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English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

Guest drseanfitz

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Guest drseanfitz

This thread is for Match/Transfer Reports etc only.

For general EC7345 gossip jr231990 has set up a thread


Division 1

Arsenal: Lenny59

Aston Villa: Dan CTFC

Birmingham City: Non-Forumer

Blackburn Rovers: Ian Eltringham

Blackpool: Dudeskin8

Bolton Wanderers: Villa

Chelsea: Longnose

Everton: Sgt Fury

Fulham: KopStar

Liverpool: Fercasti

Manchester City: drseanfitz

Manchester United: jr231990

Newcastle United: Non-Forumer

Stoke City: Kylan N17

Sunderland: RickJames

Tottenham Hotspur: Sky Blue Lee

West Bromwich Albion: Bail

West Ham United: ExiledScotInTheUSA

Wigan Athletic: Daft Punk

Wolverhampton Wanderers: Safir8100

Division 2

Barnsley: Gadga

Bristol City: dean89

Burnley: Villa888

Cardiff City: Rob AVFC

Derby County: Non-Forumer

Doncaster Rovers: Mr Hammer

Hull City: Bc Cliffs

Ipswich Town: wesley sneijder

Leeds United: Mr Dr Evil Porkchops

Leicester City: Kazzer

Middlesbrough: Dazinho

Norwich City: Non-Forumer

Nottingham Forest: sonofpluto

Preston North End: Foster_LFC

Portsmouth: Will

Queens Park Rangers: dale147

Reading: Tecalee

Sheffield United: stevenflynn

Swansea City: Jonaldinho22

Watford: Non-Forumer

Division 3

AFC Bournemouth: donkey punch

Brentford: xXTheOneAndOnlyXx

Bristol Rovers: Harris17

Carlisle United: DarloFc

Charlton Athletic: Adam D

Colchester United: Non-Forumer

Coventry City: TheDuffman

Crystal Palace: Legendary Manager

Huddersfield Town: ROb Walshe

Millwall: Gozzy

Notts County: Non-Forumer

Peterborough United: Non-Forumer

Plymouth Argyle: Non-Forumer

Rochdale: Non-Forumer

Shorpe United: slbquista

Sheffield Wednesday: 374

Southampton: Ashh

Swindon Town: Brian Sandalls

Walsall: Non-Forumer

Milton Keynes Dons: adam smith

Division 4

Bradford City: Sky Blue Gould

Brighton and Hove Albion: Jooles

Bury: Non-Forumer

Chesterfield: Stuart H

Gillingham: Gabriele

Hartlepool United: Matty-avfc

Leyton Orient: Chipolopolo

Northampton Town: Non-Forumer

Oldham Athletic: Radebe20

Rotherham United: Toonfanforlife

Southend United:

Stockport County: Non-Forumer

Tranmere Rovers: Scout177

Wycombe Wanderers: Non-Forumer

Shrewsbury Town: Nikidinho

Burton Albion: Roko7

Aldershot Town: Non-Forumer

Dagenham & Redbridge: AFC Chewis

Exeter City: Non-Forumer

Yeovil Town: Predator

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Sir Alex Ferguson Retires

New era at Manchester United

At an emotional press conference, Sir Alex Ferguson announced that he will retire from football. The Scot who has led Manchester United to a staggering 35 trophies, has also made Manchester United one of, if not the biggest club in the world.


Fergie as he announces his reitrement.

Ferguson's successor is Joe Robinson. And he admits that he is following in the footsteps of a great manager. Robinson: "It was always going to be a sad day for the club when Sir Alex announced he would retire. He has been an absolute legend for this club. The success he has achieved I don't think will ever be matched in this modern day game. Especially as managers barely last a season. But I achieve half of Sir Alex's success then I feel I would have done a very good job.

As for money to spend in the market, Robinson has been given sufficient funds to attract the big name players. However he did not rule out having to sell players for extra funds.

Manchester United begin their league season with a tricky opener at Goodison Park to take on Everton.

