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Toni Kroos Help!!

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I am in a gold championship with bayern leverkusen and I have gotten several offers for toni Kroos

I am new to this gold championship and I was wondering if its worth selling kroos

Here are the offers:

1.Acquafresca+David Albelda

2.20mil+sebastian leto

3.Sidney gouvou + emile heskey


5.Olic and Klose for kroos and reinartz

6.40mill + players for kroos and kadlec

I'm not sure if i should keep or sell:confused:;)

Please help!!:P:D

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Re: Toni Kroos Help!!

I wouldn't sell him' date=' especially in a GC. He is playing exceptionally this season, and is in for a rise. He is only 20, and is another one of the great German kids. Do Not Sell Him![/quote']

thanks mate i wasn't 2 sure on how he was playing so thanks i'll keep him!!:D

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