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Brumster's 2010/11 10k Risers


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2010/11 10k Risers


John Bateman


3 starts 1 sub

Kevin De Wolf


2 starts 1 sub

Andreas Anrestidou


1 sub (54 mins) Rated just 65

Calum Butcher


3 starts(For Barnet)

Phillipp Zeiger


2 starts

Dale Hilson


4 starts 1 sub

Please note i do not claim for the find of these players. I am just simply displaying there stats.

Will try to update regularlly and add new Players as soon as i come across them.

Comments welcome

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Re: Brumster's 2010/11 10k Risers

Juhani Ojala LB/CB Rated 70. ' date=' Started 22 Games and been subbed off once.

Highest Rating in his team is 82.

should think he could get 9+/10+[/quote']

The Finnish league is near end and only play in 2010, the title cleary states 2010/11 B)

Mind deleting your message so i can finish it first

Brumsters 10k risers not yours

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Re: Brumster's 2010/11 10k Risers

Nice thread collating some nice possible risers together...I can see only one issue though

SM have advised that they won't be reviewing lower leagues in the near future - these include English League 1 + 2 and Scots Leagues 1, 2 + 3 - and probably the lower leagues in other countries too

In fact - the young league 1 risers that rose last month only rose because I provided them with a full set of stats and suggested ratings increases :D

None of this is a criticism of your own work though - just a warning that people should check if the league is likely to get reviewed, before they buy

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Re: Brumster's 2010/11 10k Risers

One I may have found (although my Serbian is non-existent, meaning my Google search was a tough one) is Marko Vesovic of Red Star Belgrade.

Red Star are top of the Serbian Superliga, and Vesovic has been involved in both a starting and sub capacity, notching up a goal in the process.

Certainly someone worth tracking.

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