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English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Ipswich manager approached by Swansea board?!

BREAKING NEWS: Ipswich Town have confirmed that manager Mohamed Al-Hendy has been contacted by Swansea City regarding the vacant managerial position at the club. Reports indicate that Swansea have been looking for a capable manager to take over since firing successful yet mentally unstable manager Neil for selling nearly all of the clubs biggest assets for little more than CV, and although they were able to find a decent manager in Jamie Roberts, he couldn't handle the pressure and packed his bags after one day on the job. When asked about how he felt about the offer, Al-Hendy had this to say:

"Honestly, I never expected at all to recieve a job offer during my first season at Ipswich, let alone from a club on the cusp of joining the premier league. After all, although things started well, we've just gotten out of a six game slump where we picked up a single point, and we're only just starting to get things back on track at Ipswich. Surely there were successful candidates than me!

When pressed on if he would accept the offer, Al-Hendy refused to give a straight answer:

"There's alot to consider. I've worked really hard on improving the squad here at Ipswich, bringing big named player in the form of Samuel, Fabiano, and Iraola, role players in Kante, Aurelio, and Re, short term talent in Benat, Iraola, Taylor, and Arribas, and long term talent in Vogt, Trellez, Thompson, and Cedric. All in all, I've really reshaped the squad completely; I've gotten rid of alot of deadweight and brought in a number of promising players. To give up on this project I've started would undoubtedly be disappointing for the fans and the board, but would also leave me with an "incomplete" feeling about my work here at Ipswich.

On the other hand however, what's not to like about the Swansea City offer? Even without those 7 solid players that Neil sold off for cash, they've still got the best CB in the game, and they're currently tied for the lead in the league. They've got loads of talent signed by Neil, and have a whopping 20+ mil for me to spend in the transfer market, compared to the 0 mil I currently have available to me at Ipswich. The only downside is that I'll essentially be limited to cash transfers till August, but I think I can work with that.

I think I'll take the next couple of days to consult with friends and colleagues and then come out with a decision.

Reports indicate that Mohamed Al-Hendy is willing to listen to opinions from just about anyone, so make sure to give your opinion on the discussion thread!

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Duffy Turns Down Chance Of A Lifetime


Duffy Delights Fans By Turning Down Spurs

Earlier today it was annonced that Tottenham Hotspur Boss Lee Bradbury would be stepping down after 87 games in charge of the London Club. Bradbury stepped down after a long period of being absent from the club through personal reasons. Daniel Levy the Spurs chairman was quick to react to the resignation and instantly Pursude a new manager after phoneing around for hours in the early hours morning its was annonced at around 9am this morning by the Coventry City board that young English manager Aaron Duffy had been approached to take over the vacant role as Spurs boss with instant effect which would have meant being in the dug out for Spurs tie against Wolves tonight. Duffy was said to be very pleased about recieving the offer this morning and was close to accepting it but after talks with his players and back room staff and talks with the board he decided to turn down the offer to the shock of the footballing world which fully expected Duffy's departure from the Richo Arena since Duffy turned down Spurs they have been quick to appoint Shaun Tonna. Duffy is set to recieve a very walm welcome from the Traveling Coventry Fans Tonight as the sky blues travel to Reading hoping to bounce back from defeat against Bristol City on Wednesday. Captian Guisseppe Rossi and along with Fans and the Board have been quick to show there delight with a party atmosphere sweaping through Coventry.

Guissepe Rossi:

Its Fantastic News for the club, the fans and myself. He's a highly commited manager although i did have my doubts about him staying as spurs is a fantastic opptunity. Hopefully he will continue the good work hes started here and take us to the Premiership. If Duffy had left today i would have left the clubs nothing without him.

Desmond (Life long fan)

It's Simpley great news , its a great day for everyone the fans, the club and in a way football itself to many manager these days jump ship and dont show loyalty but today Mr Duffy's showed his loyalty come on you sky blues

Coventry Chairman:

I as a chairman and a fan am delighted at Duffy's decision! its fantastic news hopefully he can finish his re build as we are currently 3/4 of the way through at the moment and take this club to the next level. Its not everyday Spurs come calling and that was a great opptunity for him now hes rejected it shows the fantastic progress this club is making.

Aaron Duffy:

It wasnt a easy decision but i feel that Coventry is providing me a great challenge after promotion last year i think this club can still push on much further. In all fairness i was all set to leave at 10am but at after a chat with Rossi and Park they convinced me that i should stay the fans are totally behind me here and in all fairness i feel we have foundations to becoming a division one side in the future. I wont ever leave this club for any other team i promise that to the fans id much rather be here with Park and Rossi than at Spurs with Pique and Navas even if that sounds weird this is my club and i want to take them further than are current level come on you sky blues lets get a win tonight.

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Exclusive Interview with ex United Boss, Joe Robinson


Friday July 1st 2011 saw a huge shock in the 7345 world, as Joe Robinson shocked the football world by departing Old Trafford. At the time his reasoning was unknown for this shock news, however he has agreed to an interview to clear the air with the fans he left behind, and also his future plans.

Reporter: So, one obvious question I guess we should start with, why did you leave? and also why so suddenly?

Joe Robinson: Well for those who know me, they'll know that over the past few weeks I have had a very troubled time of late. I found myself becoming very frustrated with other members of the game, and also in other competitions. This had led me to consider my future already, however on Friday night, I had received a notice from the F.A in which I was being penalised for manner of language I had used. Now I accept I was wrong, but felt it was a petty comment to be flagged by another member, and with my mind being an utter mess, I felt I couldn't be dealing with people like this. And then I told the board I was off and resigned with immediate effect.

