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World Championship 10000 Discussion thread


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WC 10000 Chatroom

Division 1

Internazionale - Tecalee

Real Madrid - Tombstone

Barcelona - Mike H

Milan -

Manchester United - slbquista

Villarreal - A-J

Chelsea - Studge

Werder Bremen - Fadi7

FC Porto - Gurnak

Arsenal - ThePlaymaker

Bayern München -

Juventus -


Sevilla - Shehan

FC Schalke -

Genoa - Ian Eltringham

Liverpool - Nathan101

Hamburger SV - Arfon

Manchester City - Dom Latouche

Ajax -

Division 2

CSKA Moskva -

Fiorentina -


Shakhtar -

Lyon -

Atlético Madrid - Danny Van Hecke

Valencia -

Dynamo Kyiv -

Lille - Hog0101

Sporting CP -

Olympiacos - Gozzy

Udinese - Nobbsy

VfB Stuttgart -

Benfica -

Marseille -

Besiktas JK -

Aston Villa -

Bordeaux - CCFC94

Sampdoria -

Tottenham Hotspur - JT26!

Division 3

Celtic -

São Paulo - Taylor8

VfL Wolfsburg -

Everton - Conehead! *Avoid this manager*

Athletic Club - Kupest

Paris Saint-Germain -

Boca Juniors -

Cruzeiro -

Grêmio -

Lazio -

Deportivo -

Palmeiras -

Rubin - Martin o'neil

River Plate -

PSV - Barnaby

Dynamo Moskva -

Palermo -

Chivas de Guadalajara - Mark Doogle

Galatasaray SK - Racky

Fenerbahçe SK -

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Re: World Championship 10000 - Anyone interested?

hey id join.

jus created a custom gameworld world championship.

each team carefully picked by last years real life end of season tables.

only rule is no buying from unmanaged clubs.

every1 welcome by private application. Most of big teams gone to friends/work colleahues but still a lot of good teams available. will be a competitive challenging league (hopefully)

DB7 World championship


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Re: World Championship 10000 - Anyone interested?

Yup I'll definitely be joining when it's created,however I think the demand will be so high that half of the people who said they will be joining on here won't get on,espically with the reserve club feature too I can see there been hardly any spaces by the time it comes to open for everyone else.

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