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English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread

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Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread

Games of the Day


Dom managed somehow to win away but he has no chance to do it tonight.He's one of the worst managers that 7046 ever seen.Dom's Fulham is coming after a win but they're still one of the worst teams in PL.They barely won something instead of bad feelings from other managers.They might push the win in tonight game as Boro don't have their main man on the pitch,Aguero.A fullfit Pedro can't keep the side from London on high ways forever.The old Boro still have a Mandzukic and a legend in Diego Milito who can win the games on their own.Fulham's main midfielder is out,Sahin being injuried for 1 year,actually he's refusing to play under Dom management.Looking at the names Boro should win this quite easily,looking at managers names this should be even more easier for the canadian.Dom keep claiming that he started at Fulham with a rubbish team..Oh babe,why you left Arsenal then?I tell you why,because you don't know to manage a big team and you keep searching for excuses because you knew that you will never win something.Jooles built up a quite decent team there,full with experience who will retire within a season.Next season we might see just 3 or 4 good names on Boro sheets as many retirements are preparing to be announced at the end of season.

3 words to describe this game: Boring,rubbish and silly.

Fulham-Boro 0-1


A game between Zakk and Craig.The first name sounds funny,I know.He's afunny manager aswell,though he's a good one.A manager who deserve a better place in Division 2.Zakk(Sorry,too tempting) is doing well with his Swansea and they're 3rd in the league.Their main man Cisse and one of the other top players,Harnik are either injuried or suspended.Craig is ready for a big game tonight vs the funny name.Gonna be a either way game.Hopefully we'll have a massive laugh after this..Not that we need one especially after we watch Boro vs Fulham.

3 words to describe the game: Funny,Show,Comedy

Milwall-Swansea 1-1

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Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread

Division 1 Predictions - 01-06-2013

Tottenham v Sunderland

It's a huge night for Sunderland as they play their first match in Division 1 after their promotion last season through the play-offs. Sunderland manager Raz is renowned as one of the worst managers in the game world when it comes to tactics and he certainly doesn't have an easy start to Premier League football as the Black Cats take on Ben Newman's chokers, Tottenham Hotspur. Tottenham were the favourite to win the title last season but choked at the final stages of the season and in the end only managed to get a Top 4 finish. Tottenham are without doubt the favourites in this match and will almost certainly walk out with 3 points in their season opener against Sunderland. The teams look more or less equal on paper but Newman is a fantastic manager and Raz is.. well he's not. I expect it'll be a close match but Tottenham will emerge winners. The players to watch are Robin Van Persie from Tottenham, after he literally carried Tottenham last season with an amazing 26 goals and 20 year old Mario Gotze from Sunderland who played a crucial part in Sunderland's promotion as he scored 10 goals and set up 10 as well. My prediction:

Tottenham 2 - 1 Sunderland

Van Persie brace for Tottenham and Mata to score Sunderland's only goal.

Manchester City v Middlesbrough

Last season's champions Middlesbrough have a tough season opener as they travel to the Etihad to face a very strong Manchester City squad. I expect this match to be a very close and exciting match as both teams have a strong strike force. T City have a killer strike force led by none other than the 'little magician' Lionel Messi. City's weak point is their defence and their strength their attack. Middlesbrough manager Jooles has been criticized numerous times because his squad is filled with pensioners and even though the average age of his team is just under 50 nobody can deny that Middlesbrough are one of the favourites for the title as they look to start their title defence with a win. Jooles will be relying on his two Argentinian strikers who've served him well in the past - Aguero and Milito to get themselves on the scoresheet and get 'Boro the win especially with midfield maestro Xavi pulling the strings in midfield. My prediction:

Manchester City 2 - 3 Middlesbrough

Messi and Higuain to score for City, Milito to grab a brace and Xavi to score one goal.

Everton v Bury

It was a dream come true for Bury fans as manager Neil Matterson led Bury to the Premier League after 7 long seasons. Bury have a tough start to the season as they face manager/father shack's Everton to start their season. Everton have a strong side, a very balanced side without any real weak links. Manager shack will be hoping that his star man Luis Suarez can continue where he left off last season as he scored 18 goals and set up 12 goals as well in what was an amazing season for Suarez. He'll also be hoping that Suarez doesn't bite anyone, racially abuse anyone, dive and get himself sent off or pull out a 'Hand of God'. Bury boss Neil is one of the best tacticians in the league and will be hoping his side can get themselves off to a flyer in the Premier League. Remy will play a big role for Bury tonight as he did last season as he scored an amazing 25 goals to lead Bury to promotion and Bury manager Neil will be hoping Remy can keep up his form and lead Bury to victory tonight. Neil has managed Bury since the first day of 7046, for a total of 3 years and 7 seasons and counting, a true 7046 legend, the match is too tight for me to call, I think Everton and Bury will share the honours tonight. My prediction:

Everton 1 - 1 Bury

Honda and Cazorla to score

Carlisle United v Manchester United

One of the most exciting matches tonight is definitely Carlisle taking on Manchester United. Carlisle manager Anthony Maddison has done an amazing job with the club and Carlisle have a squad packed with quality, one of the best in the league. The best squad depth in the game world without a shadow of doubt. The key man for Carlisle in my opinion will be their new signing, Jovetic who joined from Huddersfield. Alurcard will also be hoping 22 year old Andre Schurrle can continue his amazing form from last season to sneak a win against United. United are one of the strongest teams in the game world though they lack a quality striker. I mean let's see be serious, Robinho and Torres :P? That midfield though! Schweinsteiger, Ozil, Modric! and a solid defence as well. I'm backing United to win this one though it will definitely be a close match. My bet is that Ozil will be the key man for United and guide them to victory against Carlisle. My prediction:

Carlisle 0 - 1 Manchester United

Ozil to score the only goal of the match

Fulham v Bristol City

Everybody loves poking fun at Dom but in all seriousness I do believe he is actually a good manager. Fulham have a decent squad and I'm backing Fulham to win tonight against Bristol. A solid defence, a solid midfield and a solid attack. Carrick and Pedro are going to shine for Fulham tonight. The two of them are going to lead Fulham to victory. Bristol are the dark horses as manager John Henry led them to a great season, surprising many. After last season's performance nobody's taking Bristol lightly and they've got some quality players with the likes of Ayew, Huntelaar, Cassano etc. but I don't think they'll be able to Fulham. My prediction:

Fulham 3 - 1 Bristol City

Pedro brace and Carrick to score the other goal for Fulham and Huntelaar to score for Bristol

West Ham v Exeter

Two relegation contenders face off against each other tonight as West Ham host Exeter. West Ham escaped relegation last season by the narrowest margins, I don't think they're going to be as lucky this time.. I'm expecting West Ham to get a comfortable win tonight. On paper West Ham are the better side no doubt about that and I'm pretty sure the Hammers will walk out with all 3 points tonight as well. West Ham will dominate Exeter and their season with a good win at home. Matri and Dempsey will be the stars for West Ham tonight. My prediction:

West Ham 2 - 0 Exeter

Matri and Dempsey to score

Chelsea v Charlton

It's going to be a close match between Chelsea and Charlton tonight even though Chelsea are the much better team on paper. Charlton were one of the surprises last season as they had a very good season and I expect them to give Chelsea a run for their money tonight. Chelsea will emerge as victors but they certainly won't have an easy match. It's going to be a high-scoring match as Chelsea have the likes of Falcao, Dzeko, Tevez, Sneidjer, Silva, Fabregas etc. and Charlton have two quality strikers in Negredo and Pandev. Negredo will be Charlton's best player but the trio of Silva, Falcao and Tevez will lead Chelsea to victory. My prediction:

Chelsea 4 - 2 Charlton

Falcao brace, Silva and Tevez one goal each. Negredo to score a brace for Charlton.

Huddersfield v Leeds

Huddersfield are one of the title contenders this season and I'm expecting them to get off to a good start to the season with a comfortable win against Leeds United Huddersfield manager Ahmad Rifai has built a Serie A dominated side with the likes of Valero, Totti, Montolivo and many more. The stand out names in the Leeds squad definitely 34 year old Andrea Pirlo and Jefferson Farfan. The Leeds manager will be hoping that the two of them can guide his team to victory but I just don't see it happening. Huddersfield have a lot of quality strikers with the likes of Pazzini, Totti and Cardozo and they have a very good midfield as well with Montolivo and Valero in the center of the park. I'm predicting a comfortable win for Ahmad's side with Totti being the star man. My prediction:

Huddersfield 3 - 1 Leeds

Nottingham Forest v West Brom

If you look at Nottingham and West Brom on paper there really is only one winner, Nottingham by a fair bit. There is one stand-out name in the Nottingham squad that you just can't miss, none other than Andres Iniesta. Iniesta is going to guide Nottingham to a comfortable win at home tonight against West Brom. Berbatove will also play an important part for Nottingham tonight as Nottingham manager 'Mo will be hoping that the Bulgarian can continue his form from last season where he scored 13 goals and provided 9 assists as well. West Brom in my opinion are going to have a tough season and I think they are one of the teams which have to worry about the drop. I don't see anything positive which could possibly come from this match for David Belkevitz's man and I fully back Nottingham to get a comfortable win and have a good start to the season. My prediction:

Nottingham Forest 2 - 0 West Brom

Berbatov and Iniesta to score

Liverpool v Stoke

Last season's runner-up Liverpool take on newly promoted Stoke City tonight in their season opener. Liverpool manager Dan Malone showed exactly why he is regarded as one of the best managers in 7046 tactically as he took his side which was in relegation zone halfway through the season all the way to 2nd after an amazing 16 match unbeaten streak (and counting). Stoke had a great season as well under manager Jay Z as they steamrolled through Division 2 and finished comfortably at the top of the table to get promoted to the Premier League. The newcomers to Division 1 will be hopeful but I just can't see them walking away with even a point against a Liverpool with the likes of Rooney, Gomez, Alonso, Robben, Muller, De Rossi, Neuer and more. Stoke fans will be hopeful that last season's hero, the legend Sammy Eto'o can cause an upset but I don't think there's any realistic chance of that happening tonight. Liverpool are going to cruise to a victory with Rooney being the star of the show as he was so many times last season. My prediction:

Liverpool 3 - 1 Stoke

Rooney brace for Liverpool and Eto'o to score for Stoke

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Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread

Division 2-Championship

Day 1

Milton Keynes Dons vs Portsmouth

Will been a busy manager lately but now he's ready to pay attention to this superb MK Dons.A Dons with Ibrahimovic,Moutinho or Walcott...can't wish more isn't it?They should have a easy run in Championship as they got a great depth too.Ibrahimovic is everybody bet to win the top scorer spot in this year.MK Dons XI is simply superb and shouldn't be in Division 2.Portsmouth on the other side got a good manager and a few stars in the team.The most important name is Lamela without any doubts.They've been great in turning down every single offer for Lamela or even Shinji Kagawa.In my opinion a good manager and a good team its not enough against Will and his Dons.My moneys are on MK Dons.


Milton Keynes Dons-Portsmouth 2-0

Swansea City vs Burnley

Ouch..This is a hard one.Zakko promoted this year and he got a great team there.Also Burnley made many changes in this pre-season and got a few stars like Pato,Coentrao and Gonzalo Castro.Pato,even though he might be injury prone he has to replace Alexis Sanchez(player of the year for Burnley).Pato is going to be the main man for Burnley in this season and the fans should be extremely happy to have such a talent in their team.A joy to watch.Swansea got a very established side with players like Dries Mertens and Wollscheid who are ready to lead them to a win.Papiss Cisse is probably their main man upfront though they got enough quality to field a top 1st team and even a 2nd one.Zakko is a great manager and if he would spend more time with the team he would do great things there.In my opinion this is a pretty even game,maybe only the brilliance of Pato can decide it.


Swansea-Burnley 0-1

Blackpool-Wolverhampton Wanderers

Blackpool got a great manager there in Steve,but the team isn't that good.Decent to average but could be worse at all.Wolves got a decent manager with a top side leaded by El Shaarawy who is their star without any doubts.Both managers are looking to achieve great things with their team,though Blackpool target might be to avoid the relegation in this season.You can't expect more when you have to face MK Dons,Arsenal,Newcastle or Preston to be honest.Wolves got a decent side up for a midtable/playoff spot.A good manager aswell.Going to be interesting to see what tactics they gonna use,first day of the season might come with some fresh and top ideas.My moneys are on a draw because of Blackpool's manager who is doing well with the tactics against good teams.


Blackpool-Wolves 1-1

Sheffield United-Bolton Wanderers

Sheffield with Ernest as their boss can do good things in this division but many teams can.To be honest Championship is now as good as Premier League..just look how much quality is there.Sheffield got a great team left by Elton but can Ernest continue the good job?He probably can.Tonight he has to face Bolton,a very unlucky side to be in Division 2 as they just lost the play offs.Sheffield with one of the best strikers ever in Miro Klose can win this game with their experience.Also got one of the oldest managers in the country.Bolton on the other side is a brilliant team with players like Eriksen and Javi Martinez who are ready for a bigger challance in Premier League.My cash is against on a draw because this game is pretty even.


Sheffield-Bolton 0-0

Wigan Athletic vs Coventry City

That's a good one.Wigan with a great side left by Shehan.Great quality there with many good players but no stand-out name to be honest.Coventry with Robert there was almost to sneak the automatic promotion in last season from Bury.Both sides are great but they don't really have a stand-out name,a star who can win the game on their own.The sides are both very fluid with good managers there.A pretty even game but my cash is on Robert this season to achieve a promotion into Premier League.Also he knows to use his team at 110% from their potential.


Wigan-Coventry 0-2

Blackburn Rovers vs Aston Villa

Blackburn got one of the best managers in the country but so does Aston Villa.Both sides are good just that Aston Villa have a few stand-out names who can decide the game.Kiessling is the main man in this game and the guy who worth the attention.I'd pay some attention to their manager,Jay who is a bit crazy to be honest.He's kind of Di Canio.Aston Villa is a hard opponent for Gonzo but both managers can sneak a win.Tonight this game might be the most interesting game when we talk about tactics.This game can only be decided by a moment of brilliance which can even take for a few seconds.One of the most interesting games in this start of season without doubts.


Blackburn-Villa 0-1


Ouch..The meeting of the brothers.The brothers in arms.I am still amazed by Toni's side.He built an amazing side there.His brother got a decent side with Tello as their star.This game might getting on their nerves and we might see a fight between the brothers.We all wanted this day to come and it is finally here.The country been waiting for a game between the Harmans brothers from ages.Walsall has a top side there with Sturridge,Dembele and many others.Watford can only hope and John should be a great psychologist for his lads in this game.Game of the year this one?Most probably yes.


Walsall-Watford 2-1

Arsenal-Notts County

Looking on the team sheets..probably one of the most boring games in start of the season.The winner is quite cleary and we're all afraid to not see a tennis game tonight.Notts County on Emirates its a kind of dream for Darlo but he always did well against big teams.Though I think tonight it isn't the day...Arsenal are going to smash it quite easily.Even if the Arsenal lads only play with 50% from their potential they should easily win it.Notts County got a good side there with a few good players but this is just too good for him.Sorry Darlo,Arsenal is a big task for you,probably the biggest task in your 7046 career and I can't see you winning this one,especially in first game of the season.


Arsenal-Notts County 3-0

Preston North End-Newcastle

Another great game here.Preston with a good side and a top manager,Newcastle with a top side and a good manager.Riece is a brilliant manager,very underrated and should fight for the promotion in this season.He was close to reach the play offs in last season.In this one he should concentrate on first or second spot.Isco and Antonio Di Natale should easily bring them to Premier League football.Newcastle are great too,Lewandowski,Pastore,Nasri,Yaya are just a few names from their team.This is a great game to watch and can only be decided by the manageers in my opinion.Well,Riece in my eyes is one of the best managers in the country and should sneak the win in this one.My cash is on Di Natale to win the games on his own.


