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Re: Penalties

Having penalties mentioned does make it more realistic but at the end of the day if the match engine decides you're going to win 1-0 then you're going to win 1-0 whether the goal is a 35-yard screamer, a goalmouth scramble, an own goal or a penalty...

I wonder how long it'll be until the first person complains that they lost a Cup Final to an 89th minute penalty when according to the match commentary it looked like a dive lol

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Re: Penalties

Haha same.. hense Essien was taking it ahead of Lampard and Drogba... altho not as bad as say Terry... will never forget 08 CL final:(...

i know penalties are included but i reckon it will be random, some goalkeepers are good at penalties, eg joe hart ! but SM won't have ratings for this and it is unfair to assume forward and midfielders are always better at penatlies.

so i think it is more of a cosmetic improvement tbh.

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