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"Chile's new hope" .:| Bryan Rabello - 16 - AM - Colo Colo |:.


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Bryan Rabello Mella

May 16th, 1994

Central Midfielder

Colo Colo

Every once in a while, a player comes along that gets the hopes up for everyone. After his performances in the youth clubs and at the South American Under 15 tournament, Bryan Rabello is that player for Chile.

The kid, who turned 16 just 3 months ago, made his first team debut this weekend, impressing in a 1-0 victory over Union, playing the whole 90. He was also named to the 25-man team that will play in the Copa Sudamericana, the youngest player on the squad by 4 years.

He is the star midfielder in the youth setup. His pace, vision, passing abilities and flair are all things that have made him a crowd pleaser.

He may end up being one of those eternal promisses that we always wait and that never pan out, but at least he'll be fun to follow.


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Re: "Chile's new hope" .:| Bryan Rabello - 16 - AM - Colo Colo |:.

You say what you see as always, and about the eternal promises... how many next Messi's will there be!? Maybe 1 in the next generation, nice to see your reports not getting carried away like most.

Great report.

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Re: "Chile's new hope" .:| Bryan Rabello - 16 - AM - Colo Colo |:.

Bryan Rabello is joining Sevilla on a free transfer, on July 1st (when the transfer window opens). :)

It will be very interesting to see how he progresses now in Europe, in a big Spanish club!

This season he has played in 8 matches for Colo Colo in Chile, scoring 1 goal.

He looks very promising young midfielder, lets see how he adjusts in Sevilla...

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Re: "Chile's new hope" .:| Bryan Rabello - 16 - AM - Colo Colo |:.

I don't know if any of you guys have been watching the Sudamericano U20 but Rabello is playing great for good inform Chile side. So far they are unbeaten and Rabello has bagged 4 assists. Last night against Paraguay he came on for the last 10 minutes got an assist and his team the three points. Looks like he is developing well at Sevilla and now with Unai Emery in charge it will be good to see him given a chance like he did with a few Valencia players whilst he was there.

Here are both the assists he got the other night against Colombia, the first one is pretty decent;


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Re: "Chile's new hope" .:| Bryan Rabello - 16 - AM - Colo Colo |:.

Ive been watching!

Chile have impressed to say the least.

Some great little players in there side lead by Rabello..

Was gonna write something up before the tournament started as i fancied them as a darkhorse for the tournament.

Other mentions should definitely go to Sebastian Martinez & Nicolas Castillo.

Tip Uruguay to do well also.

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