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Gold Championship 146 Deals/Discussion Thread!

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Re: Gold Championship 146 Deals/Discussion Thread!




Today Juventus have named Jose Mourinho as there new manager the new boss has signed a 2 year deal with the side and has came out saying this is the right move for him and the side he has said that he is here to make a impact as well as taking this side to gold and this season will be aiming to bring in new blood and players to take this side to the league title.

Mourinho is well none for his time with Chelsea but he is no stranger to the Italy game as just last season he was the boss of Inter Milan who was lead to 3 cups under him many Juventus fans have welcomed the deal and many have said that he is the top boss to have but how long will he be here for and will he do anything to make this side the best in the league.

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Re: Gold Championship 146 Deals/Discussion Thread!

Grabbed Galatasaray - always wanted a team in one of the more obscure leagues.

Have everyone available including some good 90 rated players.

Am looking to trade decent youth for my players.

I could offer you two for ones (your two) for some of my older higher rated players?

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