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread



After Gordon Strachans disastrous spell in charge in Middlesbrough, Darren Richardson has been given the task of regaining Premier League status. With a reasonable squad and budget at his disposal Richardson has declared himself delighted at being given the Boro hotseat.

First of all it's obviously a pleasure to be given this chance and hopefully the way this club has been going can be changed for the better from now on. The fans have been understandably unhappy at the way we have performed but I hope we can work together and build a strong unit here and play some good football. The chairman has given us an indication of what we have in terms of money to spend and I'm happy with it.

Rumour has it that Richardson has his eye on several new faces and feels a complete overhaul is required to bring a new era to Boro and freshen their play up. Under Strachan they looked awkward, unconvincing and disorganised but Richardson aims to change all that.

Reports that Middlesbrough had sent scouts to Germany, Spain, France, Russia and Italy were confirmed by the scot but declined to name any players. A reported £20m is available to spend and with some players bound to be moved on by the club so significant funds should be available which is a bold move from the board given Richardson is relatively inexperienced. One thing is for sure though, exciting times are ahead for Middlesbrough and their long suffering fans.

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Guest drseanfitz

Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Manchester City today unveiled EC106 icon Sean Fitzpatrick as their new manager.

The 33 year old hunk has been brought in as the club look to turn into a self sufficient operation, rather than having to leach off their owners.


The club revealed that Sean will

*eradicate the need for any future cash injections by geting rid of nearly all the current squad and bringing in a less wage consuming bunch.

*Help division 3/4 sides by allowing them reduced rates in their players & offering them first options on laons.

*Vowed that, no matter what the circumstances he will NEVER raid an unmanaged club, thus damaging them for future managers.

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Guest ExiledScotInTheUSA

Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Avram Grant has been released from his duties after only a few months at the helm of West Ham Utd and Internationally renowned Scots manager David Belkevitz has taken over as West Ham supremo forthwith. As the news spread around East London this morning, fans gathered to greet the enigmatic Scot.



West Ham Utd start their campaign on Saturday with an away fixture against London rivals Tottenham Hotspur and East London is awaiting the dawn of a new era and hope to break the monopoly of the big four under the tutelage of their new manager David Belkevitz.



Belkevitz, a former West Ham Utd player has long been the fans favourite to take the club to the top of the premier league and only the recent dismal performances from Zola and now Grant has persuaded the elusive Scot to come out of the shadows and take the reins of the club he loves.

In a short statement he said he was pleased to be back at the club where he spent many great years as a tough tackling defender and hopes that he can turn the clubs fortunes around.



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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Bringing you the best Spurs news as soon as possible, when we can be bothered.



By Mike L. Shoomicker

In a pressing circumference, sorry, press conference, hosted earlier today, Spurs chairwoman Daniel Levy has announced the arrival of a new manager, after 'Arry 'Churchill' Redknapp was kidnapped by Somali pirates whilst on a yacht just off the coast of Bognor Regis.

Surprisingly to some, Levy has pulled off a coup by announcing former England boss Graham Taylor, who has signed on a contract worth...


But that's what it says here on Wikipedia!

Oh.... So who is it then?



Well that's no good is it! That's a terrible appointment! *Sigh* Going to have to rewrite the whole bloody article now.

Spurs fans are scared to come outside today. Others can't go home because they're busy protesting outside White Hart Lane. Both sets are filled with shame, and it's all because they have replaced Harry Redknapp with this guy.


Levy is an idiot.

Brought to you by Pie Sports News

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Believe it or not, something's happened in Chesterfield. Not much mind; some smart-arsed student has got his hands on the local football club. In an interview the new manager indicated he may well be thrifty in the future...

I can't believe I paid £2.99 for the pleasure of managing this side. What's the world coming to?!?

Chairman Barrie Hubbard (no, I'm not joking) is said to be expecting a strong promotion challenge from the new man in charge and this ambition is matched by the man himself.

There's no question, we should be looking to get out of this division. It's not going to be easy, there are going to be a lot of top names down here, but I reckon I can guide us to somewhere near the top.

