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WC10000 Forumers Prediction Game


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WC10000 Prediction Game:

The premise: The WC10000 prediction game is exclusively for members of World Championship 10000. Those that are familiar with the forum run SM Predict will understand the general concept, and we also have the EC7046 predictions thread, well basically this is a hybrid of the two.

The game: 5 WC10000 fixtures will be selected for prediction every match day, your job is to predict what the scores will be. Points will be allocated for every correct result predicted (1) and will be doubled if you also correctly predict the score (2). If you correctly predict the result of all 5 matches you will get a bonus 5 points, and if you correctly predict the score for all 5 matches you will receive a bonus 10 points.

Your predictions must be up by 8pm match day, any edits after this and your predictions become void and you will score 0 for that match day.

The participant who gains the most points each match day will select the next 5 games to be predicted on, 1 game from each of the 4 divisions must be chosen as well as another from your choice. There will also be a post on the discussion thread informing of when the new fixtures are up.

League tables will be kept and updated throughout the season for each participant so we can see how well (or how badly) each individual is doing.

The scores for Wednesdays matches will usually be up by Wednesday night, the winner of that day will be notified to select the next games and will have until 11.59 Thursday night to send them in. The scores for Saturdays games will usually be up sometime on Sunday and again the winner will have until 11.59 Monday night to send in the next fixtures. Should the next fixtures not be sent in in time then they will be randomly selected.

If you miss out on any match days predictions you will still be in the game and will simply score 0 points for the missed matches. You can choose to join the game at any stage of the season, all you will have to do is post with your predictions and your in. Similarly you can choose to leave the game at any time, just let me know and i will remove you.

Should this prove to be a success then for the 2nd season the structure can be reviewed with perhaps new features added etc. Any suggestions would be welcome but again all discussions regarding the game to be had on the official discussions thread and not on here.

If you are interested in joining this then simply reply to the thread, and we will start as soon as we can.

Finally this is purely for a bit of fun and hopefully something to add to the already unique and great experience that is World Championship 10000 ;)

Good luck everyone :)

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Re: WC10000 Forumers Prediction Game


Will 49

Kazzer 48

Shehan 45

Tecalee 41

Sonofpluto 39

MikeH 37

hog0101 37

Dom Latouche 36

drseanfitz 36

Villa888 34

Gozzy 32

Gurnak 32

Ahmad Rivai 32

mattygcfc 30

Toonfanforlife 27

Jr231990 26

Stuart H 23

Jooles 22

Said7fabregas 21

Shack 15

4rad4 13

JamesO’D 12

R0b Walshe 10

Longnose 8

Lenny59 8

Bradman15 6

AFC Chewis 5

Arfon 4

Angus Taylor 4

Slbquista 3

Gadga 3

Ololo 3

Ian Eltringham 1

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Guest Villa888

Re: WC10000 Forumers Prediction Game

Turn 6


Internazionale V Milan - 2-1

Manchester City V Valencia - 2-2

Rangers V Celtic - 3-1

Tottenham V Benfica - 2-1

Galatasary V Lille - 3-0

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Re: WC10000 Forumers Prediction Game

Turn 6


Internazionale V Milan - 4 - 1 Result 1 - 0

Manchester City V Valencia - 1 - 1 Result 0 - 1

Rangers V Celtic - 0 - 2 Result 2 - 2

Tottenham V Benfica - 1 - 2 Result 1 - 1

Galatasary V Lille - 3 - 1 Result 2 - 0

Total Points = 2 :(

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Re: WC10000 Forumers Prediction Game


Inter 1 -0 Milan

Man City 0 -1 Valencia

Rangers 2 - 2 Celtic

Spurs 1 - 1 Benfica

Galatasary 2 - 0 Lille


Sonofpluto 5

AFC Chewis 5

Longnose 4

Said7fabregas 4

Lenny59 4

Will 3

Shehan 3

Slbquista 3

Shack 3

Swindon1991 2

Villa888 2

Jr231990 2

Tecalee 2

Bradman15 2

MikeH 2

Kazzer 2

R0b Walshe 2

Arfon 2

Gozzy 1

Ian Eltringham 1

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Re: WC10000 Forumers Prediction Game

The joint top scorers this match day were sonofpluto and AFC Chewis with 5 each.

As sonofpluto was the first to reply the next set of fixtures were his choice:

Match Day 7:

Villareal V's Chelsea

Sporting CP V's PSV

Cruzeiro V's Palermo

SK Rapid Wien V's West Ham United

Liverpool V's Shakhtar

Good luck all.

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