. Fifteen new faces have come in with an average age of 25 to replace the older guard. Reducing the 1st XI average rating by a couple of points may prove to be a risky strategy in terms of results on the pitch but, as a club, we had to address the issue of an ageing/devaluing squad. On paper, I'd say we're in a group just below mid-table but the ambition for the season will be higher plus a decent showing in the cup competitions.

Who do you think will be the three teams most likely to face the drop?

When you look at the quality of the squads that were either relegated or avoided the drop last season it brings into focus how hard Division 3 is. Therefore, you've got to include the three newly promoted sides plus two or three of those who narrowly escaped last season. I wouldn't want to put money on those though as they are all well-equipped to compete at this level.

Thanks for coming in to the Studio, ruts, but before you go are you looking forward to playing against Ronaldo and Messi or are you dreading it?

We face Manchester City in our first home fixture next Wednesday. Needless to say, tickets are sold out and we look forward to playing host to the world's two best footballers. Delia will again be providing the half-time entertainment... ;-)

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Next up ~Steve ~Man City

Hey Steve welcome to Radio7046 FM, I am Dan and I will be your interviewer for today.

It's good to be here thanks for having me.

First off I would like to say congrats on getting the Manchester City job, what are your feelings on taking over what seems to be a cursed club in 7046?

Thanks Dan. It's a real privilege to take one of the biggest jobs in 7046 but a lot of work lies ahead. This club has become accustomed to losing football matches and that has to change that is a challenge which excites and one i am very much looking forward to.

Moving on, are you excited about pairing the two best football players on the planet in your new look side?

I certainly am Dan. The first thing i did when joining City was sound out Ronaldo and thankfully we was able to get a deal done. I lost two very good players in that deal but getting Cristiano in a City shirt cushioned that blow and to have Messi in the same team shows our intent. They will cause all-sorts of problems at this level.

You are installed as the odds on favourite to win the Division three crown this season, i know this can put an extra bit of pressure on, away from the prying eyes of the bookmakers in all honesty where do you see yourself finishing?

If we don't win the league i will deem that a failure simple as that. This club should be challenging for the division 1 title never mind division 3. I want to change the mind set of the club to one of success and winning titles breeds that mentality.

Any pressure we have from outside the club needs to be channeled into the players and used as a motivation.

At least you have the bonus of knowing the opposition in division three, who do you see as your main dangers this season?

I have certainly served some time and have faced most clubs plenty of times. I would say Northampton are contenders and Ipswich should be up fighting again. I am tipping Birmingham to have a good season under Luis and you can never rule out my old side Barnsley. They know what it takes to fight for the play offs

I wish you all the best for the new season Steve but before I go, sorry to harp on about Messi and Ronaldo again but players of that quality usually demand European football, have you set out a plan to win a cup this season to get into Europe or are you just focusing on the league?

The league is our number one priority but we would love to challenge for a cup. I have had to cut some numbers from the squad due to financing but we still have decent depth and that is certainly useful when approaching cup competitions.

Thanks following me on your show Dan. Best of luck.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Next up: Raz~Sunderland

Hey there Raz, welcome to Radio7046 FM, I am Dan and I will be your interviewer for today.

Nice to have you in the studio Raz, firstly I have to ask losing the title on the final day of the season on goal difference, that has got to hurt, looking back on it now do you think you should have changed tactics and went all out attack or something for the last 15 minutes?

No.The tactics were just perfect but we just forgot how to finish.Me,the players and Marco Reus are happy about how we've done in the last season and we'll push it for better in this one.

Fair Point Raz, Every time I look at your squad it seems to get better, are you glad your squad building was recognizes in the recent awards ceremony, being branded the best in the transfer market must mean a lot to a wheeler dealer like yourself?

Thats what I do at all.I deal.I am more than a manager,I may fail sometimes with the tactics but I don't really fail into the market.Dom,SOP or everybody else just set tactics and thats it but I manage a whole club here,I am not just a coach.

Well a second place finish in one of the hardest leagues on the planet is nothing to sniff at, where do you see yourself finishing this season?

Above Dom

You know the opposition well by now, what three teams do you think pose the greatest danger to you this season?

Myself,Sunderland,SM engine

Thanks for taking the time to have a chat Raz but before you go What are your thoughts on Reus only getting one vote in the end of season awards for player of the year, Do you think it is just you overrating him or did people just not vote for him through spite or jealousy?

Reus doesn't give a **** on everybody else opinion.He's the best player of this world.End of

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Next up: Will~MK Dons

Hey there Will, welcome to Radio7046 FM, I am Dan and I will be your interviewer for today.

Hi there mate, congratulations again on last season’s title.

Thanks Will, I know you must be gutted to miss out on promotion via the play-offs, you had the better goal difference just three more points would have seen you take that auto promotion spot, you only won one game from your first seven are you aiming to make a better start this season?

I did have a poor start to the season last year, but I also completely changed my team at the start of it aswell. I know a lot of new arrivals can have a bad impact upon results, and I took this risk. We also had a dodgy, if not unlucky, last few matches. But it was gutting yes.

