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Youngsters rating predictions?!

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Hello ppl, this is my 37 youngsters on my real madrid team, i also have on loan, Dzagoev, Gibbs and Ramsey and i´m buying, andrea Poli, i want to know what´s your oppinion on them, which ones to keep becouse 80% of them i just youtubed

Feel free to ask about someone if you dont know or give your oppinion about some rating predictions or if you think they are just going to become second league missfits hehe

Ps: The majority of Spain players are youngsters from U-19 national team and U-21 as well from Barça and Real madrid youth team's.


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Re: Youngsters rating predictions?!

Kagawa is having a storming start to the season for Dortmund and I would keep him. Mori has been linked to most of the top European clubs and is worth keeping hold of. Eriksen is rated the next big thing from Ajax and is def worth keeping hold of. Wilshire is a def keep. Personally think Vela is struggling to live up to his hype but still has the talent to make it big. The likes of Coutinho, Bebe. Romeu, Canales, McEachran and Cleverly and Smallings are all rated highly at big clubs and have the potential to make it big. Weiss is getting games at Rangers and playing well and should rise during the next Scottish changes.

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