Reporter: Many will surely feel it was a hasty decision, and a pretty silly thing to do?

Joe Robinson: Well of course there will be. But I felt I couldn't deal with the whole thing anymore, and as I've said in the past, I do not panda to a majority and therefore I took the decision on my own accord.

Reporter: Do you regret your decision?

Joe Robinson: Yes. 100%. Last season was really disappointing for us. We'd lost 2 cup finals, and fell well short in the league. This season, we had a cup final, going great in Europe and absolutely flying in the league. Built a group I feel will bring a lot of success to the club, and their new manager should be more than capable of putting the lads through the tough run in. I think if I had seen the penalty I had been issued in the morning, I may have had a much cooler head, and wouldn't have acted so quickly

Reporter: So what are your plans for the future? Do you want to return to 7345?

Joe Robinson: I most certainly will love to rejoin 7345. However I'm not going to join at the first opportunity. I'll only join a side who I feel I can work well with and push forward. At the end of the day, 7345 for me is the greatest set up there is, and departing in the circumstances I have will leave my reputation a little tarnished, yet I hope for a quick return and also a successful tenure at which ever club I join.

So Robinson left the United side through personal reasons, and a slight hiccup with the F.A. However he made it very clear that he will soon rejoin the set up and he wished the Manchester United board, coaches and players all the best for the future, however you cannot help but feel he has made a huge mistake in leaving a side he holds dear.

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

Robinson Returns To 7345


Plymouth Argyle have appointed Joe Robinson as the club's new manager this evening, 8 days after his shock departure from Old Trafford.

Argyle fans will be waking to news that Joe Robinson, once of Manchester United, has been appointed their new manager. After what he described as a "meltdown" which saw him resign from the current table toppers, Robinson made it clear during the week that he wanted to return to the set up sooner rather than later.

The task at hand for the young manager is certainly a difficult one. The squad has only 22 full time players, with also 2 loanees in Gameiro and Suchy from Chelsea. Also the club has debts of around £4million and are barred from signing any players until these debts are cleared.

The plight of the club has seen former manager Peter Reid have to pay the heating bill, and staff arounf the training grounds and also at Home Park lost, adding even more emphasis on removing these debts.

Joe Robinson opened the press conference with the following...

Firstly I am absolutely delighted to return to the world of 7345. Last week I had made without a doubt my biggest mistake on SM, but we live by our mistakes. And when one door closes, another one opens. I've been offered a chance to rebuild my reputation amongst these top class managers and I'm very thankful to have been given the chance to manage Plymouth. Reuslts on the pitch are obviously the make or break for managers, however what I want to achieve here is to make the club stable financially. For me there is plenty of dead wood around, and once we bring in the funds from a few sales, this club will be back in the black, and safe. I want to make sure that the staff who have been through torrid times with the club have a secure future, and then we shall deal with tackling promotion.

With many players departing the club in the near future, the Argyle side will be totally transformed in the coming days and weeks, and with the side just 9 points away from the play offs, are they still in with a shout? Only time will tell.

News has filtered through of the installment of Robinson and one fan was very pleased by his arrival, but also with a recent car insurance quote.....


With Robinson only leaving Manchester United just 8 days ago, a few reporters were asking the question whether he was returning too early....

Some will say it is and some will probably not have noticed I've gone anywhere! At the end of the day, it's the place to be and I'm back here, and I'm now also in charge of a club that has alot of work, so it will be a very different task than to Man United. So it's going to be a difficult task, but as I said before, so long as the finances are in order, everyone is happy


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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

Thompson says sorry to Blades fans after latest horror show


Thompson feels the pain after Fulham defeat

Sheffield United's spectacular end of season capitulation continued on Saturday as they were thumped 4-0 by Fulham at Craven Cottage that result all but ends United's hopes of climbing back into the play off's.

The Yorkshire outfit once upon a time looked odds on to at least claim a play off spot but a run 5 straight defeats conceding 17 along the way has seen Steve Thompson's men go from 4th place to 9th inside three weeks and with no end to the misery insight it looks to be a long end to the season for the Blades.

Two first half goals from Aleksandar KOLAROV and Givanildo HULK sent Fulham on their way to a comfortable win before Kwadwo ASAMOAH and Mario GOMEZ added further goals in the 2nd half to add gloss to what was a easy nights work for the home side.

After the full time whistle United boss Steve Thompson was booed down the tunnel from his travelling supporters and when talking to the press later on he said the fans had every right to be unhappy.

"I stand here once again talking about what was a very poor result. the players over the last 3 weeks have not only let themselves down but those loyal fans who travel the length and breadth of the country supporting them.

I can only say sorry to the fans for the recent run of results which have been a massive shock to me never mind them and i am working ever so hard to put things right.

I am at a loss to explain were the recent results have come from a month ago we were looking odds on to challenge the top two now we sit 9th and it looks a tall order getting back in the top six but we must not give up until it is mathematically impossible.

