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Djeny Bembo Leta - Oldham prospect!

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Djeny Bembo Leta

Hi. Djeny Bembo Leta is somebody who I've been considering writing a thread about ever since I joined.


He's an 18 year old striker, from Congo, on the books of Oldham Athletic (although maybe not for a great deal longer). He is somebody who is very highly rated from the management at Oldham.

To date, he's made just two appearances for the club, one being as a substitute in the Johnstone's Paint Trophy last season, and he made his first start tonight against Championship opposition. And guess what? He scored :D . A nicely placed header :) . He stands at just over 6 foot tall.

His appearances or goals won't stop there. I'm very sure that he will become a more permanent fixture in the Oldham team, as he defintely has the potential. (Oldham have three young strikers, with Bembo Leta, Tom Eaves, who some of you have probably heard of, and, Ryan Brooke)

As I said, he's highly rated by the Oldham management. And it's not just Oldham who have noticed him, in the past, he's been tracked by Chelsea (who also signed Oldham youngster Danny Philliskirk a while back) - proof here and here. He is also rumoured to have attracted the interest of Manchester United and Liverpool. Not bad eh?

He isn't on the DB yet, although it won't be long until he is. And when he is, I reckon he's going to be worth fighting to sign. We could well be hearing a lot more of this guy in the future.

(I know it would have looked more impressive if I'd written this before he scored tonight)

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