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Players refusing to join

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Hi all. I recently took over a new club in Division 4 with a team of average rating 75. Obviously my first thought was to improve this squad with a mixture of 80-rated promising youngsters and a few star players I could get on the cheap. However, the three star players (rated 87, 88 and 89) all refused to join, something I didn't even know was possible!

I looked it up in the "help" part of the site and there's a brief mention that a player will refuse to join if your squad's average rating is significantly less than his own rating, but it has no mention of how big the gulf has to be. I'd very much like to bring these three players in, but I don't know how much I have to improve my squad first - will bringing in my 80-rated free agents and shipping out all the players under 70 prove enough? Or am I going to have to have an entire squad of 80+ players before these guys will join? Because I'm guessing they'll have increased by then and/or someone else will have bought them, and they'll no longer prove to be the brilliant signings I need...

Thanks for any help that can be offered.

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Re: Players refusing to join

I think it also depends on whether the player is a free agent or not - if they are then they are more likely to join than a player at an unmanaged / external club!

In a setup I'm in, someone with a low rated team had bids accepted for an 88 rated player and an 89 rated player - the 88 refused to join him but bizarrely the 89 accepted. It turns out that the 89 rated player was a free agent while the 88 wasn't, so perhaps free agents are more grateful to actually get a club :)

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