Early indications show the managers of the top sides are willing to help out their lower rated competitors with the odd loan and cut-price deal so we may be seeing a fair few big names for the future at the B2net.

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Holloway Steps Down As Blackpool Boss


Holloway leads club to the promised land

It has been an extremely positive 12 months for Blackpool after just sneaking into the play-offs and then dramatically winning the final to get promotion. However the owner believes it is time for change and a new man in charge to help the club keep moving forward, that new man is Dudeskin.

We got a brief word with him after the press conference :

"I'm very happy that the owner has given me this opportunity as it's a big risk letting go of a charismatic character in Ian, and I just hope I can have the same sort of success that he has enjoyed with the club.

I also want to say something about the transfer front, firstly much of the squad will stay together as I don't want the side to lose its identity, but the players on the fringe and not quite doing the business in training will be let go with better ones coming in"


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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread




Today Doncaster Rovers has named Mark Hughes there new manager the Championship side will be looking to fight against Relegation this season and with there new manager you are shore to see new players.

The new coach has done a lot since becoming a manager he has one leagues {Porto-78} he has also lead teams to Promotion (Notts-116) the manager has done a lot and hopes he can do a lot here he has signed a 1 year plan with the option to another year if all goes well but he had this to say,

The Dons are a big side with a lot to show the world yes we are a week side right now but I aim with in 2 seasons to have this side in the EPL we have a lot to do to get there 1st to fight relagation this season I have been given 12 million by the Chairman to bring in fresh players and have made my bids now time will tell who will play here this season.



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Guest Villa888

Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Brian Laws steps down as Burnley Manager

Brian Laws has stepped down as Burnley manager do to health reasons and manager Andrew has taken over of The Clarets side. Laws has managed to have a good side but his health became a problem so he resigned and the chairman agreed.

Andrew has taken over and was given the tough task of promoting Burnley to the Premier League against some very tough sides.

Chairman: I've told Andrew to get us promoted, either by winning the Division or through the play-offs or even coming in 2nd, we belong in the Premier League and that's where I'm taking them through my 14m budget.

Andrew has signed a 3 year deal and has been given a nice budget to take the squad forward.

Chairman: I can only do so much. He's been offered the cash to do his business on transfers while I stick with the business side of things. It's been 50 long years since we've won the last Division 1 title and hopefully we got a manager that will bring us to it in the next seasons or so.

Andrew's given a statement to the press:

Andrew: The Chairman has given me what I need (of course a bigger budget would be better but 14m is better then what most get). I'm hoping to take this squad of talented players, bring in some world class players and take them to the top. My obvious Captain Choice is Alexandre. The man is 39 years old and is still a world class athlete. The man is a leader and will lead this team until he retires.

Any transfer hopes you can give us?

Andrew: And spill who I want? I can tell you I have my eye on an 18 year old goal keeper, 2 world class strikers, a world class midfielder, 2 amazing defenders and a soon to be world class midfielder hopefully will come in on loan. At the moment that's what my budget is giving me, and that's including a few players having to leave to get that. Of course they'll be going to some great teams themselves if these deals are accepted and we'll wish them the best of luck if I can get my players.
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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread





A lot of changes are happening around the world when the Tranfer windo opens and none more then 23 year old Simeon Jackson, the Striker who has just joined the Championship from League 2 football has only 1 year on his deal and the manager has said that it was a big risk not to sign him as he is one of the up coming stars in England.

The Striker has also been in touch with press and this is what he had to say,

I joined Norwich to play football but my boss has told me I am only going to be on the bench so I am happy to join Hughes at Doncaster thay have a lot to do this season with only a 21 man side I have to think I am being signed not for what I can do but for depth I am happy as he has said he is a big fan of me and that I will get game time as I look to play in my first World Cup soon.

It is beleved the 23 year old will sign a 3 year deal after the money has been payed it is also beleved the fee is around 1.1 million.