Preston North End-Newcastle 2-0


A good game this one.Yeovil with a great manager and decent side,Rochdale with a great manager and a good side.Rochdale is still an insanely top side with some amazing young players.Villa did amazingly well to keep them in Championship in last season and this is his first complete season which can end with some great achievments.Suarez and Destro seems to be their top lad.Both can win a game on their own most probably.Yeovil defence is very strong and can keep Destro or Suarez quietly but maybe not both and probably not tonight.Anelka,a pure legend can solve the game on his own but like I said not tonight.Rochdale to win this one.


Yeovil-Rochdale 0-1

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Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread

Division 4 predictions

Wed 5th June, Matchday 2:

Hartlepool United v Rotherham United

Hartlepool started the season off with a 2-0 loss to Shrewsbury on Sunday, and it was a loss that looked somewhat well deserved. However, manager Ryan Holmes’ squad is not a weak one, as it is full of experience, quality and depth, most notable of which being Joaquin. They come up against Machine’s Rotherham, who have spent Feghouli’s 25m transfer fee wisely. Rotherham have depth in abundance, and their attacking techniques paid off in their season opener, as they defeated Doncaster 3-2. The two teams look pretty evenly matched, and a draw could be in the pipeline.

Prediction: Hartlepool United 1-1 Rotherham United

Doncaster Rovers v Gillingham

Doncaster fell foul to Rotherham in their season opener, as a lack of quality in their side left them exposed to Machine’s goal-seeking midfield. However, there is hope for them this week, because Gillingham also have a team somewhat devoid of real quality. This could lead us to an interesting tactical battle between the two managers, and I believe Burrow’s Gillingham will just pip it.

Doncaster Rovers 0-1 Gillingham

Wycombe Wanderers v Accrington Stanley

Both these teams came away from their first games with nice wins under their belts, though whilst one team has quality throughout, the other has a few players of pure quality but a massive lack of depth. Wycombe have a team with class throughout, and could be a strong team in Div 4 this season. Accrington Stanley manager Wayne Harman is undoubtedly good in the transfer market, but this has not yet transformed his team into a powerweight. He will be relying on Bony to come up with some goals, and tactical prowess to shine through. Though I can’t see Wycombe coming away without this one, as Stanley’s defence could let them down.

Wycombe Wanderers 3-1 Accrington Stanley

Cardiff City v Bristol Rovers

Cardiff were thrashed 3-0 by Stanley in their first game, although it was a somewhat unfortunate loss, as the stats were more even than the scoreline suggests. Closey has been inactive for quite some time, though Lavezzi has world class talent that is rare in div 4, and could prove a great asset in div 4 this season. Rovers were edged out by Craigs Milwall on Sunday and, whilst they have depth to their team, they have nothing to keep Lavezzi at bay.

Cardiff City 2-0 Bristol Rovers

Millwall v Oldham Athletic

Being a West Ham fan myself, it is all too easy to write Millwall off, but they can’t be written off so easily here. They, unlike Oldham, were on the right side of a 2-1 scoreline on Sunday, and with Chamakh in form, Millwall could pose a threat here. Oldham are a similar team to Millwall ratings wise, and their 89 rated keeper in Marchetti could be important in this game. I see the stats being very equal here, but Marchetti just winning it for Oldham.

Millwall 2-3 Oldham Athletic

Burton Albion v Aldershot Town

Both these teams won on the opening day, although both of these wins seemed somewhat fortunate, as both were slightly edged on stats. Ashtini has a squad with good depth at Burton, though losing Mkhtosvibi;jdks to me at the end of last season could prove to be some disadvantage to them this season. Nonetheless, they are a difficult team to play against, and seem slightly better than Aldershot. The higher quality level, combined with an excellent manager at the helm, should see Burton come away victorious.

Burton Albion 3-0 Aldershot

Brighton v Colchester United

Aaron’s Brighton take on a good Colchester side at the AMEX this week, and, on paper, they look the much stronger team. Brighton have made some astute transfer dealings in recent weeks, with Toprak and Danilo shoring up their defence with true class, and this quality should make it very hard for Colchester to score, although Ighalo, their prolific striker, will certainly test them. Colchester have proven they can score with their 4 goals in their opening game, but they have also shown that they can concede, as they let in 7. Brighton should prove much harder to score against, whilst having sufficient firepower to punish their weak defence.

Brighton 4-1 Colchester United

Stockport CountyLeyton Orient

Stockport come into the game as league leaders after their phenomenal scoring display at Colchester. Their (almost) entirely Brazilian squad has flair, and can score goals for fun, but can also concede them, something that Osvaldo can capitalise on (if he is still there at the time :P ) Geoffrey has one of the best teams in the division at Orient, and this quality should see him emerge as the victor, as long as Vorm is in good form to keep the Samba stars out!

Stockport County 0-2 Leyton Orient.

Brentford v Southend United

Brentford pulled off quite a feat on the opening day, managing to draw 2-2 with a classy Orient side, and, looking at the stats, they were unlucky not to win. Their form is making up for their obvious inadequacies in the quality department, as, on paper, their team looks rather below average. Southend, although they have a decent side, have an inexperienced manager at the helm, and this could prove costly. Brentford should win this one with the form they showed in their last game, unless Erding can pull something special out of the hat.

Brentford 4-2 Southend United

Shorpe United v Shrewsbury Town

These teams are very, very evenly matched, with decent looking sides, with one or two outstanding players on each team. It will be tactics alone that decides this one, and with Shorpes very attacking tactics of the last game, it will be hard to see Shrewsbury standing up strong to them, unless there is a masterclass in counter-attacking football here.

Shorpe United 3-0 Shrewsbury Town

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Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread





Dave and Nick

With the a new season upon us, its a welcome return to former Millwall legends Dave Cusack and Nicky Chatterton as we ask them to run their expert eyes over this weeks division one games...

Middlesbrough v Carlisle United

Dave says ...Well this one has all the makings of a classic as teh ever modest Jooles Dachshunds ageing champions continue their defence against last years 5th place finishers Carlisle. Both teams have started their campaigns excellently with a super win double , against Manchester City and Manchester United respectively. Whilst many will favour the home team, I wonder if the loss of both Vital Dede and Ricky Alvarez could well tip the balance in favour of Tony ' mad dog' Maddisons increasingly confident visitors.

Daves prediction....Should be a tight one this, but i'll go 'old big heads' Boro 1 – Carlisle 2

Manchester United - Tottenham Hotspur

Nick Says... Glory, Glory Man United ???, well that very much remains to be seen in what after last seasons debacle, could be a make or break campaign for veteran boss Simon Pluto. Theres an air of disquiet among the prawn sandwich brigade nowadays with many openly speculating that the EC 7046 power struggle has shift away from the once feared reds to champions Boro. Things couldn't have got off to a worse start last week as the wasteful United blew a catalogue of scoring chances in the surprise 2-1 defeat at Carlisle. That said, Pluto has been around so long now, he has seen it all before, and despite the disappointment of their opening day defeat theres little doubt he will be relishing the opportunity of silencing his many doubters against Spurs. What can you say about Spurs?, they play beautiful football, have a star studded squad but continue to flatter to deceive. In boss Ben Newmans 7th season at the helm there is little doubt that on the whole he has delivered an acceptable level of success, but that said, Spurs seem light years away from repeating their season 4 title success.

Nicks prediction....Pluto will have them up for this one and I expect United to come out fighting and romp home with some ease. Man United 3- Spurs 0

Sunderland - Fulham

Dave says … After last seasons explosive return to the top tier, few could question Sunderland boss Raz Ratfaces self imposed title of ''the special one'' as his Sunderland revolution shows no sign of slowing down despite an opening day defeat at Whitehart lane. In my mind I think Sunderland could well be the surprise package this year and may even exceed last years excellent 5th place finish. Whilst retaining the ability to confound and delight in equal measure Dom Latouches Fulham are without doubt one of the classiest division 1 outfits who happily continue to consistently punch above their weight both in the league and cup competitions.

Daves prediction...This will be the game of the day in my opinion but with Fulham missing Sahin, Evra and Isla I think Sunderland will nick it...Sunderland 2- Fulham 0

Bristol City - West Ham United

Nick Says... It was a good season for John Henrys Bristol titty last time out, with a 6th place finish and runners up in the SMFA shield, titty fans will no doubt be expecting a similar campaign this time out. So it must have came as somewhat of a shock to travelling supporters as they were swamped by a splendid Fulham in an opening day 3-0 defeat at Craven cottage. That said there was litle more to cheer for West Ham fans as they saw their team mauled by a similar scoreline at home to tiny Exeter city. Despite the addition of Micheal Essien I can't help but think the Hammers will struggle again this season and I fully expect them to be involved in the relegation dogfight come the Autumn.

Nicks prediction...A home win for the West countrymen ….Bristol City 2 - 1 West Ham United

Exeter City - Everton

Dave says...Known as Sir Dave down Exeter way, City boss Dave Crawford should be rightfully proud of himself as after leading the Grecians from the fourth to the first division in 7 seasons and in their first time in the big league cementing their place amongst the elite with a very credible 14th place finish. That said after failing to add any big names to his small squad many wonder if Sir Dave will be able to repeat the trick this time round. Encouragingly for City fans, the minnows got off to a fine start to the season last weekend notching up a super 3-0 win at West Ham. Evertons Sean O’Neil is another boss who is subject to somewhat of a whispering campaign with many of the Merseyside clubs supporters openly talking about his level of commitment as they wait patiently to receive their unemployment benefit. Despite possessing a solid enough looking squad, the Toffees continue to be best described as a mid table outfit. At the heart of the fans discontent appears to be young father O'Neils strong paternal instinct, and there was ugly chants at the weekends 2-1 home defeat to Bury calling for him'' to grow a pair and let the old woman sort the kids out''.

Nicks prediction...I reckon a scoredraw here, Exeter City 1 - Everton 1

Bury - Chelsea

Dave Says....Is it Bury? Or Berry? I never have understood the way Northerners speak but there is little doubting the sincerity of Bury boss Neil ''Mmm'' Mattersons words when he says all he wants this year is survival. And who can blame the universally respected Mattherson after last seasons fairytale promotion for the tiny Lancashire outfit. And despite the Shakers getting off to the best of possible starts against Everton last week, one wonders if tiny Bury can survive the maelstrom of the top division. Like Spurs, Chelsea are another big club who consistently fail to deliver and where as their North London rivals at least put up a credible challenge, the Blues under boss Dave Jones can only be considered a failure. In short they should and could do better, but they don't with last seasons runners up SMFA shield medal little consolation for their poor 8th place finish.

Daves prediction...i have a feeling Chelsea will overcome a brave Bury, but not by much Bury 0 - Chelsea 1

Charlton Athletic - Huddersfield Town

Nick says.... Not a lot between these two established divison 1 teams, both well managed but with unspectacular squads I would normally go for a draw, but I wonder if hosts Charlton will have an early season spring in their step following last weeks 3 nil demolition of Chelsea and prove too much for Ahmad Rifai's Huddesfield.

Nicks prediction...Chris Hoggs lads to carry the day Charlton Athletic 2 - Huddersfield Town 0

Leeds United - Nottingham Forest

Dave Says....I know i have to be professional, but don't you just hate dirty Leeds?, i don't know what it is about them but i despise them and upon making a return to the predictions panel i was disappointed to see that they are still in the first division. Still ever professional me, so its hats off to manager Akif ibn Misbah as he gets the new season underway with an solid 1-1 draw at Yorkshire rivals Huddersfield albeit after subjecting the paying public to 90 minutes of long ball based purgatory. Following their excellent 4th place finish back in season 5, Forest are another solid division 1 club a fact i fully expect to continue this season. The ever thoughtful Mohamed Al-Hendy clearly has one eye on the future after shipping out a host of first teamers in favour of a new crop of Forest hopefuls whilst at the same time adding some much needed fire power in the shape of Dutchman Dirk Kuyt. That said it was a disappointing debut for Kuyt who despite scoring could do little to prevent a 3-2 defeat by WBA.

Daves prediction...amidst an early season injury crises i can see Leeds getting roundly done over here..Leeds 1 - Nottingham Forest 4

West Bromwich Albion - Liverpool

Nick says....Hard drinking Scottish sociopath Dave Belkevitz's West Brom got off to a flyer last weekend with a credible win at Forest, perhaps most noteworthy was the Baggies lack of generosity when they were in possession of the ball, a facet clearly shared with their notoriously miserly manager. Sadly for Liverpool fans there was no such stinginess on display from the Reds , as much to the dismay of their hard drinking Scottish sociopath manager Dan Malone they suffered a humiliating 4-2 home defeat at the hands of newly promoted Stoke. With the relaxed Malone telling reporters to off after the defeat the clever money is on last seasons excellent runners up to once figure as genuine title contenders.

Nicks prediction...Liverpool will be far to strong, but if it goes to fists afterwards Malone will get soundly battered..WBA 1 - Liverpool 3.

Stoke City - Manchester City

Dave says....Another good game in the making with newly crowned division 2 champions Stoke looking to quickly establish themselves in teh top tier. Whilst the squad looks somewhat lacking in depth, manager Jay Zzzzz will no doubt be eager to build on last weeks super performance at Liverpool against a decidedly out of sorts Man City. Whilst boasting a hugely talented squad, City were never in it last week as they were crushed by the champions. Despite finishing in third place City boss Vick Pea will need to bring some harmony to an apparently discontented squad if he is to guide City to a repeat of last seasons excellent campaign.

Daves Prediction...City to notch up their first points of teh season with an away win Stoke City 1 - Manchester City 3

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Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread

Division 2 Predictions – 05/06/2013

Watford v Arsenal

Last season’s Div 3 playoff winners Watford are up against relegated Arsenal. The Gunners are the strongest side in the division so the Hornets don’t really have much hope of getting anything from this match. Arsenal have lost Pato but have Alexis Sanchez now who will probably be up there as top goal scorer by the end of the season.

Prediction: Watford 1 - 3 Arsenal

Tello will score for Watford but Arsenal will be far too strong.

Burnley v Blackpool

Burnley will add to their win against Swansea with another against Blackpool. Blackpool unfortunately are the worst side in the division. They were 13th last season and just 5 points off the playoffs. However I’m afraid they are gonna have a job escaping relegation this time around.

Prediction: Burnley 3 – 0 Blackpool

It will be Pato’s turn to get the goals this time.

Coventry v Blackburn

Kerzhakov didn’t have a great last game for Coventry and I would be tempted to change the formation or put Ganso on the left with Sow up front. Blackburn’s Giroud will be looking to get on the scoresheet this time round. He was probably unlucky not to get a goal in their opening victory against Villa. Blackburn to me seem to have the edge in this one and will come out victors.

Prediction: Coventry 1 – 2 Blackburn

Giroud strikes first.

Bolton v Wigan

Bolton have Damiao and Gameiro up front who can get a good supply from a decent midfield. Wigan have star player Jesus Navas to aid their attack but unless they get their frontline sorted they will end up losers in this encounter.

Prediction: Bolton 3 – 0 Wigan

Gameiro to get a hattrick!

Rochdale v Milton Keynes

Destro should have played in the first game as he may have had an impact for Rochdale. They may do better if he plays. Will’s boys also should do better then they did last game. They should beat Rochdale.

Prediction: Rochdale 2 – 3 Milton Keynes

Ibrahmovic and Walcott will score.

