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Pato Vs Dzeko


Pato Vs Dzeko  

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    • Pato
    • Dzeko

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Who do you think is the better player overall and who will get the highest rating??? What ratings do you think they can achieve at their peak?

I have dzeko but pato is at an external and have the opportunity to swap but have not really seen much of either of them so don't know which one has the most potential..

Please voice your opinions as well! :)

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Re: Pato Vs Dzeko

Dzeko is quality but i'd have to say Pato because of who he plays for. Pato could play his whole career in Italy and have a very high rating as well as playing European football year in year out, plus he's Brazilian.

Dzeko will have to leave Germany to increase his rating so he'll have to adapt to a new country. Plus being Bosnian he isn't likely to ever play at a Euros or World Cup.

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