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4-3-2-1 Anyone had success with it?

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Change in formations and this looked good. Looks similar to Chelsea's current formation which is free scoring and fluent. My team would be:


Srna Rolando Corluka Adriano


Hamsik Pjanic

Pedro Forlan


Has anyone any tips for me? I decided to stick Dzeko as the target man for nod downs to Forlan/ Pedro.


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Re: 4-3-2-1 Anyone had success with it?

I'm having great success in playing a 4-3-1-2 on my Bayern Munich Team. So far I've scored a total of 18 goals in all 4 matches. Constantly getting 10 for Klose just behind the two strikers.

Play it with Hard, Defensive Mentality, Mixed/Short Passing, Through the Middle Attack and slow pace.

Sometime in your matches, you'll lose as some has better defenders and and/or CM. I suggest you use a 4-5-1 against teams such as Chelsea and Juventus.

Oh and a side note, never play a 4-3-1-2 on a young and talented team. I keep getting NMF players per match with my young and starlet team for Lyon.

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Re: 4-3-2-1 Anyone had success with it?

I think SM randomly changes which formations work best. For a while I used to use 4321 to win games against other managers and 442 (away) and 352 (at home) to win games against AI managers and it worked nearly every time. Then last few months 4132 worked best and 4321 would make me lose every time (literally), and now it looks like 442 diamond is the perfect formation for 1-0 wins.

Its funny if you notice these patterns because you see most managers adopting the same formations after a while too. About 90% of managers in one of my leagues had 4132 a few weeks ago, and now the diamond is slowly taking over the league.

This is what I don't like about SM, the fact that it does seem like it randomly chooses what works / who does best. Like one season a player plays amazingly well in every league I'm in. Berbatov was top scorer of 3/3 of my leagues a few months ago. The season before that Neymar was top scorer in 2/3 of the leagues.

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