Portsmouth v Milton Keynes

Newly promoted Swansea may have a game on their hands against Jack’s Portsmouth. Portsmouth have the likes of Gomis, Lamela, and Kagawa going at them.

Prediction: Portsmouth 2 – 1 Swansea

Play Up Pompey!

Notts County v Preston

Darlo’s side will have a better chance against Preston then they did at Arsenal. I’ll be tempted to start the former Wolves and Arsenal player, Eder alongside Fred for this one, before bringing Kalou on as a supersub. Preston however have Di Natale who scored 20 goals last season in the top flight for MK. How they didn’t stay up with his goals I am unsure.

Prediction: Notts County 3 – 3 Preston

Maybe a few goals in this one.

Aston Villa v Walsall

Jay will be seething after his side lost their opening game to Blackburn. And that anger will drive him on to beat Walsall who I think are a better side than their last opponents. However, Walsall will be up for it as well and Dembele will get their goals today.

Prediction: Aston Villa 2 – 2 Walsall

Villa will push ahead but Dembele will equalise!

Wolves v Sheff Utd

The Wolves manager has a large squad of players to choose from but he has not been paying much attention to the squad lately. This may work in United’s favour. The old man doesn’t have Klose anymore but he has Helmes and Griezmann who should do well for him.

Prediction: Wolves 1 – 2 Sheff Utd

Bendtner will score but Blades will tactically defeat Wolves.

Newcastle v Yeovil

Newcastle may find Yeovil hard to crack but I think they will do it despite not getting any goals last game. Anelka had a poor game for Yeovil last time and will be looking to improve in this game. I don’t think he will score though.

Prediction: Newcastle 1 – 0 Yeovil

Lewandowski will get the only goal.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread

Division 3 Predictions – 05/06/2013

Birmingham City - Queens Park Rangers

Birmingham have only Nilmar in front who cant get to many balls from a decent midfield. QPR have a trio in front but a low quality trio .


Birmingham City 0 - 0 Queens Park Rangers

Reading - Tranmere Rovers

Reading has their main defender suspended and dont have a quality reserve , they compensates by having Benteke in front , Tranmere shown so far a defensive style , but i belive they will mix it a bit now after a hesitating start.

Prediction :

Reading 4 - 2 Tranmere Rovers

Benteke with a brace and Cacau with a goal are my predictions

Crystal Palace - Barnsley

Crystal Palace for me are one of the favorites for promotion this season , they have quality , my only problem is depth and the age of their star players , Barnsley had a bad start against a similar type of formation . In this game can only be one winner .

Prediction :

Crystal Palace 3 - 1 Barnsley

Hernandez among the goalscorers

Northampton Town - Ipswich Town

This is the match of the round , not just cose i am involved but is by far the most well matched . This game can go either way but i tend to think this could end up as a draw.

Prediction :

Northampton Town 2- 2 Ipswich Town

I can see Lukaku and Lucas among the goalscorers

Sheffield Wednesday - Swindon Town

Although Sheffield Wednesday has a low rated GK they made a lucky draw against Ipswich last round ,they had good tactics and i think this round those good tactics will once again come in play .Swindon has an ok team , but failed to impres me on tactical level .

Prediction :

Sheffield Wednesday 2- 0 Swindon Town

Arango with a goal this time

Derby County - Dagenham & Redbridge

The performers of the first round , Derby County has better quality then most of the second division teams , this game will be a walk in the park for them ?Maybe , but Dagenham & Redbridge manager seems to know what he is doing .

Prediction :

Derby County 2 - 0 Dagenham & Redbridge

Marchisio among the goalscorers here

Hull City - Norwich City

Hull manager didnt login for 20 days and everybody know who their formation , will be an easy game for superior Norwich .

Prediction :

Hull City 1 - 3 Norwich City

Lens and Miccoli among the goalscorers

AFC Bournemouth - Leicester City

An even match here this will be won or lost on manager tactical abilities , no much to say about this game , imo will be goalscoring festival ,the game to watch for neutral .

Prediction :

AFC Bournemouth 4 - 3 Leicester City

Rossi and Rolfes from the home team and Gilardino from the guests

Chesterfield - Peterborough United

Chesterfield has one of poorest teams in the division , but they compensate that by having one of the most skilled manager . Same story with Peterborough , not a strong team but a good tactical manager .

Prediction :

Chesterfield 3 - 1 Peterborough United

Paloschi will be the man of the match

Southampton - Plymouth Argyle

For me this game will be a game Yilmaz vs Pizzaro , they are both high quality in real life and in the game , game will be win or lost on how managers will use them .Here my prediction are based on my favorite formation .

Prediction :

Southampton 4 - 1 Plymouth Argyle

A brace for Yilmaz here and at least one asisst for Gourcuff

PS. This is my first prediction post , please be gentle :D

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Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread

Division 1 Predictions - 08-06-2013

Manchester United v Middlesbrough

Manchester United v Middlesbrough is without a doubt the match of the day as it pits two strong title contenders against each other. 'Boro have had a great start to their title defence as they've won both of their first two games and both matches were against strong opponents. In their first match they beat Manchester City 2-0 and then went on to get another comfortable win against Carlisle, winning 3-0. Middlesbrough manager Jooles showed just why he is regarded as one of the best tacticians in the game world as his 3 half-time substitutes scored all 3 goals in their match against Carlisle. The star man in Middlesbrough's first two matches has been without a doubt 'Boro's midfield maestro, Xavi. United have had an okay start to the season with a win and a loss. In their first match, the Red Devils lost 2-1 to Carlisle but went on to beat Spurs 4-2 in their second match. Ozil was the star of the show in both matches and will be United's player to watch tonight. I'm predicting a narrow win for Middlesbrough tonight, Milito leading them to victory. My prediction:

Manchester United 1 - 2 Middlesbrough

Sunderland v Carlisle

Sunderland are one of the strongest teams in the Division and have a squad which is definitely capable of winning the Premier League title yet they only got promoted to Division 1 last season and have lost their first two matches under manager Raz in the Premier League. Both matches were against tough opposition as they faced Fulham and Tottenham in their first two matches and it isn't going to get any easier for the Black Cats tonight as they face Alurcard's Carlisle. Carlisle have got off to a decent start with 1 win and a loss from their first two games. They beat one of the best squads in the league in their Season Opener as they beat United 2-1 but then went on to get smacked 3-0 by Middlesbrough. I'm predicting a narrow Sunderland win tonight and Neymar is going guide the Black cats to victory and show just why he is regarded as one of the best young players in the world. My prediction


Sunderland 2 - 1 Carlisle

Neymar and Gotze to score for Sunderland, Schurrle to score for Carlisle

Bristol City v Tottenham

It's going to be a very interesting match tonight between Bristol and Tottenham as both clubs have top managers in charge of the team. Bristol were the surprise of the season as they finished high up in the table even though they are one of the weaker squads in Division 1. Bristol had a horrible start to the season as they were smacked 3-0 by Fulham but then put on a performance which was good enough to make people forget about their thrashing at the hands of Fulham as they smacked the Hammers 5-1. Tottenham had a good season-opener as they beat a strong Sunderland side 2-1 but couldn't get 3 points against United as they lost 4-2 to the Red Devils. Bale was very impressive in both of Tottenham's matches and I'm expecting him to lead Spurs to victory tonight in what I predict to be a high-scoring game. My prediction:

Bristol 2 - 3 Tottenham

Bale to score a brace for Tottenham and Rvp to score one. Ayew and Huntelaar to score for Bristol

Exeter v Fulham

Exeter who've had a great start to Season 8 host Fulham tonight in what promises to be a very interesting match. Exeter have got off to a great start to the season with 2 wins from against two teams who are a fair bit stronger than them on paper - Everton and West Ham. Fulham have also had a good start to the season with 2 wins from 2 as they've got the better of Bristol and Sunderland. Hulk is the man/thing to watch from Fulham as he's been outstanding, scoring 3 goals in the first two matches for Fulham. Koscienly has also been very impressive not only defensively but also on the attack as he's scored two goals! I'm predicting a comfortable win for Dom's side with Hulk continuing his form. My prediction:

Exeter 0 - 2 Fulham

Hulk brace for Fulham

Bury v West Ham

Bury have had an okay start to their first season of Premier League football as they've picked up 3 points from a possible 6. They beat a strong Everton side 2-1 in the first match of the season but were beaten 1-3 by Chelsea in the second match of the season. West Ham have in all honesty been absolutely rubbish so far as they've already conceded 8 goals from just 2 matches. I don't there's going to be much to separate the two teams tonight but I'm backing Bury to get a narrow win over the Hammers. Remy who was outstanding last season and guided Bury to promotion will be the difference-maker tonight. My prediction:

Bury 1 - 0 West Ham

Remy to score the only goal of the match

Charlton v Everton

One of the closest matches in Division 1 tonight is Charlton v Everton. Charlton have had a good start to the season with a win and a draw from their first two matches and they've faced two teams which have a starting XI which is considerably better than their's on paper. They shocked everyone by thrashing Chelsea 3-0 in the Season Opener and then put on a good performance to earn a 1-1 draw against a strong Huddersfield side. Everton on the other hand have started with two defeats, losing by a narrow margin in both matches. Negredo will be the star of the show tonight for Charlton and will be Charlton's best player on the pitch.. This match is too tough for me to call, my prediction:

Charlton 1 - 1 Everton

Soldado and Negredo to score

Leeds United v Chelsea

Both Leeds and Chelsea have had okay starts to the season as Chelsea have won 1 and lost 1 whereas Leeds have shared the honours in both their matches so far. Chelsea were to the surprise of many handed a 3-0 thrashing at the hands of Charlton in their season opener. They however went on to get a comfortable win against Premier League newcomers Bury as a Tevez hat-trick earned them a 3-1 victory away from home. Leeds started the season with a 1-1 draw against Huddersfield and then went on to draw 2-2 against Nottingham Forest. I don't think there's going to much competition in this match and I'm predicting Chelsea to get a comfortable win tonight against Leeds. Tevez will continue his form from last night and will guide Chelsea to a comfortable win against Leeds. My prediction:

Leeds 1 - 4 Chelsea

Tevez brace, Sneidjer and Silva to score one each for Chelsea and Pirlo to score for Leeds

West Bromwich Albion v Huddersfield

West Brom surprised many (including me) by beating a Nottingham side much stronger than them in their season opener as they earned a hard-fought 3-2 to victory against Forest. They put on another good showing against Liverpool but were unable to come out with a point as they lost 1-0. Huddersfield on the other hand, despite having a very strong strike force have been unable to get their first win of the season as they drew both of their first two matches. I'm backing Ahmad to lead his Serie A based side to their first victory of the season tonight with living legend Francesco Totti guiding Huddersfield to victory. My prediction:

West Brom 1 - 3 Huddersfield[/color]

Totti, Montolivo and Cardozo to score for Huddersfield, Fer to score for WBA

Stoke City v Nottingham Forest

Another very close match tonight as Premier League newcomers Stoke City take on a strong Nottingham side in search of their first win of the season. Manager Jay Z will be delighted with how his side have started their season in Division 1 as they beat last year's runner-up Liverpool 4-2 in their first match and then earned a draw against a very strong City side. Nottingham on the other hand, were shocked by West Brom in their first match of the season and were unable to beat Leeds in their 2nd match as well as they drew 2-2. Kuyt has been outstanding for Nottingham so far with 3 goals from 2 matches and I predict he's going to lead his side to victory tonight against Stoke. Sammy Eto'o will be Stoke's best player tonight I think but his efforts will be in vain. My prediction:

Nottingham 2 - 1 Stoke

Kuyt and Berba to score for Forest, Eto'o for Stoke

Liverpool v Manchester City

And last but most certainly not the least, Liverpool host Manchester City in what promises to be a very exciting match for the neutrals. City and Liverpool are two of the strongest teams in the league with two very strong sides, packed with stars and both teams are definitely capable of winning the title. On the Livepool side we have Wayne "Shrek" Rooney, Mario "Super Mario" Gomez, Arjen "someone stole my hair!" Robben, Franck Ribery and many more. On the City side we have the 5 foot 6 magician who's known to make defenders who are 6 foot 4+ cry, none other than Lionel Messi. The Manchester City team isn't just Messi as it has the likes of Gonzalo "Gozo" Higuain, Angel Di Maria, Karim Benzema and many more. This match will pack the pitch up with superstars and I think it's going to be a high-scoring match but Liverpool will just edge it. It's going to be Shrek v Messi in my opinion and Shrek's going to edge it for Liverpool. My prediction:

Liverpool 4 - 3 Manchester City

Shrek brace, Ribery and Robben to score 1 each for Liverpool and Messi brace and "Gozo" to score for City

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Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread

Division 2 Predictions

Turn 3


Burnley got a great team underway and they still didn't lost.Portsmouth won both games played so far and seems like Lamela is on fire once again.Both teams got great managers.I think it's a pretty even game.

Prediction: Burnley vs Portsmouth 1-1


I don't know how but Zakko always s it up in Division 2.He's a great manager indeed,also a great lad in transfermarket but somehow he never manages to pick up a good form in Championship.Lost both games so far.Wolves didn't lost so far..My moneys are on Zakko to get first win of the season.

Prediction: Wolves vs Swansea 0-2

Bolton Wanderers-Blackpool

Bolton got one of the best teams in the whole country.They won both games so far and seems like they're cleary in the race for promotion in this year.Blackpool got a top manager but a rubbish squad.My cash is on Bolton.

Prediction: Bolton vs Blackpool 2-0

Coventry City-Sheffield United

Coventry got a decent team with a good manager,Ernest is somehow a very experienced manager.Pretty even game to be honest,not a lot to say.

Prediction: Coventry vs Sheffield 2-2

Aston Villa-Wigan Athletic

Aston Villa got just a point out of six while Wigan got 3 and a fairly good manager.Villa got Kiessling and Wigan got Jesus Navas..both teams look good on the paper.My cash is on Villa anyway.

Prediction: Aston Villa vs Wigan 2-0

Watford-Blackburn Rovers

Watford lost both games untill this day.Rovers won one though.The harman lad should finally get his first points in Premier League in my opinion.Good team,good manager.Watford to win.

Prediction: Watford vs Blackburn 1-0

Notts County-Walsall

County got a great manager and a decent side.Walsall is doing great in Division 2 with their amazing manager,Tony Harman.An amazing lad who built up a top team.In the race for promotion and will get another win tonight.

Prediction: Notts County vs Walsall 0-2


Game of the round this one.Two top teams,probably the best in their division.Arsenal got a great young team but so does Newcastle.Both shouldnt' be in Division 2.Both got good managers there with a lot of experience.Arsenal got Sanchez who is on fire but Newcastle has Lewandowski who can decide a match on his own in his good days.A pretty even game on the paper but on the pitch gonna be a totally different story.Great game,worth to watch.My cash is on Arsenal.

Prediction: Newcastle vs Arsenal 0-2

Rochdale-Preston North End

Villa with a good young side against Riece with a great young side.Both are top managers.Two good teams with Preston who should get the promotion with DI Natale as their leader.My cash is on Preston

Prediction: Rochdale vs Preston 0-3

Yeovil-MK Dons

An amazing side at Dons with Ibra as their leader who is probably the best CF on the planet.Yeovil got a great manager and a decent side...In my opinion they aren't good enough for Dons tonight at least.

