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Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread

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Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread

Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread 2010/11 With the Bundesliga becoming stronger again and so more people might being interested in the Bundesliga I thought it would be a good idea to make a

Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread

Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread

Well' date='pray that he doesn't have the same debut for you.Think he scored an own goal at his debut :P[/quote']
Thats great cash for a player who is getting like 30 seconds per game :D
Change of scenery will do him good. He ain't that bad. Just never worked out in Gladbach. Very hefty fee though.

I hope so Mia San. I've just noticed he hasn't scored a single Bundesliga goal all season? Hmmm.

Hey, the French journalistic 'experts' all said Remy was done and wouldn't score more than 5 before he signed for us. :P

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Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread

Cisse is a lovely striker.Something happened to him though.

I just don't know what happened. Everything he hit went in, in his first season. Then when he started scoring, Ba stopped. Then the next season Ba was scoring and Cisse wasn't.

The problem is now, is that he's never going to get a solid run of games unless Remy gets injured.

I'd love him to smash a couple of goals in though. You could see all the players pat him on the back and really get behind him right before he took a penalty against Stoke a few weeks back because they obviously know he's lacking confidence.

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Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread

Pretty nailed on starter for Bayern' date=' reckon there's no reason for him to want to bail. He'll sign on IMO.[/quote']

Yup, I don't know why Kroos wouldn't want to leave Bayern.

He managed to show his quality in a very deep and strong squad.

Milan want Gerhardt. Think he'd do well to stay at Koln and get promoted myself.

Terrific player though.

He is pretty good.

The 1st time, I watched Gerhardt play, was in a Germany under 19 match.

He's quite competent, both defensive and offensively.

I also beçieve he should remain at Koln, for now.

Young players tend to leave their club for the 1st one, that offers them a lot more money. Some have ruined their careers, because of that.

He should wait a little longer, so he can improve and then try a harder challenge. :)

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