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Updated SM Predict Rules

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SM predict rules and regulations

How predict works...

Each week 8 fixtures are chosen by a forumer and we all have to predict the results. It's as simple as that. The new season will start on the same day as the EPL and will finish on the last day as the EPL. The person with the highest points total each week will pick the next weekends matches. Matches will always be chosen for saturdays and sundays only. In the event of a tie on the highest scores, whichever tied forumer sees the new week post first is free to add the fixtures. Fixtures should be added by Tuesday evening / Wednesday morning depending on the time which the new thread is created for that week. If the winner of that week doesn't add fixtures in time, I will add a post saying that anyone is free to add the week's fixtures.

The 8 fixtures can be from any league you wish. Even the lower divisions in a country, such as the English conference or serie d as long as they are from a professional league, where the scores can be obtained easily and shortly after the game. The person picking the fixtures can include as many as they like from any league. For instance if they wanted to pick 8 matches from la liga then they are entitled to do that or they can pick 1 each from 8 separate countries, the choice is all yours. The only thing required is that the matches must start no earlier than 12noon (GMT) on Saturday. Usually people choose 4 fixtures from both Saturday and Sunday, but this does not have to be the case.

In addition to picking the 8 fixtures the person choosing them needs to place an exact score bonus (ESB) next to one of the matches and a first goal scorer (FGS) next to one of the matches, these are explained further below).

Scores will be updated on a Sunday/Monday with the winners name posted then. It then gives that person Monday/Tuesday to pick 8 matches.

Point scoring.

For correctly predicting a score = 3 points (e.g. Chelsea 0 v 0 Man utd) if you had that scoreline you would receive 3 points.

For correctly predicting an outcome = 1 point (e.g. Chelsea 0 v 0 Man utd) and you say 1-1 then you get 1 point for predicting a draw.

For correctly predicting the ESB you need to get the scoreline correct for the game selected as the ESB. 5 points will be awarded for correctly predicting this.

(e.g. Actual Result - TeamA 2 - 0 TeamB

-Prediction - TeamA 2 - 0 TeamB = 5 points [3 for exact plus 2 for ESB]

-Prediction - TeamA 2 - 1 TeamB = 1 point [ 1 for correct outcome])

For correctly predicting the FGS you need to name the player that will score the first goal in the game that in selected as the FGS. 2 points will be awarded for correctly predicting this.

If you look over older SM predict threads, you'll quickly pick it up.

All scores in SM predict games are after 90 minutes play, unless stated otherwise.

Timekeeping. (change to to old rules)

Do not post predictions for games which have already started, you will not receive any points for doing so.

Any posts that have been edited after kick off will not be scored and that player will receive 0 for all scores for games that started before that revision. No excuse can be given for this rule to be overturned. There is no need for anyone to edit a post after this time.


The prizes are not 100% settled on as yet but should be great. There will be a prize for the overall winner, runner-up and a prize for the cup winner. I will discuss the eventual prizes over the coming week with SM but as usual they will be VERY generous considering this game is free to play for anyone!

New: Prizes for 2012/13 season have been discussed, as always they are very generous from SM, who have given prizes every year since SM Predict started back in 2006. There is both a winners and runners up prize this year, and recipients should contact SM(Dev) Vicky after the final scoreboard has been updated.

New: For SM Predict season 9, any of the 8 fixtures that are postponed will result in an additional prediction in the next gameweek. i.e. if 2/8 fixtures are postponed in week 20, in week 21 there will be 10 fixtures to predict. Obviously, postponements in the final week of a season cannot be replaced.

Final Note

My decision is final! If you have any queries about an update on the table or a scoreline then notify me by PM. I will look into it and make a final decision that will not be reversed by anyone. Enjoy the season everyone!

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