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Official Gold Championship 129 Discussion Thread

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Re: Official Gold Championship 129 Discussion Thread

Things are continuing to go well for my Athletic Club, my aims this season were to build the squad up, and hopefully finish top four. Well i can say, that im on the right track to completing my goals.

Currently 4th, with a 4 point lead over 5th.

And 3rd ( barcelona +2 points infront of me ) and 2nd ( Deportivo 5 points ) are not out of reach.

Regarding my squad, iv done a fair bit, not alot but enough :)

Bryan Ruiz (89) - Cash

Toquero (88) - Used to bring in Herrera, bought back for CV

Zapater (88) - Cash

Victor (87) - Cash

Herrera (87) - Cash + Toquero

Botia (87) - Cash + part ex

Parejo (87) - Cash + part ex

Konoplyanka (86) - Cash

Through sales i have also managed to bring in:

Canella (88) ( Out goes Irola - part of Botia deal too :D )

Canales (87) and Pedro Leon (89) ( Out goes Martinez :( )

The only other high profile player to leave would be Iker Munian, in comes F.Coentrao (87). Suprised to be offered this, with his likely +2/1

Along with Nsue, Ruiz, Gonzalez, Toribo and many more youngsters :)

42 man squad now, worth just under 163 million, and i imagine that number will go past 175 mark once Spanish rating changes are over !

im actually looking to offer Ruiz (89) + Konoplyanka (86) + cash for a Spanish player if anyone is interested ! or sell Ruiz for 2 spanish players , you get the pic. I want Spaniards :D

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Re: Official Gold Championship 129 Discussion Thread

With one game to go i have secured a top three finish :D

Could not be happier, i could finish second although its unlikely due to the 3 point difference ( Behind Barcelona ) and their superior GD.

However on a team related note, i sold konoplyanka for cash to bring in another Spaniard in the form of Alberto Lopop (89) CB. Happy to have another spaniard with a good rating in a position im weak in.


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Re: Official Gold Championship 129 Discussion Thread

Still with Athletic club and its going well.

Progressed through group stages to face Barcelona in the SMFA cup. Lost 4-2 in the first leg but im confident i can go through as i played a NMF team against him, and i have beat him on a number of occasions in this setup so fingers crossed ;)

League is going even better, best form in the league and i find myself 2nd, 1 point behind..... Barcelona. Sold a few non spanish money makers so i have funds to sweep up unmanaged and NPL for all things Hispanic.

Ruiz (89) is STILL available for a spanish player of similar rating ! or two younger spanish players with a bit of potential. I offered him out so much and iv got nothing lol !

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Re: Official Gold Championship 129 Discussion Thread

Almost got Sheff Wednesday to Premiership' date=' Lost in Play off semis to middlesbrough, But next season bet i will be in Premiership. ;) Mark my Words[/quote']

unlucky bud.

freindly against Man Utd away tonight with Newcastle.

thought i'll try a wacky forumation and pulled off a 3-2 win :eek:

might tweak with it and see what i can do this season :)

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Re: Official Gold Championship 129 Discussion Thread

A Big Thanks to the Man United manager for loaning me Georgi Schennikov, Sabri Sariouglu and Jack Rodwell.

Wednesday 2nd in League pulled of 2 victories against West Brom and Reading.


Wednesdays 4 - 1 Piaceniza

Scorers for Wednesday: G.Schennikov (2), E.Miralles, R.Millar.

Division 2

Wednesdays 3 - 0 West Brom

Scorered for Wednesday: G.Schennikov (2), E.Miralles

Wednesdays 3 - 1 Reading

Scorered for Wednesday: J.Rodwell, M.Iturra, B.Yoo

English Shield round 1

Wednesdays 6 - 0 Crawley Town

Scorered for Wednesday: J.Rodwell (2), B.Yoo (2), M.Medal, J.Abarca.

Okey... 7 out of 16 of the goals scored were the ones on loan from man utd.

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