It's heartbreaking to see us be in the top 6 all season only to go and surrender it now. I have let the players know how i feel and it is up to them to go and put things right. They will be in first thing tomorrow and will be made to sit and watch what happened tonight and put those things right in time for our next game against Derby"

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

Portsmouth Appoint Newman


Portsmouth today shocked a few people in the football industry by appointing ex Aldershot boss Ben Newman. Newman experienced 29 games for Aldershot earlier in the year but come's back with the hope that he can do enough to keep his spot at Fratton Park. Portsmouth have a great squad for Newman to play around with, featuring the likes of Samir Nasri, Marek Hamsik and Yoann Gourcuff who have proved themselves at a top level for some of the greatest clubs in Europe. Though the new manager has come and said he doesn't want to be rushed into selling his stars to the bigger sides but does hope to bring in a few new faces before the season ends.
Ben Newman

It feels great to be back in charge at a football club, especially at one of this magnitude. The squad includes some outstanding talent though there will be a few players I will be looking to replace and just generally make my own stamp on the team. At the end of the day I am happy in this position and hope I won't be rushed into selling any of the key players at this club.


Samir Nasri is one of many stars on show at Pompey

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

Connor Wickham - Villa bound?


A happy Wickham knowing he's leaving Portman Road

The season could'nt come to an end any quicker for young Connor Wickham. Being left out in the cold and ignored by the new Ipswich manger. Wickham looks to be moving up a division to join Aston Villa.

A spokesman for Wickham stated that unless a bigger offer for Connor comes into the Ipswich board he'll be signing for Aston Villa in the next 24 hours.

This is the end of a awful year for Wickham who played in just 1 game all season. Wickham hoped that the new manager would give him a chance yet in 2 weeks of the new management team being put in place they totally disrespected Wickham and left Connor out of the remaining 3 games of the season.

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

Duffy waves Goodbye


Ashley Duffy has this evening parted company with Southampton football club after telling the fans in a teary goodbye that he feels he's done all he can for the club and will now be taking a seat in the stands for the next few seasons.

The young Englishman , who managed 88 games at St Marys was a surprise appointment early in season one after the sacking of Alan Pardew. Duffy was plucked from nowhere and with hardly any experience apart from computer games to become the manage of his boyhood club and although there were plenty of critics at the time Duffy led the Saints to become winners of Division 3 before securing Division 2 football for another season with a 12th place finish at the end of this season. Duffy is now expected to take time away from the game after becoming unsatisfied with the job he was doing at the job and will take his place in the Northam , block 40 where he watched the Saints before his managerial role. The Saints board and fans wish Duffy the best in his break from football and hope he can one day refind his passion for the game.
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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

Gibbon Appointed New Yeovil Manager


Yeovil have appointed 26y/o Philip Gibbon as the clubs new manager after the departure of Tom Kellaway after just 1 game the club had been without leadership since he departed on the 8th of July clearly task that faced Kellaway was far too much for him to handle.

Gibbon has already taken charge of his first game with the club with a 2-2 draw against Shorpe with the club adopting Gibbon's favored 3-5-2 formation the squad however is likely to go through major changes in the near future with the entire Yeovil squad available, including the 88 rated pair of goalkeeper Antonio Mirante and center back Michael Turner who will be available in 2 for 1 deals when there transfer bans end on the 20th of August the club is said to be welcoming offers for the rest of the squad but a replacement player for each is needed with the club having just the minimum 21 players at the present time.

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Norwich unveil new boss Thompson


Steve Thompson the new man in charge at Carrow Road

Norwich City have today officially unveiled their new manager to replace the now departed Gary Mack. The man charged with the task of keeping the Canaries in the top flight is Lancashire born 26 year old Steve Thompson who left division 2 side Sheffield United to take up the post.

Thompson guided the Blades to a highly respectable 8th place finish last season even beating Norwich on the final day of the season to ensure they ended the season on a losing note. It's thought that Thompson's ability to manage teams on a shoestring budget was a major factor in the Norwich Board's decision to bring him in and with Thompson never having suffered a relegation in an English Championship he will have the Norwich fans believing that they can defy the odds and stay in the top division next season.

After returning from a short break with his family today Thompson headed straight to Carrow Road to face a packed press conference fielding a number of questions from the media.

Reporter - Steve, you sit here as the new manager of Norwich City. What are your feelings right now?

Thompson - i feel immensely privileged to be given the chance to manage this great club. Having a look round the place today just filled me with pride and i am really excited about the challenge that lies ahead.

Reporter - You are following in the footsteps of Gary Mack arguably Norwich's most successful manager who has took them up as Champions. Pretty big shoes to fill do you think you can replicate that success?

Thompson - Gary has done a fantastic job here and he deserves a lot of plaudits for that I know how hard division 2 is and he won that division in superb fashion so the benchmark has been set.

Can a replicate that success? I would certainly like to think so. I thought i did a very good job at Sheffield United on limited resources and it will be the same story here but i have a good young squad here and it certainly possess plenty of potential.

Reporter - Looking back on your time at Sheffield United whats the overriding emotions now you have left?

Thompson - Pride. I took over the club when they were bottom of division 2 and we managed to stay up against all the odds. Last season we spent the majority of the campaign in the top six and one bad run cost us a play off spot. Despite that i was happy with how it went. I built the squad from nothing and i wish the club and their new manager nothing but the best for next season.

Reporter - getting back to Norwich. What are you objectives for the coming the season?

Thompson - Simple to stay in the division. The team did superbly well to win promotion last season and i think we have what it takes to compete at the top level with the addition of a few quality players.

Reporter - Looking at your squad. What areas do you think you need to strengthen to be able to compete next season?