This season we are planning on getting our main transfers done before the matches start; the only player coming in a little bit down the road being Lukaku. I am imagining a tough start to the season, we will have a new striker partnership for instance that may limit us for a few games, so 12 points from the first 7 matches would be my aim.

I feel your pain Will, I see you have made moves already in the transfer market, will there be more transfers to follow?

Well my main aim for the past couple of seasons has been to create a team that can grow and thrive. A core that I can rely on and keep. I have chopped and changed the team a lot, with no real players recognisable from three, maybe even two seasons ago.

This season we have that core. Lukaku will be joining for Koke in a couple of weeks and he will partner our new signing Lewandowski. I am hoping for 35, if not 40, goals between the two of them this year.

In midfield we have Ramsey, Miki and Konoplyanka. These are the three guys that the team is really built around and hopefully they can supply the strike force, and chip in with 25 goals between the three of them.

Getting Gibbs in, as part of the Ibra deal last season, will also be a big plus. He can help Boateng stop the goals going in the wrong end haha.

I have been trying to keep wages in check and we will be looking to level out about the 875k a week range, saving us over a 100k a week from last year. We will still lose about 15 million, but I hope to make that up in player sales and risers.

I don’t intend to change too much apart from my second team and maybe another decent CB this half of the season certainly. But then again with Raz sniffing around all my players nobody can say they won’t be dealing. Charlton seem to be shortlisting a suspicious amount too!

It is a tough league the Championship where do you see yourselves finishing this season?

It is indeed a very tough league and ratings don’t mean too much as most are around the 89-90 team average. I am glad that Derby went up as they were a tough team for me, seeing Man City drop out is a huge bonus aswell. Then again, you know Newcastle will be there or there abouts and with Ibra I am tipping them to win the league. I can’t take play off heart break again so I will say second with two games to spare haha.

If you were to pick out the three teams who will post the most danger to your title promotion ambitions who would they be?

Without a doubt Newcastle, as said above. Forest will be there or there abouts, certainly in tactical nous and Iniesta should get top assists or he deserves a pay cut! With a new manager Huddersfield could go all the way too, they have a cracking squad and a few decent deals could make me squirm! Villa also, but with just three to pick Huddersfield just get it.

Before you go Will what do you make of the three relegated teams, usually at least one of them goes back up, who would you say is the favourite to go back up from the trio (Notts Forest, Exeter & Blackburn)?

Forest will be up there with the top few, Exeter play offs I think. I feel Blackburn may struggle. They don’t have one marquee player and they may be struggling if they start poorly. Exeter have a weaker squad but they have the tactical nous. They did well to stay up so long and I certainly don’t look forward to playing them. Forest could be hampered if the ratings are harsh, midway through the season they could lose Afellay, Giggs, Kuyt and Bruno Alves as 90 rated players. That could derail him, well hopefully anyway haha.

Thanks Dan, been a pleasure.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Next up: Adriano B~Charlton

Hey there Adriano, welcome to Radio7046 FM, I am Dan and I will be your interviewer for today.

Hi Dan. You know, when I was invited to the station, I didn't quite envision it as being the burger stand behind Anfield. But thanks for having me, I'll try and keep away from the grills.

With your first half season under your belt, you have made a few changes to the squad, what is your best signing?

Aleksandr Samedov really solved a large gap and a weak link in the squad over on that right wing so I would have to say him. Hopefully he lives up to it, though!

You got to the SMFA Shield semi final, was it disappointing to lose to Sunderland just one game before the final?

Yes it was pretty tough to fall at the final hurdle. However, I can't set tactics for SMFAs so I feel very distant from my squad on those Tuesday nights. Looking forward to seeing how the lads get on this season in it though - we have a very tough group.

Fair enough, So what is your prediction on where you will finish this season?

A calculated prediction would put us in the relegation zone come the end of the season. However, I have to think big and the likely reason I got this job was from my abilities of working with underdogs. It's going to be challenging, but I'm relishing it. Let's say bottom half; that covers enough ground to be realistic, optimistic and pessimistic.

Who stands out as the three most dangerous sides you will face this season?

It's two thirds the way in to the season, you're hunting down precious points but your trusted tactics run dry. Three successive losses throw you down the table. Those three losses could be against anyone: top, bottom, middle or cup - it can be so incredibly difficult to resolve this situation and avoid sabotage. It is this scenario, these three games, that are most dangerous: dealt with right then they will only be a slight hiccup in the long run, but dealt with wrong and they will lead to down fall.

Thanks for your time before you go who do you think will be the relegation candidates this season, name two?

Well, ourselves and Bury are in for a tough season judging by the valuation of our squads - a third of some of the big boys' total value!

Thanks for having me. And thanks for the burger - what do I owe you, a couple of quid? What a coincidence, that's our transfer budget for this season!

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Next up: Ultraviolence ~Rochdale

Hey there UV, welcome to Radio7046 FM, I am Dan and I will be your interviewer for today.

Hey Dan!

So last season you will be pleased that you were able to beat the drop as it looked for a long while that you were going to drop through the trapdoor?

