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Inappropriate Language

Guest SM Dev (Ste)

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Guest SM Dev (Ste)

Swearing in whatever form is not acceptable and the rules regarding this apply to anyone who uses the Forum.

This is covered quite clearly within the SM General Forum Rules & Guidelines:-

15. Filter System and use of Inappropriate Language

15.1 Due to the range of ages and cultures that play Soccermanager a filter system is in place to automatically edit out certain words, which are considered to be “swearing or abusive”. Even if a member notes a word being filtered out that they do not deem offensive, it does not give them the right to keep that word in the text. Users are therefore expected to review their posts, and edit out “starred words”. Failure to do so will result in action being taken.

15.2 If a word doesn’t get past filter (spelt correctly) then it is not allowed full stop.

15.3 Playing word games to get around the filter system are not permitted. e.g. – “Its*sucking fhit. The people who make these rules are*cunning stunts.”

Any member that tries to play word games to get passed filter will be punished appropriately.

15.4 Replacing words with punctuation to infer a swearword, or part editing words, is also not permitted. e.g.- “This is a load of $£%!”; or “p!ss off”; and will again be punished appropriately.

15.5 Substituting swear words for “urban” alternatives is not permitted. e.g. “Flooking hell!”. Moderators are quite capable of looking suspicious variations of words up in online “Urban Dictionaries” or “Profanisaurus” publications.

15.6 Substituting swear words for abbreviations is not permitted. e.g. , BS etc. Any member that posts an abbreviation will be punished appropriately.

15.7 We are sure there are many more correct allowed words that can take the place of these, plus it keeps posts looking more neat and tidy.

Please be mindful of the above when you are writing your posts.

Thanks in advance

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