Prediction: Yeovil vs MK Dons 0-1

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Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread

Division 3

Turn 3

Reading-Birmingham City 1-0

Crystal Palace-Queens ParkRangers 0-3

Northampton Town -Tranmere Rovers 1-1

Sheffield Wednesday-Barnsley 0-2

Derby County-Ipswich Town 1-1

Hull City-Swindon Town 0-2

AFC Bournemouth -Dagenham & Redbridge 1-0

Chesterfield -Norwich City 0-1

Southampton-Leicester City 2-1

Peterborough United-Plymouth Argyle 1-1

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Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread

Division 4

Turn 3

Doncaster Rovers -Hartlepool United 1-0

Wycombe Wanderers -Rotherham United 0-2

Cardiff City -Gillingham 0-1

Millwall-Accrington Stanley 2-2

Burton Albion-Bristol Rovers 1-0

Brighton and Hove Albion-Oldham Athletic 1-1

Stockport County -Aldershot Town 0-2

Brentford-Colchester United 0-2

Shorpe United-Leyton Orient 0-3

Southend United-Shrewsbury Town 0-0

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Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread





Benny, Freda, Anetha, Bjorn

With the season entering its 2cnd week we've asked Swedish super group ABBA to run their eyes over this Wednesdays division one fixtures..

Manchester City (19th) - Manchester United (4th)

Benny Says..Week 4 sees this seasons first installment of the age old rivalry between the blue and red sides of Manchester, and what a contrast there is in early season fortunes between the two Lancashire giants. City come to the game after a 7-0 mauling at the hands of title tipped Liverpool at the weekend, a record breaking defeat whose enormity was matched only by its humiliation. In simple terms City were never in the game, and seemingly were happy to capitulate as early as the third minute after Wayne Rooney began the slaughter with a deft header from a Robben corner. Whilst missing the presence of suspended defender Phil Jones, much of the blame for the scale of the defeat must lie in the slippery fingers of keeper Bernd Leno, whose reward for such a poor performance could well see him exchanging places with young Max Koval of the City bench.

Back in Manchester, news of City's defeat drew mocking cheers from the United faithful but veteran United boss Simon Pluto saved his biggest yellow toothed smile of the day for when the final whistle sounded at Old Trafford, as the Reds completed a marvelous 1-0 victory against Champions Boro. With Pluto still smarting at talk of a regime change at United, what better way could there be in silencing his doubters with a victory over Boro and one made all the more sweeter as his reorganised troops once more resisted adopting the discredited 3-5-2 against one of its most vocal opponents.

Benny's prediction...Whilst you cannot write off such a talented squad, City face a mountain against United, and one I can't see them climbing.... Manchester City 0 – Manchester United 2

Middlesbrough (3th) - Sunderland (20th)

Freda Says..Another local get together sees two teams in somewhat similar positions as their Manchester counterparts, as the champions take on North East rivals Sunderland in the Tyne-Wear derby. Despite Boro's weekend defeat at United its still two out of three wins as they comfortably sit 3rd amongst the leagues elite, a complete polar opposite to rivals Sunderland who sit in bottom spot and following the weekends home defeat to Carlisle are yet to register their first points of the season. That said its not all sweetness and light at Boro, as Jooles ' big bonce ' Dashound's already depleted squad suffered yet another injury blow as defender Eric Abidal joins Vital Dede and Rickey Alavez on the sick list.

Following last seasons breakthrough campaign many are expecting great things from Raz Rasherbacks Sunderland, but to date they are performing like a team caught in the early season glare of the division one headlights. In a game in which they had more than their fair share of chances, but in a game marked by woefully inadequate finishing, the Black cats worked hard to recover from an early Carlisle opener only to throw the game away with just 12 minutes left on the clock as the ever dangerous Steffan Jovetic sealed the points for visitors Carlisle. Despite sympathetic words from his opposite number, Sunderland boss made no effort to hide his disappointment after the game and one suspects a change of formation and possibly personal for the clash with Boro.

Freda's prediction...I've a feeling Sunderland might start to turn things around here and are good for a point..Middlesbrough 1 - Sunderland 1

Carlisle United (8th) - Bristol City (13th)

Anetha Says.. A particularly sweet victory for Carlisle at Sunderland saw Tony ' Mad dog' Maddison break the six hundred point mark in his glorious 7 year tenure at Brunton Park. In a fine two year career the ex-air traffic controller from Bootle has steered his unfashionable charges from the third division to the top table and as they continue their excellent start to both their domestic and European campaign theres a genuine air of excitement at the club that they will once more repeat the success's of last season. In a show of his trade mark humility Maddison played down last weekends win but many would argue that the Cumbrians are looking in great shape and clearly more than able to hold their own against almost every team in the division.

John Henry's Bristol City come to the game on the back of a 3-2 home defeat against Spurs. Despite falling behind to early goals from Van Persie and Bale, City demonstrated tremendous resilience to pull level with second half strikes from Cassano and Diamanti but amazingly proved to be architects of their own demise, as the North Londoners stole a vital 3 points from a Steven Gerrad header barely 2 minutes after the restart. The nature of the defeat, whilst disappointing, suggests theres more to be happy with than concerned about at Ashton Gate.

Anetha's prediction... City are a tough team to write off, but i'll go with Carlisle by a longnose...Carlisle United 2 - Bristol City 1

Tottenham Hotspur (7th) - Exeter City (1st)

Bjorn Says... It promises to be an intriguing evening in N17 as aristocratic Tottenham take on surprise league leaders Exeter in what could be called a clash of have and have nots. Spurs have made a strong start to the season and fans will be hoping that Saturdays late winner at Bristol City demonstrated a new found self belief in a squad brimming with attacking malice and intent. Whilst historically somewhat shaky at the back, there is no doubting the potency of Messrs Van Persie, Bale and co and one suspects that if boss Newman can continue to add consistency to ability, then Spurs will be figuring very highly in this years title race.

What can you say about Sir David Crawfords superb Exeter that one glance at the league table doesn’t already tell you? as a magnificent 3 wins from 3 games sees City sitting proudly atop of the division. Whilst one suspects their stay at the top may well be short lived, its a fair bet that the 9 points they have so quickly accrued may in turn prove vital if, as many believe, they find themselves sucked into the relegation whirlpool as the long season wears on.

Bjorn's prediction... I hate to burst the City bubble but its Spurs to walk this one by a mile...Tottenham Hotspur 3 - Exeter City 0

Fulham(5th) - Bury(17th)

Benny Says... Its bad enough trying to predict the weather in this country, but thats small beans when trying to guess Fulhams next performance. No greater example of which could be found at the weekend when on the back of completing a hat-trick of domestic and European wins the West Londoners were smashed off of the pitch in a 4-1 mauling by Exeter. As usual pragmatic boss Dom Latouche shrugged off the defeat , but one wonders if behind the smile even he is uncertain just quite what Fulham will turn up next. One things for sure he is unlikely to settle with anything less than a win as he takes on newly promoted Bury.

Its been a cruel awaking for the newly promoted Bury, who after a majestic opening day win against Everton, have shipped 8 goals in two games, 5 of which came at the weekend as they were decimated 5-1 by West Ham at Gigg Lane. Veteran boss Neil ''mmmm''Matterson has pulled no punches in his assessment of the enormity of the task facing his team this season, but even he must have winced at the ease at which the Hammers penetrated the banked Bury defence. The problem he faces of course is the limited availability of quality players at the club and few can blame him for not venturing into a more open style of play for fear of the Bury inadequacies being further exposed.

Benny's prediction... I've had to flip a coin here and say Fulham, I think?...Fulham 2- Bury 1

West Ham United (16th) - Charlton Athletic (9th)

Freda Says... West Ham picked up their first points of the season at the weekend with a resounding 5-1 destruction of minnows Bury and much to the relief of manager Niel Taylor leapt clear of the early season relegation spots. Whilst soccer purists may be shocked at Taylors use of the Devils formation, travelling Hammers fans will no doubt be cheered by the spread of goals across Michu, Matri, Aquiliani and Dempsey with the latter deservedly picking up the man of the match award for his stunning brace either side of the half time break. One sour note for the East Londoners will be the loss of influential midfielder Igor Denisov who is likely to be out for up to 2 weeks with a badly strained ankle with Taylor posed to draft in Seb Kehl as a replacement in an otherwise unchanged line-up.

Despite reaching the giddy heights of 6th place it looks like business as usual at the Valley as perennial mid-tablers Charlton resume their default position of 9th place following an narrow 2-1 home defeat against Everton. With the vastly experienced Chriss Hogg unlikely to worry about such ups and downs, its clear he may well be casting a concerned eye at the Valiant increasing sick list with Ledsama, Lulic and Wesley definitely out and new signing Igor Shemsov struggling for fitness since his arrival from Birmingham during the close season.

Freda's prediction... West Ham should have enough to take on Charltons decimated midfield and come out on top. West ham 2 –Charlton 1

Everton (15th) - Leeds United (14th)

Anetha Says...Sexy man, sexy football thats what they are saying about Toffees boss Sean O'Niel after the Blues recorded their first win of the season at Charlton sporting an adventurous three man attacking line-up of Saurez, Solado and John Lennon. And fair play to O'Niel when after an hour of stalemate he reorganised his charges into an outrageous 5 man onslaught and took the game to a hesitant Charlton before being rewarded with an excellent double from Saurez and Badstubber. Unfortunately theres always one isn't there?, and Tom Hubocans deserved red card for his shameless forearm smash on Benot Tremoulinas sees a suspension for the Czech and a recall for veteran Javier Zanetti in his vacant right back slot.

Dirty long ball Leeds and their foul supporters hold steady in 14th spot after a dour goalless draw with Chelsea at Elland Road. Whislt its difficult to knock manager Akif Misbahs excellent record at keeping the Yorkshire swine in the top division, I like everybody else mildly associated with the beautiful game will drink heartedly in celebration at their eventual demise.

Anetha's prediction...I'd love to Everton do them, but my head says a draw...Everton 1- Leeds United 1

Chelsea (12th) - West Bromwich Albion (6th)

Bjorn Says..Despite being unbeaten in two, its still not right down at the Bridge as manager Dave Jones continues to struggle to get the best out of his supremely talented squad. Theres almost a fear of defeat at the club, which is perhaps translated in his penchant to organise his team in what should be an attacking 4-1-3-2 but at the same time insisting that they approach the game in a overtly defensive manner. Whatever the reason, Chelsea continue to struggle in front of goal and often, frustrated fans and pundits alike are left to speculate what would happen if the cautious Jones was to remove the defensive shackles.

Inspired by their Hard drinking Scottish lunatic of a manager, the Baggies continue to graft away and in fairness reap their just rewards. Up to sixth spot after a a narrow 1-0 win at home to troubled Huddersfield, West Brom are certainly setting their stall out in a no frills abrasive manner which in mirroring their no frills abrasive manager Dave Belkevitz challenges all and sundry to come and have a go if you think your hard enough kind of way.

Bjorns prediction....Chelsea will find it hard, but I suspect their quality may well over come West Brom in a laboured home victory..Chelsea 1 - West Bromwich Albion 0

Huddersfield Town (18th) - Stoke City (10th)

Freda Says...The well respected Ahmad Rifai's Huddersfield slipped into the bottom three this weekend as the Yorkshire club struggle to gain any early season momentum. After finding themselves finishing way down the picking order last season, one is beginning to wonder if this may prove to be difficult campaign for the well organised but ageing Terriers.

Its been steady if somewhat unspectacular progress from newly promoted Stoke so far as with 4 points they find themselves in a highly credible 10th place. They come to the game on the back of a narrow 2-1 home defeat at the hands of Notts Forest, a game which save from some wasteful finishing they most probably deserved to draw. With this in mind, its likely that manager Jay Zee maywell be casting an eye over the transfer market as he seeks a viable alternative to the proficient but ageing Samual Eto'o

Freda's prediction...More trouble for Town as Stoke grind out an away win..Huddersfield Town 1 - Stoke City 2

Nottingham Forest (11th) - Liverpool (2cnd)

Anetha Says...A timely win for Forest at the weekend saw them ascend to a respectable 11th place and is thanks largely to a text book piece of man management from long term boss Mohamed Al- Hendy. With Forests season starting slowly, Al-Hendy singled out misfiring frontman Dimitar Berbatov with a very public dressing down, and after questioning both his ability and commitment dropped the Bulgarian to the subs bench. Whilst remaining publicly silent Berbatov has let his boots do the talking and after coming on for the booked Afellay, responded to his wake up call by setting up both Forest goals for the dangerous Dirk Kuyt and Ahmed Musa respectively.

Last seasons runners up Liverpool continue to ominously gain momentum with a simply astounding 7-0 slaughter of ailing Manchester City on Saturday, a victory which has sent shock waves throughout the division and clearly signals boss Dan Malones desire for this season title.Simply put Liverpool were irresistible and on that performance look unstoppable. Still missing key defender Thiago Silva, Malone may welcome back Thomus Mullar for the game if the German passes a late fitness test on Wednesday morning.

Anetha's prediction...I think everyone will struggle against Liverpool this season including Forest as they are swept aside in a one sided away win..Nottingham Forest 0- Liverpool 2.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread

Division 4 predictions Turn 4

Shrewsbury Town v Doncaster Rovers

Shrewsbury have had the much better start to the season of the two, but it is early yet. Esswein has had his scoring boots on in the first few games, but he won’t be enough to stop the Shrewsbury Town onslaught.

Shrewsbury 3-1 Doncaster

Hartlepool United v Wycombe Wanderers

Only 3 points separate the two teams that are very similar in terms of class. Hartlepool have a very strong defence, but a relatively weak attack, whilst Wycombe are strong across the team. This strength in depth should see Wycombe come out victorious.

Hartlepool 0-1 Wycombe

Rotherham United v Cardiff City

Machine’s Rotherham have had a blinding start to the season, whilst Cardiff have been left floundering. Cardiff have Lavezzi, a man capable of changing any game, but a very inactive manager, which will stop him from being utilized properly. Rotherham have a lot of good, experienced talent, and should be able to tear the weak Cardiff side to shreds.

Rotherham 4-0 Cardiff

Gillingham v Millwall

Gillingham have yet to pick up a win so far this season, whilst Craig’s Millwall have managed to win 2 out of 3 of their games. Gillingham have a relatively weak team and, despite their home advantage, should be outclassed by the greater quality of Millwalls.

Gillingham 0-2 Millwall

Accrington Stanley v Burton Albion

My game of the day in Div 4. Wayne managed to get a diamond of a deal for Bony from Abdul this week, and this, along with Mcmanaman’s rise, has added a lot more depth to his squad, though it remains devoid of any great talents. Burton have had a better start of the season than Stanley, and, on paper, have a stronger squad. They should just edge this one, though I have a feeling it will be filled with goals.

Accrington 3-4 Burton

Bristol Rovers v Brighton and Hove Albion

Neither of these teams have had the greatest of starts to the season, with only 3 points earned between them. This reflects the relative weakness of both sides, though neither side will have an eay game with this one. Should be a draw.

Bristol Rovers 0-0 Brighton

Oldham Athletic v Stockport County

Stockport have been breathtaking so far this season, sitting top of the league with maximum points and a +7 GD. Their team of South Americans (and Muntari) has been excelling, and reflects the managerial prowess of their boss. Oldham are a decent team also, but Elano and Lima should sweep them aside with their deft flicks and stunning shots.

Oldham 0-3 Stockport

Aldershot Town v Brentford

Here are another two teams that have had an average start to the season. Brentford have a rather weak squad, and will find it difficult in Div 4 this season. However, Aldershot have a similarly weak squad, and this one will be very tightly fought.

Aldershot 2-2 Brentford

Colchester United v Shorpe United

Shorpe come into this game off the back of a horrendous 4-0 defeat at home, from which they will be keen to return. Ighalo and Sobiech could pose a problem as to this, because they are two strikers who are not afraid of hitting the net, but Shorpe should be able to overpower them.