Yes, It's true. I've been struggling there in the bottom of the table throughout the whole season. I though we were gonna get relegated, but I'm so happy we didn't.

Your team is quite thin have you got plans to expand it by a few this season>?

I've been looking to bring some new players, and it's finally happening. I'm expanding the team for the new season. Mangala is leaving for two talented players, Kevin Krampl and Maxim Lestienne. The two new signings whom I can't wait to see them play for us, they'll will bring more depth and quality to the squad.

Fair enough, To be honest your squad shouldn't be languishing down at the bottom, where do you think your team will finish this season?

I know. We really should be up there in the top 6 teams of Division 3, but we just haven't had the luck. Hopefully this is the season that will change everything.

I don't know where we will finish, but I really want to be there in the top 6 places of the Division.

The league seems to have got even harder with some of the relegated teams upping the standard of the division, who do you think will be the three most dangerous teams this season?

It's true.

The most dangerous teams this season will be Manchester City & Northampton Town. Can't really think of a third team, maybe Ipswich.

Thanks for your time UV but before you go, I see you where quite vociferous on tense division one finale, Do you think Raz over the course of the season deserved to win it?

No. Liverpool deserved the win! Raz didn't deserve to win it! But he deserved to be in the top 6 of Division 1.

I know it sounds crazy, but for me he will never win Division 1. He has the players to win it, it's just that he as a manager isn't as good some may think. He is like Mourinho of the Game World *laughs*

Well, Thank you Radio7046.FM and thank you Dan for having me.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Next up: Dom~Fulham

Hey there Dom, welcome to Radio7046 FM, I am Dan and I will be your interviewer for today.

Hello my names Dom and I will be your interviewee. Your very welcome over this privilege.

Haha I feel honored, You confounded a few critics who said you would be relegation candidates, no prizes but a decent season nonetheless, I see the critics are out in force again this season, Do you take any notice of them?

Of course not! Ever since I walked into the job where I took a Fulham side that made Millwall look like a youth centre , Turned it round and im always fighting near the top. And you ask me do I listen to those idiots? They are like old women in a sewing club :)

Fair enough, have you started any transfer business for the coming season yet or are you good to go?

Ive had some real trouble with this , I did have 2 wingers and a forward signed up and agreed but for legal reasons I cannot state but im highly frustrated. However I did get my main target which was Damiao , Hes a strong CF who will provide excellent competition for Javier which was our main issue last season so delight to get him. Im always looking to add faces but we are definately good to go!

So Dom another season where you nearly made it, you are getting closer as it was only goal difference this year, that has got to hurt but at least you won an award for it, where do you see yourself finishing this season?

Yes it was another season of being so close and a penalty kick away but we have picked ourselves up and start firing back. When we are down we always fight back! I noticed the over achieving award but in a division where the pool of managers with talent is low , I didn't think it was overachieving. I do expect to be fighting for the league like every year!

If you were to pick out the three teams who do not look like they have the squads capable of mounting a title challenge this season who would they be?

Manchester United as because there squad is declining and is a complete joke of a manager , My nan could manage that team better and she doesn't know the offside rule! Middlesbourgh purely because I don't think his squad is strong enough don't get me wrong hes got some fantastic players but they have a terrible overall squad which Jooles always made up for with his tactics but he doesn't even have that edge anymore. I hate to say this but I don't think Ben at Spurs has enough about him either to win this title , He has the squad but he lets them down.

Thanks Dom it has been entertaining but before you go what do you make of some of the big stars that have moved for, well pennies, Do you think the transfer market is changing or are some managers just taking advantage of naive managers?

What do I think? I think some of my fellow managers are complete and utter parasites! Its sickening that managers with no talent and no morals like Shack and Raz have to stoop so low to improve there squad. I set myself and this great club a high standard which I expect my fellow managers to follow, to be honest some of them are just classless but that's football.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Next up: Smut~Brighton

Hey there Paul, welcome to Radio7046 FM, I am Dan and I will be your interviewer for today.

Sorry, I think there has been some kind of mistake, my agent told me a nice young blonde from radio5 live was desperate to interview me, I’ve booked a table and a room for tonight, are you sure you are at the right club?

Congratulations on a superb season there is nothing like winning a title on the last day, How did you and the players celebrate yours?

Hold on while I phone my agent will you.

Oh well he thinks it’s funny, he wont when I get a new agent next week.

Might as well carry on with this now, that last day was great, we never thought the top 2 would slip up so we didn’t plan on anything but the play-offs so once we heard that we were champions, it was hearty hand shakes all round. Afterwards the chairman laid on an impromptu high tea and although against club rules, a few managed a couple of sherries. I had to leave early due to my charity work commitments.

Your teams is quite balanced no players rated over 89, Do you think this will prove a stumbling block as you try to make a beeline for the Premier?

It will be a huge problem if the club has any ambition to be promoted, they will need a better manager to start with. I have already begun to think of my future and only last week I was in France on a private coaching course with Latouchtaktik, cost me a months salary and all I got from it was, score more goals and don’t let any in and the food was crap.

