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Your best SM Decsion/Deal

Barry MUFC

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Re: Your best SM Decsion/Deal

2.2mil for Pedro(Barca)

2 mil for De Gea

450K for Munian

350K for Canales

1.5mil for Muller

125k + Ghadir for Neymar.

1mil + Dawson + Hutton for Pique.

1.3mil + Ghadir for Toni Kroos

There are more good deals which i have done but i've forgotten

Oh, and selling John Carew for 17mil :D

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Re: Your best SM Decsion/Deal

I had Evra (94) and got Piotr Trochowski (91) Aly Cissokho (when he was 89) and 7.9m which he agreed to sell me Sami Khedira (when he was 89) for Chairman Value.

Now rated 91, 90, 90. This was in a very competitive World Championship also :)

EDIT: also bought Javier Hernandez for Simon Church plus 1m

and had Milevskiy and swapped him for Ranocchia + Andrea Poli.

All for the same team!

had M'vila offered to me for 10m yesterday and gladly accepted also

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Re: Your best SM Decsion/Deal

selling Sergio AGUERO for £73.0M + Gerard PIQUE & Krkic BOJAN. @WC5000 which is banned now.

hope SM not ban my team' date=' we are in different country with different ip address.

i swear never the same ip we log in. so please not ban us cos u have no basis.


How did his chairman not block it? lol

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Re: Your best SM Decsion/Deal

Palemo's centre back Kamil Glik got him when he was rated 80 in a straight swap for ben Chorley (78) my first signing for my Leyton Orient In Ec5579 just bringing him in having never heard of him and plainly for his rating and increase in c/v , a few days later i got a report through i was thinking there's been no countries ive brought from being reviewed so whats happening next thing i know someone has sent a ticket to sm showing gliks playing standad he gets a +5 to 85 value went up to something like 7-8 million then went on to trade him for marvin Commper (87) best peice of bussiness ive ever done was totaly random and couldnt beilive i picked him up in 5579 went on to win my first game in the same week 6-0 :D probley the best couple of days ive ever had on sm

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