Colchester 1-3 Shorpe

Leyton Orient v Southend United

Geoffrey has one of the teams of the division, but can prove to be rather weak in the tactical department, which seems to be the only reason he is still milling around in Div 4. However, his 4-0 win in the last match should give him the momentum to sweep aside the much weaker Southend side.

Leyton Orient 3-0 Southend United

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Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread



Milton Keynes v Burnley

Milton Keynes (I won’t call them Dons) have won 1 and lost 2. I expect them to win more matches than lose as they have the great Ibrahimovic up front for them to score the goals plus they have Rio and Toulalan in defence to stop them going in. Burnley have good players though and have started the season well with 2 wins and just a goalless draw against Blackpool being the only blip so far. Up front they have Alexandro Pato or ‘The Duck’ as he is otherwise known and he will score a lot of goals for them. I’m gonna go for a 2-2 here.

Portsmouth v Wolves

Despite their last result against Burnley, Pompey have started the season well. Their forwards have been banging the goals in so I expect goals from them today. Wolves have Stephan El Shaarawy out injured at the moment and they may miss him. However, Zhirkov has been great for them down the left wing and Defoe and Bendtner can get goals too. I think Bendtner will start his account today and I’m hoping for a goalfest. 3-3.

Swansea v Bolton

Swansea, last season’s Shield winners, have not had a good start to their campaign. I want to see Zak win a game, and they could do it here if they can put Papiss Cisse up front with Welbeck. Bolton have just as much chance to win the match as Swansea. They have Damiao and Gameiro up front plus they have good suppliers and playmakers too in the form of Sessegnon and Oscar. Not to mention Eriksen and Ben Arfa. I want Swansea to win but I see a 4-2 victory to Bolton.

Blackpool v Coventry

Blackpool are doing better than I anticipated at the moment. The worst team in the Division managed to pull off a win against Bolton. I’m gonna try to have a bit more faith in the team but only a little. I know Coventry are a good side and I’m aware that they can get goals all over the pitch. I’m sure my side can hold them off on a good day. I predict 2-2.

Sheff Utd v Aston Villa

The Blades have brought in Lukas Podolski from Sunderland in order to help kickstart their season. Villa will still be difficult though and have a couple of draws against good sides. So I feel it will be a tight affair. But Sheffield should edge it. 2-1.

Wigan v Watford

The Wigan manager will love it if a plan comes together here. They won the first game but suffered against Bolton who put 4 past them. Pepe has been getting their goals so far but I feel they need a good central striker in their team to get the majority of goals. Watford lost their first 2 matches but pulled off a win against Blackburn. They need their strikers on form today if they are to get something from Wigan. They may manage it so I predict 2-1 to Watford.

Blackburn v Notts County

Rovers have quite good players. The defence is doing well in that they seem to be scoring half of the goals. But I think County will lose today when they come up against a Blackburn side that has the likes of Giroud playing for them. Fred and Kalou are an interesting pairing up front for County, but neither have scored yet so I am anticipating a goal from them. My prediction is 2-1 to Blackburn.

Walsall v Newcastle

Miroslav Klose has scored in every game so far for Walsall and will be their main man again today. Newcastle are a hard nut to crack though and have Robert Lewandowski and Vucinic up front along with Yaya Toure and Herrera in midfield. I see Walsall trying to maintain their good start and Newcastle trying to their best to get points on the board making an encounter which will see Walsall come out with a 3-2 win.

Arsenal v Rochdale

The Arsenal Assistant Manager is doing a great job at the moment with 3 wins out of 3. But he will need to rest Ronaldo, Kaka, and Sanchez who is top scorer at the moment if he is to sustain the momentum. Rochdale will have to take any advantage against a great Arsenal side if they are to get anything out of this game. Maybe they will get their first points of the campaign here or indeed their first goal. I doubt it though. Prediction: 2-0 to Arsenal.

Preston v Yeovil

Preston are selling the veteran defender Nesta to Udinese in order to raise some cash. They will probably need to get another defender in to strengthen up that area. They only have one win so far whereas Yeovil have 2 wins under their belts. I have yet to see Webo or Anelka get on the scoresheet but Yeovil are getting a goal each game from midfield. I think Preston will win here 1-0 with a goal from Di Natale.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread

Predictions Division 3

Turn 4

Plymouth Argyle - Reading

Both team started the season bad , but lately it seem to chance a bit .Plymouth has Pizzaro , Reading has Benteke will be a battle old vs young .

Prediction :

Plymouth Argyle 1 - 0 Reading

Pizzaro will score an early goal

Birmingham City - Crystal Palace

Another low table game , Birmingham dont have a point yet and Crystal Palace are all over the palce , this will be a high scoring came cose both team will want the win .

Prediction :

Birmingham City 2- 4Crystal Palace

A brace for Hernandez and a goal for home team by Nilmar

Queens Park Rangers - Northampton Town

This is one of the best games of the round , Northampton had the dream start , but in the last game they lost 2 defenders ,nevertheless they have huge depth ,QPR has done superb so far with not so many resources .

Prediction :

Queens Park Rangers 2 - 3 Northampton Town

Ronaldinho with a PK and Lukaku with a late goal will win the game for visitors

Tranmere Rovers - Sheffield Wednesday

Not to much about this game cose Sheffield Wednesday are unmanaged . The Tranmere manager is to good to not take advantage of that .

Tranmere Rovers 3 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday

Elander and Salihovic among the goal scorers

Barnsley - Derby County

Again two team that has done impresive so far (one of them are my bet for promotion ) , Barnsley shown that they can do great games and Derby who has a great team . Derby cant put in the line-up their main striker , that should be a big factor for the final result.

Barnsley 0- 0 Derby County

Ipswich Town - Hull City

That should be my easyest game , the Hull manager didn't logged for 20+ days , but it seems that even saw he can collect more points then me . I put my best tactics in play against them and i hope we will win .

Predictin :

Ipswich Town 3 - 1 Hull City

Mirallas and Lucas among the goal scorers

Swindon Town - AFC Bournemouth

This game should be the most uneven game of the round , but we all know that from this kind of games we have the biggest surprises .Swindon had a an awful start of the season and Bournemouth had almost a perfect start ,Bournemouth has some problems on their first team , but i am sure they can resolv that

Prediction :

Swindon Town 1 - 1 AFC Bournemouth

Lisandro and Rudnevs with the goals

Dagenham & Redbridge - Chesterfield

For me this the most exciting game of the round , to evenly matched teams that will make the game a clash of the managers , they both had an ok start and this game will decide for both if they will fight for promotion or relegation .

Prediction :

Dagenham & Redbridge 1 - 2 Chesterfield

The new signing ,Sulejmani will be the MOTM

Norwich City - Southampton

Again an uneven game , it's quite easy to see that one team will fight for relegation and one for promotion , in this game can only be one winner.

Prediction :

Norwich City 1- 3 Southampton

Yilmaz with a brace

Leicester City - Peterborough United

Leicester and Ipswich are the disappointment of the division so far , Peterborough didn't lose yet and they hope to keep that record after this round as well , will be a game that will make or break the season for Leicester .

Prediction :

Leicester City 3 - 0 Peterborough United

Gilardino with a brace and Osman will score for the home team

PS. My second shot at prediction .sorry for my bad english(learn it from MTV and Eurosport)

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Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread

Division 4 Predictions

Turn 5

Wycombe Wanderers-Doncaster Rovers

Hammers is doing quite decent with his side.He will face Doncaster who sits 13th at the moment.A Toivonen on full form should decide this game and Hammer seems like he's in the race for promotion in this year.My cash is on his little side,on Wycombe.

Prediction: Wycombe vs Doncaster 1-0

Cardiff City-Hartlepool United

Cardiff are somehow in Division 4 where they sit on 9th after 4 games.Hartlepool with a top manager in Ryan isnt doing brilliantly but I am sure they will catch up with the rest.Hartlepool won 3 out of 3 against Cardiff and my cash is again on Hartlepool.

Prediction: Cardiff City-Hartlepool 0-2

Millwall-Rotherham United

Good game this one.Stew built up a good young side but got some players with lot of experience too.Millwall has just experience and a bit of quality over the top.The cash is just on a draw..Pretty even game this one.

Prediction: Millwall-Rotherham 1-1

Burton Albion-Gillingham

Ash is a great manager but so is James.A duel between two of the best managers around.Both managers got teams not stars.They work like a team not everybody on his own.Should be a great game and my cash is on Burton.

Prediction: Burton Albion vs Gillingham 2-1

Brighton and Hove Albion-Accrington Stanley

The master of 7046 in the person of Aaron and Wayne who's been a massive manager in last few seasons in 7046.Game of the round probably.Accrington has a very good young side with many expectations to come in next few years but at the moment Brighton got the experience and this should be a very good advantage for them.

Hard game to predict...Normally we should expect a game with many goals but this will end with a 1-0 or 1-1.Im going for a draw.

Prediction: Brighton vs Stanley 1-1

Stockport City-Bristol Rovers

Not a lot to say.The Brazil 3rd team against a decent Bristol.Could be worse..could be better.Can't say a lot by these 2 teams...A draw once again.

Prediction: Stockport-Bristol 1-1

Brentford-Oldham United

Good game here.Oldham leaded by the brazilian mask,Jonas himself against Brentford with Jono.Not a lot to say about these 2 teams just that I would put my cash on little Oldham.

Prediction: Brentford vs Oldham 0-3

Shorpe United-Aldershot Town

Here's an interesting one.The quality balance is down to Aldershot who has a good manager too.Shorpe has a decent side but we dont know a lot about their manager.Anyone up to make a bet on this one?Gamble to be honest... 5 pounds on Aldershot!

Prediction: Shorpe vs Aldershot 0-1


A good game again.Division 4 is really interesting from what I see.Colchester got a good side and a stable manager.Southend might have the advantage of a new manager and the advantage of fresh air.A draw...

Prediction: Southend vs Colchester 1-1

Leyton Orient-Shrewsbury

A great game this one.Geo is in the race for Division 3 or at least he should be.His young star,Kovacic should keep him up and fight along with him for the promotion.Keep an eye on Osvaldo too...the beast is on fire!Shrewsbury got a top GK who should be able to stop Osvaldo or Kovacic but not both.Orient to win this one.

Prediction: Leyton-Shrewsbury 1-0

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Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread


Turn 6


Chris and Kendo

Turn six sees yet another new pair of quest predictors and this time its the turn of wrestling legends Chris Adams and Kendo Nagasaki

Manchester City - Sunderland

After fellow giants Arsenal's surprise relegation last season, there’s a real sense of panic down at the Eithad nowadays as Manchester City's lacklustre start to the campaign shows little sign of abating. Despite the weekends 1-1 draw at Forest, City find themselves rooted to the foot of the table as manager Vik Pea continues to search for their allusive first league win of the season. Regardless of the gravity of the situation, the under pressure Pea made the hugely contentious decision to field a full strength 11 in Mondays 1-0 league cup victory over second division Sheffield United. Whilst City progressed into the next round, there is a concern among the City faithful that the decision may well yet backfire with six first teamers , including Messi , Benzema and Higuain left struggling to be fit for the visit from the Black Cats. Sunderland finally got of the mark on Saturday with an excellent 2-0 win at home to Manchester United. With goals from Sandro, Rafael and a man of the match performance from keeper David De Gea Sunderland were well worth the three points as manager Raz Riseandfall plumped for a 5-4-1 set-up ahead of his preferred 4-2-3-1.

Chris says.... I think City will pay the price for their cup victory as Sunderland pick up a vital 2-0 win

Manchester United - Bristol City

It was a frustrated Simon Pluto who left the stadium of light at the weekend after Manchester Uniteds three man attack of Torres, Ozil and Robinho failed to breech the Sunderland defence despite accruing a respectable near 70% hit rate from a total of 12 attempts on goal. With Fernando Torres goalless run continuing into its 5th game, 80 year old Pluto will no doubt stick with the misfiring Spaniard despite the growing claims of a staring spot by Pierre Aubameyang. Like United, John Henry's Bristol City had a night to forget this Saturday as they succumbed to the champions in a comprehensive 5-1 home mauling. Despite a satisfactory performance from young Danny Rose in the left back berth, City are clearly missing defender Nacho Monreal as they found themselves constantly conceding territory to the excellent Boro. To plug the gap left by absent Monreal its likely that Henry will draft in Michal Kadlec in place of Rose in an otherwise unchanged line-up.

Kendo Says...United will get back on track with a comfortable 3-1 win.

Middlesbrough - Exeter City

Division one took upon a familiar look at the weekend as Boro ominously moved to the top of the pile with a scintillating 5-1 destruction of a hapless Bristol City. Whilst still missing the injured trio of Abidal, Dede and Alvarez Boro were relentless in their pursuit of victory with manager Jooles ' not cocky just confident' Dawsen mercilessly shifting his troops into an aggressive 4-3-3(w) formation on the hour mark and inturn being repaid with a further 4 goals in addition to Reto Zieglers 8th minute opener. Whilst hugely entertaining to watch, Canadian Dawsen will no doubt be wary of indiscipline as left back Dmitri Kombarov picked up his third booking of the season after a poorly timed tackle on Klass Jan Huntlear Sir Dave Crawfords little Exeter City lost their tenuous grip on first place on Saturday after a 1-1 draw with the ever difficult Carlisle United. Continuing to win deserved plaudits for his devotion to attacking football, Crawfords Exeter continue to punch well above their collective weight, but after two draws in as many games, pundits and fans alike are wondering just how much longer the West country men can continue to command a top 4 spot as they prepare for back to back tests against first Boro and then Manchester United.

Chris says...Boro all the way by 3 goals to 1

Carlisle United - Bury

After a disappointing 1-0 home defeat against Hamburg in the SMFA shield, it was back to business for the Cumbrians with solid 1-1 draw at early leaders Exeter. Unfortunately for United the hard fought point came at somewhat of a heavy price after conformation that defensive stalwart Esteban Cambiassio is set to be out for two weeks with a badly twisted ankle. With Manager Anthony ' Mad dog' Maddison likely to retain his favoured 4-2-3-1 formation, 27 year old Spanish defender Raul Abiol should expect a recall in to the heart of the United defence. Bury continued on their steep division 1 learning curve with a 4-1 home hammering from an increasingly confident Tottenham at Gigg lane. Despite the scale of the defeat, Bury were far from out played, but once more suffered at the disturbing lack of fire-power at manager Neil Mattersons disposal. With 5 out 8 attempts on goal going astray, Matterson will no doubt need little reminding of the difference in class his newly promoted team now face on a weekly basis.

Kendo says..i know Neil from his wrestling days back in Leeds so i'm going for a draw, 1-1

Tottenham Hotspur - Charlton Athletic

A super performance from Gareth Bale at Bury last weekend perfectly encompasses a growing belief down at White Hart lane that the North Londoners will figure highly in this seasons title race. Beaten just once this season Spurs sit atop of their Champions league qualifying group and perhaps more gratifying, just 2 points behind leaders Boro in 4th place in division 1. With manager Ben Newman clearly looking to shed his somewhat puerile media friendly image, his persona appears to be that of a focussed and rapidly maturing young manager efficiently setting out his stall to challenge the rest of the leagues elite.Charlton are another London team blazing an early season trail at the upper echelon of the table as they moved into a giddy third place after a super 2-0 win at West London rivals Fulham. Highly respected, but notoriously neurotic manager Chris Hogg, declared himself delighted at the win before promising not to relax until the Valiants have gained at least another 30 league points.