Haha thought as much, So in your mind where have you calculated that you will finish the season?

16th will do me, I love mid table obscurity, no pressure, no false hopes ,just a dull season is what I’ll be dreaming of.

Higher than that I thought, If I put you on the spot what three teams would you say you have the best chance of finishing above?

Sheff utd, MK Dons and Newcastle have some top players in their side. Although I think half the teams are capable of winning the division, it’s part of the league table I wont be taking much notice of to be honest.

Thanks Paul it has been fun having you but before you go I just have to ask If it came down to you and Peterbourough for an auto promotion spot do you think you would finish above him again?

No, I think we were very fortunate, but it was our cup final that nearly messed everything up for us, our poorest run was around that time but we needed the money. I think Peter Boro and his team mates will have a good season this year, as will Swindon who also made it through the play-offs.

Thanks Dan, I’d like to say it’s been fun but I cant, what you doing tonight? I’ve made a booking I can’t cancel and was wondering if…………..

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Next up: SMH~Liverpool

Hey there SMH, welcome to Radio7046 FM, I am Gary and I will be your interviewer for today.

Quality stuff Gary, nice to be invited.

Well that was a great season, winning the league on the final day, does it get any better than that?

No Gary it certainly doesn't I have been close for the last three seasons finishing in 2nd, 3rd and 4th in no order, so to get across the line finally was fantastic, winning it on goal difference from a couple of other managers made it even better.

Fair enough, Did you think you had blown it at any point?

Yes to be honest when we lost that five point gap down to just level points with Sunderland I thought it may have been curtains as we lost to them 4-2 the first time around but just needing a draw helped as we just parked the bus.

So where do you see yourself finishing this season?

To be honest I would say we are certs for a top four as there are a few managers who just crumble in the last quarter, I can see myself winning back to back titles as once you have won one why not two?

Can you give us a lowdown on some of the contenders this season?

Fulham will be up there but can't see them winning it, Arsenal will be nearer the bottom than top at the end of the season, Boro will be lucky for a top six, Man United are a joke, Chelsea look solid, Sunderland will struggle to match the 2nd place finish, Spurs go missing in the home straight, Everton well they are back where they belong as the 2nd best club in Merseyside, Charlton and Leeds are battlers, Carlisle will be one of the teams fighting it out, is that enough?

Yes that will do Dan as we are out of time, goodnight.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Next up: Félix~Gillingham

Hey there Félix, welcome to Radio7046 FM, I am Dan and I will be your interviewer for today.

What a great first season for you, getting promoted via winning the play-offs is great, Did you expect such early success?

Hi Dan, nice to be interviewed by you. I honestly did not expect to succeed so soon. From day one my goal was to make the climb, but it seemed impossible when I started to run matches the team was improving and we proposed.

Now that you have moved up a division have you made any changes to the team?

Yes, I have made ??several changes, always trying to improve the quality of my team. I know that now rivals will be much harder, so to achieve the same goal of keeping in Division 3 should make some signings as I did. Players like Del Piero, Donati and Matias Suarez are already part of Gillingham, and we have not yet recalled. As sales have gone Vaz Té, Nugent, Dawson, and Zulechner Zhar, and surely someone else will.

I also received three loan players that will help me a lot, they are: Clark, Cork and Campbell, from the Bristol City and Everton.

That's great, where do you see yourself finishing this season?

My goal is to stay in the division. The Chairman asked me to close in mid-table, I hope to do that or get over it, dreaming is free.

Who would you say are the three most dangerous sides you will Have to face this season?

There are very good teams in this category. I think the champion is favorite to be Manchester City (my first opponent this season), but we must also be alert to teams like Leicester City, Northampton Town, Coventry City and Ipswich Town, having great players in their ranks.

Thanks for your time Felix before you go but who do you think will be Among the favorites for the relegation this season?

I think the Plymouth Argyle will need a lot of luck to keep in our division.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Next up: Hammer~Arsenal

Hey there Hammer, welcome to Radio7046 FM, I am Dan and I will be your interviewer for today.

Thanks for the welcome always great to here your show now a part of it is awsome.

You inherited a great team in Arsenal after earning your spurs in the lower league, Do you think you can handle the pressures that come with a big job?

I have proven my worth with the lower leagues the back end of the season is always a hard time to take over but im up for the fight this season.

You have been busy in the transfer market with lots of deals went through , you have sold off some big names, should the Arsenal fans be worried?

No not at all if anythink they should be happy the loss of ronaldo was big but ozil should fit in great here and im am keen to see how he fits in as well as roben and benzima we have a very strong squad.

Where do you see yourselves finishing this season?

I would like to say first but a relistic aim would be a top four finish.

Who do you see as the three sides who will be most dangerous to you when you play them this season?

It would have to be fulham, sunderland and chelsea they have great squads the one team bar them tree is champions liverpool i am one who is very much looking towords our two games against them and i have to wish there manager the best of luck.

Thanks for your time Hammer but before you go what is the story with you buying up all these goalkeepers so you intend to rotate them this season?

