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Pedro Obiang


D.O.B: 27th March 1992

Nationallity: Spanish

Position: Midfielder

Club: Sampdoria

Now that he has gotten added to the DB and I've got a bid accepted for him, I can finally do a PTS on him!

His Career:

Pedro Obiang started his career at the club from the same city he was born in (Madrid). However, it wasn't for Los Blancos he started his career at, but at the smaller Madrid club yet a big club, Los Rojiblancos - Atletico Madrid.

However, in 2008, the Sampdoria scouts attracted Obiang to Sampdoria and he left the Spanish captital for Genoa for around the 100.000 € mark.

Obiang started his career in Italy and namely Sampdoria at their Allevi Nazionali team (the team under the Primavera team and the Primavera team is under the A-squad). After quickly impressing in the Allevi Nazionali team, he was promoted to the Primavera team after only 6 months in Italy and Sampdoria.

In the Primavera team, Obiang took over the playmaker role after Andrea Poli and builded a strong midfield consisting him and Roberto Soriano. However, the Sampdoria Primavera team, who the previous season (07/08) won the whole league (the league works like in CL - Group stage, and in the Primavera series case, League, and then the Elimination tour starts) didn't do as great as the previous year and got knocked out in the round of 16 by the team that went on to win the whole Primavera series, Palermo. The next season, Sampdoria got knocked out in the Semfinal by their main rivals No.1, Genoa. However, Obiang had impressed during all these tournaments, and it didn't take too long before the new appointed Sampdoria coach (for the A-squad), Mimmo Di Carlo, gave chances for Obiang to prove himself during the pre-season of 2010. During the pre-season, Obiang scored a total 2 goals and participated in 7 games.

Obiang did so well during the pre-season that he was awarded with his name in the 25-man list Sampdoria named for the CL. Obiang was eventually aswell named as one of the Sampdoria players for the UEFA Europa League this season. However, he was listed as a B players, meaning as a U-21 youth player.

He made his debut for Sampdoria in a competitive game in september this year. He was subbed in in the 2nd half, and played as a CM. He certainly didn't look shaky and played relative well on his debut. Do I have to mention that after he got subbed, Sampdoria managed to turn a 1-2 (in favour of Juve) to 3-3...?



He has so far only been capped at the very youngest age-groups of the Spanish NT, but not ever on the professional age-groups (U-17, U-18, U-19 and so on and on...). Obiang has stated that he hasn't closed the door of playing for the country he orginally heritage from, Equatorial Guinea.


Obiang is a pure playmaker in my books. In the Primavera team, he formed a strong centre-midfield line with Roberto Soriano. Sure, it could have been a bit static sometimes as both of them are playmaker and therefore would like to have the ball on their feets, but Obiang, like many Africans, is a powerhouse. So, he can aswell be used as a box-to-box player in my opinion. Kind of reminds me of the Sampdoria captain, Angelo Palombo, with his playing-style. Both are strong physical, both can handle the playmaker role and both of them are box-to-box-players.

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