Chris says..should be a good game this, and i think Spurs should edge it 2-1

Fulham - Leeds United

Tough times for Dom Latouches Fulham crazy gang, as the ever unpredictable West Londoners miserable start to the season continues both in Europe and on the domestic front. Clearly missing the injured trio of Patrice Evra, Nuri Sahin and ,Correia Adriano along with the suspended Mauricio Isla many are speculating it may well be time for Latouche to try a tactical shift, as yet again the 4-3-3 approach proved completely inadequate against the resolute Charlton defence. Draw merchants Leeds lived up to their well deserved reputation this weekend as they made it an unbelievable 7 out of 11 draws in all competitions this season with yet another mind numbing stalemate with West Ham. The poorly dressed thuggish home crowd waited a full hour for a glimmer of excitement and it came as the visitors opened proceedings with a close range strike from Perez Michu. Sadly, the home crowd had barely finished wiping the sleep from their eyes before it was back to boring business as usual, as United clawed back the deficit with an Andrea Pirlo header. Still one can only admire Leeds boss Akif Bin Misbah as the point sees the Yorkshiremen creep into a very respectable 9th spot.

Kendo says..what else but a 2-2 draw

West Ham United - West Bromwich Albion

Relegation tipped West Ham continue to disappoint manager Niall Taylor as the melancholy Hammers boss went public this week by declaring that his team are ''not doing very well this season'' before abruptly leaving the press room in tears. Few would deny Taylor his early season woes as the East-Enders hover precariously above the relegation spots, conceding a whopping 16 goals in just 5 matches. United come to the game without the influential Diego Godin who joined crocked middleman Igor Denisov on the West Ham sick-list after picking up a knock during the 1-1 draw with dirty Leeds. West Brom continued their excellent vein of form with a fine 3-0 home win against Everton this weekend as they moved up to a highly credible sixth spot. Whilst their approach to the game is , like their heavy drinking Scots boss Dave Belkavitz far from pretty, few can doubt its effectiveness. Young Dutch man Das Boost continues in his lone target man role up front and has proved extremely adept at holding the ball until re-enforced by rampaging midfielders Motta and Jansen whose late arrivals in the opposition box has been rewarded with an impressive 2 goals apiece.

Kendo says...Cheer up Niall, i reckon you will win this one 2-0

Everton - Stoke City

The knives are back out for Everton boss Sean O'Neil as the Toffees slipped into the bottom three after their defeat at Belkavitz's Baggies. Barely a week after wooing the Everton faithful with an overtly attacking 2-1 win at Charlton, successive defeats at Leeds and WBA has seen morale hit rock bottom within the Goddison squad with Ashely Williams and the suspended Tom Hubocan rumoured to becoming increasingly unsettled under O'Niels tenure. If such open dissent was not bad enough, the under fire O'Niels luck went from bad to worse as key defender Holger Badstuber misses the visit from the Potters with a badly stubbed toe. The unfortunate German is rumoured to picked up the injury after becoming to close to a spiteful Dave Belkavitz as he staggered onto the pitch to celebrate West Broms recent victory.Following their promotion to the top tier mid table Stoke will be looking to continue their slow if unspectacular progress at Goddison in a game which one suspects manager Jay Zee may well fancy his chances in. The Potters narrowly lost out to Chelsea at the weekend, but the tight nature of the 2-1 defeat should have gone a long way to bolster squad morale and determination to enshrine their right to compete within the top division.

Kendo says...Stoke for the away win, 3-2

Chelsea - Liverpool

Whilst perhaps not inspiring the same level of confidence as North London rivals Spurs, there is little doubt that Chelsea appear to be mobilising themselves for a concerted title push, as they have crept largely unnoticed to within 2 points of leaders Boro. Undefeated in 7 games, key to Chelsea’s resurgence is undoubtedly been the form of Carlos Tevez, with the horrifically deformed Argentinian front-man making it 5 goals this season with his 34th minute winner at Britannia on Saturday night. One slight concern for Blues boss Dave Jones is the loss of the suspended skipper Cesc Fabregas whose straight Red at Stoke sees him miss the visit from Liverpool, and is likely to be replaced by the unhappy Jeremy Menez. After a scintillating start to the season, Dan Malones Liverpool appear to have suddenly ground to halt after consecutive league defeats against Forest and Huddersfield and a surprise exit fro the English Cup at the hands of Walsall sees the Scousers somewhat off the pace in 12th spot. With no absences to report, the jury remains out as to whether Malone will take the game to his cautious London rival or, in light of their poor run of form remain content to seek to dominate midfield before looking to pick out lone frontman Mario Gomez.

Chris says...A draw here 1-1

Huddersfield Town - Nottingham Forest

An excellent nights work at Anfield this weekend saw Huddersfield pick up all three points with a richly deserved 2-0 victory over Liverpool. With the rumour mill identifying Town as possible relegation fodder this season, the ever likable Ahmad Rifai has found himself under mounting pressure at Galphram with many once more pointing at the depth of the United squad as a major cause for concern for fans and manager alike. That point is once more emphasised as the absence of the injured Daryl Janmaat and the suspended David Pizarro leaves Rifai praying for an injury free 90 minutes tomorrow night.Its been a good few weeks for Forest and they arrive at the Galphram in 8th spot and on a solid 5 game unbeaten run. Successive games against Liverpool and Manchester city has seen the tactically astute Mohammed Al-Hendy understandably reorganise his troops somewhat defensively, but media watchers will no doubt have picked up the canny Al-Hendy public declaration of his desire to unshackle his team and bring the game to Huddersfield in an attempt to steal an invaluable away win.

Kendo says...Tough call, but i'll go Huddersfield but only just 3-2

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Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread

Division 4 Predictions

Matchday 6 19/06/12

Shrewsbury Town v Wycombe Wanderers

Both teams have enjoyed a good start to the season, with both sitting in the playoffs after 5 matches. Hammer has been very inactive recently, and his assistant manager has been very effective in his tactics, however, Shrewsbury, with the on-loan Nem, should be able to overcome them and move up the league.

Shrewsbury Town 2-0 Wycombe Wanderers

Doncaster Rovers v Cardiff City

Another two teams here that are very close in the standings. Closey has the much stronger team on paper, but has, again, been pretty inactive recently. That, along with Lavezzi’s rather awful form, should put the odds in balance. However, Cardiff’s team is considerably stronger than that of Donny, and so they should come away with all 3 points.

Doncaster 1-2 Cardiff City

Hartlepool United v Millwall

Two very good managers come head to head here at Hartlepool, and both have had moderate season openings. Both squads are strong in depth, but Hartlepool just have the edge on paper, but what’s theory in SM? It will be a close one, too close for me to call.

Hartlepool 2-2 Millwall

Rotherham United v Burton Albion

Zarate will make his debut today for Burton after his £9m move from Liverpool. Both teams sit at the top of the league, and Zarate will add another dimension to the team. Rotherham’s home advantage could account to something, but Ashtini’s squad should manage to just overcome the veterans at Rotherham.

Rotherham 2-3 Burton (Zarate to score two)

Gillingham v Brighton and Hove Albion

Two clubs in the bottom three come head to head here, and it will be tight. Brighton have form on their side, having just come off the back of a 5-0 victory against a strong Stanley side, and if they can continue this clinical scoring, they should sweep aside Burrows Gillingham, who sit rock-bottom.

Gillingham 0-3 Brighton

Accrington Stanley v Stockport County

Game of the round here, as Seth’s table-topping Brazilians come up against Wayne’s young Stanley side. With Lima in such great goal-scoring form, Stockport will be in high spirits going into this game, and with Stanlye looking astoundingly weak in goal, he should be banging a few in here. Stanley will, undoubtedly, be one of the best teams in the gameworld in a few years time, but right now they have a young, inexperienced squad, and will be taught a lesson here.

Stanley 0-4 Stockport County

Bristol Rovers v Brentford

Two pretty even teams here, with Bristol Rovers having enjoyed the best form so far. With not much between them, and no real class acts to speak of that can change the match, a draw could be on the cards here.

Bristol Rovers 0-0 Brentford

Oldham Athletic v Shorpe United

Oldham have been doing well so far this season, and sit 4th, whilst Scunny are ailing down in 16th. Oldham have a good, quality team, and should overcome Shorpe here with comfortable ease. Could be a tough season in store for the Clarets.

Oldham 3-1 Shorpe

Aldershot Town v Southend United

Two good teams here, and it’s hard to choose between the two. Southend have Erding, who is more than capable of scoring, and Aldershot have the rather brilliant Alain Traore, who can do the same. Aldershot have a very good, young side, but youth won’t help them on the pitch, and whilst Aldershot will be great soon enough, they are rather average right now, and should get edged out on the pitch tonight in a high scoring game.

Aldershot 3-4 Southend

Colchester United v Leyton Orient

Geoffrey has a very good team, but that isn’t helping him out much lately, and coming up against Colchester, who sit above them in the league, may be trickier for them then you would think. Both sides scraped a draw in their last match, so form should be irrelevant here. Ighalo has continued his mind-blowing form this season, with 3 goals and 3 assists, and the fearsome Orient front trio of Palacio, Osvaldo and Fabiano have been rather ineffective so far this season. Despite this, Orient should just edge the win.

Colchester 1-2 Orient

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Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread

Division 2 Predictions – 19/06/2013

MK vs Wolves

MK haven’t scored many goals for a team of their calibre. They are one of a few teams that should be higher up the league. Wolves are another team underachieving. With the large squad they have they have many options, but the Wolves manager hasn’t been seen around much and the rumour is he has been secretly managing Arsenal. This will be 1-1.

Burnley vs Bolton

Burnley are one of three undefeated teams in the division. Bolton despite a great start have started to stumble with a few draws and will need to get their forwards scoring. If they can do that they may earn something from the game. So I’m gonna predict 2-2.

Portsmouth vs Coventry

Portsmouth are another team that started well but have forgotten how to win. Coventry will be sore they got knocked out of the cup so early but will be looking to make sure they continue their good form in the league. This will be tight but the Sky Blues will edge it 2-1.

Swansea vs Villa

Swansea were knocked out of the cup on penalties against Dagenham on Monday despite dominating the match. Villa will be happy after they got their first win of the season against Blackpool. Meanwhile, Plasil has left the squad as well as Pavlovic. Villa haven’t scored more than one goal a game but the same goes for the Swans. It’s got 1-1 written all over it.

Blackpool vs Watford

Blackpool bounced back from their 1-0 defeat against Villa to score a 1-0 victory against Ipswich in the cup. Unfortunately, Barrientos suffered a tight hamstring in the match and will not be able to play. Watford have found their feet after a bad start to the season and will continue here with a 2-0 against Blackpool.

Sheff Utd vs Notts County

Blades have a new backup goalie in Vicente Guait. They have also brought in Raul Rusescu as a backup midfielder. They wisely played their second team in the cup only losing to Man City 1-0 so that they could concentrate on the league. They should not be where they are in the league at the moment and will have to improve. Notts County are upto 5th at the moment and going on form you would have to put them as winners. 2-1 County.

Wigan vs Newcastle

I can’t believe Wigan aren’t doing better. They have only managed a measly 2 goals in 5 matches. Despite supply from teammates, Emeghara just can’t score at the moment. They are probably gonna need to try a new striker but I don’t see who they can get in or if they can. Newcastle don’t seem to have a problem scoring goals after their 6-0 drubbing of Blackburn. I think they will only get half as many goals, 3-0 win.

Blackburn Rovers vs Rochdale

Rovers are not having a good time lately, being thumped 6-0 by Newcastle on Saturday. They have lost 4 games on the trot now, however, Rochdale have lost all 5 and are rock bottom of the table. Rochdale will probably be the losers here as they played in the cup and may not be as fit as the other team. 2-0 to Rovers.

Walsall vs Yeovil

All is great at Walsall at the moment. They are undefeated in the league and have scored as many goals as the leaders Arsenal. They also defeated Liverpool in the cup with their 2nd team. Things aren’t as good for Yeovil though and they will need to start scoring again but I can’t see it against a team who are on a roll at the moment. 3-0 Walsall.

Arsenal vs Preston

Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez is on fire at the moment. He scored a hattrick against Yeovil, taking his total upto 9 in 5 games. Preston have been doing some transfer business with Raz recently, with some 2 for 1 deals. Getting Maher and De Sciglio for Isco, and Brady and Carmona for Lucas Ocampos. After selling Nesta they would have had some money to spend. Their form however doesn’t suggest they will get anything from Arsenal and this will be a 3-0 loss to them.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread


Turn 6

Plymouth Argyle - Crystal Palace

A low mid table clash between teams that was expected to do better , both have small squads but quality is there , i expect a low scoring game , both managers more concern with the results then spectacle .

Prediction :

Plymouth Argyle 0- 1 Crystal Palace

Aimar with the only goal from a PK

Reading - Northampton Town

That's goliath vs david story , in this case david=Reading vs goliath= Northampton . Northampton had a perfect start of the season and nothing show us that they will stop their winning streak . Reading are the obvious underdog , but in this kind of game worlds nobody knows what could happen.

Prediction :

Reading 1- 1Northampton Town

Gibson will open the score early and Augusto will score for the draw just after the start of the second half

Birmingham City - Sheffield Wednesday

Low table relegation derby , this two teams are my main rivals for staying in the Division 3 , normaly i would want a draw , but in this case i would predict a game with high entertainment value .

Prediction :

Birmingham City 2 - 4 Sheffield Wednesday

Arango and Nolito will score for visitors and Postiga for the home team anong the goalscores

Queens Park Rangers - Derby County

Game of the round here , QPR with a decent team they are in the fight for promotion and Derby with the best team in this division . the game will be decided by the player condition and one team had bye this round of the cup .

Prediction :

Queens Park Rangers 1 - 3 Derby County

Llorente and Wilshere among the goal scorers

Tranmere Rovers - Hull City

Not to much about this game , both team look mid-table , they are mid-table all look here average , but this kind of games can deliver the most fun .

Prediction :

Tranmere Rovers 3 - 2 Hull City

Elamander and Cacau for visitors and maiga for the home team among the goalscorers

Barnsley - AFC Bournemouth

Both team had an impresive start of the season , in my opinion just one of them could keep the pace with the top teams from this division .

Prediction :

Barnsley 0- 3 AFC Bournemouth

Lisandro with a brace will decide the game

Ipswich Town - Chesterfield

This is the game will make or break our season , we play against a small team that did realy well till now , now is the time to make an impresion in this division . My predition here will be influenced by the managers quality .

Prediction :

Ipswich Town 1 - 3 Chesterfield

Sulejmani and Paloschi will sink Ipswich

Swindon Town - Southampton

This the most unbalanced game , the home team is more of a division 4 team and this showed by their actual position on the table , Southampton made a few wrong steps lately but i am sure that this game will put them back on the track .

Prediction :

Swindon Town 0 - 2 Southampton

Yilmaz with a goal and MOTM

Dagenham & Redbridge - Peterborough United

Both team with small hope at the start of the league that delivered , both in contention for a promotion place , this will be a great match to watch . My prediction here is based on player condition .

Prediction :

Dagenham & Redbridge 0 - 1 Peterborough United

Altidore with the goal

Norwich City - Leicester City

Both team with a awful start of the season , Norwich lately started to recovere their form . Leicester and Ipswich are the worst surprise of the season , they have quality & depth to go far but didn't delivered so far .

Prediction :

Norwich City 1- 4 Leicester City

Gilardino with a brace and Adriano among the goalscorers

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Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread



Bolton sit in 7th with 9 points from 18.After losing in the play off finals last season they will be determined to get promoted this season,but have their players got the mentally to do so? The Players to watch will be Oscar and Vertonghen from Bolton

Wolves will looking to get a win and pull themselves away from Relegation early on to save their sorrows later in the season. Zhirkov looks in fine form and will be willing to carry that on with a win.

