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With This Squad What Formation You Would Play?


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I'm actually playing a 3-4-1-2 with good results but maybe with your help i could do better :D

I have a lot of good players so i think i could do all the formations styles,i must only choose with your help what is the better :)

My best players are:

GK: De Gea

CB/LB/RB:Kjaer,Badstuber,David Luiz,Boateng,Sakho,Toloi,Schennikov

CM/DM:Busquets,Javi Martinez,Khedira,Moussa Sissoko,Rodwell,Ramsey,Gonalons


Fwd/CF:Muller,Lukaku,Neymar,Javier Hernandez

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Riferimento: With This Squad What Formation You Would Play?

Noone??? :(

I'm attracted to play also a 3-5-2 with good tactic or 4-3-3 wings.

Or do you think that 3-4-1-2 i'm actually playing is better?

My pre-match instructions with 3-4-1-2 are:

hard contrasts

generic mentality

mist passing style

at middle attacking style

quick velocity

all over pressing

Game style:close marking,play with offside and use playmaker

Any ideas to made a better tactic?

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Re: With This Squad What Formation You Would Play?

a 3-2-2-2-1

------------De Gea-------------

---Boateng--Kjaer--David Luiz---






backward arrows on the DM's and foward on the wings.

Long Balls,Press in area, men Behind ball Counter attack.

Soft Tackling in home matches, Normal in away

Defensive against a evenly matched team,stick to your 3-4-1-2 against a weaker team and V.Defensive against a stronger team.

captain Busquets

penalties Muller

free kicks Pjanic

corners pedro

playmaker-de gea DO NOT SET

target man-muller DO NOT SET

if losing or drawing in 45th bring on Lukaku for Kroos and bring Muller to where Kroos was and change mentality to normal

in the 75th set De Gea as playmaker and bring on martinez Pjanic and change to 3-3-4

-------------de Gea--------------

--Boateng----Kjaer----david Luiz--



Arrows out wide and forward on Boateng,martinez, david Luiz and Khedira.

If winning in 45th change to 5-2-3. and sub Pjanic off for badstuber and Kroos for sahko

----------De gea------------

---Kjaer--David Luiz--sahko--





Backward arrows on Busquets and Khedira.

The idea is to lure their attackers and midfielders forward and then to lob the ball long over them to the Wingers,AM's and Muller for an easy goal. This tactic has had great success with other managers, especially when facing evenly matched teams, it is also the way to beat a team that tried to beat you with possession play and the other team is utterly screwed if they use the offside trap.

Best of Luck

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