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Saint Legends Xbox 360 Pro Club

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This is the Thread for the Xbox 360 Pro Club called Saint Legends on Fifa 11


Club Name: Saint Legends

Kit and Crest: F.C Barcelona

Abbreviation: Saint

League: British Isles

Club Description: The Saints Team

Home Stadium: Saints Hideout (Court Lane)

Commentary Name: Saints

Club Points: 1098

Trophies Won: 0

Club Form: 14-0-8

Club Members:


Club News

10/28/2010 08:47:35PM/ Club has been Made

10/28/2010 09:13:54 PM/ BX15 Ranger has joined the Club.

10/29/2010 01:13:15 PM/ II WILSON 91 II has joined the club.

10/29/2010 07:19:05 PM/ I Slap Orphanss has joined the club.

10/30/2010 01:32:12 AM/ I Slap Orphanss has left the club.

Other Info

We are looking for Other Members to join the club if you want to ask on this thread.

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Re: Saint Legends Xbox 360 Pro Club

League Results

Season 1

Saint Legends 1 - 3 PARiN SEASON

Saint Legends 2 - 0 Cincilla Fc

Saint Legends 4 - 0 Salmon Dive

Season 2

Saint Legends 4 - 1 Casuals

Saint Legends 2 - 1 Downers Rule

Cup Results

Season 1

Saint Legends 0 - 1 medway old boys

Saint Legends 5 - 5 FC F3NIAN (Saint Legends win 2-1 on Penalties.)

Saint Legends 3 - 0 Frasers Raiders

Saint Legends 2 - 1 Ducklins x

Saint Legends 3 - 4 HighDemands FC (Cup Final)

Saint Legends 4 - 1 Play Dirty

Saint Legends 3 - 3 SCL Acadamy (Lost on Penalties)

Saint Legends 3 - 5 UKFC ALL STARS

Saint Legends 4 - 3 WeLoveAnal

Saint Legends 1 - 2 Cracker Fc

Saint Legends 4 - 0 Fast Food FC

Saint Legends 1 - 2 The U Team

Saint Legends 3 - 0 SK3M UNIT3D

Saint Legends 2 - 1 HERONGATE Ath

Saint Legends 6 - 0 FC Sawbo


Saint Legends 2 - 0 TeamTwos

Season 2

Top Goalscorers

1) MUFC PEZ (37)

2) II WILSON 91 II (18)

3) BX15 RANGER (1)

Most Assists

1) MUFC PEZ (29)

2) II WILSON 91 II (8)

Goals Scored: 59 Goals Against: 35

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Re: Saint Legends Xbox 360 Pro Club

Saint Legends 3 - 4 HighDemands FC

Chr1ssy 93 (2 Goals)

MUFC PEZ (2 Goals)

Dorbylad08 (1 Goal)

I Slap Orphanss (1 Goal)

HighDemands1993 (1 Goal)

This match was important to the Saint Legends team because it would be the 1st cup they would of won.

HighDemands FC scored the 1st 2 Goals the 1st one being the Defenders fault because they were stuck up field with 2 Defenders against 3 Attacks and he took a shot the keeper saved but couldnt save the rebound and the

2nd goal was the Keepers Fault as one of their players past to one in the box who tapped it in but the keeper has shown he can do better then that before.

MUFC PEZ then quickly scored 2 Goals Equalising making the Teams Morale go up but then HighDemands FC Scored again but then Saint Legends quickly Equalised again with I Slap Orphanss scoring his 4th for the club,Then HighDemands got the Ball again and they were threw 2 on the Keeper then one past to the other pearson in the box but for some reason the keeper went to save it upwords and then dived to save the shot but he was too late.

Saint Legends lost but really should of won! Better look Next time Guys

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Re: Saint Legends Xbox 360 Pro Club

MUFC PEZ- Player Profile

Owner and Founder of the Saint Legends Club.

Main Position: ANY

Other Positions: Goalkeeper and Striker

Matches Played: 22

Goals Scored: 37

Assists: 29

Skill Ratings

Passing 9/10

Defending 8/10

Finishing 9/10

Goalkeeping 7/10

Vision 9/10

Tactical Awareness 4/10

Dribbling 6/10

Penalties 9/10

Free Kicks 7/10

Average Rating 7.5/10

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Re: Saint Legends Xbox 360 Pro Club

BX15 RANGER- Player Profile

Main Position: Goalkeeper

Other Position: Striker

Matches Played: 11

Goals Scored: 1

Assists: 0

Skill Ratings

Passing 6/10

Defending 3/10

Finishing 7/10

Goalkeeping 8/10

Vision 5/10

Tactical Awareness 6/10

Dribbling 4/10

Penalties 6/10

Free Kicks 4/10

Average Rating 5.4/10

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Re: Saint Legends Xbox 360 Pro Club

II WILSON 91 II- Player Profile

Main Position: Striker

Other Position: CAM

Matches Played: 15

Goals Scored: 18

Assists: 8

Skill Ratings

Passing 7/10

Defending 9/10

Finishing 9/10

Goalkeeping ???/10

Vision 8/10

Tactical Awareness 6/10

Dribbling 9/10

Penalties 1/10

Free Kicks 9/10

Average Rating 7.25/10

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Re: Saint Legends Xbox 360 Pro Club


Saint Legends Fans excited at the new season!

The new Season started today and Saint Legends won them both starting the new season greatly, The fans expect more from the side in days to come.

The 1st match was against the Casuals and Saint Legends started of poorley conseding early but came back to score 4 Goals!

The 2nd Match was against Downers Rule wich was a tight game but the Saints managed to snatch the win!

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