I have three grade a goal keepers howerd has proven himself with everton and forster has a great chance of becoming number one mark is here on a coaching contract but dont rule him out on getting game time this season.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Next up: André~Aldershot

Hey there André, welcome to Radio7046 FM, I am Dan and I will be your interviewer for today.

Hi Dan, it’s a pleasure to be here as i’m a big fan of 7046 FM!

First of all welcome in to the best gameworld on the planet, you have inherited a decent side who do you think is the best player in your squad?

Thanks for the welcome, i’m really enjoying my first days in the best GW on the planet. Yes, I found a decent team in Aldershot. Some good players, decent depth and decent average rating. Not bad for a small team like Aldershot. Roberto Firmino is our best player and also my favourite one. Patrick Herrmann is also a very good player. Two great talents from Bundesliga. Ofc we needed to make some adjustments. We sold Coates, Downing and Dudu for about 22M, money that we used to bring in some great talents to our team. I’m sure we’re stronger now and our future looks brighter!

I see you have made a few moves in the transfer market, who would you say is your best pick-up so far?

I should say that i’m pretty happy with all my signings to be honest… In terms of importance in a near future, I think Valerie Germain is probably my best signing, due to our lack of real solutions for CF position. A guy who is starting and scoring for a top side like Monaco, and he’s only 23 years old. A rise to 87 should be on the cards for now. And we got him for CV! A CB was also one of our needs, so getting an experienced and solid CB like José Fonte it’s really nice, specially considering he’s about to rise. But I must mention top talents like De Paul, Msakni and Kakitani, players that showed all his talent at continental level and may be looking for a move to Europe soon. And ofc, Porto’s players Carlos Eduardo and Fabiano and top young goalkeeper Kapinos were very good signings. Well, i told you i was pretty happy with them all…

Quality stuff, so where do you see yourself finishing this season?

As it’s my first season here I’m not sure what I can expect from other teams/managers, but I’m sure we will make better than last season (14 th place). I will be honest and fearless and say that our goal is to finish in top 6! A top 10 is a must.

I am sure you have gad a glance over some of your opponents teams, who would you say are the three most dangerous looking sides in the division?

Well, it’s hard to say, but judging by team’s potential and performance last season I would say Brentford, who finished 3rd and have pretty decent depth, Sheffield Wednesday, who has two 91 rated players (Toulalan and Gabi) in important positions and also good depth. Hartepool missed play-offs last season and I think it can happen again this season, due to a cleary lack of depth, but they managed to get two great players in Robinho and Rolfes, which can make them more dangerous. Wolves, who came from Division 3, has probably the best squad in the Division and may be a contender, but it wont be easy for them. I think it will be an open race really, very competitive, with some other teams involved.

Thanks for your time André before you go should we expect to see a few more Portuguese players coming in over the course of the season?

We will always look for a good deal, a good talent that is emerging, portuguese or not. Ofc being a portugueses myself may help me to identify faster and more accurately the best talents in our home league, but it wont be a real trend for Aldershot. Now, before I left I would like to wish a good and entertaining season to all managers. Thanks for the interview and have a nice day sir!

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Next up: Matthew H~Leyton Orient

Hey there Matthew, welcome to Radio7046 FM, I am Dan and I will be your interviewer for today.

Hi Dan, thanks for having me.

First of all welcome to the gameworld, it is nice to see new blood in here, what do you make of the squad you inherited?

First off, I am very pleased to have got a job in England in the first place. It is a fantastic place to be as it is so competitive across all 4 leagues and their are some top managers in here. As for my squad, I knew I would never get one of the "big" teams, as that is earned through hard work and commitment down in the lower divisions. But we have some very talented players here, along with a great crop of young lads as well. Everybody in the team from the grounds man to the first team players have been fantastic from day 1. I already feel like I have been here several seasons, and I can foresee great things from this club. I have already brought in a couple of lads from transfers abroad which will hopefully improve the squad further.

Nice, Have you picked out who will be your captain for the season?

Ah, captain, yes. Difficult one that. There are so many players here who have been here for many seasons and shown fantastic loyalty to the fans and club. But in the end I settled for Ricardo Palacios. He is an experienced player who has outstanding quality, and he has been terrific with the young lads here, helping them to become better players. He is certainly a player any team would love to have.

Where do you see yourself finishing this season?

Hopefully not too low, haha! In an ideal world I would be able to say challenge for the play offs. But in my first season I don't really think that would happen, but we have always got to remain optimistic. In all seriousness though, I like to think of my first season as the building season. I suppose a good way of describing it would be a "one step back, two steps forward" approach. A top half finish would be nice.

Fair enough, Who so you see as the three main dangers from the squads you will face this season?

Well, you have to put wolves in there. How did they even get to this division? And as for the other two, I think it is a very close run thing. Accrington have a fab young squad so i'll put them in as number 2, and then Bournemouth.

Thanks for your time Matthew before you go who do you think will be favourite for the wooden spoon this season?

