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WC10000 Forumers Prediction Game


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Guest Villa888

Re: WC10000 Forumers Prediction Game

I won again :eek:

Turn 13 fixtures then :-

Roma V's Bayern Munich

Aston Villa V's PSV

Lazio V's Rangers

Feyenoord V's Fenerbahçe SK

Club América V's PAOK

We're all as shocked as you are.

Roma V's Bayern Munich - 1-2

Aston Villa V's PSV - 1-1

Lazio V's Rangers - 3-1

Feyenoord V's Fenerbahçe SK 2-4

Club América V's PAOK 3-1

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Re: WC10000 Forumers Prediction Game


Roma 1-3 Bayern Munich

Aston Villa 1-0 PSV

Lazio 1-1 Rangers

Feyenoord 2-2 Fenerbahce

Club America 1-0 PAOK


Shack 7

Stuart H 5

drseanfitz 4

Shehan 4

Will 3

hog0101 3

Gurnak 3

Sonofpluto 3

Villa888 2

Gozzy 2

Mike H 2

Kazzer 2

Said7fabregas 2

Tecalee 1

Ahmad Rivai 1

Jr231990 1

Ololo 1


Kazzer 24

Sonofpluto 22

Shehan 21

Will 19

Villa888 18

MikeH 18

Jr231990 17

MikeH 18

Ahmad Rivai 16

Tecalee 16

Gozzy 15

Shack 15

Said7fabregas 14

Stuart H 14

drseanfitz 11

R0b Walshe 10

Toonfanforlife 10

mattygcfc 10

Gurnak 9

Longnose 8

Lenny59 8

Swindon1991 6

Bradman15 6

AFC Chewis 5

Arfon 4

Angus Taylor 4

Slbquista 3

Gadga 3

hog0101 3

Ololo 3

Ian Eltringham 1

Is it cool to start this late? hope so!:)

Yep' date=' totally cool :)

No one ever picks my team :(:P

Nows your chance ;)

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Re: WC10000 Forumers Prediction Game

for a late starter' date=' I can't believe I've moved above 16 people already[/quote']

Yea - especially for a late starter and scoring 0 first time out :P

A lot of points can be collected on a single matchday though, we have yet to have anyone get the results of all 5 matches right but if they did the minimum they would get is 10 points. Loads of times there have been people with 4, but the perfect 5 is yet to be achieved ;)

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Re: WC10000 Forumers Prediction Game

Wasnt sure if i had to mail Kazzer my fixture selections and he comfirmed them or if i just had to post them myself. Either way ive done both to cover all bases :P so here are the next set of fixtures. :)

Bayern München - Fiorentina

Hamburger SV - Sao Paulo

Tottenham Hotspur - Borussia Dortmund

Sampdoria - RSC Anderlecht

Manchester City - VfB Stuttgart

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Guest drseanfitz

Re: WC10000 Forumers Prediction Game

Bayern München 3 - 2 Fiorentina

Hamburger SV 1 - 2 Sao Paulo

Tottenham Hotspur 1 - 1 Borussia Dortmund

Sampdoria 3- 0 RSC Anderlecht

Manchester City 3 - 0 VfB Stuttgart

I never predict my own teams score though, always copy the persons before me for the Spurs one

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