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Macedo or Celozzi ?

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Re: Macedo or Celozzi ?

who do you think is better in term of rating change and future at their club .

Michel Macedo 86

Stefano Celozzi 86

Any helps is appreciated . :)

lol I had them both and sold them both! Regret selling Michel Macedo more though as his getting a lot of game time all he needs is a move to a team looking at a top 8 finish/ Europa League football.

Not too sure about Celozzi, his been getting game time here and there.

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Re: Macedo or Celozzi ?

Michel +1 however he may not get that because of where Almeria are in the league. Michel has played 11 (10 starts).

Celozzi has played 5 games this season don't think that is enough for him to rise +1 to be fair mate!

Try signing or P/E Marcel Schmelzer, Coentrao, Younes Kaboul, Feriera Mariano.

All getting good gametime and there respective teams are all performing well in the leagues. All rated 86, except for Coentrao who will rise to 89 tommorow. Schmelzer and Kaboul will rise to 88 in a couple of weeks mate.

There ones just off the top of my head

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