Bolton 2-1 Wolves




Well Coventry City have started well with 12 points in 6 games all thanks to their winger BŁASZCZYKOWSKI who has 8 assists and that will be hard to handle for Burnley but their defence has been solid so far by only letting in 3 goals and losing 0 so Hazr will believe that his team can come away with all 3 points today and i fully expect him to aswell and carry on his fine form.

Coventry City 2-3 Burnley






Jay's Aston Villa have started okay but the season is still young and their is 32 games still left.Jay will be hoping loanee Kruse will be up for this game as this can push them onto promotion contenders so Kruse will need to build upon his 3 goals by helping the team win.

Jack's Portsmouth have started well but its still earlier in the season and Portsmouth have finished 10th and 16th in previous season and Jack will be hoping this is not an another mid-table season. Kagawa has really really started well with 2 goals and 1 assist but can he be their Knight in shining Armour this season and give Portsmouth a dream return to the Premier league ?

Aston Villa 2-2 Portsmouth





Watford have really become a good footballing side again under John after winning the division 3 play off final.John has set a goal of avoid relegation but anything better is an massive bonus and i fully believe with a bit of determination he can push for a play off spot.So far he has 8 points from 6 games and that's the start he would of wanted

Zak's Swansea have really been a yo yo club over the seasons by dropping to division 3 and then getting promoted to division 2.Yet again they find themselves 19th with 3 points and the fears of relegation loom over them once again but can Zak prove his critics wrong this time ?

Watford 1-0 Swansea



Jonny's Notts County have really prove the critics wrong last season by surviving relegation and finishing 14th,which is very good for side like Notts County.Morel will be hoping he can get a goal or 2 and fire his side to an win.

Blackpool have had a few managers in the past but now they have a guy in Steve who they trust with but they're sitting in 18th place at the moment and will be hoping he can pull them out of danger sometime soon.They finished 13th last season which is comfortable in mid table but Blackpool fans want to get back to the promise land of the premier league.

Notts County 3-1 Blackpool

Notts C- Stoch(pen) (1)





Newcastle have been really left neglected over the pass seasons and suffering Relegation 2 season ago really put a damper on their mood.But the fans hoped for a good long term manager and they got that in Mark but unfortunately missed out on play offs by 1 place.The fans are getting worried by Mark's absent as he has been on holiday for a long time and they're wondering if a new manager may be found.

Sheff United unfortunately suffered relegation last season but it was tough on the new manager Dave.They sit in 17th and will be hopeful over a win against Newcastle.Will Poldoski be the man to score the goals ? I believe he can!

Newcastle 2-2 Sheff United



Sheff United-Poldoski(2)


Rochdale lost a great manager in Gary and now Rochdale sit rock bottom with 0 points from 6 games.Hopefully their new manager can pull together the strings and get their first win against Wigan who luckily survive relegation last season.

Wigan sit 11th and will of enjoyed their start but this is Wigan who enjoy the constant relegation battles and i can only see them doing it again.

Rochdale 2-1 Wigan


Wigan- Pepe(1)

Yeovil-Blackburn Rovers

Yeovil sit in 6th and Blackburn sit in 16th.Difference of 10 places but quality is equal.Could go either way.I think Blackburn will steal the win in the dying minutes.Giroud to get both goals to complete the comeback and Albelda to get Yeovil's goal.Both teams should be safe for relegation and have a mid-table secured

Yeovil 1-2 Blackburn



Preston NE-Walsall

Preston have a very good side and should aim for promotion but inconsistent results stop them having any promotion glory. Walsall have a very good manager in Tony and sit in 3rd after being promoted last season and i feel Walsall can surprise the odds and get promoted this season which would be well deserved.

I see nothing than an Walsall win.

Preston NE 1-Walsall 3

PNE-Di Natale(1)


Dembele (1) and set up 2

Arsenal -Milton Keynes Dons

Arsenal have won 5 out of 6 games and finally lost last game in a 7 goal thriller vs Preston.Arsenal should be top and be champions by a long way and they're proving that so far but their manager who fails to log in might not see promotion this season.

MK Dons have a good manager in Will who had a tough task last season but i can see Mk dons pulling off an upset and Ibrahimovic will be the main man.

Arsenal 2 - 3 Mk Dons

Ibrahimovic (3)

Arsenal Sanchez (1) and D.Alves(1)

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Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread

Division 1 Predictions - Turn 7

Bristol City v Sunderland

Sunderland have been absolutely pathetic since getting promoted to the Premier League, one of the best squads in the game world yet only 3 points from 6 matches and a goal difference of -8? Disgraceful! Their worst performance since getting promoted and one of their worst ever is without a doubt last week's 7-2 humiliation against Man $ity. 7-2 SERIOUSLY?! Bristol have got off to an okay start to the season with 7 points from 6. Their last result was a 2-2 draw against United. As horrible as Sunderland have been so far, I'm backing them to get a narrow win over Bristol tonight with Neymar being the star. My prediction:

Bristol City 1 - 2 Sunderland

Huntelaar to score for Bristol, Neymar brace for Sunderland

Exeter City v Manchester United

Exeter have shocked everyone with the start they've had, 6 games in and they're top of the table! Their last result was one that shocked everyone, they beat last year's champions Middlesbrough 3-0 and that too away from home! United drew against Bristol on Wednesday, it was a very close match as the final result was 2-2. Ozil has been the star so far for the Red Devils and Ozil is going to lead the Devils to victory tonight. I'm guessing it's going to be a very close match with Forlan continuing his form from Wednesday night but United will walk away with a narrow win. My prediction:

Exeter City 1 - 2 Manchester United

Ozil and Robinho to score for United, Forlan for Exeter

Bury v Middlesbrough

The game to watch tonight! Premier League newcomers Bury take on two-time Champions 'Boro in what promises to be avery exciting match! Bury have had a good start to the season as they sit in 10th place after 6 matches, currently on 9 points. Neil's side had a great win on Wednesday as they surprisingly got a comfortable 2-0 win against a very strong Carlisle side. Middlesbrough were on top of the table, at least until the surprise of the season so far, Exeter went on to humiliate them 3-0 on Wednesday! Jooles didn't see that one coming! This match is going to be a very exciting one I think with plenty of goals between the two teams. Bury are going to put up a good fight but 'Boro will emerge victors. The deadly Argentinian duo of 'Boro, Aguero and Milito will lead Middlesbrough to victory tonight. My prediction:

Bury 1 - 3 Middlesbrough

Remy to score for Bury, Milito brace and one Aguero goal for Middlesbrough

Charlton v Carlisle

Charlton have had an impressive start to the season as they currently sit in 6th place even though they are one of the weaker teams in Division 1. Charlton lost their last match 3-1 to a strong Spurs side with Pandev getting their only goal. Carlisle on the other hand have had a bad start to the season as they're currently in 15th place. They had a tough match on Wednesday as they faced Bury and they were out-classed by Bury and they ended up losing 2-0. Semshov has been the key to Charlton's good start to the season with 4 goals already and the Russian will be they key man for his side tonight as well. This is one of the tightest fixtures tonight and I think Carlisle will dominate the match but won't be able to get 3 points from the fixture. My prediction:

Charlton 1 - 1 Carlisle

Semshov to score for Charlton, Jovetic to score for Carlisle

Leeds United v Tottenham

Tottenham have been very impressive so far as they're currently second in the table with 13 points from a possible 18 so far. Bale and Van Persie have been outstanding as usual for Tottenham as the duo already have 9 goals between them! Tottenham cruised to a comfortable win on Wednesday as they got a 3-1 win against Charlton. Leeds have been okay as they're currently 12th in the table. Their last result was a 2-1 loss to Dom's Fulham. Leeds are a very good side but I don't think they'll stand a chance against Newman's Tottenham tonight. It's going to be the Bale-RVP show yet again. My prediction:

Leeds United 1 - 3 Tottenham

Bale brace, Rvp one goal for Tottenham, Love to score for Leeds

West Bromwich Albion v Fulham

West Brom have had a very surprising start to the season as they're in 4th place with 12 points from a possible 18 even though they're one of the weakest squads in the league. They had a great match on Wednesday as they dominated West Ham and beat them 2-1 away from home. Fulham are currently in 9th place, sitting on 9 points from 6 matches. The Incredible Hulk has been very impressive for Fulham with 4 goals from 5 starts and I think he will lead Dom's side to victory tonight. West Brom won't give Fulham an easy time tonight and I think Dost will cause a lot of problems for the Fulham defence. My prediction:

West Brom 2 - 3 Fulham

Hulk brace and Doumbia 1 goal for Fulham, Dost and Callejon to score for WBA

Stoke v West Ham

West Ham will be disappointed with their start to the season as they're currently 19th with only 4 points from 6 matches. The Hammers visit Stoke tonight and I think this match will be a very boring one to watch. Stoke will be happy that they are away from the relegation spots since they were only promoted last season and have a comparatively weak squad. Stoke were very unlucky not to get the win against Everton on Wednesday as they dominated proceedings but lost to Everton 4-3 in a 7 goal thriller. West Ham were beaten 2-1 by West Brom and although it was a close match it was a fair result. I don't think there'll be anything to separate the two and I'm predicting a very boring match. Briand is the man to watch tonight after his brace against Everton on Wednesday. My prediction:

Stoke 1 - 1 West Ham

Briand and Matri to score

Liverpool v Everton

The Merseyside Derby! Liverpool are the favourites to win the first Merseyside Derby of the season as they host Everton tonight. Neither side will be happy with how they've started their season as Liverpool are currently 11th in the table and Everton are just 1 spot above the relegation zone as they're currently in 17th place. This match is going to be a very exciting one for the neutrals. Liverpool had a tough match on Wedneday as they faced Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and they emerged with a point from the match. Everton were lucky to get the victory against Stoke as they were dominated by Stoke but managed to get a narrow win in a 7 goal thriller. Franck Ribery is the man to watch tonight from Liverpool and Roberto Soldado the key player for Everton tonight in my opinion. I think Ribery will guide Liverpool to victory against their bitter rivals in a high-scoring match. My prediction:

Liverpool 3 - 2 Everton

Ribery brace and Muller (1) to score for Liverpool, Soldado and Cazorla to score for Everton

Nottingham Forest v Chelsea

Nottingham Forest have a very tough match tonight as they host Chelsea. Both teams have enjoyed good starts to the season as Nottingham are currently in 8th position and Chelsea in 5th. I'm backing Chelsea to get a fairly comfortable win tonight. Nottingham have a very good team with their star man being none other than Andres Iniesta but this Chelsea side is packed with superstars and I don't think Mo's men will be able to get even a point from this encounter. Chelsea had a tough match on Wednesday as they faced Liverpool and they came out with a point from the match whereas Nottingham also got a point from their match as they drew 3-3 with Huddersfield. I think Falcao and Silva will be they key players for Chelsea tonight and as always Iniesta will be Nottingham's star. My prediction:

Nottingham 1 - 3 Chelsea

Silva brace, Falcao(1) to score for Chelsea, Iniesta to score for Forest

Huddersfield v Manchester City

Man $ity have had a disastrous start to the season but they showed what they were capable of as they thrashed Sunderland 7-2 on Wednesday. The Citizens are currently in a shocking 18th place but manager Vik P will be hoping his side will continue where they left off on Wednesday. It was surprising to see the majority of the City first team left out of the Starting XI on Wednesday but it certainly paid off! 5 different goal-scorers! Hudderfield were involved in a thrilling 3-3 draw with Nottingham on Wednesday in which they put on a display of some amazing attacking football (and some below-par defensive work :o). Tonight's match is going to be a very exciting one in my opinion as both Huddersfield and City have a great strike force but are comparatively weaker in defence. I'm predicting City to get a narrow win in a match which will have lots of chances and goals. The Little Magician Leo Messi and Benzema will lead the way for the Citizens. Huddersfield won't go down without a fight and their midfield maestro Montolivo will have an impressive game. My prediction:

Huddersfield 3 - 4 Man City

Montolivo brace and Totti 1 goal for Huddersfield, Messi and Benzema brace for City

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Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread




George Logan and Patrick Fyffe ( aka Dr. Evadne Hinge and Dame Hilda Bracket) take some time off as dressing up as geriatric old ladies to offer their insights on tomorrow nights Divison 1 fixtures..

Manchester CityBristol City

At last Manchester City appear to be hitting the kind of form their talent commands after the fine 4-1 destruction of Huddersfield this weekend makes it 4 wins on the bounce for the Blues. The win sees them climb up to 12th spot and if manager Vik Pea gets the rub of the green tomorrow night, on the threshold of breaking into the top ten for the first time this season. City are expected to field the same line-up with the absent Mats Hummels defensive spot taken by the fit again Phil Jones.

Bristol City fans were left disappointed this weekend as they tumbled down to 17th after a frustrating 2-1 home defeat to bottom club Sunderland. Despite struggling to retain possession against their resolute visitors and indeed falling behind to a Mario Gotze strike just after half time, City nevertheless persevered and finally gained parity from a fine Andre Ayew volley 11 minutes before time. Sadly any hopes of a well earned point was snatched from their grasp just a minute before the final whistle, as Junior Neymer latched on to an angled ball from Chris Smalling to silence the home crowd. Thats twice in as many games that the West Country men have dropped points to late goals, with Mehmet Ozil robbing them of a fine win at Old Traffold with a last gasp equaliser last Wednesday night.

Dr. Evadne .... Manchester City to prove to be too strong

Sunderland – Exeter City.

Following the weekends embarrassing 7-2 drubbing by a resurgent City, Sunderland boss Raz Porkgrinder took a somewhat less ambitious approach to the Bristol City game and after adopting a solid 5-4-1 set-up nicked a vital away win at Ashton Gate. Still at the bottom of the division 1 pile, the Black Cats have nevertheless dragged themselves back into the fold, and with a win tomorrow night are in with a great shout of finally getting clear of the relegation zone after what can only be described a miserable and unexpectedly poor start to the season.

Sir David Crawfords Exeters fairytale unbeaten start to the season, came to an abrupt end on Saturday night as they were humbled 4-1 by Manchester United. In a rip-roaring 90 minutes at St James, City manfully took the game to their illustrious visitors but as try as they might, failed to convert all but one of a whopping 10 goal-scoring opportunities save for a 62 minute consolation effort from top scorer Diego Forlan. That said, they remain in an unlikely 2cnd place and bolstered by the excellent start to the campaign will feel a genuine sense of optimism as they make the long journey North.

Dame Hilda......Exeter to heap misery on Sunderland with a clear away win

Manchester United - Bury

With a wrinkly 120 years between them , EC7046's elder statesmen come face to face in an intriguing all Lancashire derby at Old Trafford. United boss Simon Pluto has shunned the press room so far this season relying instead on his players to do the talking for him. And like the great man himself, United come to the game with not only a slight smell of incontinence but with an air of well earned self assurance after gaining safe passage into the second round of the English Shield courtesy of a 6-5 penalty shoot out victory over Fulham. Any fear that United fans had that their heroes may be somewhat jaded after the journey to Craven cottage were unfounded, as after years of managerial success, Pluto wisely made 10 changes to the side that blasted their way past Exeter this weekend.

Just two months younger than the erstwhile Pluto, Bury's Neil Matterson continues to add weight to the old adage that life begins at 60 as he leads the little fancied division 1 newcomers on an increasingly successful survival battle. Written off by many as mere cannon fodder, the tightly organised Shakers continue to disprove the doom-sayers as they sit in 10th place following this weekends excellent 1-1 draw with the Champions at Gigg lane. Whilst the point didn’t come until the 89th minute from a speculative Esteban Granero strike, few neutrals would begrudge the hosts their good fortune after yet another honest performance marked out by their usual hard graft and endeavour.