Thompson - We could do with a few numbers in most departments as it is a small squad but another top striker is my main priority and the wheels are in motion on that one. I have a deal set up to bring in highly talented young striker and i hope to announce that at some point tomorrow.

The loan market will also be a vital tool for us. We are not blessed with bucket loads of cash so loans will play a major part for us next season should the right player come along.

We also have a highly talented crop of youngsters in the youth team who provide great hope for the future and some of those lads maybe given their chance to shine at some point.

Reporter - To finish off. What would be your message to the supporters?

Thompson - Carry on what your doing. The players will give it their all i assure you of that and the fans backing will be massive. Things will not always go our way but they can pick the players and keep us all believing.


Carrow Road the home of Norwich City

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

Dutch ace set for Canaries


Norwich set to sign highly rated Ricky Van wolfswinkel

Norwich City have today confirmed that they are set to sign highly rated Dutch striker Ricky Van Wolfswinkel from Manchester City. The deal is set to be completed early next week with Norwich taking the striker on loan before making the switch permanent at a later date.

Canaries boss Steve Thompson made no secret of the fact that he was searching for extra firepower and the 26 year old has wasted little time in doing so.

The capture of 22 year old Van Wolfswinkel is set to stir excitement among the Norwich faithful as they gear up for division one football and with more signings to come there is sure to be some interesting times ahead for the East Anglia based outfit.

When confirming the news on the clubs official website Norwich boss Thompson said.

"It's fantastic news that we have been able to get a striker of the caliber of Ricky. This deal was in the pipeline before i came here and soon as i heard of it i was delighted.

Ricky has tremendous potential and at 22 he has a long career ahead of him.

We are hoping to get the loose ends tied up on Monday and get Ricky training with the boys right away.

We are still working on a number of other targets both for the first team and the youth team and things should become a lot clearer in the next couple of weeks"

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Canaries set to welcome big guns United


Steve Thompson handed tough start as Norwich manager

Norwich City fans have been looking forward to the new fixtures coming out as much as anybody but their side have been handed one of the toughest opening day fixtures out of everybody as they welcome Manchester United to Carrow Road on Saturday.

United finished 2nd in division one last season losing out on the title by just one point and possess an abundance of world class talent throughout their squad including the likes of Mesut Ozil,Kaka,David Villa and Wayne Rooney. The Red Devils are managed by Staple Pin who in his 11 games in charge so far has averaged a mightily impressive 3.45 points per game.

The Canaries know that they will start the game as overwhelming underdogs but with a full house expected and a new wave of optimism surrounding the club after the appointment of Steve Thompson anything is possible.

Norwich manager Steve Thompson spoke exclusively to the clubs official website this morning following the announcement of the new fixtures.

"Well they don't come any tougher than that do they? Getting the email this morning and seeing Manchester United first up was a buzz i simply can't wait to get going.

People will think i am potty for saying that but these are the types of games you look forward to the most it presents you with a chance to pit your wits against the best and as we all know shocks happen in football.

The lads have been in for training and they are all really excited about the game. They love a challenge and this is about as big as it gets. We know the odds are against us but with our fans behind us we will give it our all and see where that gets us"

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

Wigan Pre-Season Transfer Write-Up


A topsy-turvy season which included a brief European spot push and a bottom of the table dogfight, saw Wigan eventually finished in a rather unspectacular 8th position. The conclusion of manager Caleb's first full season in charge also raised up many issues. Caleb's young charges had one of the worst back-lines in the first division, conceding 70 goals to rank 5th worst. Strengthening the porous defence was high on Caleb's priority list, along with the pressing need for consistency. Wigan boast probably the youngest side in the league but with youthful energy and passion comes with a test of mental strength. The Latics obviously failed the test, pulling off respectable results against heavyweights Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United but struggling against relative minnows like Burnley and Birmingham City.

The Departed...

Ivorian twinkle-toed attacker Yao Kouassi Gervinho was probably the biggest name to empty the locker at the DW Stadium, with the 24-year-old leaving for Europe-bound Blackburn. Following Gervinho out of the door was defenders Mikel San Jose and Daniel Carrico for a combined total of £22m. The duo, 22, arrived at Wigan with big expectations and while San Jose cemented a spot in the Wigan XI, Carrico was a relative flop, with a series of injuries plaguing his stint. The last to depart was the club's leading scorer Fernando Llorente and Brazilian wonderkid Moura Leandro.


Thanks for the memories... Fernando Llorente

Injection Of Fresh Blood!

While allowing two key players to leave the team, Caleb has not sat by idly. A total of five new players have arrived. 20-year-old Marc Bartra arrived for £8m, along with German wunderkind Stefan Bell for £6.5m. 20-year-old German Illay Gundogan have also arrived for a hefty £11m, with the playmaker expected to fill the void left by Gervinho. Up front, the arrivals of 24-year-old Edison Cavani and Lucas Barrios is expected to add more firepower to an inexperienced Wigan side.


Leading from the front: Edision Cavani

Promising Loanees Return

While fans may be wistfully hoping for a big name signing to grace the DW Stadium, there is a sense of quiet optimism spreading among the Wigan faithful that the team can achieve big teams this season. The return of talented loaness have further added optimism to Caleb. Thiago Alcantara and Erik Lamela are two youngsters who will be involved with the first team for the upcoming season, having spent the last season out on loan.