With the Jackson deal looking like not if but when you had to think who would be his Strike team mate and that has been not told to press Brett Pitman is on his way in the 23 year old is also a x League 2 player who was the best last season before moving to the Championship he has also been in touch with press and said this,

I am happy to join Rovers yes I am already with a team in the same role but I think I will get more game time there last season I showed the world what I can do and this season hope to do the same Hughes is a top manager ans has done a lot now I hope to show the world what I can do for Doncaster Rovers.

It is beleved the Strike is joining for 2.5 million and the manager has told press he hopes the two can become a force in the league this season.

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread



Barnsley chairman Patrick Cryne today shock fans as he sacked Mark Robins and hired Scotsman Gadga... Gadga from Stoke travelled to Oakwell this afternoon to sign a 3yr contract and told the press that he is happy with what he has seen here at Oakwell, when asked whom he is signing Gadga just gave a slow wink and said wait u will find out in the next few days...

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Hull City in new hands

Hull City today changed managerial hands Nigel Pearson stepped down as manager and BC Cliffs stepped into the roll, stating how he wishes to get Hull back into the top flight at the first attempt. Hull are expected to gain promotion.

Bc cliff takes control of Hull City.

This season your Chairman expects you to gain promotion.

BC Cliffs

This is the email i got shortly are taking over here, I feel this will be tough as there are so many teams in this Division that have had their fair share of top flight football. Ourselfs,Sheffield United,Burnley, the list goes on and on. I expect a really tight top 6 this year and im aiming for the automatic places either as Division 2 champions or runner-up but of course Champions sounds far more appealing, Of course because of the quality of the other teams in this league i would gladly settle for a play-off place.

In regards to transfers and so on i will only be bring in 4 or 5 players as im quite pleased with the squad i have for the up coming season.

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Ashley Duffy takes over the red army !


Only a few short months ago Alan Pardew sat happily in his office at st marys having just guided Southampton FC to 7th in the league after only taking over 4 games into the season and having been hit by a huge 10 point deduction after the clubs money troubles and administration. However a few off the field problems between him and the club slowly esculated and only a month ago Pardew was fired. In came Nigel Adkins , a man who had built himself up from a physio and now looked like the man to save the saints and push them back to the premier league. Obviously this has not been the case as today after 6 wins in his last 7 in charge Adkins has been fired and replaced with a young 15 year old who has watched the Saints under both managers.



Duffy a Saints fan himself has been given the chance to manage the South coast club after being the most qualified candidate with a succesful spell with Bradford in the past which saw the young manager win 3 league titles in a row and also with the highly competertive Bolton in 5579 where he won the cup and got European football. The Southampton board were also pleased with Duffys positive manner and the way in which he planned to take the club forward with most of his transfer targets already thought out and ready to go. The mixture bettween future and Present is also set to make a good balance in the team while players such as Lallana , Chamberlin and Schniderlin have all been given the chance to continue there carrears at Southampton


Im ready for the challenge i know the previous managers havent been given much time but i hope i can build a team here that are capable of winning the league and then staying up next season. The current squad here is very good and the players im planning to bring in are hopefully going to aid us futher in the future. If we can fight off strong competition on some of our targets i predict by game 5 we will be up to full stength and ready to take on the league but until then i am just warning the fans that they should be patient and let us gel. I know exaclly the situation there in , i've sat there myself remember not to long ago and i know its not a nice feeling but its one we have to get out the way early if possible and then push on and let our season really start. The fact that im young should be viewed more positivly in my opinion , no i dont have the expierrence of the other managers in the league let alone the rest of the footballing ladder but my young brain and imaganitive ideas should give these older guys a run for there money.
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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Duffy Takes Over At Sky Blues

yesterday it was announced that Aidy Boothroyd would be stepping down as manager as coventry city football club this was taken as a huge shock by the fans ,players and management alike. Boothroyd is said to have not been himself in recent times and decided for a change of location to Botswana's Premier league side Unaio Flamingo Santos this decision hasn't been taken to kindly by the fans but on a brighter note for City Aaron Duffy has decided to take over the role at the club and has already commited himself to a very long contract with the club.


