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Italy No.1 Goalkeeper

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With Buffon currently Injured, it has opened the door for another Italian Keeper to make his mark and claim the spot temporarily.

It seems like no-one has really done this or is the manager giving a chance to a few keepers with a view to sharing the responsibility?

Marchetti got his chance directly after the injury to Buffon at the World Cup but seemingly didn't do enough to keep his place as, since then, we've seen Sirigu and, more recently, Viviano given a couple of games each.

Question is, of the 3, who is the most likely to become Buffon's permanant understudy when he returns, or perhaps even push him for a starting place in the national team?

This is a relevant question as I am looking to buy a keeper and a couple of these are options for me!

So your thoughts please on:

Federico Marchetti (Cagliari)

Emiliano Viviano (Bologna)

Salvatore Sirigu (Palermo)


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Re: Italy No.1 Goalkeeper

I'm a big fan of both Viviano and Marchetti, but it's definately Viviano, who's your better option.

Marchetti hasn't featured this season due to a fall-out with Cellino after he requested a transfer. Due to this, his chances with the national team have obviously been put on hold also.

Viviano, on the other hand has been outstanding IMO. Very talented player, who Bologna rely far too much on (just look at the Inter game from Week 2 for an example). Sirigu is another great player but has had a shaky start to the season and has looked rather uncomfortable at times.

Viviano is your best option, short and long term.

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