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Interesting indeed...

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It isn't exactly a help thread, it's more of a 'tactical trivia'.

So, I had a match with my Derby County last week and I setted up the tactic which accommodates my best players. Just the usual. Then I noticed that Sergio Ramos was suspended for 1 match (5 yellow cards), and my backup RB was injured in the cup match some days earlier. I either had to change tactics and play with a 3-men back line or play a weak transfer banned riser. Changing tactics would be the more wise option, but the opponent wasn't particularly tough... so why not try a little experience? I played the innocent Ramires, a RM/CM, on my vacant RB spot. I also put an arrow to the front. I was sure he would have a bad game, up to a rating of 6 at most. Eventually I opened up the match report and Ramires had none less than 9 points! One of the best performers. And the opposing team wasn't unmanaged nor had any NMF players, although it's average rating in the starting XI was 2 or 3 points lower. Anyway, Sergio Ramos was back but Ramires played better than the Spaniard's standard. Just for the laugh I decide to move Sergio Ramos to the CB spot, and leave Ramires as an arrowed RB. I wanted to check if it was just luck, or if Ramires could have a future as a RB in my team. Again, he had an excellent performance and he made the assist for my goal in the match. Unfortunately I lost, but the point stands.

My question is, have you ever had such performances from an out of position player? And I'm not talking about a Winger playing as an RM or LM, but an unusual combination, such as the one I used. I'm still not sure if Ramires is being luck, so I might try again tonight or in the next match. B)

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Re: Interesting indeed...

To be honest, I've never really been in that sort of situation. I would have played my backup left back at right back before I would have tried a RM/CM. I'm glad you have tried it though. I would think your just getting lucky...however, I would look at your opponents tactics and see how much of the possession your team has. If your team has had 55+% of the possession then it may make sense for him to play so well as he would not have to be playing out of position in RB and can go forward into his normal place on the pitch for most of the game. Also, check and see if your opponents were weak on the left side, or had their tactics focused on the left side of the field, that would cause your RM/CM to not have to play RB much either possibly...

All of that is a slim chance though...I think your getting lucky, or are a mastermind of player management!

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