Boothroyd looking lost in his last few weeks at the club.

Aaron Duffy was said to be shocked when receiving the offer to become the manager at the Ricoh Arena as his only previous managerial experience was in the second half of a game for his local side which he did show some amazing skills bringing his side from 6-0 down to 7-6 losers but still a brilliant effort by the lad. Duffy has already made it clear that he's no lightweight and has a wider picture of the footballing world than some mangers may give him credit for.

Duffy has already told his players that many of them will be leaving as he's looking to revolutionize the current squad and back room staff and has been given the full support of his chairman and board. in a statement duffy had this to say:

I'm very pleased to be here at the ricoh arena its a great honor to have been even considered for this position but its going to be a brilliant change of job for me i looking forward to getting my teeth stuck into the managerial side of coventry city and i hope to return the sky blues to there past glory's but are first step to this feat is the upcoming season which is going to be very hard thought and i believe with a bit of change in the squad and some new faces coming in we have the potential to make a serious push for promotion but what i'm asking from the fans is to keep coming every week and stay as passionate as i know they are.


Duffy at tranning ground

Another Fact about Aaron Duffy also known as the duffman is now competing against twin brother Ashley also know as ashh who has recently taken over as the boss at southampton ,the saints face the sky blues on the 3rd day of the season and it will be one of the biggest fixtures in the schedules for both clubs. It Will be a heated affair as neither brother is going to want to lose out.

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Swindon Appoint Avram Grant

Swindon Town Football club are delighted to announce that there new manager is Avram Grant who has signed a 4 year deal with the club.The club are delighted Avram chose Swindon ahead of Rochdale,Bristol Rover and Brentford.Club Chairman Sir Alan Sugar has spoken briefly on his new appointment"I have a reputation as saying YOUR FIRED,Today l'am thrilled to have say to Avram your Hired"."I wanted a manager with some pedigree and Avram our man and l will back him as far as l can".


New Swindon manager Avram Grant has spoken on his appointment"When Sir Alan told me his vision for this club l knew this was the place for me,we have simular values in football and it was a real meeting of minds"Sir Alan has backed me in the tranfer market and with luck hope to bring in some additions to a already strong third division squad.I am looking at bring in players who will improve on the squad we have and also add some steele to the team,this is a hard division to get out of and we need solid hard working players"."Ive meet the fans and assure them l am not here to pick up a wage check,l am here to win and win l will".

Below Avram meets the fans


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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Holloway takes Terrirers reins

Huddersfield Town yesterday evening announced that former Blackpool manager Ian Holloway has been employed as the club's new manager. Holloway comes into the club following The Terriers push for the play-off's last season failing, and hopes to bring some success to The Yorkshire Club. Holloway has signed a season long contract with the side and has the option of a further two seasons if all goes to plan. It is said Holloway is earning £8,000 a week at Huddersfield which is a heft fee for them to pay to the well liked manager. Holloway attended his first press conference as Huddersfield boss this morning in a usual buoyant mood.


Holloway outlining his intentions for the upcoming season

When asked on who were his transfer targets Holloway promised he would not be targeting players from his former club, Blackpool. Instead he is going to focus on players from other leagues who can bring continental flair to the League 1 side.

Obviously, questions are raised when you go to a new club about who you are going to sign, but I'm going to rule out two potential signings, Wayne Rooney and the Blackpool side. Firstly, Rooney's not a player I'd sign, he has an awful attitude and only cares about wages, which he then blows on some huzzy. I'm not going to sign any Blackpool players unless they are transfer listed and want to re-join me. I'm very much going to foreign players who can bring more creativity to the game.
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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

34 goals last season but times up for Rickie


Top scorer in the Football league last season Rickie Lambert has been today informed he can leave the club after a number of bids were made on new and supposedly improved signings. The scouser remembered for his 34 goal haul last season was bought from Bristol Rovers in the summer of 2009 for a fee of around £1,000,000 under the Pardew regime and even though Duffy had and still will praise the forward on his ability Lambert is set to play no further part this season.

