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15m plus ALBRIGHTON for Nani

Der Kaiser

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Re: 15m plus ALBRIGHTON for Nani

Well, a few months ago I might be more tempted. However, Nani seems to be hitting some kind of form for United and if he continues he could get a 91, but at least stay 90.

I haven't seen Albrighton play, but from what I've heard he seems to be a good prospect. He has been playing for Aston Villa recently so should be in for a big rise if he continues.

I actually sold Nani for 20M which in hindsight wasn't a great deal. It Depends on how competitive your game world is; could you replace him with someone like Hazard.

In my opinion I wouldn't do that deal, but perhaps if they offered 25M + Albrighton you may want to consider it.

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Re: 15m plus ALBRIGHTON for Nani

ok.. my goalkeepers are..

First Team

Steve Mandanda 25/91

Nestor Muslera 24/87

David Stockdale 24/80 (Waiting for a rise:rolleyes:)


Marijan Antolovic (Gonna sell aft rise:D' date=' Maybe also gonna keep)

Yann Sommer (Gonna sell aft decent rise:D)[/quote']

So you don't need a GK :), decline the deal and stick with nani for now, personally i would of done the Albrighton deal. Got enough money to find a replacement and Albrighton looks like he's going to get a good rise.

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