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Ermin Bicakcic


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Ermin Bicakcic


Age: 20

Nationallity: German-Bosnian

Position: Defender

Club: Stuttgart

Place: Chemnitz. Who? Ermin Bicakcic.

During Stuttgart's 3-1 victory over Chemnitz in the Deutscher-Pokal, a certain German-Bosnian got the chance to prove himself for the new coach Keller. When Niedermeier got injured in the 2nd half, the option of a replacement to him was few, as Tasci were already on the pitch and Boulahrouz is injured You might then ask why Gentner did not play. Well, first of all, he is not familiar with playing as a CB even though he did sometimes in the pre-season with some mixed result and as Chemnitz stood up nicely against Stuttgart, Keller didn't want to try Gentner as a CB. In came Bicakcic instead, which shows how much faith Keller has in these Stuttgart academy players, as he chose to play Bicakcic over Gentner.

Bicakcic, who had never played for the A-squad previously, formed a strong central defence with Tasci for the reminder of the game and aswell got booked for an assist to Harnik's 1st goal out of 3 that evening.

Who is Ermin then? Bicakcic came to Stuttgart from Heilbronn in 2006. He worked his way throughout the different youth-ranks of Stuttgart, and in the spring this year (!), he got himself a place in the Stuttgart II. Seven months later, he stood next to Tasci and was forming a strong defensive line with Celozzi, Tasci and Molinaro with A-squad of Stuttgart. Pretty amazing, which shows how much faith Keller has in these younger players from their academy which Gross never really had.

He has already been a part of the German U-18 team and is currently playing for the Bosnian U-19 team. As Bicakcic holds both a German and a Bosnian passport, he is eligible of playing for either the Bosnia national team or the German national team.

With his 185 cm and 85 kg, he is a very powerful defender, but at the same time, he doesn't go to recklessness into the challenges despite beeing a powerful player. Bicakcic has a very good marking-ability aswell. He seems to control the game and seems like very cool when under pressure. That's not the exact things you expect from a young defender.

Bicakcic is a part of the ''talented Stuttgart generation that is soon to be forgotten'', as I prefer to call it. There's been going rumors saying Keller will give some youngsters a shot with the a-squad. Players like Bicakcic, Holzhauser and Fulk are all extremely talented and with Keller (unlike some other previous Stuttgart managers), they all have the ability to keep developing.

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Re: Ermin Bicakcic

hopefullly willl be a great prospect :) keep us updated' date=' whats his stats for thiss season then? B)[/quote']

He has so far only particpated in the 2nd half + extra time in the Deutscher Pokal. I'm sure as the time goes, Keller (Stuttgart coach) will integrate Bicakcic and many more young players into the team. A perfect example of that is that Keller gave Schipplok, another promising Stuttgart youngster, a chance last weekend in the league.

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Re: Ermin Bicakcic

Braunschweig is weak team in Bundesleague, but Bičakčić isn't bad in defence, he is anyway their most expensive player by transfermarkt(if we don't count Bellarabi who is loaned from Leverkusen).

He debutet for Bosnia national team and built solid CB's

partnership with captain Emir Spahić. He will play on World Cup this year.

Rated 85, born 1990, I see him as 88-89 player in future, everything less or more would be surprise.

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