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Who should I buy/sell?

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My Colchester squad is:

I. Casillas

D. Maicon

W. Samuel

S. Juan


J. Boateng

M. Dawson

M. Caceres

X. Alonso

E. Cambiasso

J. Obi Mikel

J. Rodwell

A. Ramsey

M. Ozil

A. Johnson

D. Forlan

A. Pato

J. Hernandez

Any advice on who i should buy and sell, what formation to play will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Who should I buy/sell?

I. Casillas Stay

D. Maicon -1/Stay

W. Samuel Stay/-1 (season ending injury)

S. Juan Stay/-1

A.Cole Stay

J. Boateng Stay/+1

M. Dawson Stay

M. Caceres Stay

X. Alonso Stay/+1

E. Cambiasso Stay

J. Obi Mikel Stay/+1

J. Rodwell Stay

A. Ramsey Stay

M. Ozil +1

A. Johnson +1/+2

D. Forlan Stay

A. Pato Stay

J. Hernandez +2

My opinion, the above rating changes are not guaranteed. If possible I'd get Di Maria and Khedira because they're both playing good football at Real Madrid. Bale's an obvious one. Fabio Coentrao's due a +2 for his good play for Benfica/Portugal. Then there's Nani who's been in good form this season and will most likely rise.

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