Cardiff. They are in such a mess at the moment, I dread to think what their financial situation may be. Hopefully a new manager can come in and sort things out.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Next up: Shack~Everton

Hey there Shack, welcome to Radio7046 FM, I am Dan and I will be your interviewer for today.

Hey there Dan thanks for having me on the show. Congratulations on the title win.

I have been looking forward to having you in for this chat, what a season that was for your troops, you looked dead and buried for a while and were taking a lot of stick, how did you manage to turn that around?

I think it was down to sticking with a formation i know my team are comfortable with. In the opening weeks i think i entered panic mode and started multiple formations to try and get some points on the board but the more i tried the worse it became. People give 3-5-2 a bad rep but i find it suits my team perfectly. Makes me wonder how the season would have gone if we didn't have that early struggle mind and stuck to what im comfortable with.

Nicely done, I see you have brought in a few signings and some of the for pennies in real terms, you must have some amazing scouts at the club, have you got your eye on any more new additions for the new season?

Haha don't let my scouts hear you say that or they'll ask for a pay rise. But nah cards on the table its been a fantastic time for the club transfer wise, we've brought in players who will secure the clubs long term future so im delighted. With new additions its no secret im looking to try and bring in a new defender to sure up the back line if possible.

Fair enough, As long as you don't have such a horrendous start where do you see yourselves finishing this season?

I'm of the mentality that i have managed to win it before so why cant i win it again when my team is stronger than previously. My heart says challenge for the title, my head says with the quality in the division at the moment securing a European spot possible top 4 position would be a good achievement.

It is a very tough league to win, you will know that as you have been there and got the t-shirt, come to think of it your wearing it now, If you were to name three managers who have been punching above there weight and might come down to earth with a bump this season who would they be?

If i had to pick three i would say Leeds, Spurs and Fulham. Leeds despite not doing too much have always been around in division one but i have a feeling looking at their sqaud time will run out for them. I think Spurs are too reliant on Bale and with an ageing squad around him the likes of Gerrard and Persie theyl soon start to struggle. And dom.. well need i say more? If he was a cat his 9 lives would be up.

Thanks Shack it has been a pleasure but before you go what do you make of the old 'we won it back in the day duo'~Jooles and SOP, any chance of either of them making a comeback this season to be considered a danger?

I cant see that happening tbh. If anything i think we may be entering the demise of the 'old guard' with Mo already dropping down to league 2 i think it could be a struggle for those boys to succeed. If i was Jooles i think staying up would be good season and for SOP qualifying for Europe. Its a testament really as to how tough the league has become when the veterans start to struggle.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Next up: Jooles~Boro

Hey there Jooles, welcome to Radio7046 FM, I am Dan and I will be your interviewer for today.

Well what can I say, another lackluster season for Boro, was this part of the reason that you seemed to embark upon a media silence throughout the season or were there other factors?

Well you know us Dan, we either finish mid-table or win the league. No half measures. Averaging a title every 3 seasons I guess it just wasn't our turn this time.

I have read a lot in the media about people slating your transfer abilities, I am sure this is not the case, to quell these rumours who was the last decent signing you made?

Lol. I think the media forget that I won the best manager in the transfer market award (one of just 4 or 5 to do so) back in season 1. To be honest I just gave up in the transfer market after a while and focused on tactics. Once you have squad depth who cares about the scramble for the next hottest property? And no point, unless you know how to use them. Let the media mock away but people seem to come knocking often enough for the likes of Aguero, Mandzukic, Dede, Alvarez and Lanzini. It's probably been at least 2 seasons now since I bought a player. Maybe time to go shopping, who knows...

Fair enough, So for all the Boro fans out there where do you see yourselves finishing this season?

Hard to say. It's so competitive out there now. So many great managers with talented squads. Last year I barely set tactics, certainly not game in game out, so higher. I see us as being more of a nuisance team this year, causing problems for the big boys rather than picking up the easy 3 points against the likes of Fulham and Everton. Who knows, if we focus we could be up there challenging. Seems no-one really is capable of running away with it these days.

There are still just a handful of managers including yourself that have managed to win the top prize of a premiership crown, who would you pick out as three of the managers who just don't seem to have the ability to get a team to cross that winning line, and have you any message of encouragement for them?

Just 5 of us, right? And just 2 more than once ;) Well straight away Chelsea, Arsenal and Fulham jump out don't they, given their historic failures to see it through to the end? In fairness Chelsea might be up there this season, have a lot of respect for Hancock, though he has yet to prove himself. Dom and Mr. Hummer have long since proved themselves. So that would probably leave Anth @ Carlisle as my 3rd choice, hard to believe he's going to get any closer than he has. I think the trick is to pace themselves for the season. So many teams seem to fade at the end due to lack of squad depth, riding on the success of their top 11. That.

Thanks for your time Jooles I know you are busy so it is appreciated but before you go who do you think might be on the list to join Mo in division two next season?

