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Nampalys Mendy- 'DM Wizard'


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Re: Respuesta: Re: Nampalys Mendy- 'The Black Zidane'

And to me' date=' even calling him the next Diarra (Lass or Alou) is a bit of an exaggerated claim, with the little game time he's had so far.[/quote']

Didn't intend to (and I didn't say that) say to he is the new Diarra or Lass. I just said that his playingstyle reminds me more of DM's like Lass and Alou Diarra, rather than Zidane.

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Re: Nampalys Mendy- 'The Black Zidane'

Algerians derive from Persians. Persians were Iraqi and Iranis. Algeria used to be black but' date=' over Persia invaded and made them slaves. Algeria is now mainly Asian due to the Persian influence. Zidane's heritage is in Algeria and he is asian as he must be descended from Persians. Aka Iraqis and Iranis.[/quote']

That doesn't make him Asian. It's about the continent a country is in now that matters. People from Algeria are African.

It's a moot point here anyway because Zidane is French...or European if you like.

Can't believe THAT was my first post.

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Re: Nampalys Mendy- 'DM Wizard'

Actually, you are both right... :) Algerians are, of course, Africans in geographical terms, since Algeria is part of Africa. But they are also and at the same time Asians, in historical terms, since they are Arabs (actually arabized), whose origin is from Asia and more specific Middle East.

Both are correct and one doesn't cancel the other. :)

I can't also believe where this post started from, and where we are now. :):) New title (DM wizard) is much better, by the way. :D

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