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Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread

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Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread

Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread 2010/11 With the Bundesliga becoming stronger again and so more people might being interested in the Bundesliga I thought it would be a good idea to make a

Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread

Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread

Was it an Arnold goal or a Brouwers own goal? Sites are saying different things for me.

Just watched the highlights.

For me personally own goal Brouwers as Arnold's shot would have gone past the goal and Brouwers basically scored it by himself.

Ter Stegen with a poor performance. 2nd goal is on him getting nutmegged from a 15m shot or so. Sorry Raz ;)

Wolfsburg win the game 3:1 against Gladbach.

Hoffenheim doing their best to avoid relegation. 2:1 win against Nürnberg, 3 points behind the play-off spot now.

Augsburg win 3:0 against Stuttgart. Crazy important win for them with Hoffenheim winning as well. That means both 17th and 16th place win and it gets tight at the bottom with 3 games to go.

And what a goal by Augsburg defender de Jong. 60m solo finished with a chip over the keeper from outside the box. Amazing.

Leverkusen win 1:0 against Bremen. Bremen only 2 points away from the relegation play-off spot. No win in 10 games now. You have to admire their fans though who traveled with them to Leverkusen. Supported them throughout the game and after the game. It was nice to see them support the team after the loss and talk to them normally and trying to lift up the players' spirit.

Very rare thing these days. Usually you have some crazy fans almost losing it in the block and insulting the team afterwards when they come to the curve. Respect Bremen.

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Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread

They always say that.

I know they mention 'allah' after every goal, you can rate the goal from the time they keep saying that word:

1 to 5 secs: Ala Inzaghi Goal

5 to 10 secs: A header/Beautiful Team work etc

10 to 20 secs: Probably an important late goal OR some guy scoring from ~20 meters/freekicks too

20 to 30 secs: Amazing Shoot from 25+ meters.

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Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread

Hmm okay' date=' thanks.[/quote']

Don't hold me down to it. It is not impossible. He has a very good season but still only played the 11th most league minutes for Dortmund (due to injury partly) and Dortmund is 20 points behind Bayern and out in the cup.

So unless they win CL, I don't think it is enough to warrant a +1 considering he got a +1 in January.

But you never know. Piszcek is a 92 and isn't better than Kuba. But he plays a lot more minutes at least.

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Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread

Yeah' date=' same stuff as last year.

They only had 9 points after the first 17 games of the season. If they weren't so bad in the first half every season, they wouldn't have to fear relegation all the time.[/quote']

It's some sort like Wigan in EPL, always looking like to be relegated but in the end save it on the last moment :o

I'm hoping E.Frankfurt can get the win over Mainz.I have been following them all season and think they have been a decent competitor.

If they can get the win tomorrow over Mainz and Schalke manager to lose they can back into 4th place' date='meaning European football.[/i']


Unfortunately most Bundesliga fans would prefer Schalke to get 4th spot, probably improve chances to do well in UCL rather than inexperienced Eintracht. Hope they will get it though, they're deserve it.

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