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Mathieu Delpierre

Sergio Canales

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Re: Mathieu Delpierre REP REPLYS

He's just come back to the starting line up after a long time out with a knee injury. Too early to say how he will shape up this season. Stuttgart have had a disastrous start to the season however, currently bottom of the Bundesliga.

Those two points together point to some risk that he will be able to maintain his rating, but it's still early days. Hope that's helpful/

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Re: Mathieu Delpierre

He's a definit -1.

Erm, no, he isn't. He's easily been Stuttgart's best CB last season (miles ahead of Tasci for example), and I expect him to regain his form from last season quite soon actually. Of course, it'll still take a little while until he fully recovers from his injury, but as soon as that happens, he's going to be a definite starter for Stuttgart, which I expect to be much further up the table until the next changes anyway.

Actually, if Stuttgart were able to produce their past-winter break form of last season again, I would even see Delpierre possibly getting a +1, he's a very decent defender who certainly doesn't have to hide behind other CBs such as Naldo, van Buyten, Friedrich or Simunic.

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