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread



"... we shall call it, THE BEAR!"



"The little bear in question showed up with nothing but a suitcase filled with marmalade, bread, attired in some sort of weird hat, wellington boots, a retro winter jacket - some say he's not only capable of taking the world of football by storm, but also the fashion world too,

already making waves."

It was an odd day yesterday in the city of Stoke. The grass was the same colour as any other day, the sun shining, punters as regular as can be, a TESCO Extra operating as one should be, yet little did the people of the town know a well kitted lost bear was on the prowl.


The bear was first seen here, on the platform at the junction station, having a gander, taking pictures, people described him as being "very polite, well mannered", we can already gather from that he is not from up-north. :P

It seemed from that very moment at the train station the entire town knew of this auspicious and lost, bear's arrival, which soon made word to Stoke City FC, where Tony Pulis had just been sacked, as finally the board went off their trolley about the silly hats the former gaff chooses to wear. Cue the entry of a one bear to take the vacant post at Stoke City.

The Stoke chairman, simply known to locals as - Pat, along with the rest of the Stoke board, in quick haste, took to address matters, defend their actions.


Stoke City board.

Oh eh, like hi! We're here to defend our actions. This bear, he's a nice enough fella, his popularity amongst the community has immensely gone through the roof. He's a tourist attraction in himself, so even though we've got quite the naff football club, people will be drawn into him, as well as perhaps top players. For those worried he's inexperienced to deal with the spotlight, the bear was kind enough to submit his CV, were he showed us he already has adequate experience to deal with the media (shown as followed in this pic);


Yah seee, we know what we're doing. Let the town rejoice in such an occasion, and I'll be delivering ya papers, mail early morning tomorrow, except for you Monty the local bum, give us back me cat! *sob* :(

Unfortunately we were not able to hear from the bear himself, which has leaved many to believe if he can even talk, let-alone speak English.


We were however able to take a quick snap of the bear, leaving his house of residence for a local stroll, meet-n-greet, along with a fellow by the name of Noddy, rumoured to be the new assistant manager. Very interesting times at Stoke City indeed.

In other news we've also been alerted that the bear's first televised appearance shall be this week, on Sky Sports, on Sunday Supplement, where SKY have reportedly paid a staggering - £1,000,000 in order to have first dibs on conversing with the latest, hottest acquisition in the Premier League - a lost, little bear, obsessed with marmalade. Bless!

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread



There is always one player the fans want to see join a team and for Doncaster Rovers is came in the form of League 1 Defender Niall Canavan the 19 year old {75} is beleved to be one of Hughes main signings for the long term the Shorpe United Defender is beleved to be joining in a 1-1 deal for a young player from Rovers with also one million to pay for his contract the manager had this to say,

I am happy to say Niall is on his way to my side he is one of the up coming DEF in England he will get games here with the side and may be loaned out for a small amout of time to get game time but for now I am just happy to say the young gun is on his way in he has a grate work rate and will show the wold a bigger league is the one for him.

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

Grecians appoint Thompson as manager after Tisdale resigns


In an amazing turn of events on Tuesday down at ST James Park on Tuesday manager Paul Tisdale tendered his resignation which the Exeter board accepted immediately however things did not end with one manager coming in before changing his mind straight away and walking out then came some stability at the helm when the announcement of Stephen Thompson was confirmed.


New Exeter City boss Stephen Thompson

The Preston born gaffer is still a relative unknown in the SM circles but with stints in EC106 and EC5905 under his belt his experience is not in question.

What can the Exeter fans expect from their new boss well in his first season in charge of his home town club Preston North End in 5905 Thompson guided them to the playoff final were they beat a fancied Middlesborough side 1-0 his first season in the top flight has been productive with his side currently sitting in 4th place after topping the table at one time.

In 106 Thompson is currently at the helm of Grimsby Town who he guided to a respectable 9th place finish in his short time in the hot seat as well as stabilizing the club financially after at one time it looked as if the club would have to call the administrators in.

