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GC 76 - Portugal

Sean Cox

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Re: GC 76 - Portugal


Team Kits For 2010-11 Season


Hughes Talks To Press Over New Job!

Today is a big day in Portugal two of there top two sides Benfica and Sporting De Braga have been taken over by close friends Sean and Hughes the one this report is all about is Hughes the new coach has signed a contract that will only see him leave the side to a team bigger then this one the new boss was quick to say no big deals will be done as he dose not want to wreck this side but that Anderson (90) has been Transfer Listed after the player was told he would not play here again the manager has also been given ten million to bring in some players and he has said he is aiming for a young player from his x side from England and hopes he can sign him soon.


Anderson Tranfer Listed For PE!

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