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3-5-2 Formation?

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Re: 3-5-2 Formation?

Consider your formation with a 5-4-1 in the back of your head (or a 5-3-2 sweep). The question you wonder about is really about what those 2 wide ***** do. If i play 3-5-2 it's a pretty rare thing for my wide players to both be running wild.

What do you expect from those wide players? That's the question. My best results come from 3 CB's, but a lot of benefit comes from having /// players on the wide spots and outside defence.

But you could put Maicon in a dress and tell him to ride an oligarchy up the touch line and he'd still play well.

With a real club, blended players help the "packed midfield" formations.





and so on...

if i was you i'd be tempted to put Maicon on the wing of a sweeper formation at least once. of course that depends on a lot of other things.

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