Thompson has wasted little time after completing one new signing for Exeter already in the shape of Manchester United youngster Josh King who will be at the club on a season long loan deal.


Thompson's first signing Joshua King

Exeter's official club website managed to obtain a brief statement from their new manager just after he had signed the contract.

"Firstly just let me say how delighted i am to be the new manager of Exeter City football club. This is a great little club and i have some big plans i want to put in place to push the club on.

I am sure it has been somewhat of a surreal day for the fans with me being the 3rd manager in 24hrs however i am not going anywhere i wont be running off at the first sign of trouble like my predecessor did.

I call for patience this is not a quick fix i am going to have to be shrewed in the transfer market and hope that a few of the higher rated teams will be kind to me and loan me a couple of players as cash is what shall we say flowing here. I want to take this club to the top division and that is going to take a few seasons to achieve.

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Owls Appoint New Manager


Patrick Coll's(above)appointment as Owls boss has been well recieved by fans

Sheffield Wednesday have today confirmed that they have appointed Patrick Coll as the club's new manager. The Scottish manager already has a wealth of experience in the English game, managing such clubs as Portsmouth, Middlesbrough and Wycombe Wanderers. However, the new man in charge will never have been at a club with such high expectations. Hillsbrough can hold nearly 40,000 fans when full and followers of the club believe that the club's rightful place is Division 1. The question is whether the new manager can handle these expectations at such a competetive time in English football.

Fortunatley, the majority of fans seem to be pleased at the appointment. One Owls fans named Andy Howat told the Sheffield Telegraph;

I'm ecstatic that we have managed to land such a high profile name for the job. We were being linked with some disturbing names such as Sean Fitzpatrick, Neil Matterson and ,God forbid, Dave Izod. Luckily, the board saw sense and managed to get someone in who could actually do a good job.

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Bristol City appoint Bryant as new manager

Division 2 side Bristol City have appointed Dean Bryant as the new Robins manager. Bryant, who previously had no experience managing in English Championship 7345, has signed a three-season contract. Following his appointment, Bryant said: "I'm delighted to be the new manager for Bristol City. I had given the opportunity to this job and I'm 100% committed to improve this team and get the club forward to success. The chairman, boardroom people, players and fans have shown a warm welcome and I'm honoured to be part of this club."


Bryant gets Colombia job

Colombia Football Federation have named Dean Bryant as the manager of Colombia national team. The Bristol City boss has put pen to paper for 2 seasons and will see his contract ends after World Cup in Season Two.

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


New Boss At Bradford!

It was the announcement many were expecting. With so many managerial casualties this pre-season, it was only right that the Bantams continued the trend. It was looking just 24 hours ago like Peter Taylor's tenure was on the verge of being over, and now we can reveal that he has indeed been replaced. The new man in charge......A.Chair!


Gould for some bizarre reason now looks like Michael McIntyre.....

Now of course, you may be sat there a little bemused, but for those who don't know, A.Chair is just one of a few nicknames held by Sky Blue Gould. With Gould now in charge, expect his usual antics of buying more than a billionaire and selling more times than the average Tesco's check-out assistant. Exciting times are guarenteed, so please watch this space as new signings will of course be revealed in the coming days!


Gould will be on the touchline for tonight's friendly

Tonight Bradford play Liverpool in a friendly, and boss Gould cares so little about it he was thinking of playing himself. He will however just stand on the sideline and watch. The League is what matters, and first up on Saturday is a trip to Gillingham!

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

Pompey under new reins

After all the financial turmoil at the club in the past year, the board decided that Will Trafford's B in business at A-level was by far enough to hand the reins over to him.

A spokesman for the club said that

the decision was made very quickly, we knew who we wanted and we got him.

It is believed that Will's support of Coventry city will not affect him at all, but he is believed to of said that he would relish the opportunity to mange them one day.

Will only had one message for supporters today, and that was that he was going to install the four p's in the club.


Let the new era begin.

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