Well Bury, Derby, Swansea, West Brom and Stoke aside (sorry lads), you've got to look at SOP don't you and his sad slide from grace. He talks of all these trophies he's won but the sad reality is that he hasn't won a domestic trophy in over 3 seasons now. Still flapping for a new 3-5-2 and a serious lack of squad depth, SOP for the drop, that's what I say. And you assume that Mo is staying in division 2. Mo for the drop too, yeah, that, lol.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread



Birmingham City 2 - 0 Shorpe

Birmingham opened their campaign last night by welcoming Shorpe to St. Andrews.

Birmingham gave debuts to Shaw, Fabio and Nani who all started while other new signings Cuenca and Hoilett where left on the bench.

Pyatov started in goal, Chico and Aurtenetxe where both paired at center back, with Shaw and Fabio as wing backs. Anderson, Schwegler and Meireles formed a solid 3 man midfield. Cardozo was selected to be the main man up front with Nani and Diouf on either side.



- 11' Pirmin SCHWEGLER plays in a cross from the corner of the penalty area.

ANDERSON connects with a bullet header.

Goal GOAL!! - The keeper doesn't even get close. What a finish, 1 - 0 to Birmingham!!!


Anderson celebrates opener

- 69' MEIRELES rolls a pass out to DIOUF.

DIOUF shrugs of the challenges and finds himself with a shooting opportunity.

He goes for the bottom corner.

Goal GOAL!! - It drifts past the keeper and in. 2 - 0!!!


Diouf celebrating his goal




59% - 41%

Total Shots

9 - 11

Shots On Target

4 - 8


11 - 2

Yellow Cards

1 - 2

Red Cards

0 - 0



1 A PYATOV - 8

2 D FÁBIO - 8

3 L SHAW - 8

4 F CHICO - 7



7 R MEIRELES © - 7



10 L NANI - 7

11 M DIOUF - 8

14 J DOS SANTOS - Time Subbed On(75) - 8

15 I CUENCA - Time Subbed On(75) - 8

16 W EDUARDO - Time Subbed On(75) - 7





Fantastic start to the season for us, we knew we had to start positive and get the win last night with so many strong teams in the division. It's games like this we need to win, no dis-respect to Shorpe but they don't have the most talented squad in the division. We have to be positive and approach every game differently and get the tactics right, which I think we did last night. I though that their left side was weaker and set the lads to attack that wing through Fabio, Meireles and Nani who all played well and cause them problems. Great to also get a clean sheet so credit must be given to the back four and keeper for keeping Shorpe out! The lads stuck to their tasks given on the night and have impressed me, lets just hope they continue to do so for the rest of the season.


Next Fixture - CHESTERFIELD (Away) who also started the season with a win.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Fulham sign Higuain!

The footballing world is in Shock and Fulham fans are in their thousands to watch Higuain's medical. There hasnt been so much excitement at the Craven since Pedro walked in but he turned up as a very good player and left world class. The difference here is Fulham are buying world class already in a position they really need and the guy who is expected to fire them to the title :) Fulham also sign Vadillo and Belfodil who are 2 good talents :) .

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

MK Times


Done a lot of deals in the early season and so will be doing a number of write ups.

First up is our sales:

Callum Wilson - £2 million

Sad to see Callum leave, but we all do the talent game for a profit so I will take the million we have made. The 2 million will enable us continue to reinvest in a lot of 'lower league' talent as some of you may have spotted we have been doing, but more on that in a later post ;)

Sascha Riether - £5.3 million

With all the talent coming in, we needed to drop the wages and lose the second team baggage. With Beck and Aogo being the preferred back ups out wide Riether was a spare part and so we let him go. Happy with the price as it means we actually sold him for a tad more than we paid.

Luis Cavanda - £6.5 million

Sad to see him leave but I could not turn down that much. It will enable us to create a youth squad and pay the wages for a few weeks. His development has stalled this year, especially after a bright start, so I am not too bothered that he went internally.

Giuliu Donati - £6 million

No longer a real option for Levercusen as too many people have found him out this year. No real future imo. Glad to get the money in for him.

Dani Osvaldo - £8 million and Demichelis

Osvaldo was a spare part for us, and in Div 2 you can't afford too many 44k's sitting on the bench! I needed the cash to help us balance the 20 odd million that we will lose in wages this season and Demichelis is much needed. He has a decent shot at 90 if City win the league and he has been improving over the past month. Puts Zambrano on the bench and means that Berezutsky will probably be sold for a profit when his ban is up.

Yevhen Konoplyanka - £2.4 million Lolley, Coady and Lennon

The big one. Love Kono and he ripped Spurs apart in the Europa league, but I couldn't turn this one down. May regret it when he moves to the prem in the summer but I'll just have to buy him back then :P Lolley is a talent and Coady has been key in Sheffield United's ridiculous form atm. He is going to have a bright career that is for sure. Lennon ups the average rating and is a safe 90. I have been looking to get an overall of 91 in our best team and Lennon has helped this.

All of these and a few other players out that are part or have been part of agreed deals has meant that we have managed to pull in £38 million so far this season. A lot of this has been used to create a youth and development squad from the lower league of English football. But this will be shown in posts over the coming days :D

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Next up: Fallen Angel~Wycombe

Hey there FA, welcome to Radio7046 FM, I am Dan and I will be your interviewer for today.