The future is bright: Erik Lamela

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread



Fulham gear up for another season with it all change at the top once again. Gary McKinven joins the club less than 6 months after his predecessor, Jonny Eller, first arrived, and will certainly have his own ideas on how to take the club forward. The players will again be forced to learn a fresh tactical approach, after last season’s swift, direct style and season one's defence-first, slow build-up approach.

The manager has so far been shrewd in the transfer market, spending a small amount on Gokhan Gonul - expected to be a starter - a new goalkeeper in Portuguese Carvalho Eduardo and midfielders, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Paulo Henrique Ganso. Also coming in is youngsters Alexandre Merkel, Ante Vukusic and Seb Coates, who are not expected to make an immediate impact. They will, however, help improve the strength of a squad depleted by the sales of two fringe players from last term in Echiéjilé Elderson and Yannis tafer, and Manchester City’s capture of Pablo Hernandez.

With the slim squad size and the prospect of two games per week for almost the entire season, McKinven will no doubt be looking to further strengthen his numbers and especially hold on to his existing, key, players in the face of persistent rumours regarding player departures, including Givinaldo Hulk and Kwadwo Asamoah. Despite the need for reinforcements in a few areas, McKinven has recognised the same thing his predecessor did before him - that there is a solid base of professional and well-drilled players who are in need of tweaking as opposed to needing wholesale changes. His team selections in the recent friendlys so far reflects this notion, with a recognisable starting XI taking to the field against Leicester - the exception being slight experimentation at right-back and central midfield.

Fans will be dreaming of a similar league fairytale that was achieved under McKinven in Season 2 at previous club Norwich, but success in the league cannot come without strong performances from squad players - just as Merkel, Camacho, Bryan Carrasco and the like managed in that incredible run - as well as a strong element of luck. That luck must stretch to injuries, too. Last term, the loss of Mario Gomez and niggles to Moussa Sissoko hurt the club for a big part of the season, but with the talent at McKinven’s disposal there is no reason why Fulham cannot achieve a top six league position and give a good account of themselves in at least one cup.


Manager - Gary McKinven: McKinven becomes the fifth manager in three seasons, but inherits a squad that is established in the Championship, even if it is in need of revitalising. While the money will not be as readily available as at some clubs, McKinven will be able to spend where required and has a solid base of professionals on which to introduce his more attacking style.


Key signing - Paulo Henrique Ganso: Ganso joins countryman, Hulk, in a club that appreciates hard-working players, of which he is certainly one. Likely to take the place of the talented but disappointing Pablo Hernandez, Ganso will be expected to be the attacking outlet McKinven looks for in his midfield


Key departure - Eljero Elia: While Gomez will be missed for his cult status, Elia’s dynamism and performances in season 2 will hurt the club more. Despite probably only being a squad player again had he stayed, Elia’s ability to change games with moments of class will need to be replaced by a new or existing midfielder.

Possible XI:.......


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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

Tsoumou stunner burst Hammers bubble


Juvhel Tsoumou came off the bench to earn a draw for Norwich

Norwich City capped off their pre season campaign with an encouraging draw against fellow division 1 side West Ham United.

All the talk among the Norwich fans before the game was about new signing Ricky Van Wolfswinkel but come the end of the 90 minutes the all the talk was about another new signing in the shape of 20 year old Congolese born German striker Juvhel Tsoumou.

Norwich looked to be heading for a 1-0 defeat courtesy of a goal from West Ham defender Arne Friedrich on 21 minutes but Tsoumou a 60th minute substitute for star striker Atem Milevskiy produced a moment of pure genius with a fine overhead kick on 89 minutes to secure his side a draw and boost the fans confidence ahead of their division one opener against Manchester United this coming Saturday.

One sour note on what was a productive night for the Canaries was the dismissal of new signing Ricky Van Wolfswinkel after just three minutes for a professional foul.

Before boarding the team bus new Norwich manager Steve Thompson spoke to the press about his first taste of manager of Norwich.

"I know it's only a friendly but i am delighted with how the lads performed tonight. To go down to 10 men so early was a massive blow and i think the ref was a little harsh there but we got ourselves organized and showed real guts and determination and that goal was a reward for that.

The results gives us confidence going into the Man United game on Saturday it has proved that we can mix it in division one. It was very pleasing to bring three young lads on for half an hour and get them some game time i thought they all acquitted themselves well and have thrown their hats in the ring for Saturday"

One member of the gathered press quizzed Thompson on the goalscorer Juvhel Tsoumou a player that not many of the fans will know about.

"Juvhel has come here to continue his footballing development. He is a player i like and is one for the future he showed tonight what he has in his locker and he has done his chances no harm. He is something a little different to the rest of the attackers he likes to play with his back to goal and bring others into play he's big strong and has pace a real exciting prospect"

Thompson was also asked what he thought of the refs decision to send off Ricky Van Wolfswinkel with just three minutes of the game played.

"It was an absolute nonsense decision if you ask me. This was a friendly game and there was no need to send the boy off. It's left me with a bit of a dilemma as i haven't been able to gel Ricky into the squad as i would have liked but it's done and we have to live with it"
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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Norwich ready for United challenge


New signing Ricky Van-Wolfswinkel set for his Norwich debut

Norwich City welcome Manchester United to Carrow Road tomorrow as they kick start their first season as a division 1 club. The Canaries are set for a sell out tomorrow when United roll into Town and Steve Thompson knows his side will have to play out of their skin if they are to take anything out of the game.