Dr. Evadne...... I'd love to see it but Bury to lose i'm affraid

Middlesbrough - Charlton Athletic

Rumour has it around the Riverside that boss Jooles Dawsen's famously enlarged head has in fact shrunk by a full six inches of late and whilst remaining gargantuan by average standards, now resembles a slightly under inflated beach ball. The reason for this sudden cranial deflation is the 3rd placed Champions sudden loss of form which has seen them drop points at both Exeter and more recently Bury. Still missing the injured Vital Dede and Eric Abidal , Dawsons defensive woes grew at the weekend after Tony Reveilere proved theres no fool like an old fool as he received his marching orders and a one game suspension for a wholly inexcusable second bookable offence after an ill judged lunge caught Bury's Keisuke Honda.

With the Valiants sitting in a heady 4th spot its good times down in south East London, as Charlton continue their excellent run of form with a fine 3-2 win at home to Carlisle. Despite perennially unwell boss Chris ' hypochondriac' Hogg battling with what in all likelihood is a minor head cold , but according to the morose Hogg almost certainly will either turn out to be bird flu, meningitis, a brain tumour or maybe all three ?, there is at least no sign of Charlton catching a cold under his well thought out stewardship. Sporting the increasingly popular 5-4-1 , Charlton delighted the home crowd when after coming from behind, they sealed the win with a well placed Florent Balmont strike after masterly control by Goran Pandev laid the ball into the on rushing Frenchman’s path.

Dame Hilda..... Score draw

Carlisle United - Leeds United

If Carlisle boss Tony 'Mad dog' Maddison was indeed a canine in the literal sense, theres little doubt he would be wearing a muzzle this week after yet another poor show by United saw them tumbling into the relegation spots with a 3-2 defeat at Charlton. The defeat is the latest in a miserable 6 game run which has seen the Cumbrians pick up a mere 4 points out of a possible 18. With the team struggling to find the net on anyway near a satisfactory basis , the Brunton Park boo boys have found a particularly apt scapegoat in the form of twenty two year old German front man Andre Schurrle. With just one goal in seven starts this season, Schurrle was recently voted the man Carlisle fans would most like to kick in the groin, narrowly beating large headed Boro boss Jooles Dawson by a single vote.

Still if Schurrle is somewhat down hearted by his seeming lack of popularity at Brunton Park, no doubt he like the rest of the footballing world will be cheered by the good news that dirty scum Leeds lost last weekend. With many becoming increasingly concerned that the universally despised Yorkshire outfit were getting a little to far away from the relegation zone, their second defeat in as many games could not have come any sooner. Despite being largely outclassed by fluent North London giants Spurs, Leeds employed their usual long ball defensive tactics and much to the disappointment of the neutral looked to be good for a point until succumbing to a Van Persie opener on 47 minutes. Drawing level through Jefferson Farfan , justice was finally done just before the hour mark when Van Persie's second of the game confirmed the points for Spurs. Whilst few would admit to having any sympathy for Leeds as a club, many secretly feel for manager Akif Bin Misbah who outside the depressing settings of Elland road is widely recognised as a really nice bloke.

Dr. Evadne......Carlisle to turn things around with an easy home win.

Tottenham Hotspur – West Bromwich Albion

Spurs continue to set the division one standard as their win at Leeds sees them deservedly overtake Exeter at the top of the table. Undefeated in the league since loosing to Manchester United in the second game of the season and odds on for qualification to the knock out stages of the Champions league, many are beginning to talk of them as potential successors to champions Middlesbrough. Despite this, boss Ben Newmann refuses to be drawn on such talk and continues to stress that its still very early days yet. Nevertheless with frontman Robin Van Persie seemingly scoring goals for fun at the moment the young Spurs supremo may well secretly eyeing this years crown with ever increasing optimism.

West Broms fine ascendency into the top six came to a sudden halt this weekend as the Baggies were edged out in a tense affair against Fulham at the Hawthorns. With a solitary Gervinho goal deciding proceedings ,the ever workmanlike Baggies tried hard but ultimately struggled to penetrate the Cottagers defence. With hard drinking manager Dave Belkevitz trialing a unorthodox 4-4-1-1 formation in Sunday nights friendly at Forest, it remains to be seen as to whether the old Scottish windbag is scheming a tactical surprise for his illustrious hosts.

Dame Hilda.....Spurs to continue with a home win.

Fulham - Stoke City

Given a choice Napoleon Bonaparte of France always chose a lucky general over a good one, and one can only ponder quite what category Fulhams Dominic Latouche would fall into ?. Going on his decision to forgo his league responsibilities and promote squad players Gervinho , Shaw and Hegeler to the Fulham first team against West Brom whilst he planned an ill fated English shield ambush for Manchester United, one can only think his would be the first name on old Boney's team-sheet. That said, few would begrudge Latouche a little bit of luck as he surveys an injury hit squad which continues to see him without 4 first teamers.

Theres dark clouds forming over Stoke of late as the Potters three game losing streak continued with a comprehensive 3-2 home defeat to West Ham this weekend. Flattered by an 86 minute own goal by the visitors Yohan Mollo, Stoke rarely convinced as they struggled against West Hams ambitious 5 man midfield. The newly promoted Stoke at least secured their progress into the second round of the Shield with an improved performance and a 3-0 over Reading, but that will prove little consolation to boss Jay Zee if they fail to at least hold a patched up Fulham tomorrow night.

Dr. Evadne.....Fulham to get the win

West Ham United Liverpool

A better night for West Ham as they picked up a vital 3 points with a good performance at Stoke and in turn hauled themselves out of the drop zone. Early strikes from Mollo and Leandro along with Charlie Austin making it three shortly after the break, justified manager Niall Taylors continued faith in an attacking 3-5-2, but one wonders how much longer he can continue to favour such idealism over the cold reality of the highly competitive and unrelenting ruthlessness of the elite division. Wary Hammers fans could perhaps be forgiven for hoping its only a matter of time before Taylor adopts a less ambitious approach as he seeks to secure vital points ahead of the relegation battle one suspects his team will duly face.

After an excellent start to the season, last years runners up Liverpool continue to struggle to shake free an indifferent run of league form which has seen them left skulking around the wrong half of the table. Typical of their poor run was the weekends defeat in the Merseyside derby as buck toothed Luis Suarez snatched the bragging rights for the Toffees with a 77th minute winner. In fairness Liverpool deserved little more, as they struggled to both retain the ball and capitalise on numerous scoring opportunities.

Dame Hilda.....Liverpool with an easy away win

Everton Notts Forest.

With Liverpools indifferent form, its left to the blue side of the city to assume the Scouse mantle and buoyed by successive wins over Stoke and their near neighbours, Everton appear to be relishing the task. Key to this newly found momentum comes in the form of Luis Suarez and his tally of 5 goals in 7 games but boss Sean O'niell will be eager to prove his team are not just a one trick pony and is no doubt hopeful at the prospect of the Uruguayan successfully linking up with new signing Arjen Robben.

The ever thoughtful Forest boss Mohammed Al-Hendy, went on the record to question his teams increasing tendency to draw games, after seeing his charges pick up yet another point in the weekends bad tempered 1-1 draw at the City ground. That makes it 3 on the bounce now, but perhaps when considering two of the opposing teams came in the form of Manchester City and Chelsea, the canny Al-Hendy will no doubt secretly be quite pleased with the haul of well earned points. That said, with ever mounting rumours linking Al-Hendy to Arsenal, many may see this weekends outburst as a final lament to his time at the club, with the prospect of the huge financial support, and prestige the North Londoners could offer to good for him to refuse.

Dr. Evadne.....Draw in AL-Hendy's last game in charge

Chelsea -Huddersfield Town

With Edin Dzeko's equaliser just after the hour mark, Chelsea continued their impressive 11 game unbeaten run in all competitions which has seen them progress past Chesterfield in the English shield and all but qualify for the second stage of the SMFA Shield. That said boss Dave Jones will be expecting a resumption of their winning ways against Huddersfield as they look to maintain their steady climb up the table and break into the top 4.

Huddersfield look like a team destined for a hard season after a 4-1 mauling at the hands of Manchester City last weekend. Somewhat like West Ham, the Terriers display an admirable commitment to attacking football but as they slip into the bottom two, one wonders if its time for the universally respected Ahmad Rifai to change his teams tactical direction and seek a level platform on which to plot an escape from the relegation dog fight.

Dame Hilda.....Chelsea to swamp their visitors with an easy home win

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Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread


MK vs Bolton

MK had a great 3-0 win over Arsenal last. I think Will has got them back on track and they should do well this season. Bolton will need their strikers to get their shooting boots back on if they are to get a result here. I particularly would like to see Gameiro score, and having him start would be a great help.

Mk will be too good for Bolton and win the game 3-1.

Wolves vs Coventry

The Wolves job is now available. Rumour has it that D Richardson will leave Palace to take the job. Someone needs to. Wolves have been terrible lately and should be doing much better. They got thumped out of the Shield by Yeovil 5-1 which is a good thing for them as their starting 11 are tiring. Coventry have hit a bad patch but this match will be the start of their revival.

Cov will win 3-0.

Burnley vs Aston Villa

Hazr is doing a great job with Burnley who are undefeated and at the top of the table, having taken over Arsenal by 2 points. They are proving at the moment that they don’t need Alexis Sanchez to win the division. Villa have had 5 draws this season and I feel it is because their team needs strengthening.

There is only one winner here. Burnley win 3-1.

Portsmouth vs Watford

Pompey are in 5th place at the moment and are going well with Lamela and Kagawa leading them for promotion. They have drawn a few games but they have only lost once so far and that was to the division’s leaders, Burnley. They should beat Watford who were thumped 5-1 by a Swans side that hadn’t been doing that great.

Pompey to win 2-1.

Swansea vs Notts County

As I mentioned, the Swans pulled out a 5-1 demolition of the Hornets and that should set them up well for their match against County. Keeping hattrick hero Papiss Cisse upfront will bode well for them. Meanwhile County will want to bounce back after their surprise loss to Blackpool. This one could be close.

I think it will be a 2-2 draw.

Blackpool vs Newcastle

Blackpool have surprised me. Then again they surprised me when they got to the Shield semi finals last season. There is a pattern at the moment of loss, draw, win so it’s not looking good for today’s match. Especially when we know Newcastle can score 6 in a game. However, the Toon army haven’t scored since that game so things might not be as bad as they seem.

I’m gonna predict a 1-1 draw.

Sheff Utd vs Rochdale

I think we will see the Blades turning a corner after they comfortably beat Rochdale today, and they should start to climb up the table. I don’t have a complete lack of confidence for Rochdale as they proved they can win a match when they beat Wigan in their last game. Destro has replaced the injured Martinez upfront alongside Matias Suarez for the moment and I think he will do good there.

3-1 to the Blades.

Wigan vs Yeovil

Wigan beat Newcastle but lost to bottom of the table Rochdale. I still think they should ditch their lone striker and replace him with another or have 2 up front if they are to get anywhere this season. Yeovil will probably change their team that thumped Wolves in the Shield. Even though Yeovil have only managed to score 2 goals in one league match so far this season,

I predict a 2-1 win for Yeovil.

Blackburn vs Preston

Rovers have started to win again it seems after their heavy defeat to Newcastle. 2 back to back wins have followed. Preston were good beating Arsenal but have played out 3 goalless draws so far and haven’t scored as much as Rovers.

For this reason I am sensing a 2-0 win for Rovers.

Walsall vs Arsenal

Walsall have been doing a bit of transfer activity lately. Sturridge has left to goto Derby with Tony Harman swapping him for Fernando Llorente. Also Papadopoulos has joined from Liverpool. They may have started to lose their way a little after a good start but as long as Klose can continue his scoring they should be fine. They are up against Arsenal though so this won’t be easy, especially if Alexis Sanchez is still on form. They may be catching the Gunners on a blip at the moment as they lost their last 2 games. If the chance to beat Arsenal is there they should take it now as many managers will be eyeing up the opportunity to take control of a really good side and make them invincible.

I think Walsall will manage to beat them 2-1.

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Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread



4th vs 6th in the race of automatic promotion.Who can hold their nerves and grab all 3 points or will both crumble under the pressure earlier on ?

Both have been in fine form but i feel Coventry will take the points with their man on the wing getting all the crosses in.Blaszcyzykowski has really been lethal.

Coventry 2-1 Bolton




Jay's Aston Villa earned a well fought draw vs table toppers Burnley and considering he should have lost on stats,walking away with a draw would of pleased him and given him belief that they can beat unmanaged relegation candidates Wolves.

Wolves sit 19th and thinks are looking doom and gloom when they travel to Villa park.They really need to pick themselves up but that is looking unlikely.

Wolves to pull an upset.

Aston Villa 0-1 Wolves



Watford are really hitting a dry patch of form.They started so well but are now starting to see that division 2 is very competitive.I have a feeling that they could pull off an upset against Burnley but need to be focused.

Burnley will be frustrated at a draw at Aston Villa but will see that it wasn't their day and will need to look towards the next game. Burnley are still the only team not to lose in the championship which is very tough going but one lost and they can fall as low as 4th.

Watford 1-2 Burnley


Burnley-Pato (1)

Quagliarella (1)


Jonny's Notts county vs Jack's Portsmouth.With Portsmouth sitting in 3rd and Notts county sitting 16th this will defiantly be a game of two halves.

I have the utmost confidence that Notts county can pull off a surprised victory as his team has got the quality to do so but form may let them down.

Notts County 3 - 1 Portsmouth





Newcastle still can't believe how long their manager has been gone for but reports are in that he is back! after a long spell out,can he change the results around and get the fans on his side again ?

Zak's Swansea are starting to pick up the points now and drag themselves away from relegation but no one is safe in this division!

Newcastle 2-1 Swansea

Newcastle-Yaya Toure(1)




Arsenal have just sacked their manager and reports are in they have asked Stewart at Rotherham to take charge.Would be a smart appointment.

Arsenal got back to winning ways again last game by beating Walsall 1-0 which was tough on Tony.

Blackburn have picked themselves up by winning 3 games on the trot and are fully aware they're odds to get promoted.Will this be their year ? Can they beat Arsenal against all odds ?

Arsenal 2-3 Blackburn







Walsall haven't won in 3 games and starting to lose automatic but play offs is still the goal and Tony should be pleased with the start they made but need to carry on producing results.

Mk Dons didn't start well and the pressure was on Will to produce the results.His side was relegated last season and his goal is to get them back their this season or the board will think about his job. Ibrahimovic has been his key player with 2 goals and 2 assists but really needs to be more clinical with his finishing.

Walsall 2-2 Mk Dons


Mk Dons-Ibrahimvic(1)


Rochdale -Blackpool

Rochdale still sit bottom of the league with 3 points and this looks like a tough season for them.Where will they pick up them vital points ?

Blackpool have picked up some points away from home and now face bottom of the table Rochdale.They will believe they can get all 3 points if they tried.

Rochdale 1-1 Blackpool


Blackpool-El Hamdoaui(1)

Yeovil Town -Sheffield United

Sheff United sit 9th whereas Yeovil sit 13th but only 1 point separates them.

Sheff united have won 3 in a row and that would of boasted some of the players morale.Sheff United also got relegated last season and will need to push for promotion.

Yeovil have started okay but now haven't won in 2 games and another loss here today will prove costly and put them in the relegation battle

Yeovil 0-2 Sheff United



Preston North End-Wigan Athletic

My Preston face Wigan and will be looking to get a win after losing to my old club Blackburn but Preston have not won a home game yet or lost.They have played 4 and drawn 4 and Wigan haven't won an away game so this has a draw written all over it!

Preston 1-1 Wigan

PNE-Di Natale(1)


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