Thank you Dan, it's an honour to be interviewed alongside such legends as Craig, Félix, .. .and... erm.... well Craig and Félix

So how have you found managing in a setup as competitive as this?

It's been fun, a real test to my very limited tactical knowledge. What I have found very surprising here in English 7046 is how passionate the atmosphere is. when you see incident's like:

Ultraviolence living up to his name because someone bid on one of his targets.

Lenny insisting that no new managers should be allowed in without 56 years SM experience and a 7 tattooed on their left buttock, and a 46 on their right one.

Raz slamming down anyone who won't accept the proven fact that not only is Reus the best player ever, but he single-handedly abolished slavery, built the great wall of china AND was crucified for our sins.

SMH arguing with the world about how essential it is that he has a full quota of thirty 87 rated back up players.

To an outsider they may seem like people causing trouble, but to me they just show how important this gameworld is to them.

I see you have made a few moves in the transfer market, any stand out signings?

A lot of players have been short term signings or quick money makers, but Will Packwood looks like he's going to develop into a tasty player, and I'm delighted to have brought in Cleverley and young Sabitzer. But my canniest signing could prove to be Fabianski for a mere £2.5m

Fresh for the new season where do you see yourselves finishing up?

Hopefully in the promotion shake-up, but I'd like at least top half of the table

Sounds about right, who would you pick out as the three most dangerous sides you will have to play this season?

Wolves, Accrington and Sheff Weds.

Thanks for your time but before you go you lost 2-0 to Hull at the backend of the season do you think you will get revenge this season?

I would like to say yes, but given my managerial skills I'd say it's highly unlikely.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Next up~Gozzy~Leicester

Hey there Gozzy, welcome to Radio7046 FM, I am Dan and I will be your interviewer for today.

Not the greatest season for you there with a ninth placed finish, were you disappointed not to make the play-offs?

Of course,i'm feeling disappointed but i think it's the best i can get last season as my start isn't very good. I don't know,as far as i know my start of the season in 7046 mostly terrible so i'm used to mid-table mediocrity

What are your transfer plans for the new season, any new arrivals or outgoings?

Well,for new season several new faces already join the club. Roberto Pereyra,Jack Rodwell,Alejandro Gomez join the club with some players like Caner Erkin,Lica,Kavlak,Vitolo,Augusto Fernandez and Kavlak are leaving. You can see that i'm trying to improve my average rating and keep them young too. I hope they can make instant impact

Fair enough, so where do you see yourselves finishing this season?

Midtable again? Haha. Of course i hope to be promoted this season but the start have to be good for me to achieve it

Sounds about right, who would you pick out as the three most dangerous sides that you will have to face this season?

Manchester City (what the hell they are doing in Division 3?)



Thanks Gozzy for your time but before you go Who do you think will be the candidates for relegation this season?


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Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


Next up:Glory Days~Chesterfield

Hey there Glorydays, welcome to Radio7046 FM, I am Dan and I will be your interviewer for today.

Thanks Dan it’s great to be here.

Thanks for agreeing to the interview it is nice to have you in the studio, you have been at Chesterfield for 181 games that is a long time, you managed to get to division three via the playoffs, with you skirting with relegation this season did you fear you were going to drop back down to division four and have to work your way back up again?

I have to admit there were times that I did fear the worse; our season teetered on the final game of the season against a strong Wolves side fortunately we turned in a strong performance and stayed up in Division Three. But if we did go back down, I did have a contingency plan but I’m glad to be in Division Three.

Your squad is maturing well as some of the youngsters are starting to force their way into the first team, what are your transfer plans for this season?

I think it’s a testament of our philosophy to give our youngsters an opportunity to step up with the likes of Denys Garmash, Marcos Rojo and Alberto Paloschi along with the additions of Rodrigo, Mikel San Jose and Hiroki Sakai.

But this season we splurged a fair amount of money on experience with Rickie Lambert and Pablo Hernandez and although they are older, I think they will be good additions to our side.

In all honesty where do you see yourselves finishing this season?

Realistically if we stay away from relegation, I think that it would be a good season. I know that may mean that I’m unambitious but with the likes of Manchester City, West Ham United and Ipswich Town, it will be difficult but the added bonus is that without an air of expectation, we play better football.

You know the opposition well who do you see as the three most dangerous teams in your division this season?

It’s hard to go past Manchester City with superstar Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo; I expect them to go unbeaten this season because they are a class above everyone else. West Ham I think should have a necessary experience to go back up to Division Two but Wolverhampton has shown the dangers of mismanagement of a good squad.

The dark horse to me is Rotherham United with their attacking prowess and gung ho attitude, I think on their day they could beat anyone.

Before you go what are your thoughts on having to face probably the best two players in the world this season, are you dreading it or are the fans and players looking forward to it?

I think it’s something to treasure for the fans,

especially when they come to Proact Stadium and showcase their abilities, I mean how often would you really see Messi and Ronaldo playing together in Division Three? Manchester City will have the weight of expectations hanging over them all season but I think they are capable of rising above those expectations.

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