The match also marks Canaries boss Steve Thompson first game in charge and the former Sheffield United gaffer has had a relatively quiet pre season with striker Ricky Van-Wolfswinkel the only major signing to be announced thus far but Thompsaon has boosted the clubs youth ranks with a number of players the most noticeable being Juvhel Tsoumou who scored the clubs only goal in a midweek friendly draw against fellow division 1 side West Ham.

Thompson is set to hand a debut to Van-Wolfswinkel against United and the dutch striker looks set to partner last season's top scorer Artem Milevskiy in attack. One player who is defiantly ruled out for the Canaries is midfielder Giovanni Moreno. The Colombian international is sidelined with a broken arm and is thought to be at least 6 weeks away from a return to full training.

Other players who could feature for Norwich are Argentine defender Federico Fazio goalkeeper Alan McGgregor and winger Diego Buonanotte. new signings such as defender Daniel Devine and Juvhel Tsoumou may have to make do with a place among the substitutes.

Ahead of the game Norwich manager Steve Thompson spoke to the press to give his thoughts on the match against United.

"I am really looking forward to the game. The lads have trained hard and are fully prepared for the test that Manchester United will give us. It's nice that we are kicking off the campaign at home and we all hope for a positive result to kick things off"
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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

The Night Before......


Pompey boss Ben Newman is confident heading into the new season

With just one day to go till the new competitive league season starts it is clear that the majority of teams in the championship are confident of getting their side into the premier league. One of those teams being South Coasters Portsmouth who have been busy during the summer, with transfers they hope will help them push on for promotion this season.

The biggest deal to be completed during the summer saw Pompey fan favourite and captain, Samir Nasri leave the club. He headed off to Rob Walshe's West Bromwich Albion, though the deal did also see two of Walshe's very own leave the club. Them two being former Ajax striker, Luis Suarez and French center back Mamadou Sakho.

Those two along with with Chelsea winger Florent Malouda look to have pushed their way into the first team heading to into the new season. Fellow French international, Malouda joined up with Portsmouth earlier this month after completing his switch from London giants, Chelsea. Though getting the winger Pompey were in desperate need of came at a price with yet another French international being involved. This time it was Yoann Gourcuff's turn to leave, however I'm sure he won't be complaining at the fact of joining the red hot favourite's for the title.



Suarez and Sakho (Above) join Portsmouth while Samir Nasri (Below) departs.



On the volley! Pompey's new signing Florent Malouda (Above)


Up, up and away! New Chelsea boy Yoann Gourcuff (Above) on display for his country

So where exactly do these new signings fit into the starting XI? Who fills in for the massive departures of Nasri and Gourcuff? Ask no more as Ben Newman show's off his new starting XI for the first time. Although many other managers saw 'a' starting XI of Pompey's on Tuesday, it is now clear that Newman has had a change of heart and instead of starting new boy Luis Suarez in midfield, he now finds himself partnering Moussa Sow up front.

Expected starting XI for the season opener against Middlesbrough -


Kaboul -- Sakho -- Cahill


Malouda -- Toivonen -- Hamsik -- Aliyev

Suarez © -- Sow

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Mr. Clifford confident as new season dawns

As the English league enters its 3rd season Birmingham Boss Mr. Clifford has high hopes for his side not only in domestic competitions but in europe as well. Every season the English Premier league gets stronger and competition for places will be tougher with each team active in the market bringing in players that they believe will help their cause.

Fans View

Last season was full of twists and turns, And with Mr. Clifford coming in it took the players time to get use to his ways. However we all did pull together and finish last season roughly were we've had been for most of it. It was a high point having on of your own in charge we just look forward to getting behind our manager and the team again for the new season. First game at home against a newly promoted team lets start from the word go.


Mr. Clifford

Were all really looking forward to the new season. We've brought in some new faces in Peter Crouch, Heurelho Gomes and Mesto. The squad was on the thin side when i came in but now hopefully we have the quality and depth in numbers to cope with a busy league schedule with a good run in one cup and then theres Europe of course.

We also managed to keep some very important players, There was interest in Vidal from a number of clubs. But we are in a position were we don't have to sell, Fans expect a good season and they paid good money to watch us so we have to deliver for them and for ourselfs.

Were glad our first games at home, And while Derby have just come up they well certainly be up for the game and by no means will we underestimate them. The lads are all fully fit and ready to go and were very much looking forward to the big kick of today.

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread



Hartlepoook Boss Dan Malone is working with restricted funds but with the sales of Lukovic and Sanchez the manager has been able to bring in 3 quality players and 3 players on loan


FelIpe Santana of Borussia Dortmund

This guy is a talented and under-rated centre back .


Jeffrén Suárez

Ex-Barcelona kid who will hopefully be ripping it up on the wing.


Yevgeni Makeev

This versatile back who can play right or left is a great addition to the side.



Attacking mid KONOPLYANKA, Yevhen


DANILO, Luiz is a right back who can also play anywhere in midfield

And last but not least


Jordan Henderson

It is reported that the club are willing to listen to offers for :




PARK, Chu-Young


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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Thompson takes the positives despite defeat


Thompson greets the Norwich faithful before kickoff

Norwich City began life in division one with defeat as they succumb to a narrow 3-2 reverse at home Manchester United but manager Steve Thompson was still positive as he saw his side push last year's league runners up all the way in an entertaining 90 minutes of action.

