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Anthony Ujah - Tippeligaen Teen Goalscorer


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I came across this player and I thought of sharing him with you. I have never seen him play, since I don't watch games of the Norwegian league, and as such this report is far from being elaborate. He has been mentioned just once in the forum, but he didn't have his own thread. Feel free to provide further information as this is more of a "heads-up" thread than a proper scouting one.


Name: Anthony Ujah

Date of birth: 20th November 1990 (19 years old)

Nationality: Nigerian

Current team: Lillestrøm

Current Rating: 77

Rating prediction: 82/83 (+5/6)

Anthony Ujah moved to Lillestrøm earlier this year (January) and has been causing some impact in the Norwegian league: in 14 matches he managed to score 7 goals. Quite a decent record for a 19 years old who is doing his debut season in Europe. I'm not sure when Tippeligaen might be reviewed, but Lillestrøm's top players are all rated 84, which means that Ujah can easily bump his rating with 5 or 6 extra points. He'll make a decent profit too, but try to use a player in P/E since his chairman values him highly.



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