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New Bidding System

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Respuesta: New Bidding System


With the new bidding system the clubs will now accept all offers from clubs. I just wanted to know if its still like the old system. The highest bid wins?

yeah the highest bid wins for example days ago i made a bid for fabregas of terry +20m while real madrid bid 35m and my bid won

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Re: New Bidding System

The other day I saw a situation where it appeared the offer accepted by an unmanaged club was not the highest offer.

There were four or so offers accepted. The very next message said that so-and-so's offer was rejected because the funds were not available. This was not the highest offer.

The next message awarded the player to the team who had actually made the highest bid, fair enough.

I don't know if the funds-not-available message was just automatically generated, or if the AI was actually going to award that team the player, assuming they had the funds.

I would provide a screenshot but I deleted the messages. I swear I'm not mistaken, I looked at it several times to make sure I was reading the numbers right.

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