Thompson handed a debut to new signing Ricky Van Wolfswinkel and the dutch ace slotted in alongside Artem Milevskiy upfront. fellow new signings Daniel Devine and Juvhel Tsoumou were named among the substitutes.

Carrow Road was rocking as a near capacity crowed of 27,002 saw their team kick off a new ere but things did not start as planned and with just 8 minutes of the game gone the visitors took the lead courtesy of midfielder Jonathan HOGG who found himself with plenty of space before finishing off from 15 yards 0-1.

That early set back seem to unsettle the home side whilst United took charge of proceedings and with 15 minutes on the clock they came close to adding a second but Canaries keeper Allan McGregor dived smartly to deny Victor Moses.

After the bright opening for the visitors things seem to settle down somewhat as neither side tried to give to much away and the game become something of a midfield battle. United were enjoying the better of the possession stats and with 30 minutes gone they created a rare opening but once again the impressive McGregor was on hand to keep his side in the game showing great reflexes to deny the ever green Ryan Giggs.

That proved to be the last meaningful action of the half and the visitors took a deserved lead into the break. HALF TIME 0-1.

Steve Thompson had 15 minutes to get into his players and whatever he had to say reaped immediate rewards as with just 3 minutes of the second half gone his side were back on level terms through last season's top scorer Artem MILEVSKIY. The Ukrainian international received the ball from all of 30 yards from goal but instead of passing the ball to a more advanced player he unleashed an unstoppable effort that flew into the top corner giving Reina in the United goal no chance 1-1.

Carrow road was rocking after that piece of magic but United immediately set about restoring their lead and it was left to Norwich keeper McGregor once again to keep his side in the game producing a fine save from a vicious 25 yard strike from Moses. A minute later and the Carrow Road faithful were once again on their feet but not to celebrate a goal but a penalty shout after Artem Milevskiy was tripped in the box but referee Csaba Sapi waved away the frantic appeals much to the dismay of the watching Thompson on the sidelines.

That decision infuriated the home crowed and things got a whole lot worse with less than 15 minutes remaining when United regained the lead this time through Brazilian striker Almeida ZE EDUARDO who managed to lose his marker before hitting a thumping drive under the body of McGregor 1-2. That goal clearly zapped the confidence of Norwich and United took full advantage just 6 minutes later when they bagged a third through highly rated Victor MOSES who curled a sublime effort from the edge of the area past a despairing McGregor 1-3.

That goal looked to have ended the game as a contest but with just 2 minutes of the game remaining Norwich ensured a nervy end for the visitors when they pulled a goal back through debutante Ricky VAN WOLFSWINKEL. The Dutchman managed to show his blistering pace to break clear of the United defense before lashing home an and effort from 15 yards 2-3.

That goal had the Carrow Road on their feet but it proved to be the last action of the games as United hung on to claim the victory and ensure that Steve Thompson's first game as Norwich boss ended in disappointment. FULL TIME 2-3.

After the game Canaries boss Thompson spoke to the press and despite suffering defeat he held praise for his troops.

"It's disappointing to lose make no mistake about that but i have nothing but praise for my lads they gave it a real go. Most bookies had us down for a good tonking but we proved we can play and it gives me some comfort.

The lads are gutted in the dressing room right now but i have told them that if they play like that they will be fine. We look ahead now and to Wolves on Wednesday in what is another very tough game but we go there looking to win and get our season up and running"

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

Canaries hope to chirp at Molineux


New Norwich signing Ricky Van Wolfswinkel will hope to be among the goals

Norwich City hit the road for the first time as a division one club tonight when they visit Molineux to take on Wolves. Steve Thompson's Canaries will be hoping to register their first points of the season after a narrow 3-2 defeat to Manchester United in the opening round of fixtures.

Norwich will start the game as underdogs against Chris Jenkins Midlands outfit but with Ricky Van Woilfswinkel and Artem Milevskiy both getting off the mark at the weekend Wolves will certainly be wary of the dangers the Canaries possess.

Norwich team news

The Canaries are still without midfielder Giovanni Moreno as he is still over a month away from a return to action. New signings Ryan Noble Mustafa Amini and Sean Highdale are likely to be omitted from the squad having only joined late on Tuesday evening. It is likely that Thompson will name the same eleven that started against Manchester United at the weekend.

Wolves team news

The home side are without the services of influential midfielder Sami Khedira as he serves the first game of a three match ban. It is likely that Jenkins will also name the same squad that was beaten by rivals Aston Villa at the weekend.

What Thompson had to say on the fixture

"It's a very tough looking game on paper but we head up there in confident mood given our performance at the weekend and we are not going to defend we are going to attack.

Their home form last season was very good and was built on a good defense which is evident they had the joint best defensive record in the division at home so we know what we are up against.

The lads have looked bright in training and i don't see the need to make any changes"

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

Canaries looking for first points


Steve Thompson is yet to taste victory as Norwich manager

Norwich City are yet again on the road tomorrow as they make the long trip North to Bloomfield Road to take on Blackpool in division one action. The Canaries have found life in England's top division tough to say the least with two defeats from their opening two fixtures and that has seen them occupy 19th position in division 1.

Despite failing to pick up a single point so far Norwich have received praise from some quarters for the way they play football with manager Steve Thompson opting to get the ball on the floor and pass it but that style of play could prove difficult with so many sides possessing world class talent within their ranks.

