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Evan7788's Signature Request


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Re: Evan7788's Signature Request

I love it' date=' once again brilliant. Have to spread some rep. will give you some sometime :)[/quote']

Here is a better size...lloris.jpg

You can do a signature of João Moutinho with Porto shirt' date=' or of Ganso, in Brazil Shirt, written "Futuro"?


Will do either tonight or tommorow

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Re: Evan7788's Signature Request

It´s amazing.

But you can do one of Ganso' date=' to me choice.

Same style, but a "color" different.

Thanks. And sorry for the inconvenience. :/[/quote']

Your translator is pretty poor mate :P

Hello' date=' would it be possible for you to do a van Wolfswinkel one, with van Wolfswinkel and Burton Albion EC:6230 written on it with a yellow tint, pleeeeeaase?? :) :)[/quote']

Both requests will be done soon

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