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Re: urgent

should i swap my lukaku with muller thx will be repped

Hmm, a tricky one. Muller has already broken onto the world stage after his appearances at the World Cup. Plus his form for Bayern (bigger club in a bigger league on a bigger stage) in the domestic setup and the European competition means that his rating will rise quicker.

Lukaku will have to leave Belgium to get a decent ratings increase from now.

That will happen in the future - no doubt. He's too young and too good for it not to happen. The question is where will he go. If he moves to a massive club (of Bayern's stature) then there's a chance he may have to wait his time on the bench until he gets first team opportunities.

For now Muller is playing, his manager is a fan of him, he's just signed a new contract at Bayern so I would favour that side of the deal.

That's not saying that Lukaku isn't class - you should try and get hold of him too somehow - possibly offer another player or something.

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Re: urgent

keep lukaku

sum1 wrote below that he wont reach 90 at belgium, there right, but i wudn worry about tho, hel b gone in no time!!!

and think of the belgium national team, now i now muller is in a very promising national team as well, yawn were all over the world cup now, the belgium team is gona b epic!!

vermaelen,da laet, hazard, defour, witsel, im prob leavin a few out!

hes gonna be big,

ur obviously in it for the long term if ur asking such a question, so lukaku wins

short term he loses, but u kno who plays for the short term, no one monkey man, no one

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