One of the bright lights for Norwich so far has been striker Ricky Van Wolfswinkel. The 22 year old Dutchman has bagged three goals in his two appearances so far and looks a shrewd bit of business by Steve Thompson. However Thompson has so far failed to bring in any more new faces to his first team opting to focus on the youth set up were the likes of Mustafa Amini,Ryan Noble and Tom Lees have all signed up but are still a bit from being ready for the first team.

The Canaries have no new injuries or suspensions to report so Giovanni Moreno remains the only absentee from the Canaries first team squad. That means that Norwich could name an unchanged side for the third striaght game.

Before his side set off for the long trip to the seaside Steve Thompson spoke to the press giving his thoughts on his sides chances.

"It's another tough fixture but one myself and the boys are very much looking forward to. Despite losing our opening two games i have been pleased with the spirit and endeavour the team has shown and i feel it's only a matter of time before we collect our first points of the season.

Blackpool are a very good side managed by a superb manager in Carl Spurrier and they possess some genuine world class talent in the likes of Ibrahimovic and Pato but this is what the league is all about testing yourself against the best.

I know we will start the game as massive underdogs but i have the belief in my players to go out and give Blackpool a game. We just need to continue what we are doing and it will eventually pay off"

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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

Sow Sinks Ss!


Back in the day: Moussa Sow pictured with former Lille strike partner Gervinho (Now of Bristol City)

After losing on the opening day of the season to Middlesbrough, Portsmouth were looking to bounce back with a win at Glanford Park against a Shorpe side who are able to field experienced talents such as Emmanuel Eboue and Didier Zokora. Though Ben Newman's side have splashed out during the window and have been able to bring in their very own unique talents. One of them talents being none other than former Ajax striker, Luis Suarez who was named captain on arrival. The Uruguayan international normally starts in attack either solo or with a partner, so it was maybe a suprise when Newman put him in his second choice position of center midfield.

So starting up front on Wednesday night to partner Moussa Sow was Brazilian born, Morais Welliton. The ex Spartak Moskva striker was on fire for Pompey last season and was even top scorer at the club, so many fans would not be shocked. Though with Suarez moving to midfield it was quite an easy decision who would be dropping to the bench to make way for him. With a choice between Marek Hamsik and Ola Toivonen, it was the latter who was left to warm the bench, arguably the best decision from the gaffer.

As the match began, it was clear Pompey were driven in attack and wanted to make up for a loss in the first game and just after ten minutes they did take the lead. Sow capitalising on a defensive calamity to slot home his third of the season. So far the Senegal international has proved what he can do and if he carries on, will ideally be the right striker this season to lead Portsmouth to promotion success. Chances were flying in for both sides, though no more would find the back of the net in this one, with the final score after 90 minutes being Shorpe 0 Portsmouth 1.

A bit of a dull game here today if I'm honest, there were a lot of chances that should have been put away by each side. Though we know if we are to achieve anything this season we need to picking up wins here, there and everywhere no matter what the scoreline is. I think Sow performed brilliantly today and rightfully finds himself with three goals in two games, however if some fans do think me dropping his strike partner of last match, Luis Saurez into midfield then let me know. I'm here to do the best for your team and quite frankly without you we wouldn't be the club we are and have the players we have. Make yourself heard in any form you like.........just don't come knocking on my door at three in the morning aha.
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Re: English Championship 7345 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

Canaries battle to claim a point


The impressive Ricky Van Wolfswinkel scored both goals for Norwich

Norwich city retuned from their long trip to Blackpool with a hard earned point after holding the impressive Tangerines to a 1-1 draw at Bloomfield Road on Saturday.

The result gets the Canaries off the mark in division one following two previous defeats and as a result they now climb out of the relegation zone and into 17th place.

The game could not have started any better for Norwich as with just 5 minutes of the game gone they silenced the home crowed with a goal thanks to striker Ricky VAN WOLFSWINKEL who was on hand to bundle the ball over the line following a scramble in the six yard box 0-1.

Despite coming under increasing pressure throughout the first half Steve Thompson's young charges held out to take the lead into the break but within a minute of the restart all their hard work was undone when the home side levelled through Romelu LUKAKU the young striker finished superbly from the edge of the box sending the home support into raptures 1-1.

Blackpool were now on top and it didn't take them long to grab another goal this time courtesy of Alexandre PATO who hit his shot early from distance to give McGregor in the Norwich goal no chance on 53 minutes.

Many would have predicted the home side to go on and win convincingly but the young Canaries outfit had other ideas and less than 10 minutes after Blackpool took the lead they pulled the game level thanks to a second goal from Ricky VAN WOLFSWINKEL who smashed home from the second attempt after Blackpool keeper Muslera had saved his initial effort a fine comeback from the visitors 2-2.

Norwich rode their luck in the final stages of the game but hung on to claim a vital point and send their supporters back on the coaches happy ahead of their long trip South. FINAL SCORE 2-2.

After the game the press caught up with Norwich boss Steve Thompson to get his reaction to the game.

"I am delighted with the players i have to say. They have come to a very difficult and got a fantastic point which gets us off the mark in the league.

We played superbly in the first half and kept the crowed quiet but Blackpool have a lot of quality and they caught us right at the beginning of the second half which was a blow. We knew then we was under pressure but even when we went behind we never gave up and the result is what we deserved for our endeavour and spirit.

It's fantastic to see Ricky getting the goals he is on fire and long may it continue. He is only a young lad like the rest of the team but he has slotted into the team superbly and is a real asset to us"

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